Are Diamond Cluster Rings Tacky?

A woman can have many jewelers, but the most personal one probably would be the engagement ring she will own. There is also another part you should consider, which is the investment part. It will be most likely that the engagement ring you have will be the most valuable jeweler. That’s why finding your perfect diamond ring is quite a challenge.

In case you see a deal of a huge diamond at a lower price than the market price, be careful what to look for. Don’t dive into such a deal, and, before shopping for an engagement ring, make sure you are buying, say a 2 carat of diamond or diamonds weighing in a total of 2 carats. As far as we know, for a very general rule, larger diamonds cost higher. Because it is hard to process a large diamond, meaning cutting, mounting, polishing it without losing small parts of it. So, especially for couples having a lower budget, you can choose a cluster diamond ring. People often can’t see a difference between cluster and halo ring settings.

In a cluster diamond setting, a cluster of small diamonds forms an illusion of looking at a bigger central stone. A cluster ring may contain either a large center diamond and smaller diamonds around it or just small diamonds forming a central stone. The latter setting is more commonly used. Different from the halo setting, diamonds placed more loosely and more crowded way. In a cluster ring, diamonds can be placed to have a shape such as a geometric shape or special shapes like flower design. Also, cluster rings have a vintage vibe. Cluster rings were popular during 18. and 20. century.

In a halo setting, diamonds are settled to surround the central diamond. Smaller diamonds are placed more ordered, in a linear way and with little spacing. Halo settings can be single or double. Halo setting rings were popular, especially during 20—century time.

So, a cluster ring and a halo ring are almost similar types, and we can classify halo rings as cluster diamond rings.

A non-halo ring, solitaire setting ring, or a single stone ring contains only one diamond, and this type is the most popular engagement ring choice because it sparkles the most.

A solitaire diamond ring VS. A cluster ring

Carat weight

A solitaire ring consists of only a central diamond, and the carat weight we are talking about is just the weight of that diamond. In a cluster ring, a given carat weight corresponds to the total carat weight or sometimes called guaranteed carat weight. Keep in mind that if you know the total carat weight of a cluster diamond ring, you can only compare it with another cluster diamond ring’s total carat weight. You can’t compare it with a carat weight of a solitaire diamond ring.

The Brilliance

The sparkle or known as the brilliance of a diamond comes from how the incoming light reflected well from the facets of a diamond. Facets are the name of the surface of the diamond. When it comes to comparing the brilliance of a solitaire diamond ring and a cluster ring, small diamonds in the cluster can’t make the same effect as a single large diamond does. Little diamonds of a cluster just reflect the incoming light. Whereas, a solitaire diamond reflects, and disperses the white light. They have a large surface area and hence, a larger number of facets, so they shine with high fire and brilliance. So, comparing a solitaire diamond and a cluster diamond ring, the former has undeniably more sparkle.

Cut, color, and clarity

To understand how quality a diamond, you should consider the 4C rule. 4C stands for carat weight, cut grade, clarity grade, and color grade.
You can see a certify of a solitaire diamond if you wish to so that you can compare it with standards. What are the cut type, color grade, and purity? However, in a cluster ring, you can’t really know the cut or color grades of the diamonds since they are too small. Why there is not a such certify for small diamonds, is that it actually doesn’t make a real difference. So, in case you want to know the actual value of the diamond you are about to buy, you can know this with a solitaire diamond ring.


Generally, cluster rings are less expensive than a solitaire diamond because it is hard to process a larger diamond. And smaller diamonds have lower carat weight. This is why cluster rings are more affordable if you have a low budget. Also, the cluster ring will be unique compared with a single stone ring.

Are diamond cluster rings tacky?

No matter what the diamond ring, a cluster ring or a solitaire diamond ring, quality of diamonds, how well the diamonds set, the brilliance of a diamond, cut grade, and color grade are the factors you should consider. It’s important that the smaller diamonds are settled securely and evenly. If a skilled jeweler made the diamond ring, using quality diamonds, your ring will definitely not be tacky.

Cluster ring types

Cluster rings have different shapes and sizes. Some of them have multiple stones as the central diamond, while some have one big central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds.

  • The simple cluster ring: This type has a central stone in the middle and surrounded by little diamonds. The overall shape is round, and it has a great deal of brilliance. The metal band doesn’t include any rock, and this factor makes the ring plainer. You can find a certificate of the central diamond.
  • The diamond band cluster ring: It looks like the simple cluster ring, but the metal band also contains smaller diamonds, which is called diamond set shoulders. Due to more diamond number, it sparkles even more.
  • The cluster diamond princess ring: Princess cut has a square-like shape, and the center diamond is placed in a four claw setting. A bezel setting and diamond set shoulders complete the whole ring. The cluster diamond princess ring is more massive compared to the diamond band cluster ring and the simple cluster ring so that it will catch more light and sparkle more.
  • A yellow gold cluster diamond ring: This type tends to look like a flower shape. The center diamond and the surrounding diamonds are in equal size, and all of them have certificated. The center stone has a claw setting. Due to its placement, the shape is a unique design.

Advantages and disadvantages of a cluster diamond ring


  • A cluster ring can provide you an original texture and dimension
  • It tends to make an illusion of a larger center diamond
  • It is suitable for couples having a low budget but still wants a large diamond ring
  • A cluster ring may be designed customized to have a floral shape

Examples of cluster ring designs:
-floral diamond cluster ring
-cushion cut square cluster ring
-double sunburst halo cluster ring


  • If not properly settled, smaller diamonds of a cluster ring may lose
  • Since there are lots of small diamonds, a cluster ring requires more time and energy for cleaning
  • There is not a certified paper for a cluster ring so that you can actually know what diamond quality you are paying for

Are cluster engagement rings trendy?

Two thousand twenty engagement ring trends involve both solitaire and cluster rings, actually. The solitaire rings are always classy and timeless. But if you have a low budget and want a unique diamond engagement ring, you can be sure that cluster rings are trendy enough.

What to look for in a diamond cluster ring?

Match the diamond colors

You should avoid diamonds with lower color grades such as K, L, and M. They might be seen as yellow under white light, which is not something we prefer. For a cluster ring or a solitaire ring, make sure your diamonds have a high color grade and reflect the white light as it comes, bright white.

Another issue is halo diamonds, and center stone diamond colors should be matched. Otherwise, contrast colors will make your ring look very cheap and tacky. Matching colors will complement the center stone, and overall, your ring will look quite large and sparkly.

Setting quality

Surrounding small diamonds should be placed evenly and securely so that they wouldn’t drop out of the ring in time. Hence, if the central diamond set too high than the cluster diamonds, again, that will make your ring cheap. Hence, the usage of that kind of ring would be hard for daily life. So, make sure you are buying your ring from a trusted, quality diamond jeweler.

Metal band quality

A halo ring or a single stone ring, choose your metal band a quality one. If your metal band is a white metal, such as platinum one, it will compliment your diamonds and will help your diamonds to sparkle much more. Also, platinum can hold the cluster diamonds more reliable than white gold metal. Another thing is, metal should be finished, what that means is the metal band should look solid enough.

Reflect your personal style

Don’t buy a cluster or a halo ring just for the low price. You should understand your ring will be with you for a lifetime and may be inherited in the family. If let’s say, vintage style is not really your style, then don’t choose it. Or don’t buy it just because it is trendy.

Is cluster diamond rings good?

Cluster rings are not the most popular diamond ring type, but they are a great choice if you have a low budget. Plus, they can be quite unique designs, especially if you into vintage designs. However, if a cluster diamonds are not placed quality enough, and used with low color grades, you can’t find a sparkly diamond ring. Even then, you may not obtain the brilliance of a single gem would give. A certified, good quality cut of a solitaire ring will never let you down and disappoint you. They will never go out of fashion and will always be just classy.

Reasons Not to Buy a Halo Ring

Unfortunately, halo rings are a trend. And sooner or later, trends will change. If you are not 100% sure that you are in love with that ring, it may not be a good idea to buy a cluster ring, especially for an engagement ring.

It is likely to lose one of the small diamonds from the cluster because it will be a daily life accessory. Settlement of the cluster diamonds are quite important, and needs are done by a talented, crafty jeweler, but still, they might go missing eventually.

For everyday usage, a cluster ring may cause problems by catching clothes, your hair, and scratch. Try if it catches anything, and if any possibility to hurt you, don’t choose it.

Make sure that your cluster ring compliments your finger and hand. But also, make sure looking yourself through a bigger mirror while wearing the ring to see it suits you perfectly.

All in all, there is no such standard view, such as the cluster rings are tacky. That is a negative word we would not want to use. If you want a unique design engagement ring with a lower budget, you should consider the cluster diamond rings. The smaller diamonds will sparkle up the brilliance of the central stone, which is, for sure, something we desire. There are some factors you should be careful about so that you can choose a perfect diamond cluster ring. Make sure the settlement of diamonds is securely and evenly done. Examine the ring under different flashes of lightning to prevent any mismatching diamond colors. When trying the ring on your finger, it should complement your hand, and to you. Look yourself through a tall mirror, try the ring if it will be comfortable for everyday usage or not.

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