Diamond Direct: How Does It Work and What Are Services They Provide?

When it comes to buying a piece of jewelry, many choices are available to a customer to decide on a particular brand. However, today, turning to a retailer to buy a piece of diamond jewelry, many retailers are now being launched in addition to many jewelry brands. All of them allow you to choose whenever you want to buy a diamond direct ring, a diamond necklace, or any other piece of jewelry without a middleman. Diamond direct buying is one of the popular ways to reach diamond jewelry nowadays, its popularity is increasing and their sales offices gradually are becoming more common.

Diamond direct provides to eliminate middleman, sell diamonds directly to end customers for much cheaper than traditional jewelry shops although they have broad selection colors, clarities, shapes, and sizes. So, retailers work with each customer to make exactly what you want and maintain a sizable inventory in addition to providing personal shopping services. It allows you to have the jewelry you dream of in interaction from the very beginning to the end and it provides many advantages such as custom design jewelry, wide product range, freedom of choice, lifetime warranty, so on.  From diamond engagement rings and earrings, diamond direct stores design, make, sell, and repair diamond jewelry. 

Also, the largest retail chains have the advantage of purchasing such large quantities that save money. Besides, these independent jewelers have an advantage because they are a fabric of the local community, and also likely have longer-term personnel strength who are best trained and experienced.

How Does Diamond Direct Work?

Diamond direct is a retail sales system that directly connects customers and jewelry producers. In this system, the customer has direct access to the jewelry. Often, these organizations also design watches made of precious stones. Diamond direct stores offer both online and face-to-face services. You can get personalized care and assistance by making an appointment with a diamond expert.

Diamond direct retailers design their jewelry, they also work with many brands and designers for nearly each product type. Therefore, there is a wide range of products and you can design your jewelry at the same time by choosing your designer. In addition to the custom design service opportunity, there are many other services such as jewelry remodeling, repairing and restoring service, CLIQ technology that you can not usually find in an ordinary local jewelry store. Asking for important opportunities for those who want to create their jewelry from start to finish, also these retailers often save you money.

Direct Access to World’s Diamonds

Diamond direct retailers are diamond importers who have the advantage of being able to pick diamonds that have the best quality. For this reason, unlike other jewelry stores, direct diamond importers can offer lower prices because they directly buy diamonds from the supplier without a share of a middleman. Direct access to the supplier also includes a wide selection of diamonds and shapes not available at a local jeweler.

Rough Diamond

Services Provided by Diamond Direct Centers

Custom Design Jewelry Service: How to Design a Ring?

You need to find a ring that uniquely fits both this love and the finger that will carry it as long as you breathe because every relationship and the love it derives from is unique. Just as every relationship is sui generis and unique; rings, which are an integral symbol of this relationship, should be unique and special for couples. 

Some people look for a jeweler to create a unique ring by choosing and combining individual elements such as diamond, metal, setting, band style as the perfect ring while others just want to add a special touch to their rings and make them more meaningful. o do this, diamond direct stores offer the opportunity to custom design. Features likely vary depending on your needs and the retail jeweler you choose, but in general, a diamond direct service offers you a process that consists of specific steps to create your dream ring:

  • This process starts with your idea or a picture that you found on a catalog or Internet-a rough sketch. 
  • Designers of diamond direct stores produce a detailed CAD drawing that is similar to the concept in addition to ensuring functionality.
  • The prototyping system turns into the drawing into a three-dimensional model to become more perfect, more precise than human hands can fabricate.
  • Next stop: full- Service of the manufacturing that includes metal casting, finishing stone cutting, and polishing.

3D CAD Design

So what features are taken as basis in designing your dream ring? These features are as follows:

Ring Style: Firstly, you need to choose a ring style. There are many ring styles that you can decide without difficulty. Styles of diamond rings come in many varieties like solitaire, three stone, side stone, halo, channel, pave, antique, split shank, so on. This process also includes choosing the metal type of ring. Options for the metal types of the rings usually include gold (all versions) and platinum.

Setting: In this step, you can choose which design you want to make your ring. Also, you can determine the price bracket how much budget you want to allocate.

Diamond: In this step, the quality of the diamond is determined. This step includes choosing shape, carat, cut, color, and clarity properties. Again, you can determine the price range too. Besides, you can learn the L/W ratio, polish, symmetry, fluorescence of diamond. Other features that you can know about are table and depth percentages.

Of course, the features and expectations will vary according to your needs and the jeweler you select. However, in general, when designing a custom engagement ring, there are general expectations that apply to everyone, no matter which diamond direct store you choose. These expectations are defined as follows:

Make Sure What You Want

Firstly, you should start asking yourself whether you have a distinct version of the ring you want. You should keep in mind that “wanting something unique” does not always mean that you should custom way as any ring can be made to be unique. Afterward, you should sketch the idea whatever you wish. However, you need to be sure of what you want to express your ideas and to get the ring in your mind. You can start to get an idea by perusing jewelry stores and jewelry sites on the Internet and draw the elements that catch your attention.

Contact the Right Jewelry Designer

Once you sketch out the ring in your mind, you will need to find a jeweler who can do a custom design. At this stage, you should contact a diamond direct stores. You need to keep in mind that they will want an image or a draw of the ring to inspire your design, to see what your dream jewelry should look like, and make it real.

Cooperate with Your Designer

If you have sketches and find a trustworthy designer from a well-known retailer, you need to exchange ideas with your designer in depth. Your designer should show a full-color illustration, a picture of your ring by making computer-aided design. You should see the final form of the ring to change it unless it matches your expectations. Let the designer guide you, but do not hesitate to explain your expectations.

Become Aware of Warranties and Guarantees

If you have a custom design ring, you should be aware of warranties and guarantees. Also, you should ask everything in writing like elements that you agreed to include in the ring to a final form. Besides, although its price will remarkably increase, you should have your ring insured because it is custom made. Fortunately, diamond direct stores offer a lifetime warranty on the rings they design.

Jewelry Remodelling Service: How to Utilize Old Jewelry?

In addition to custom design jewelry service, most diamond direct stores provide jewelry remodeling service. It is difficult to find a designer who is relevant and knowledgeable about the old jewelry collections, who has a good understanding of the tastes of the customer and can design the perfect result after remodeling accordingly because it is a quite rare skill. 

If you have a family heirloom that does not fit your general style and you do not often wear that, you can choose the way of re-modeling is the best solution. Also, it can be a much-worn piece that you most love. You should work with your designer to make your old jewelry just like the first day.

Remodeling of your jewelry has many advantages like a good social conscience. Today, people have more awareness these days of our carbon footprint. Remodeling your jewelry is a good choice for the environment as well as being cost-saving. Also, if it is standing aside, you can not enjoy your diamond jewelry. If it is old-fashioned or worn out, you should apply a diamond direct store to it remodel and turn into it exciting and fresh something. Jewelry remodeling service includes some steps as follows: 

Step 1: Examining Old Jewelry

When you decide to remodel your old jewelry, you should go to a diamond direct store with it. They will likely weigh its metal and measure its diamonds to see which choice is suitable for remodeling. The reason for this is that some pieces are not suitable for melting and also old stones can be broken. Therefore, it is determined that what piece will be used for the new model and what piece will be set aside. 

Step 2: Determining the Design

While some people have not an idea of what they want, some people are being sure about that whatever they want. That other people are not being sure about own their desire is not a crucial problem. Your designer will be able to present images and sketches of previously made pieces in addition to pieces that take place in the collection. Therefore, they will be able to determine the design of the ring you designed in your mind depending on the conversation that they make with you and directions from you. This conversation is important because it shows what is possible and what should be preferred. 

Step 3: Sketching and Handcrafting

In this step, the details of choice are taken note to design the ring, and the exchange of views is made. After that, the designer melts your ring to reshape and remodel your ring by using the own pieces of the ring without using a new piece. This process may take a few weeks. However, this process may take less time if you request it to be completed in a shorter time. 

These reasons of course can differ from person to person. However, certain reasons and situations require remodeling, which is considered fundamental by all. Well, you are considering remodeling your ring.

So, in what cases are the rings remodeled? 

Generally, a piece of jewelry that you have has soulful attachments and you make one piece from the combination of parts. A family heirloom ring inherited from your mother to you is very special for you because it is the syımbol of your well-established family. However, the tastes of mothers and their daughter’s tastes do not always have to match. Just because an heirloom does not appeal to your tastes does not mean that you do not value that heirloom.

Although it does not appeal to you and you have utterly different tastes, you should take care of the family heirloom. The best way of this is to remodel it to suit your tastes and live it on your finger, not in a drawer because the sentiment of the jewelry is strong. If you have sentimental reasons, you can prefer to remodeling to suit your new owner, that is, your tastes.

Also, you do not have only a sentimental reason for remodeling. When you decide to marry, sometimes it can not be possible to afford wedding rings because there are so many costs that you can not afford. You may not have a budget enough to pay the price of your wedding rings. Sometime later, the debts that you need to pay are reduced. Thus, remodeling and upgrading of wedding ring time come and you can consider remodeling them by going to the nearest diamond direct store. 

Besides, no specific reason for remodeling is required. You can desire to upgrade your jewelry wardrobe. In addition to all the benefits you get from remodeling your old jewelry collection, remodeling also provides substantial financial savings because you will convert them to new ones instead of buying new jewelry. Also, this means less impact on the environment, and in this way, you will make a difference by leaving this world with as little damage as possible.

Jewelry Repairing Service

In addition to custom design and remodeling, your jewelry can be repaired in a diamond direct store. As time goes on, it is normal the metal of your jewelry to wear down, prongs to gradually become loose or chains to become deformed or break.

Then, if a piece of jewelry is a crucial part of your life and it has sentimental value, it is quite a special moment when you see it just like the first day. That’s why many diamond direct stores service repair and restoring jewelry to see your jewelry is renewed. Well, what operations involve repairing a piece of jewelry? Repair and restoration work mostly includes operations as follows:

  • Repair of silver, gold, and platinum jewelry
  • Engraving of silver, gold, and platinum jewelry
  • Ring resizing
  • Loose diamond tightening or replacement
  • Jewelry engraving
  • Re-tipping of prong or replacement of loose stones to tighten
  • Chain shortening and lengthening, repair, and soldering
  • Clasp repair, soldering, and replacement
  • Earring repair that includes post-repair and screw-back post-conversion
  • A fabrication that includes rebuilding settings, gold links, so on
  • Finishing services that include cleaning, polishing, and plating
  • Antique jewelry repairs
  • White gold and platinum-rhodium plating

CLIQ Ring Fit System Service

When the most precious thing that you wear does not fit, CLIQ technology changes that. Typically, rings are sized based on the size of the knuckle instead of the base of the finger. Therefore, traditional rings mostly fit the finger poorly. This poorly design cause to the ring turns, twists, slips. Also, your ring may lose because it does not your finger well. Besides, taking on or off can be difficult. In such a situation, CLIQ technology allows you to solve these problems radically.

CLIQ technology is used not only for improper sizing but also for many other things, such as fingers suffering from any of the following conditions:

Pregnancy Period

Every woman experiences a change in your body during her pregnancy and this change can cause to her hands become puffy and swollen. However, using the CLIQ system, you can easily wear your ring at the base of your finger without fear of being stuck in a such hard period.

Active Lifestyle

If you simply do sports as an amateur or you are a professional athlete, your hands likely swell. Also, you may have a history of injury. Therefore, you need to easily remove your ring for safekeeping before your train and put it back on without difficulty.

Arthritis Disease

Today, nearly 350 million people suffer from arthritis in the world and try to wear their rings comfortably. CLIQ technology solves this problem and bypasses the joint and relieves the pain of forcing a ring over a swollen knuckle.

Fluctuations in Size 

Various situations cause size fluctuation like stress, diet, medications, fluid imbalances, and certain medical conditions. That’s why the body starts to retain water and electrolytes in time and one of the limbs most affected by this is the hands (fingers). Hands reveal the negative effects of these changes by affecting and swelling the way the basic rings fit. With the CLIQ system, it is time to easily wear or take off your rings despite size fluctuations.

Fluctuation in Weather and Temperature

We are exposed to many degrees of heat or humidity levels on the same day. At the same time, we are not always in the same location, which is another factor that causes us to be exposed to different temperatures. For this reason, our body reacts to these sudden changes in various physical reactions. Thus, your rings will fit differently depending on these weather fluctuations. To reduce the risk of the ring slide down in cold weather and getting stuck in hot weather, you should try CLIQ technology.

Just for Comfort

Anatomically, your knuckle is larger than the base of your finger and naturally, a standard ring is will be quite large for your ring. This situation will cause pain when you even shake hands because of spinning or twisting. So, you should use CLIQ technology to make your ring match your finger and make yourself comfortable.

Virtual Appointment Service

Many diamond direct stores offer online appointment opportunities in addition to service in their stores. Diamond experts have an interview with you to from the comfort of your home via live chat, text, phone, and email and educate and guide you in the choice of right jewelry. A virtual appointment may at least be a suitable choice for a pre-interview. In this direction, you will know about both a diamond direct retailer (their experts, product range, care, so on) and also get comprehensive information about the piece of jewelry you want to own.

Review of the Most Known Jewelry Retailer: Diamonds Direct

There are hundreds of different potential retailers and therefore, buying diamond jewelry is quite a difficult task. Diamonds Direct is one of the affordable retailers where buyers can not only buy a piece of diamond jewelry but also can choose pieces both matching its budget and meeting their needs.

There is much to be said directly about diamonds. Diamonds Direct stands out against major chain jewelers with its excellent customer service and the care that we expect from an independent jeweler. Just like other online diamond brands in the sector of diamond jewelry, Diamonds Direct tends to focus on engagement and wedding rings and offers a great variety of products to prefer from in these two categories and has an education center to offer expert opinions when you choosing a diamond piece.

A Brief History of Diamond Direct

The story of Diamonds Direct begins in Tel Aviv in the early 1990s. It entered this sector as a wholesale enterprise based out of both Israel and the United States and had the mission of cut and sell diamonds to jewelry stores across all countries. As a diamond manufacturer based in Tel Aviv, Diamonds Direct decided to remove the middleman and set up his store in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1995. It succeeded in the jewelry sector and has grown to seven locations across the country. 

During more than two decades, as independent jewelry, Diamonds Direct has won many awards that include the JCK award for the most innovative retailer of the country. Also, it won the Best of Weddings award from Charlotte magazine. Blackstone, which is the major investment fund, acquired the Diamonds Direct in late 2015.

Diamonds of Diamonds Direct

Diamonds Direct has pre-set diamonds that are harder to see inclusions and flaws in generic settings and jewelry that can carry large premiums. Also, it has super-ideal diamond specialists that give the customer a diamond education down that includes technical details. They present images, 360 videos, reports like ASET, Sarine, etc. to consumers have an in-depth insight at the quality of the diamond.

The images of diamonds on the website magnified and clear, but further to that, the details of these images very simplistic and basic. You can easily see the table and depth percentages of diamonds in addition to the thickness of the girdle. On the online site of Diamonds Direct, only GIA certified diamonds are listed. However, AGS diamonds are not sold on its site. 

What Does Diamonds Direct Offer?

Most online jewelry retailers specialize in diamond jewelry and so, they tend to open an online store by promoting their jewelry products to the public just like Diamonds Direct does. However, this company does not only specialize to provide quality service to its visitors at reasonable prices, it also provides additional features that often put this particular online jewelry retailer on top of its competitors.

However, many independent jeweler companies can include misleading information and subpar diamonds. On the contrary to these companies, Diamonds Direct provides exact information and high-quality diamonds. This is a big advantage for those who want to avoid handicaps in online shopping. 

Diamonds Direct is a breath of fresh air in the world of salespeople who lack technical knowledge. Although their stores are quite simple and traditional in appearance, these stores have a great variety of inventories with natural and comfortable with showing a variety of styles and diamonds. Besides, they have diligent and knowledgeable staff. 

One of the most distinctive features that distinguish Diamonds Direct from other independent shops is the fact that it also presents an educational center. This educational center is presented by Diamonds Direct contains many useful articles that contribute to informing the potential customer of various properties that affect the quality, beauty, sparkle, and finally, the price of a particular diamond. 

Diamonds Direct also has many instructive videos to explain the properties of diamonds instead of only providing a range of articles to help educate the potential customer. These properties are 4Cs (color, clarity, cut, carat) properties of a diamond also are attributed as a standard set of criteria that are used to determine if a diamond’s quality and value.

As each diamond is accompanied by a certificate that includes certain information about the standard set of criteria, to have information about each property means and different grades of these properties allow a buyer to distinguish high-quality diamond jewelry and help them to be aware of particular diamond jewelry that they want to buy. Having this kind of information also helps people get a better deal for the jewelry that they are interested in.

Another characteristic of Diamonds Direct is that awareness of the community is at the core of its ethos and the company supports the local designer by bringing innovative and unique designs to their customers on a sophisticated platform. Also, the Diamonds Direct foundation is established in 2004 that donates thousands of dollars to charities of children and women in the areas near to their stores. Hence, this independent jewelry is a socially responsible organization. Of course, these features alone are not enough to buy from Diamonds Direct. However, they should still be appreciated for their social responsibility and commitment to their community.

Pricing Policy and Financing Options

Although Diamonds Direct presents great diamonds and engagement rings that are a breath of fresh air when we compare to other brick and mortar jewelry stores, it still can not cope with other online retailers such as the Blue Nile or James Allen in terms of pricing. It has higher prices than other online jewelers because of overhead, inventory, and other costs. However, Diamonds Direct has managed to fix their prices lower than other traditional brick and mortar jewelry stores thanks to only cost about 20-25% more than them.

Diamonds Direct offers an in a house credit card and a convenient online application to facilitate buying. The best part of financing policy is that there will be no interest on your account in case you pay your account in 12 months with regular payments in a per month. So, you can easily buy an engagement ring or wedding ring with this financing option.

Customer Service

Diamonds Direct can not be made mistakes in customer service, providing cooperative and friendly customer service both in-store and online. After-sales maintenance is also important and ensures that customers are happy long after the sale.

Diamonds Direct has online customer support that includes an option of a handy chat button that will direct you to a customer support agent to understand your tastes and needs. Diamond Direct has also return policy. You can give back your jewelry if you will not be satisfied. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can return your jeweler by taking it in-store or giving it a courier service.

Also, Diamonds Direct will not let you down after buying. It offers a complimentary service after you buy your jewelry piece. These complimentary services include cleaning, resizing, appraisals, and a lifetime upgrade and guarantee on an engagement or wedding ring.

Finally, the last feature of customer service is that Diamonds Direct provides a lifetime warranty. During a lifetime, all jewelry that you bought from this store is protected by this warranty that includes the loss of side diamonds from faults of design and defaults of manufacturing.

Conflict-Free Diamonds Policy

At Diamonds Direct, the origin of diamonds is from a conflict-free source. Diamonds Direct witnesses all process from the mine to the cutting and polishing, to delivering the stone to the customer. Also, it applies The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme that is an industry-wide practice. The Kimberley Process is an international system that is established in 2003 to inspect the trade of rough diamonds. This process, pioneered by the United Nations, ensures that money from diamond trade and production does not finance unethical work environments, war, and anti-government or rebellious movements.

The Kimberley Process, which restricts diamond importing and exporting, have many member countries. When diamond shipments cross on international borders, they are sent in a tamper-resistant container that includes the Kimberley Process Certificate is validated by the government. Besides, these certificates are counterfeit-proof and uniquely numbered to match each shipment. Ultimately, the Kimberley Process prevents “blood diamonds” from entering mainstream diamond markets and protects the consumer from purchasing an unethical diamond.

3.5 Carat 14K White Gold Square Halo Cushion GIA Certified Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (3 Ct H Color VS2 Clarity Center Stone) (Price: $29,560.00 – $30,560.00)

Kobelli Van Cleef Pear Brilliant Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring 2 1/10 CTW in Platinum (GIA Certified), Size 6 (Price: $44,444.00)

2 Carat 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Studded Oval Dome Designer Cocktail Ring (Price: $5,399.99)

1 Ct Certified Diamond Double Halo Gold Ring, Minimalist Beaded Engraved Women Ring, Diamond Cluster Wedding Ring, Antique Anniversary Promise Ring, 14K Gold (Price: $880.00)

Dazzlingrock Collection 3.40 Carat (ctw) 14K Gold Round Diamond Ladies Cocktail Link Ring (Price: $2,331.95 – $2,372.37)

Studs Galore 0.40 Cts Diamond & 1.65 Cts White Sapphire Ring in 14K White Gold (Price: $2,149.88)

3.27ct Micro Pave’ Round Diamonds in 14K 3Tone Gold Diamond Overlapping Ring (Price: $4,440.00)

14K Yellow Gold 1.74 cttw Floating Diamond Ring, Sizes 5-10 (Price: $18,080.33)

Dazzlingrock Collection 0.80 Carat (ctw) 14K Gold Round Diamond Anniversary Wedding 3 Stone Enhancer Guard Double Ring 3/4 CT (Price: $876.65 – $1,015.25)

Ladies Right Hand Round Diamond Ring 2.25ctw in 18k Gold by Luxurman (Price: $6,029.00)

14k Gold (4.69ct) Halo Pear Shaped Diamond Pendant Necklace (Price: $67,622.00)

(3.00ct) emerald shape diamond pendant necklace 14k Yellow Gold (Price: $27,982.00)

1.00 Carat Natural Diamond Pendant Necklace 10K White Gold (G-H Color, I2-I3 Clarity) Diamond Pendant Necklace for Women Diamond Jewelry Gifts for Women (Price: $1,060.00)

0.27 Carat Diamond Knot Pendant Necklace in 14K Gold (Price: $499.99)

2.18 Carat Pear Rose-Cut Diamond Pendant Necklace in 18k Solid Gold (SI2 Clarity, H-I Color) (Price: $19,987.50)


14k Gold (4.57ct) Halo Round Diamond Stud Earrings (Price: $27,473.00)


Diamondere Natural and Certified Diamond Huggie Earrings with a Dangling Diamond Heart in 14K White Gold | 0.54 Carat Petite Earrings for Women (Price: $766.00)


G-H VS-SI 4ct Luxury Designer Round Cut Stud Lab Grown Diamond Earrings Palladium (Price: $37,492.50)


14K White Gold 1-1/4 Carat (H-I Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Natural Diamond Round Double Halo Dangle Earrings for Women (Price: $1,384.99)

14K White Gold 1-1/4 Carat (H-I Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Natural Diamond Round Double Halo Dangle Earrings for Women (Price: $1,384.99)

18k Gold Luxury Italian Wide Diamond Bracelet (5.27ct) (Price: $24,896.00)

Madina Jewelry 8.51 ct Ladies Round Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet in (Color G Clarity SI-1) in 14 Kt Yellow Gold (Price: $11,999.00)

The Diamond Deal 14kt White Gold Womens Round Diamond Triple Row Bangle Bracelet 5.00 Cttw


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