Diamond and Pearl Jewelry: An Informative Guide

Diamond is one of the hardest known materials and is a precious stone. One modification of the element carbon is graphite and the other is the diamond. It was first discovered by the French chemist Lavoisier that diamond is pure carbon. Lavoisier burned the diamond and saw that the combustion gas was only carbon dioxide, and concluded that the diamond was carbon. Diamond is the processed form of the raw diamond. There are 57 facets on the diamond. Facet is the name given to angled surfaces that reflect light. Diamond consists of three parts. These sections are crown, belt, and cone. The section above the belt is called “Crown”. There are 33 facets in the crown section. Since the number of facets in the crown section is high, more reflection and brightness is observed in this section. Therefore, the crown part looks whiter than the general of the diamond.

The pearl, on the other hand, is not a stone, it is a piece of a living being. Cultured pearls occur especially in oysters, scallops, and some mussel species. These are shell creatures living in the seas. The soft bodies of these creatures begin to form sheaths around them in order to render a foreign substance inside them harmless. The abstracted foreign matter starts to consist of various layers that get thicker over time and takes a round shape. Natural pearls, especially pearls with coarse grain, are few and hard to find. Among the extracts, there are very few valuable ones. The value of a pearl is measured by its unique value as well as its natural glamorous shine. In determining the value of a pearl, it should be taken into account that it reflects light, as well as its shape, size, and smoothness in structure. The less natural marks and spots on the visible surface of the pearl, the more expensive and valuable the pearl is.

Pearl grains, which are frequently used in jewelry production, are generally used in the production of necklaces and bracelets as string pearls. Besides, the most valuable ones are used together with diamonds to produce jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and earrings. It is common to use diamonds and pearls together in jewelry. You can see these two precious materials that fit well together in products such as necklaces and chokers. Diamond and pearl jewelry, which can be used separately, are preferred by most people because they add an extraordinary elegance to the wearer.

About Diamond Jewelry

Diamond is an astonishingly beautiful and rare gem. Before dinosaurs started wandering around the earth, each of them formed in nature as a result of a dizzying journey of formation in the capsule of their own stone. It was formed in the depths of the earth’s core, under high temperature and pressure, by traveling at extreme speed from the depths of the ground to the ground surface in rising lava melts. They were buried under the earth, where they were waiting to be discovered once again, by being exposed to the anger of mother nature that appeared in the forms of water, wind, and extreme right.

Only a small amount of these gems were able to survive after this incredible journey. And only a very small fraction of those who achieve this and can find it is of a quality and size suitable for cutting, polishing, and jewelry making. Diamond is truly one of nature’s miracles. Diamond has fascinated human beings for centuries. Not only because they are rare and beautiful, but also because they are magical. They cannot be cut by any means, mysteriously damaged by even the most fierce fire, which leads to the belief that diamonds have supernatural powers.

The fact that even the hardest impacts do not damage the damaged diamonds has attracted attention by people, and this situation has been attributed to different meanings throughout history. Jewish high priests used diamonds to determine the innocence and guilt of people. Approximately two thousand years ago, diamonds were among the stones described as miraculous. In ancient times, it was believed that diamonds were good for abdominal pain, memory loss, fatigue, and nightmares. Diamonds with lightning particles were located in the eye parts of the statues. Believed to be caused by lightning striking a rock, diamonds were among the details Hindus often used in sculptures.

The extreme heat and pressure that formed 200 km below the earth’s surface billions of years ago transformed the pure carbon element into colorless diamond crystals. Diamond, on the other hand, is the only precious metal that consists of a single element. Volcanic movements caused the diamond to rise to the earth’s surface. During this voyage to the surface of the earth, it also housed many different minerals and colors in trace dimensions. Today, diamonds are among the most preferred precious stones in jewelry. There are many different designs such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more designed with diamonds on interesting jewels. The diamonds, which are gifts of nature to humanity, also continue to attract attention with their special meanings.

The 4C Rule of Diamonds

4C corresponds to Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity. The price of a diamond is determined by 4C features. 4C features mean 4 distinctive features used in classifying diamonds. These features should be considered when purchasing your diamond. The brilliance and beauty of a diamond depend on these 4 factors. As long as the diamond does not suffer a severe blow, it will not lose anything from its 4C value.

  • Cut

Diamond cutting is a feature related to the symmetry and dimensions of the stone. The cut determines the brilliance of the diamond and its ability to break the light. The better the cut, the better the diamond will give the light. The light entering from one surface of the diamond cut in correct proportions reflects from the other surface and spreads from the upper part called “crown” by scattering. If the cut is too deep, some of the light escapes from the bottom of the diamond called the “cone”. The cut is not deep enough also causes the light to escape from the cone and causes the diamond not to glow enough.

  • Carat

Carat is related to the weight of the diamond. Carat is one-fifth of a gram. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Size is an important factor in valuing diamonds, but they can have very different prices depending on two different diamond qualities of equal size. Two different diamonds having equal carat weight does not necessarily have the same price.

  • Color

Diamonds are formed under extreme heat and pressure, and during this formation, the particles of other elements can also be included in the atomic structure of the diamonds, and thus, color diversity is born. These particles are so small that they are expressed in “one in a million”. The diamond moves from dark yellow to bright, bright white. Diamonds are classified according to how close they are to colorless.

The rarest and whitest ones are D, E, F, G, but most of the diamonds are among the H-L colors. The color J and below has a visibly yellowish tint. There are also diamonds in very rare colors. These are rare stones with distinctive colors such as pink, blue, yellow, and red. The diamond used in the Diamond Center is generally G quality.

  • Clarity

Almost all diamonds contain “very small particles of pure carbon”. These are called “fingerprints of nature” and “inclusions” that turn each diamond into a rare unique stone. Its clarity feature distinguishes each diamond completely from the others.

Diamond Accessories

Diamond jewelry designed for different models such as rings, necklaces, and earrings is one of the most valuable accessories that complement women’s elegance. The accessories designed by cutting diamonds is extremely flamboyant, and no matter what model it is, women who use this accessory attract all the attention. However, if the diamond jewelry is desired to shine like the first day, its cleaning should not be disrupted. The healthiest method of diamond cleaning is professional cleaning.

In addition, it is an appropriate process to check the nails on the jewelry periodically to make sure that they are not bent or loose. It is also possible to clean diamond jewelry with a jewelry cleaning fluid. It is sufficient to follow the instructions on the bottle of the liquid. It is also possible to clean diamond jewelry with a mild liquid detergent. In addition, after the cleaning process with household ammonia, it will be seen that the sparkle of diamond jewelry is as before.

Strict protection is required for diamond jewelry that is used for a lifetime and can be transferred from generation to generation. It is recommended not to use diamond jewelry such as rings, earrings, or necklaces when dealing with rough work. In addition, care is taken to avoid contact with bleach with strong chlorine. While this bleach does not damage the diamond jewelry, it may cause the appearance to become dull. In addition, diamond jewelry should not be placed in a nested box. Because it is yet another diamond that cuts and scratches a diamond. Therefore, it is always possible for diamond jewelry placed within each other to draw each other.

There are some points to consider when purchasing diamond jewelry. First of all, diamonds are jewelry and therefore should be purchased from jewelry stores. It is also recommended to choose branded diamond jewelry. It should be known that all diamond jewelry designed by jewelry brands are original and all have international certificates. Reliable shopping sites should be preferred if the jewelry is to be purchased online. The most reliable online shopping sites where diamond jewelry can be purchased are the shopping sites of jewelry brands. These sites are the addresses where safe jewelry shopping can be done easily. Because every brand’s online shopping site has high-security systems. In addition, brands do not cause any problems when it comes to returns.

About Pearl Jewelry

For ages, women have been decorated and used all kinds of beautiful materials they find in nature to decorate. The pearl, which can be used even without any processing, has always been one of the most precious jewels. Thanks to its naturalness, it has been at the service of women since ancient times, without changing or spoiling. Long before the invention of money, pearls were used as a means of payment, along with precious stones and metals, in the periods of exchange by an exchange. It was especially preferred for large payments due to its ease of transportation and high solvency.

Pearl is a substance that can be found by chance while consuming oysters, or acquired at high prices, and fascinates with its beauty. Having pearls is a special feeling for every woman. It can be said that this feeling was also influenced by the fact that it was only known as royal women’s jewelry in the past. If all these meanings attributed to the pearl are put aside; It is a cyst formed in a pearl marine product. Even though it is known to be like this, pearl does not lose anything from its beauty and value. Pearl is an extremely precious substance known for its appearance covered with mother-of-pearl, hard and durable structure and unique color. Specifically, it can breed in almost any type of mussel, although those that come out of oysters are preferred. Contrary to popular belief, pearls do not reproduce by themselves; oysters make pearls by using their ingredients to protect themselves.

Thanks to its closed shape, the oyster is a creature that can be extremely well protected from other sea creatures. But when it opens its shell for nourishment, foreign matter may enter it. The oyster, which cannot throw out the foreign substance that enters it, uses the mother-of-pearl it produces in its body to cover the foreign material and render it harmless for itself. The result is a pearl. Factors such as the temperature of the water, whether it is salty or sweet, streams or still water, change the color and texture of the pearl formed. In order for the pearl to remain valuable, the oyster must be left as it was formed, ie not subjected to any processing.

The word very valuable is used for many metals and stones. This is also true for pearls. For example; Black pearls, which are extracted in the natural environment and in small numbers, are much more valuable than pearls produced on the farm and can be obtained in the thousands at one harvest. Another evaluation criterion for pearls is size. The bigger a pearl is, the older and more valuable it is. If it is not produced on the farm and for a special purpose and has been found in nature in large form, the price for pearls will be very high. The best quality real pearls are usually mined in eastern countries. The Persian Gulf is a suitable region for pearl formation. The watery archipelago, Burma and Ceylon, Philippine offshore, Australian offshore, Pearl Islands, Panama Bay, Aru Islands Red Sea are the regions where pearl oysters are mined the most.

Pearls can occur in many mussels and oysters. Very different pearls emerge according to the species of the creature in which it originated and the properties of the waters in which it originated. The natural pearl is extremely easy to collect, as mussels and oysters multiply rapidly when they find a suitable environment and remain in the same place for a long time. By creating the necessary environment, it is possible to produce oysters in suitable waters and to harvest the pearls when they are kept sufficiently. The pearl, which is produced by covering a foreign substance that enters the oyster, is produced by placing a tiny bead inside the oyster to save time in farms.

Pearls were used instead of money in ancient times and were preferred in shopping. After the invention of money, the pearl did not lose anything of its value, but since it is still a valuable substance, its usage pattern has changed. The protagonist of the jewelry used by women as accessories and jewelry for ages is pearl. Pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, and pearl rings have always been the favorite of women. Due to its natural structure and ingredients, it has been used in the production of make-up materials and skincare products in recent years.

Looking at the form of the pearl, it is seen that despite its hard structure, it is susceptible to wear over time. Therefore, chemicals should not be used in the cleaning and maintenance of jewelry made of pearls. It does not lose its color and shine for many years, so it will be more than enough for maintenance to be dusted with a damp and soft cloth at long intervals. It is necessary to keep pearl jewelry in a closed box when not in use, to protect it from unnecessary sunlight, and to prevent it from staying for a long time in weather below freezing.

There are many types such as freshwater pearl, saltwater pearl, farm pearl, natural pearl. A non-expert pearl user may not understand the quality of it, as it has colors such as pink, black, and white depending on where it comes out. If it is to be used as jewelry and to be owned by giving big money, it is necessary to be careful about this. You can be sure that the pearls, which have a certificate named GEM issued after the controls by the relevant ministry, are of high quality.

If you are inexperienced in pearl and are unable to look for certification; The absence of roughness on the surface of the pearl and its extremely smooth roundness may be a sign that the pearl is of poor quality, most likely produced on the farm by inexperienced people. Black pearls appear on the California coast in America. Pearls are either bluish or yellowish-white, depending on the type of animal they are found in. Some pearls also form on the edge of the oyster shell and turn a black color. Among the pearls found to date, the largest is in the shape of a pear, its length is 3.5 cm and its width is 2.7 cm. The most famous pearl markets in Europe are located in London, Paris, and Amsterdam.

The Formation of Pearl

Pearl is one of the indispensable accessories of women in all periods. More than 90 percent of this pure elegance is made of a substance called “calcium carbonate”. The existence story of the pearl is also very interesting. Pearls are formed inside mollusks living in the sea and ocean. These mollusks are oysters and mussels. These sea creatures like mild and warm climates. The pearl forms spontaneously in these sea creatures through a natural process. But this formation is very difficult to find. This difficulty has turned the pearl into precious jewelry. Apart from the natural pearls formed in the sea mollusks, there are also pearls that are formed artificially.

There is a hard shell in the outer structure of marine mollusks. Various organisms in their living environment pass through this hard shell. The mother-of-pearl particles and sand grains inside are turned into pearls by microorganisms over time. Microorganisms that leak inside the shells are perceived as foreign substances by this sea creature and are wanted to be thrown out. In this process, the sand grains are covered with mother-of-pearl or a similar material. Pearls are also formed in marine mollusks as a result of this event.

While the pearl is formed inside the creature, this does not cause any change in the life of the creature. Naturally occurring pearls of marine mollusks, the color of these pearls is usually mother-of-pearl. However, black, pink, and white pearls take their place in the colored pearl category, which has been found so far. The rarest pearl today is black in color. Since these pearls are rare, their price is much higher than other pearls. The formation of a black pearl is more difficult than the formation of pearls of different colors.

Pearl formation has decreased over time in the world, seas, and oceans. This situation paved the way for alternative pearl production. Pearl production is carried out with various projects. The most important of these projects are the farms established in the seas. In these farms in various regions of the world, oysters that can form pearls are grown. Artificial particles are placed inside the oysters for pearl formation. After these artificial particles are placed, oysters are checked at regular intervals. In this position, oysters are like precious metals. They are carefully controlled and are prevented from encountering an adverse situation in the sea. After the appropriate conditions are met, the process of pearl formation in oysters can take two to eight years, depending on the type of oysters. The type of pearl produced by following this artificial method is called “cultured pearl (Fresh Water Pearl)”. The value of cultured pearls grown in this formation is much lower than those grown naturally.

The use of pearls in jewelry and its very rarity have paved the way for the production of cultured pearls today. Over time, this sector has taken its place among the sectors that attract attention. Cultured Pearls are formed in oysters or mussels in their natural habitat over time and with human help. Imitation pearls, on the other hand, are produced from various products (glass, plastic, and similar) with human factors and by fabrication. Culture (Freshwater) pearls share the same characteristics as natural pearls and are grown in ponds by live oysters. The only distinction is the minimal amount of incentives provided by the human.

Color, size, shape, and brightness are the main factors that determine the value of a pearl. The value of a pearl is measured by its unique properties as well as its natural sparkle. The pearl is usually white, ivory, pink or light rose in color, bluish, or even black. Among these, those in white and pinkish colors are the most sought after. Black pearls, on the other hand, have a special value because they are very rare. When using all cosmetic products and perfumes, it is recommended not to wear your pearls and to use these products a few minutes after using them.

Storing the pearls in closed and safe places for a long time causes them to fade and become dull. For this reason, it is recommended to wear your pearls frequently. Frequently used pearls are provided to renew themselves by receiving air. The pearls recommended for storage are tulle pouches without glitter and soft velvet pouches. While the pearl is being stored, it should definitely breathe. After pearl usage, it can be wiped with a soft and slightly damp cloth.

Tahitian Pearls are also known as “Black South Sea” pearls. These special pearls are formed in the “Pinctada margaritifera” oyster, a type of mollusk with a black rim. The only region in the world where such oysters are found is the volcanic and semi-tropical region of French Polynesia and other nearby Pacific islands. Tahiti is the largest and famous of 118 volcanic islands scattered across the sea in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Tahiti island has become famous in the world with its unique quality of pearl cultivation. It is sufficient to use warm water and a damp cloth for pearl cleaning.

In addition, it should be kept away from perfume and alcohol-containing substances and should not be kept in closed environments too long. Pearls need to refresh themselves by getting air. Storing it indoors for a long time causes them to fade and become dull. For this reason, it is recommended to wear your pearls frequently. Frequently used pearls are provided to renew themselves by receiving air. You can store your pearls in tulle or soft velvet pouch. When the pearl is not used, it should be kept airy. After pearl usage, it can be wiped with a soft and slightly damp cloth.

Diamond or Pearl: Which One to Choose

I started by searching for the origins of the words. The ancestor of the word diamond in Arabic and Persian was adamant, which means “hard, invincible” in ancient Greek. Diamond comes from the same word, but it entered western languages, traveling through Latin. When we trace the word back to an earlier time, it means “untreatable”. Ultimately, we extract the diamond, which is nothing more than a special and beautiful arrangement of carbon, that is, coal molecules, from nature, we give it to the masters, they cut the diamond in certain shapes and turn it into a sparkling stone, so that the diamond comes out, and then we use that stone in jewelry.

The masters cut the raw diamond into diamonds in such a way that as they move the stone, it looks like sparkling lights come out. Well, we understand from the above explanations that the basic quality of the diamond is that it is hard, difficult to work, and the most important feature of the diamond is its shining structure.

Now let’s come to the pearl… I met this wonder of nature when I was a little boy when I read John Steinbeck’s novel “The Pearl”, and although it looks like a white stone from the outside, I learned that the pearl is actually of organic origin. Oyster wraps layers of mother-of-pearl around a foreign object to protect itself, and that cute little white ball emerges at the end of this years-long process. Though later, I cannot say that I was not disappointed when I read that the structure of the pearl is almost entirely calcium carbonate, that is, lime, or chalk, but from this knowledge, I deduced the fact that how much editing, shaping can increase the value of an object.

Most of the pearls I have seen so far were in different shades of white, I also occasionally found the ‘pink pearl’, but I had not seen a black pearl until recently. Dear reader, if you think that the black pearl phrase is just a metaphor, it has been found elsewhere than in movies where Johnny Depp played a cute pirate or the story that Anna Sewell wrote and tells a horse, let me say you’re wrong. Because the black pearl is rarely encountered, and the black pearl is more valuable than its white and pink sisters, probably because of its scarcity! (An addition to the curious: The original name of Sewell’s novel means ‘Black Beauty’)

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