A Guide to Choosing Diamond Chain Jewelry

Chain jewelry, which means a series of loops connected, made of precious metals covered with diamonds can be used alone as well as with decorative pendants and charms to encircle body parts like necks and wrists. These chains, unlike industrial or other chains that are used for other purposes, are designed body for aesthetic purposes.

Choosing chain jewelry can be difficult because a lot of considerations are available that you need to take, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. However, there are mainly prominent features of chains that are decisive in choosing a chain. Firstly, you need to decide the features of chain and metal type. There are many styles of chain and quality of metals. Also, you should determine the length of your chain jewelry by taking into consideration many factors like tastes and sex of wearer, occasion, clothes, so on. Clasps and setting types are quite important as well. Finally, you should decide how much you can budget for chain jewelry and then focus on the 4Cs that is the main determinant of the jewelry’s price.

In ancient times, even for Vikings, big links were the best prizes after conquests. Of course, chains had also negative connotations for centuries because they became the symbol of slavery, imprisonment, and oppression.

Chains consist of the circles that are linked together and there are any beginning and end similar to everything in the world that is described as “eternal”. Therefore, chains were seen as the symbol of eternity and eternal love. Today, though it is gradually changing, this kind of jewelry is still thought more feminine.

What Are the Most Common Styles of Chains?

The links that make up a chain necklace and bracelet are the smallest part of that chain. These links, which are the most basic building blocks of the chain of chain jewels, can take many different forms and these different types of links result in a different appearance of the chain and they have different names.

Cuban Chain

The Cuban link chain is characterized as the most in-demand and common chain style of today. Cuban link style effectively ensures the overall durability of the entire set thanks to showcasing an interlocking pattern. These chain jewelry present a thicker appeal with a more versatile look and it is similar to other types of chains with its interlocking pattern that makes the chain more attractive.

Cuban Link Chain

The link pattern of the Cuban link chain can go into oval shapes that will completely change the look. It differs from the curb link in style and weight. Curb chain, unlike the Curb link, has a thinner and flatter wall, while the Cuban link chain is round, bolder, and much thicker on both sides.

Many people consider this style of chain is the result of hip-hop fashion. However, the exact origin of the Cuban link is difficult to appoint, although many people claim that various hip-pop celebrities played a pivotal role in making Cuban link chains popular. The only thing that we can know is that interest in the Cuban link increased in 2012 and it has been consistently increasing from that day to this and still trending jewelry today.

Rope Chain

The pattern of the links of the rope chain resembles the shape of a rope. Rope chains consist of gold or other precious metal segments and the reason for it is resembles rope is that these segments are connected tightly in two or three twisting patterns.

The Rope chain perfectly reflects light all angles thanks to its brilliant twisting ope pattern. Thus, the rope chain is one of the most luxurious and shiny types of chains. This is an important factor because it is the most popular style among other chains around the world.

Thicker rope chains look good on their own, and therefore, jewelry that is made of thicker rope chain is a piece of statement enough without a pendant or charm while thinner rope chains look wonderful with pendants and charms and they are a very secure option just like simple chains.

Curb Chain

Curb chains are one of the popular choices. The curb design has both a simple and classic look. Curb chains consist of closely interlocking links that come together at two different grooves.

Curb Chain Bracelet

The curb chain is still a trendy choice and it is one of the most classic jewelry pieces. Therefore, the curb chain is part of classic chain styles. The most classic curb chains are extremely durable thanks to their thick and heavy nature and this is why they have lasted for many years and it is very popular among men all this time. Today, with developments of high-tech machinery, delicate curb chains have been made popular and continue to be in women’s jewelry.

Should the Chain Be Plated, Hollow or Solid?

Before buying a piece of chain jewelry, you should find out exactly what the chain is made of. Although many chains look-alike, actually they are not alike at all. There are some signs to understand this difference.

Plated Chains

Italians like really rich looking gold and a lot of Italian chains are 14 carats yellow gold that looks awesome. On the other hand, most European countries prefer higher gold content like 18 carats or 22 carats gold. Therefore, what most Italian chain companies do is plating their 14 carats yellow gold chains with 18 carats yellow gold plating to imitate their gold to 18 carats gold. However, it is not possible to hide quality. This yellow that is formed with plating will wear off fast because it is only a plating.

Some brands, which have better quality, will have a stronger plating and the chain will endure longer. However, once plating wears off, you will start seeing metal of another color underneath, generally made of brass or copper. These metals leave an unpleasant color on your skin and sometimes cause even more severe reactions up to allergic reactions.

Hollow Chains

Hollow, also referred to as semi-solid, means that there is a space inside the precious metal. Jewelry of any material can be made hollow for various reasons. It is done mostly to reduce the amount of gold in its content and reduce the final price of gold is used. Therefore, you will need to know if the chain is hollow before buying a piece of chain jewelry.

Hollow chains may look identical to other chains, but it will feel much lighter. Many thick chains and some diamond cut ropes are made this way. Hollow chains tend to be very brittle and break easily. For this reason, they can collapse fairly quickly and it is also not easy to fix them. Although solid gold jewelry is always the best choice, it is timeless and valuable, if you have a limited budget, you can choose hollow gold.

Solid Chains: The Best Choice 

As the name signifies, solid gold jewelry is made of just solid gold and it is the best type of jewelry. Solid gold is hypoallergenic for most people. Besides that, the value of gold is only getting higher and higher, which means it is a great investment tool and you can safely resell it whenever you want.

Chains can wear down fast because its all the moving pieces rubbing against each other. So, you should a durable metal that is both heavier and long-lasting. You should get a solid chain in order not to regret it. A solid gold chain will serve you for a long time. Today, Cleopatra-era jewelry pieces are dug up as if nothing had happened to them thanks to the fact that they are made of solid gold!

How Many Carats Gold Should You Choose?

Chains can wear down fast because its all the moving pieces rubbing against each other. So, you should a durable metal that is both heavier and long-lasting. You should get a solid chain in order not to regret it. A solid gold chain will serve you for a long time. Today, Cleopatra-era jewelry pieces are dug up as if nothing had happened to them thanks to the fact that they are made of solid gold!

Chain necklaces and bracelets covered with diamonds are mostly made of gold (yellow, white, and gold). As a smart buyer, you should consider the carat weight of gold of this jewelry because the material that is used to produce the chain can have a significant influence on the overall look, feel, durability, and flexibility of the chain.

Quality of gold, which refers to the purity of gold, measured in carats. 24 carats, which means that gold is completely pure, is too soft in making jewelry and there is a need to gold is alloyed other metals. For this reason, when you choose a chain necklace and bracelet, there are three-carat options as 10 carats, 14 carats, and 18 carats that are obtained by pure gold alloyed with other metals like silver, copper, so on. 

So, which carats should you choose among 10 carats, 14 carats, or 18 carats for your chain necklace or chain bracelet? What makes the gold durable enough to wear every day is certainly alloy. 10 carats gold is more durable than 14 carats gold. However, 10 karats were made of only 41.7% gold. This means that there is more alloy in it than gold.

So, which carats should you choose among 10 carats, 14 carats, or 18 carats for your chain necklace or chain bracelet? 18 carats will be very high quality but very nondurable choice, and 10 carats will be a very durable but poor quality choice. 14 carats are made of 58.3% gold and it is the most common type of gold. The reason for its most common choice is that it has both durability and beautiful shine. Therefore, if you want to have chain jewelry with both remarkable quality and a relatively durable structure, you should choose a 14 carats gold chain jewelry. 

Total Metal Weight

If you know the approximate metal weight of a piece of jewelry, you can more certainly evaluate its value. Generally, the higher the weight of the jewelry, the more valuable it becomes due to the higher amount of precious metal. You need to know that 1 ounce equals 28.35 grams, 1 pound equals to 453.58 grams, and 1 pennyweight equals to 1.55 grams when you choose chain jewelry.

How Long Should the Chain for Necklaces?

The most common and popular length for chains is 18 inches. The reason for its popularity is this length is not too short like 16 inches, which is called choker length. Also, you need to know that 24 inches or 30 inches chains do not get caught on everything because they hang too low. Although there is a common length that is mostly preferred, the answer to the question about how long should the chain be depends on the preferences of the wearer.

Also, you should consider the profile, age, and sex of the recipient, and most of the time, these preferences can be related to these factors. For instance, although it is not correct to generalize, you can choose slightly shorter lengths like 16 inches and 18 for younger people. Similarly, longer lengths chains like 18 inches and 20 inches are suitable for older wearers or people that have a larger body. Besides, the expandable product range is the best solution because it presents two options in one chain. Sex, which is the most important factor, determines the lengths of the chains that are chosen.

Choosing Lengths of Chain Necklaces for Women

Firstly, you need to know necklace sizes and where they fall on your body to buy the best chain for you. So, the size of the necklace that you need to consider as follows:

  • 14″ Necklace: It fits mostly like a choker.
  • 16″ Necklace: It falls perfectly on the base of the neck, like a collar. While it hits your collarbone on a petite woman, it can feel more like a choker for large size women.
  • 18″ Necklace: It is the popular choice for women who want their chains are just below the throat at the collarbone. Also, this length is common for adding pendants to hang from o neck. 
  • 20″ Necklace: It falls a few inches below the collarbone. This is the length that is perfect for items of clothing with a plunging neckline or turtleneck.
  • 22″ Necklace: It falls at or above a low neckline.
  • 24″ Necklace: It falls below any neckline.

When you choose the length of the chain for women, you should consider where to wear it and the clothing that is likely to be worn together with it because some women may prefer different lengths for each different occasion and also season.

A choker style, which refers 16 inches length, may look magnificent with a cocktail dress that has a scooped neckline. However, the same style may not fit over a turtleneck sweater. Most women choose longer chains in the cold weather because bulky clothing may require more length.

You need to consider the wearer’s body as well as the occasion and season. For instance, a 24 inches chain necklace may look far below on a petite woman. However, the same length chain necklace may be fit for a larger woman. 

Choosing Lengths of Chain Necklaces for Men

As men have different body sizes and tastes than women, measurements and preferences differ slightly from women’s preferences. The most common sizes for men as follows:

  • 18″ Necklace: It is the shorter length that falls just around the base of the neck.
  • 20″ Necklace: A popular length for men that falls on the collarbone. 
  • 22″ Necklace: It falls a few inches below a collar bone and can be worn under or over a shirt. This is the most common length for chains in that they offer a more breathing room.
  • 24″ Necklace: This length is the extra-long and falls just above the breast bone. Also, it is generally used for keeping religious or meaningful pendants closer to the heart and under the shirt. 

For men, most chain lengths are chosen that fall at the collar bone and are usually about 20 inches in length. If the chain has a medallion, cross, or dog tag, a little longer length can be offered. Also, multiple chains that have various lengths can be worn for a layered look. You can not be sure about the neck size. Thus, you should know the chain inches for men and their positions in the body. Please remind that sizing is approximate and may vary with body height and weight.

At the same time, another factor that affects the appearance of the chain and determines what kind of touch you want to add is thickness:

  • Thin chain: 1.4 mm and above
  • Medium-chain: 2.3 mm and above
  • Thick chain: 3.5 mm and above

Necklaces of men may require a longer or thicker gauge chain. In addition to 20″ as standard chain length, the medium thickness is suitable for chain necklaces of men.

How Long Should the Chain for Bracelets?

For bracelets of women, the standard bracelet length is 6.5 to 7.5 inches. So, 7 inches is the most popular for women in chain bracelets. On the other hand, the lengths of bracelets can be longer up to 7.5 and 9 inches. That is, 8 inches is the most popular in men’s chain bracelets. There is a size chart for diamond chain bracelets below to know the length in terms of size, centimeter, and inch:

  • XS: 14 cm / 5.5″
  • S: 15.2 cm / 6″
  • S/M: 16.5 cm / 6.5 “
  • M: 17.8 cm / 7″
  • L: 19 cm / 7.5″
  • XL: 21.5 cm / 8.5″

You need to measure your wrist to determine the size of it and buy the right size. You can use a flexible tape measure bu wrapping it around your wrist. You can be careful about you hold too loose or too tight. Also, you should add one or one-half inch to the result of measurement so that have a comfortable fit. 

If you give it a gift, you should pay attention to the thickness of the wrists. The larger the recipient and the thicker the wrists, then you need to consider an upper size.


Clasps, which most necklaces have, keep the necklace in place and safe. There are a few styles of clasps made of a variety of materials. The most common clasps are as follows: 

Box with Tongue Clasp

This clasp type is the most used type for diamond chains. Box clasps consist of two parts called a tongue and box. This kind of clasp is often multi-strand and used to connect two or more strands in a necklace or bracelet. The tongue acts like a spring or lever and is designed to slide into the groove of the other part of the box clasp. The tongue slides and fits in the box and locks into place. While in the groove, the spring pressure of the tongue keeps the can buckle closed.

Spring Ring

The most popular type of clasp is spring ring clasps and can be sometimes used for chain jewelry. This is a lightweight, simple clasp with a spring that opens a small portion of the ring to allow the other side of the necklace to enter. This is a simple and lightweight clasp with a spring that opens a small portion of the ring to enable the other side of the necklace to enter.

The spring ring is more affordable. It is thin, round, and hollow; usually not soldered on to your chain. It means that when you tug on your chain or get caught somewhere, the little “O” ring on the bottom of the clasp can stretch, open up, and there is a risk of losing. In this respect, the spring ring has a negative aspect.


Another common clasp type is the lobster clasp. It includes a latch that opens the other side of the clasp to slide in the necklace chain when pulled. The lobster clasp can be the best clasp for any chain jewelry. The reason for this is that they are easy to wear. Also, they are durable and the safest type of clasp to choose your chain jewelry. Unlike spring clasps, most lobster clasps are soldered onto the chain, which is good. 

If it is not, be careful about making sure that you get that done. Jewelers will solder shut the little round ring that attaches it to the chain to you can not pull it off and this ensures the great safety that is mostly recommended. 

Safety Catch

Safety catches are safeties in necklaces, bracelets, so on. They are used to ensure the most secure closure. Safety catches are often used with main clasps to supplement that clasp. There are several different styles of necklace and bracelet safety catches to accommodate certain needs and designs. The choice depends on the type of chain that you get as to which clasp you end up with. Also, you should beware of “magnetic hook” chains. It might be easy to wear and take off them, but probably you will lose it.

The Most Common Two Settings For Chain Jewelry: Prong and Bezel

The two most common ways of mounting a diamond to a setting are the prong (also called claw) setting and the bezel setting. A prong setting typically consists of four, or six metal pieces upwards the base of the setting. Both setting types have advantages and disadvantages.

Prong Setting Diamond Chain

Prong settings provide maximum exposure for the diamond and this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage based on various factors. It provides more light to enter the stone and often makes the diamond look larger. Despite that, it becoming more vulnerable because it exposes the gem to strikes. Losing a claw means losing a diamond and you will have to check your diamonds of chain to be sure that none of them is lost. Therefore, the more prongs mean that your chain’s diamonds are more secure.

Prong Setting Diamond Chain


The bezel setting has an advantage thanks to its very protective nature. This feature is particularly important with stones that have become popular with their lesser hardness. Another advantage of this type of setting is that a precious metal bezel makes your chain jewelry look more attractive. However, the main disadvantage of it is that they are generally more expensive than a prong setting. The reason for this is that this type of setting requires using more metal material.

Bezel Setting Diamond Chain


If you want to shine maximum light but take a risk of diamonds to be less safe, a prong setting chain jewelry is for you. This will be a more affordable choice than the bezel setting, although it differs according to the type of metal (if the prong setting is made of gold and the bezel is made of silver, it can not be said that the prong setting is more affordable). On the other hand, if you do not need the maximum level of light but want to keep your diamonds safer, a bezel setting chain jewelry is for you. Of course, you need to spend more money on this than the prong setting, again depending on your metal type.

How Much Do You Want Shine: The Best Diamond Cut

A diamond cut is quite an important factor in choosing a chain covered with diamonds. Since a chain necklace or bracelet loaded with diamonds will be fully visible, you want it to have a sparkling appearance. So, for the maximum brilliance, the ideal cut grade is the best choice that provides the light enters to diamond and returns by dazzling and lighten up your chain jewelry.

However, you need to know that an ideal grade cut diamonds are rarest ones. So, the best option that is both more affordable and more available is the “Very Good cut” grade. In some cases, a “Good” grade can also be used for diamond jewelry. We recommend that you do not choose a good grade unless you have to. At the same time, you should not choose “Fair” grade, which is the lowest grade because your chain jewelry is completely covered with diamonds and will make your jewelry look rather vulgar and poor quality.

How Much Does A Diamond Chain Necklace Cost?

A chain necklace is made from various size diamonds linked together to form one continuous chain. A diamond chain necklace involves many diamonds. Thus, this type of necklace is typically expensive, but the exact price may vary depending on the carat and quality of the diamonds. So, there are chain necklaces that cost both $950 and $50,000.The value of a diamond is decided by the rarity of that. So, elements that affect rarity, and therefore value, are carat, clarity, cut, and color.

Carat weight is one of the factors that you need to consider when you choose a diamond chain. If you want to buy a chain that has a large diamond, you should know that you need to buy a high weight of diamonds because the diamond size is directly associated with carat weight. So, you can find a chain made of diamonds in both 10 carats and 20 carats and more.

The clarity is the number of “inclusions” and “blemishes” that a diamond contains. The highest-clarity diamonds are rated “Flawless” which means there is any visible inclusion or blemish up to 10x magnification. So, if you want a chain that has the highest clarity grade, you should Flawless or Very Very Slightly Included clarity grades for your chain.

The cut is another factor that determines the price of the chain. If you want to have a chain that is high-quality cut and more sparkle thanks to facets that reflect the light, you should choose a nearly “Ideal” clarity grade for your chain and allocate money of high amount from your budget.

The color is one of the most vital properties when you choose diamond jewelry, and therefore, a diamond chain is diamond jewelry that will always be in the limelight. Nobody wants this jewelry to have a color close to yellow. On the contrary, the diamond chain must be snow-white to shine more light and get the eye.

Therefore, you should look over the diamond color scale that includes letters from “D” to “Z” to see color changes between different grades. Although they more cost, you should choose the “D” grade (colorless) to have a highest-color grade diamond chain. However, it is difficult to see variations in color grades “D” through “J” with the naked eye unless stones are being compared side by side. So, if you have a lesser budget, you can choose a grade up to “J” grade.

The number of stones on the chain is extremely important in that both the chain look more luxurious and increases the price. If the size of diamonds on the chain is tiny, a chain necklace can be consists of more than 1000 diamonds. However, some chain necklaces and bracelets have large but lesser diamonds. Large diamond necklaces and bracelets cannot consist of 1000 stones. It is impossible to fit such a large amount of diamonds on a chain. Despite depending on the carat weight, the number of stones is another factor causing an increase in price. So, you need to consider the number of stones and decide how large the diamond you want.

How Can You Guarantee Your Chain Jewelry?

If a company stand behinds its products, it certainly will put a lifetime guarantee on their chains. So, this guarantee is crucial when you buy chain jewelry because it means that the company guarantees its products are free from defects of the manufacturer, usually means that tarnishing, color changes, and pits. This does not refer to breaking or wear and tear. 

If you want your chain is as fresh as ever, you can sign up for an extended service plan (ESP) on it. With the ESP, you can make sure that your jewelry stays as strong, secure, and beautiful just like the first day that you wear. If your chain jewelry breaks or snaps, ESP handle this problem. However, most importantly, it will also cover the clasp if it breaks, and you need to know that clasps are made of gold are not cheap. Fees of ESP vary depending on the price of your jewelry, and the higher the price of your jewelry, the higher the price of the protection package.

Why Do Most Men Prefer Chain Necklaces Too?

Today, men are no longer wear only watches and rings, unlike old times. Although some still keep this tradition, the rising generation adopts diamond jewelry as well as women and wear them as a part of communicating their personality, and sometimes even beliefs.

Wearing jewelry around the neck is of course a subjective matter. However, there are primary reasons why a man would wear a necklace. although they are not valid for all men. Everyone has a reason why they opt to wear a chain necklace. Its reason can be that wearing it a learned habit without particular meaning behind it. Also, the chain can be a gift from a much-loved person and the wearer feels happier when they wear it.

Chains Add a More Attractive Look

Of course, there is no obligation that every woman will be attracted by a man wearing a chain. However, there is a segment that finds men wearing chains more attractive. It is the signal that the man has a style. Also, men who spend money on jewelry give a message about they can take good care of themselves.

Contrary to Popular Belief, Chains Add a Masculine Look 

Chain necklaces made for men have a more masculine look when compared to delicate most female pieces. Men can effortlessly increase their masculine energy is by wearing a chain necklace by wearing a chain that has large diamonds. 

Also, chain necklaces are worn for religious reasons. Therefore, they tell the world that users value their beliefs and are even willing to let the world know. For example, you can wear a chain that has a crucifix pendant and this indicates that you have a commitment to religious values and provides to communicates to people that you have a strong religious background.

Besides, there are some cultures, groups, or families in the world where generations of people necklace with an initiation process. Then, in this kind of culture, wearing a chain around the neck is no longer for wanting to look class or for religious reasons, it is completely about to symbolize loyalty to a community.

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