How to Choose the Right Diamond Bracelet?

Nothing gives you shine more than diamonds. If these diamonds encircle your wrist, that you will have an elegant and eye-catching appearance is certain. A diamond bracelet that surrounding your wrists is a timeless piece that provides an effortless elegance to the wearer, and it gives an unforgettable statement to your overall look. 

Then, how can you choose the best bracelet? There are many different types of bracelets to choose from and a style to suit every occasion. The most common types of bracelet styles are diamond tennis bracelets, diamond bangles, diamond chain bracelets, and diamond charm bracelets, and choosing the best bracelet depends on the style of the bracelet as well as on the quality and carat size of the diamond used, the length of the bracelet, the type of metal the diamonds are placed on, and the style of bracelet.

When it comes to style, bracelets are one of the luxurious accessories. You can individually, stacked, or mixed-and-matched wear them and create a unique look in every usage. The right bracelet can give sophistication to your appearance. Whether simple or extravagant, casual or formal, this unique piece of jewelry will reflect your style.

Although bracelets often are worn as fashionable accessories, one of the most prevailing jewelry gifts, bracelets are often given as a sign of affection, friendship, and cooperation. When it comes to their history, the origin of bracelets dates back to the ancient Greeks, and the word “bracelet” derived from the Greek word “brachile”, which means “of the arm”. 

Choosing the Quality and Carat Size of Diamonds

Diamond bracelets can vary generally in terms of a carat weight and quality. Although choosing lower quality diamonds allows you to buy larger diamonds cheaper, you should focus primarily on the quality of diamonds.

When you determine the quality of diamonds for your bracelet, you should consider very important criteria and keep two factors in mind. These factors are the total diamond carat size and budgetary limits. For ideal brightness and beauty, you should choose a bracelet with diamonds that are graded at least SI2 in clarity and I in color.

SI2 Clarity I Color Diamond

When you choose the quality of diamonds for your bracelet as you wish, there is a very important task that you need to accomplish. That is, it requires that you bear two factors in mind. These factors are the “total diamond carat size” and “your budgetary limits”.

When it comes to carat size, the bigger the diamond (in millimeters) and carat weight, the more visible blemishes or coloration problems will reveal. That is, when you choose diamonds for a diamond bracelet, a good rule is if you choose quite large stones you will want to select a diamond quality of “better” to best. Similarly, if you choose smaller diamonds, then you will want the quality of “good” to “better” should be fine. 

Therefore, you need to decide on the budget of the bracelet and use the product configuration to create the perfect diamond bracelet that you can afford. 

Choosing the Correct Length

If you want to buy a line or tennis bracelet, usually all you need to do is add half an inch above your wrist size. Thus, with this extra half-inch on the wrist, the bracelet will comfortably stand on your wrist without falling too far down your wrist.

Firstly, you should measure your previous bracelet. When you measure that bracelet, you do not need to include the portion of the tongue and clasp of the bracelet.

Generally, for flexible bracelets, the most common length of women bracelets is 7 inches while the standard for bracelets of men is 8 inches. Also, the standard length of bangle bracelets is generally 7 inches.

Choosing the Metal Type

Just like many pieces of jewelry, metal type of a diamond bracelet can consist of different metals. Diamond bracelets are made from precious and durable metals. Whether your bracelet is made of a simple silver chain or various metal of gold and platinum, the metal you choose can provide harmony with warmth and elegance by adding a fashionable touch or dressing up a casual stylish outfit.

If you buy a bracelet to give as a gift, you should consider which color of jewelry the person that you will gift the bracelet as a gift usually prefers. The reason for this is that you choose pieces that will complete her or his existing pieces.


Platinum, as a precious metal that has the same reflective luster and color just like white gold, is a nice complement to cool colors and a higher quality and price alternative to silver.

Platinum Bracelet

Platinum is not tarnished because of its quite durable and impermeable nature. Thus, it is a reasonable choice for those ta-hat have active lifestyles but also prefer to wear bracelets often.

Yellow Gold

Gold is a precious element because of its rarity in nature, and yellow gold is the most classic and one of the common choices for diamond jewelry.

Yellow Gold Bracelet

This metal type will be the most traditional and also timeless fashionable setting for your bracelet. And what’s more, most handmade Italian bracelets are crafted from 14K to 18K yellow gold metal.

White Gold

If you love the gold medal but you prefer jewelry with a cooler and that has a modern color, white gold bracelets are ideal and the best choice for you. White gold is not purely made of gold. However, it is becoming more common than yellow gold for jewelry.

White Gold Bracelet

Though the white gold purports a more contemporary look, it can be used to look classic. For instance, diamond tennis bracelets become timeless when used with the right parts and it also gives you a classic look.

White gold looks like platinum when we looking from the outside, and it is difficult to tell them to distinguish just by looking. However, it offers an alternative to platinum as it provides significant cost savings over platinum. Also, it makes you feel lighter than platinum on the wrist.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is the last gold alternative for wearers who do not prefer both yellow and white gold. It is not purely made of gold because it is mixed with alloys of copper and silver. However, it is both more durable than yellow and white gold and more affordable than them.

Rose Gold Bracelet

Rose-colored gold combines the classic stylish of gold with a unique and modern look and it satisfies those who look for a bracelet made of the more romantic and modern kind of gold.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is the most budget-friendly metal type among other metal types. It is commonly preferred for every day jewelry piece because of its affordable price, and it is ideal for wide bracelets.

Sterling Silver Bracelet

In its most fashionable embodiment, the silver creates dramatic pieces where a touch of distinctive feature tarnish gives an antique look. High-quality silver bracelets are crafted from sterling silver and contain 92.5% silver.

If You Remain Between Silver and Gold…

The sterling silver has a softer configuration than gold, and thus, it is not resistant to daily wear and tear. However, it is also the most affordable precious metal.

Gold (whether yellow, white or rose) is more high-priced than silver. However, gold is more suitable than silver for daily usage. You should choose 9K gold which is more affordable than 18K gold to save your money. 

Yellow gold has a very traditional look. It can be in 18K or 9K purities but 9K is cheaper than 18K. It consists of an alloy of white precious metals with yellow gold. Similar to yellow gold, it is sold in 18K or 9K purities.

Choosing the Best Style: What Are the Different Styles of Diamond Bracelets?

Diamond bracelets are one of the elegant pieces of jewelry that are crafted with precious diamonds and metal. There are many types of styles that you can choose from and they are perfect for accessorizing both casual or evening wear for a special event. So, there are diamond bracelets that can be worn in any given situation.

Although the most famous diamond bracelet style is the tennis bracelet, diamond bracelets are not limited to the well-known tennis bracelet design. Diamond bracelets have many different styles and settings including chunky bangles and personalized charm bracelets. So, the most commonly used and preferred bracelet styles are bangle bracelets, charm bracelets, in addition to tennis bracelets.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The most popular and well-known style diamond bracelet type is the tennis bracelet, also known as a “line bracelet”. The tennis bracelet is a classic, the simple setting is crafted to feature the inherent beauty of the diamonds. A diamond tennis bracelet has a look that seamlessly linked chain of diamonds. 

This popular and gorgeous bracelet got its name in 1987. Chris Evert, who was a famous tennis player, lost her diamond bracelet during her tennis match. After that, she asked the officials to interrupt the play until her bracelet until found and collect the diamonds of its. This meaningful and elegant accessory has been worn by tennis players and their followers ever since.

Diamond tennis bracelets are a luxurious choice and feature an infinite set of diamonds that excellently came together in the symmetrical design. One of the sexiest features of the tennis bracelet is that is has a loose and flirty fit. When you wear a tennis bracelet and your armrests at your side, it should slip down to where your wrist and hand meet. At first sight, it might be thought of this appearance too loose. This look will fit perfectly on your wrist as long as it does not fall off your hand.

However, you can not be sure that which fit is right, you can slip your finger easily in the gap between your bracelet and wrist. When you can do this, this means that fit is right. However, if you can not do this, it means that fit does not suit you. Most people do not prefer that their bracelets are too tight. That bracelets are too tight may make you feel safer. However, as opposed to popular belief, the loose-fitting of the bracelet reduces the possibility of it being stretched and break off.

A classic tennis bracelet is the most adjustable accessory that a woman can wear. They are also adaptable in length. You can find tennis bracelets that have many designs and can be worn with any outfit. Also, they are completely adorned with diamonds that make tennis bracelets an essential choice for special days or events.

Moreover, tennis bracelets can be worn even daily. It is a piece that is very easy to wear. Therefore, you can wear it when you go hiking, go to the gym, go to the opera, and go to the beach without feeling worried about its breaking and losing. You do not need to worry and you can go out with your diamond tennis bracelet. You will see that you addict to wearing this excellent jewel.

The link chain design of diamond tennis bracelets enables the bracelet to bend and move. A tennis bracelet has three or four-prong mounts for each diamond is placed on the bracelet. Also, a bezel setting provides that diamonds be safer in place. A classic tennis bracelet can range from a simple prong setting, bezel setting, or even channel design. 

Prong Settings

Prong setting tennis bracelets are the traditional style of tennis bracelets. Small metal nibs that hold tight each stone to a piece of jewelry are referred “prong”. The way that a setting is styled can change depending on the number of prongs. The higher the number of prongs, the safer the bracelet will be. 

If a tennis bracelet has larger diamond carats, it should typically be held by four or more prongs. Six prongs are the optimal choice for those who want the most secure bracelet.

However, if diamonds are smaller carat, they can be safe. However, if you think of buying a smaller carat diamond tennis bracelet, it can be safely held with only three prongs even if no more than three prongs.

Bezel and Half-Bezel Settings

Bezel set tennis bracelets to feature a circle mount that holds each diamond in place. On the other hand, a half-bezel setting features small bars or half-circles on each side of the diamond to hold secure the stone within the setting.

Bezel Set Tennis Bracelet

You should choose bezel-set tennis bracelets if you have a more modern and contemporary look. For this reason, they are a great choice for those that of personal style is more streamlined and trendy. 

Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Bangle bracelets are generally a set in the size of seven inches in length and the prongs are used to secure the diamonds of the bracelet.  

A bangle bracelet can feature a unique circle that consists of a row of diamonds, or even scattered diamonds throughout the circle. Dissimilar to a tennis bracelet, a bangle bracelet does not enable to move within the design. 

The design of the bangle is stylish and sophisticated. Bangle bracelets are perfect in that it is the single point of sparkle on your arm. Also, you can wear them with other bracelets for a fashionable and chic look. The bangle bracelets are slipped down the hand to and on the wrist. Although some styles are made in an incomplete circle that opens on the inside of the wrist and can be slid sideways, they are completely circular most of the time.

You can wear a wide bangle bracelet alone to make a dramatic statement. Also, you can prefer to wear thin bangles that have different colors and styles to give an eclectic look. Bangle bracelets are essential pieces because you can wear them on any occasion. Thus, bangles become casual choices, that are suitable for wearing every day. Therefore, this style has an important place among other bracelets.

The inelasticity nature of the diamond bracelets allows for elegant and striking shapes and it is proof that a small structure can sparkle creativity. If you want to keep it classic, choose a simple bangle. Also, you can choose a piece that has a more daring statement. To create a completely on-trend look, choose a multiple diamond bracelet.

Pave Setting

A pave setting is the setting where diamonds are embedded in the metal and prongs are still used to hold safe the stone. Overall surface sparkle creates through small metal beads holding. dainty diamonds in their place.

Pave Setting Bangle Bracelet

Channel Setting

This style is denoted by a seamless row of stones that are tension set within the metal. Channel settings offer a clean line of color or sparkle and are an incredibly popular design element. 

Channel Setting Bangle Bracelet

Diamond Charm Bracelet

As a metal chain adorned with small diamond pendants and tokens, providing a traditional way to meaningful things and events that each becoming a memory. The charms can be also made from gold, silver, and other precious stones.

Charm bracelets are unique choices because they can be added to, or adapted, with pretty charms to suit the personal style of the wearer. It is a kind of keepsake. Diamond charm bracelets charms let you tell your story through the instrument of beautiful stones and eye-catching beads.

Charm bracelets have also a long-standing background. The custom of charm bracelets began in Ancient Egypt but over the Middle Ages. Afterward, they became the symbol of faith and good fortune across Europe. People reflect who they are and family ties by wearing charm bracelets. Therefore, this style tends to include a lot of sentimental value and become a customizable wonderful gift.

This is a gift that can grow and change in time because the family grows. If you give a diamond charm bracelet, you can begin with a single charm and in time, other pieces are added. The best thing about these bracelets is that they are expandable and truly timeless pieces.

The fashion of the charm bracelets has been revived today. While the traditional charm bracelet comes to be known for a linked chain adorned with dangling charms, more current styles have a bezel design where charms are snapped into the setting.

While the linked style is the traditional choice, the dangling design provides less protection and security for expensive charms that are adorned with diamonds. Instead, you should choose a bezel setting to secure that these priceless pieces of memory are well protected.

Diamond Chain Bracelet

Chain bracelets consist of joined links and are very versatile in style. This style can differ in terms of appearance depending on your choice of weight and design. A simple chain bracelet will enrich any outfit through its simple elegance. There are many different chain styles depend on the shape and size of the linkages that form themselves.

A chain bracelet is the type of bracelet whose predominant feature is the chain. The bracelet is sometimes composed solely of a chain with a clasp or stones integrated into the chain. However, the appearance that the chain and its design will be the highlight is constant.

Chain bracelets have many affordable and dainty designs. Their diamond accents emphasize a touch of subtle brilliance. As chain bracelets have adjustable clasps, they are one of the best options for small wrists.

A wonderful chain bracelet should slide a little down on your wrist, and you should be able to insert your one finger or two fingers between the chain and your wrist. Also, the thickness of the chain should be matched to suit your wrist; a thicker chain will look more flashy than a thin chain. However, if you have a thin wrist, a thicker chain will not fit your wrist. Women who have a very thin wrist should rather give preference to a petite model. 

How Much Should You Pay for a Bracelet?

You can find a bracelet at both affordable and very high prices. So, how much a bracelet cost depends on its style, materials, and design.

Metal Type

The most known and used for diamond bracelet metal types are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. There is a simple rule like this: The rarer it is, the higher the price. For instance, a tennis bracelet made of platinum metal is relatively more high-priced than white gold. While a platinum 8-carat tennis bracelet almost costs $8,500, the same 8-carat bracelet made of rose gold costs nearly $7,500. All types of gold cost roughly the same amount.

If you want to have a platinum bracelet but you have a low-budget, you can also white gold because it looks almost the same and cheaper than platinum. If you have a much lower budget, silver can also be preferred because it has a similar appearance to platinum.

If you like the look of 14K yellow gold but you can not afford it, then you can choose a lower karat of gold because it will be cheaper and look-alike to 14K Gold. Also, it will be stronger because it is made of alloys that make it more durable.


The size and quality of individual diamonds determine the price of a diamond bracelet. If you are want to have a flawless diamond bracelet, then the price can cost more than $100,000. Of course, you can find a cheaper diamond bracelet if you have a limited budget. Then, you can buy a diamond bracelet with lower quality diamonds for as low-priced as $1,000.

4C (Clarity, Color, Carat, Cut)


A higher diamond clarity will be high-priced and will cost more. The reason for this is that it has not any surface blemishes or inclusion. If a diamond has low clarity, it will have more inclusions or surface blemishes. However, it will appeal to those with limited budgets.

The most popular clarity ratings are VS1-VS2 that are the best quality and SI1-SI2 that are the best value. When diamond clarity is ranked from most expensive to least expensive, the order is as follows:

  • Flawless (FL): very expensive
  • Internally Flawless (IF)
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1) and (VVS2)
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1) and (VS2): most recommended
  • Slightly Included (SI1) and (SI2): best value
  • Included (I1), (I2), and (I3): bad quality


Being a diamond nearly colorless, it will higher cost. The quality of color is determined based on a grading scale with 23 color which ranges from D to Z. The most known color grades for bracelets are H-I that is assessed as the best value and F-G that is characterized best quality. Diamond colors from most expensive to least are as follows:

  • D-F: Colorless
  • G-J: Near Colorless
  • K-M: Faint
  • N-R: Very Light
  • S-Z: Light

To give an example, an Internally Flawless (IF), D-grade, and 1-carat diamond costs nearly $15,000. However, a Slightly Included (SI2), D-grade and 1-carat diamond costs almost $4,200.

Carat Weight

How much increases the carat size of the diamond, the price of that diamond will be higher. However, sometimes a bigger carat sized diamond can be lower cut, color, and clarity values at the same time. This bigger carat sized and low-quality diamond will cost less than a smaller diamond that has a higher cut, color, and clarity properties.

For instance, a 5-carat diamond in the “S” grade will be cheaper than 1-carat “D” grade diamond. The most popular carat weights for diamond bracelets are between 2-carat and 10-carat.


Diamonds are cut to reach the highest level of light performance. Light performance refers to the sparkle, brilliance, fire, and overall visual beauty because the light hits a diamond. The reason for that cut is very important is the diamond being rough and polished that is opaque and has a little sparkle or no sparkle before the process of cut.

A well-cut diamond will more sparkle and will make your bracelet look brighter from every angle. However, you should know that it will also cost more. On the other hand, of course, there are low-priced cuts but cheaper cut diamonds will poorly reflect light and less sparkle.

How to Measure Bracelet Sizes?

Typically, bracelet size is not as important as ring size. The standard size for women bracelets is 7 inches, and for men, 8 inches. However, just like ring size, wrist size can vary from person to person. For this reason, you need to measure your wrist size.

To measure wrist size, you can wrap a flexible tape measure around your wrist without holding too loose or too tight. Afterward, you should add one to one-half inch to the result of measurement to make certain a comfortable fit. For example, if your wrist measurement is 6 inches, you should choose a bracelet of 7 inches or 7.5 inches.

If you do not have tape measure available, you can measure the size with a piece of ribbon or yarn by wrapping it on your wrist. Then, measure the ribbon or yarn with a ruler to determine the result of the measurement. Again, add one to one-half inch to find the most comfortable fit.

If you buy a bracelet as a gift, and you do not know the wrist size of the recipient, you should prefer the most popular bracelet sizes for women, that is, 7 to 7.5 inches. Also, 8 to 8.5 inches are the most common sizes for men. Also, you should consider bracelet styles because some bracelet styles can be adjusted while some can not be resized. For instance, while tennis bracelets can be easily shortened by removing its links, it is difficult to resize bangle bracelets.

Do Diamond Bracelets Make a Good Gift?

Bracelets are one of the great diamond jewelry and a gift for your loved one. Also, they are both fashionable and sentimental. For a birthday, a charm bracelet is a right choice. Also, it is a good choice to mark an important achievement because they can be customized depending on the charms that you will choose, while a diamond tennis bracelet is a suitable gift on anniversaries.

When you choose a gift, you should consider what the occasion you will buy it. Also, the personal tastes of recipients are so influential in choosing a diamond bracelet. It is a good tip to take note of the styles and metals that are preferred and worn by the recipient. Thus, the bracelet you have chosen gift will match with the personal tastes of the wearer.

How Should You Style Bracelets?

You should style bracelet varies depending on your outfit look, your style, and the occasion you wear it. For this reason, there is no certain answer that can be considered right or wrong. However, there are only a few tried and tested methods.

If you feel safer, you should choose a bracelet that is the same metal type. However, you seek for a more eclectic style, you can mix key pieces in complementary metals like yellow and white gold to work well together.

Charm bracelets and bangle bracelets are ideal choices for stacking and also you can wear them both all day or all night while a diamond tennis bracelet looks great alone or paired with only a matchy-matchy necklace for a special occasion.

How Should You Care a Diamond Bracelet?

You should care for your diamond bracelet in just the same way you do for any piece of diamond jewelry. Firstly, so that it is not stained, remove it when you take a shower or swim. Also, you should keep them out liquids like soaps, cosmetics, or household chemicals.

To clean your diamond bracelet, you should soak it in a bowl of warm and a little soapy water. After the soap is dissolved in water, clean the bracelet with this water by using a soft toothbrush. Lastly, dry the bracelet with a soft and lint-free fabric.

Diamond Bracelets You Can Buy Online

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2-20 Carat Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet Premium Collection (Price: $32,300.00)

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18k Gold Diamond Halo Solitaire Bangle Pave Bracelet (1.80ct) (Price: $9,880.00)

Solid 14k White Gold Round Diamond 3-Row Bangle Bracelet 5.00 Ct. (Price: $6,869.00)

Antique IGI Certified Diamond Star Chain Charm Bracelet, Solid 14k Gold Engraved Adjustable Dangle Bracelets, Minimal Stackable Layer Mother Bracelets (Price: $540.00)

Ladies Tennis Diamond Bracelet 12.62ctw in 18k Gold by Luxurman (Price: $13,794.00)

Ladies Tennis Diamond Bracelet 4.7ctw in 14k Gold by Luxurman (Price: $4,421.00)

Olivia Paris 14K Tri Color Gold Diamond Sapphire Charm Adjustable Bracelet, (3/4 ctw, H-I, SI1-SI2) 6.5-8.25″ (Price: $1240,00)

Round Shape White Natural Diamond Miami Cuban Chain Bracelet In 10k Solid Gold (9.50 cttw) (Price: $9,999.99 )

The Diamond Deal 14kt White Gold Womens Round Diamond Single Row Bangle Bracelet 3.00 Cttw ($5,179.99)

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