What Are the Types of Diamond Earrings?

Diamond earrings remain one of the most popular pieces of diamond jewelry. Diamond earrings, which are indispensable for every period due to their timeless features, have a wide variety of styles that can be used in many different situations. Each different style of diamond earrings has its own ‘place’ on the ear. 

Diamond earrings are versatile with their designs. The most common types of diamond earrings are studs, hoops, and drops earrings. Apart from that, other diamond earrings are less preferred but at least as stylish as studs or hoops. These are chandelier earrings, dangle earrings, j-hoop earrings, huggie earrings, and day and night earrings. Diamond earrings also are available in many different types because they differ in terms of cut quality and cut shape, setting type, closing mechanisms, and metal type as well as their styles. 

Earrings are jewelry dating back to ancient times. In ancient times, the earlobe was associated with financial stability and social status. Over time, earrings became a symbol of femininity and a sign of identity. This femininity is of course more prominent in diamond earrings.

Today, earrings are a complementary piece to bring out the beauty and elegance of women. However, there are also diamond earrings designed for men, although many earrings are designed for women. Especially diamond stud earrings are preferred by men and are mostly worn on one ear. 

Most Common Styles of Diamond Earrings

Choosing the right style earring will change your face and posture because it is the jewelry that stands closest to your face is earrings without exception. When choosing the right diamond earring, it will be helpful to know that there are the most common earring styles and their features.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earring is the most preferred diamond earring due to its simple and useful feature. Diamond studs are both simple and small earrings. With its smallest and simplest earring design, a diamond stud earring consists of a diamond that appears as if float on the front of the earlobe. Although the size, shape, and material of the stud earrings are a matter of personal taste, they in common in that all of them do not dangle by directly attaching to the earlobe. The stud is the attachment of a post that runs through the ear and is held in place by a screw or snap-on back.

You look both stylish and simple as the classic design of the stud earring is the perfect choice to match with almost any type of outfit. We often see diamond stud earrings as one of the must-have jewelry pieces for every woman. The most common type is solitaire earrings with a classic stud earring.

Setting Types of Diamond Stud Earrings

Prong Setting

Usually, three or four prongs are sufficient to hold the diamond in place. However, in some designs, it is observed that this number increases to eight. The prong setting maximizes diamond visibility as well as being the most classic mounting style to keep a stud earring diamond in place. Prongs are designed to make the most of the beauty of the diamond. Diamond intensely sparkles because most of the diamond is visible and light can easily enter the stone.

Prong Setting Cushion Cut Earrings


Prong mounting looks great with any shape of a diamond. On the other hand, a diamond stud earring with four prongs is safer than an earring with three prongs. So check the prongs every time you wear your earrings and make sure they are secure. When even a prong is loose, feel free to take it with jewels to be repaired. Also, the prong style setting has three variations as follows: 

Basket: It is the type of prong setting where four thin prongs keep the earring in place. It is called a basket because of the spikes and the mounting’s flat base resembles a basket from the side. The diamond is fixed by placing it on the top of the basket, and the earring will not pierce or stretch your skin’s ear while the diamond is in the middle of the basket.

Basket Setting


Crown: As its very name signifies, the prongs look like a crown from the side. The crown setting consists of thick prongs and solid construction. The diamond of crown setting stud earrings is covered because their prongs are thick. The diamond can droop down and the drooping is inevitable with larger diamonds.

Crown Setting

Martini: The V shape of this setting type looks like a glass of martini and therefore, it is called ‘martini’. Three slim prongs fix the diamond by meeting in a V shape. Martini provides the most diamond visibility of all styles. However, as a result of placing the diamond close to the ear, it can stretch your skin.

Bezel Setting

The bezel settings feature a metal band that wraps around the diamond. Its stylish appearance makes it the best choice for jewelry lovers who aim to be stylish. Bezel mountings are extremely safe and therefore, your diamond will fit snugly and not be expected to fall. However, on bezel mountings, only the top of the diamond is visible and most of the diamond is hidden. As less light enters the stone, the luminosity of the diamond will also decrease.

Bezel Setting


Halo Setting

This type of mounting is another popular style. Halo mountings refer to a center diamond surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds. In the center, the prongs keep the main diamond in place and there is a lower metal platform that comprises the halo and holds the set of diamonds. The halos make the middle diamond of the earring look bigger and more vibrant. This style looks perfect with any diamond shape and the splendor of the wearer increases.

Halo Setting


Hoop Earring

The hoop earring is one of the types of diamond earrings that never become old-fashioned and always trendy. The distinguishing feature of diamond circles is their shape. At the same time, these earrings come in a wide variety of sizes.

So, you can also see a small 10 mm circle and incredibly large circles that are more than 70 mm. XL hoops, the biggest hoop earrings, are often preferred by celebrities. However, a set of small hoop earrings is suitable for an everyday look, while larger hoops are mostly used for nightwear and with more stylish outfits.

Drop Earrings

As its name signifies, diamond drop earrings are those that “fall” just below the earlobe. Some types are both fixed and have little movement. These earrings usually consist of one piece. With its gorgeous, feminine look, drop earrings hanging from the ear can range from an inch long to almost shoulder-length, so you are sure to find a pair that will look great with any outfit.

Drop earrings with the diamond hanging at the end are relatively less secure, but most of the time, they are just one piece. These earrings do not have a very flexible structure and do not consist of very large sizes in this direction. Drop earrings are very similar in appearance to dangling earrings. Besides, if the drop earring contains a pear cut diamond, it is called “teardrop earring”.

Teardrop Earrings

Apart from these, did you know that there are many more styles of diamond earrings? Although the most preferred earrings are studs, hoops, and drop, the following types of earrings are also available for those looking for a different look:

  • Chandeliers
  • Dangles
  • J-Hoops
  • Huggies
  • Day & night

Chandelier Earrings

This type of earring has a cascading design that features any metal and diamond combination with a shape that hangs from the earlobe to at least an inch below the earlobe. Just like the silhouette of a chandelier, chandeliers earrings start from a small stud, expand to the bottom of the earlobe, and usually contain many diamonds that glow as they move.

When you hear the term “chandelier”, it is natural for your mind to immediately go to the flashy chandeliers hanging on the ceiling. These earrings chandeliers that are attached to your ears. In other words, chandelier earrings are ear jewels that hang like extravagant lighting fixtures.

Just like a glamorous chandelier on the ceiling, chandelier earrings are also very striking pieces. Therefore, we can say that such a flashy earring is not suitable for daily use. You should not choose these kinds of diamond earrings for daily use. These are more suitable for special powers and especially for nights.

Dangle Earrings

People often confuse dangle earrings with drop earrings. However, it should be noted that a dangle can be a drop, but not a drop, a sag. Diamond dangle earrings typically hang below the earlobe and, unlike drop earrings, move quite a lot. There are countless styles, sizes, and types of dangly earrings.

They can be larger dangle earrings and have multiple layers, although some are very short and modest, such as a single chain that falls off the hook and holds an ornament. Some dangle earrings are so large that they can (almost) reach your shoulder. This type of earrings is also called shoulder-duster because it takes the dust off a kind of.

J-Hoop Earrings

J-hoops are a type of diamond earrings that can be characterized as both an independent category and a subcategory of hoop earrings. These earrings are in the shape of a j-hoop that looks like a partial circle rather than a full circle. Therefore, the back of the earring is open and the rest looks like the letter J. Although j-hoops look like hoop earrings, it still cannot be said that they are exactly hoops.

As you see, there are different types of diamond earrings. The kind of earring that you prefer depends on the occasion, in addition to your tastes. If you are looking for an earring for daily use, it is recommended that you choose a smaller or thinner earring. However, if you are looking for an earring for a special occasion, a larger and flashy earring would probably be appropriate.

Huggie Hoop Earrings

Technically, huggie rings are the type of earrings belonging to the subcategory of hoop earrings but not only because diamond Huggies are very popular, but also because they are slightly thicker than regular hoop earrings. At least a pair of Huggies is found in almost every true diamond lover’s jewelry box. Huggies hoops earrings are called “Huggies” because they fit tightly around the earlobe and appear to be wrapped around the earlobe. The hinge will be nearly invisible when you wear them because these earrings fit so tight.

Day & Night Earrings

Although these earrings are referred to by various names, most people refer to them as Day & Night or Day to Night earrings. These earrings are made up of various pieces and there are multiple ways to wear it. Usually, the “bare” part looks like a stud earring, such as a solitaire, and there is also a separate part that you can insert and remove. The reason these are called Day & Night diamond earrings is that they allow you to use the bare part during the day, and when you are preparing for a magnificent night, you can add the other part to this bare part.

Day & Night Earrings

What Are the Best Setting for Diamond Earrings?

The best diamond mounting earring style may differ depending on your expectations. Some people put more emphasis on sparkle while others focus on safety. There are different setting types you should choose depending on which feature you value:

For Beauty

If you want to maximize the beauty of a diamond you should choose the prong setting. If we compare this to other mounting styles, prongs cover the least amount of the diamond and less than other settings. Simple prongs that allow everyone in the room to appreciate the fire and beauty of the stone without adding additional gems or metals to distract from the delicate beauty of a diamond. This way, your beautiful diamond is in view and draw attention to your face.

For Brilliance

With their generous brilliant, halo settings will make you feel glamourous. Even when the diamonds are small, if the setting is halo, these diamonds look big and bright. So, from the moment you put them on, the halo earrings will make you feel like an A-lister.

For Safety

The setting type bezel setting which you never have to worry about losing your diamond, compared to all setting types. The bezel settings both keep your diamond safe and the bezels protect the diamond from scratches. Bezel setting blends security and modernity in one piece and offers an alternative for those who want to make a convenient and safe choice.

Why Cut Is an Important Factor for Diamond Earrings?

If you want to buy a pair of diamond earrings, the cutting of their stones is among the most important features you should focus on. There are two dimensions to focus on when choosing a cut: (1) the quality of the cut (2) the shape of the cut Let’s see what kind of cuts you can choose when shopping for diamond earrings and how to choose the right cut for you. There are two dimensions to focus on when choosing a diamond cut, (1) quality grade of cut (2) shape of the cut.

The Quality Grade of Cut

There is a simple reason why it is important: a higher quality grade leads to a more proportional cut, and the better proportions a diamond has, the better its ability to reflect light and the highest level of brightness. In general, the larger a diamond, the more important it is to have a high-quality cut.

The small size in the earrings is the best you do not insist on having the highest cut quality. Otherwise, you will have to budget more for a feature that is not so visible and noticeable while diamonds are not as visible. The only thing to watch out for is that diamonds are bright enough and do not have a dark or dull appearance like diamonds with a poor cut.

The Shape of Cut

Cut shape is one of the features that you should pay particular attention to when choosing a diamond for your earrings. The cut shape becomes more important as the diamond grows, just like the quality of the cut. However, when it comes to earrings, you have to make sure that the diamond shape fits your face. Usually, rectangular-shaped diamonds are better suited for a wider face, while earrings with round and oval shape diamonds are suitable for thin faces.

Types of Cuts for Diamond Earrings

Diamond cuts can be classified into top titles according to their shapes. Accordingly, cut shapes are divided into round, oval (and oval-looking), rectangular, and triangular types in the most general plane:

Round Cut

The main function of this diamond shape is to maximize brightness by letting the diamond receive light from every angle. So when everything else is equal, earrings with round diamonds will give more than other cut shapes. As mentioned earlier, a round cut is especially suitable for a slimmer face.

Oval and Oval-Looking Cuts

In addition to the oval cut, this group includes the cut types described as oval-looking, such as the marquise cut, the pear cut, and the heart cut derived from the arrangement of the classic oval shape. While the oval cut looks quite similar to the round cut, oval stone earrings tend to appear longer in your ear.

Although the marquise cut is very similar to the oval cut, it differs from the oval cut in terms of length impression, as the two ends of the marquise cut are pointed. These spikes are very vulnerable to chipping and therefore need to be well protected by the earring set.

The pear cut is almost like a combination of oval and marquise cut. The pear cut has an oval outline but one of the ends is pointed. On the other hand, a heart cut resembles a pear with its rounded edge cut with a cleft. On the other hand, we have to say that this cut will not give the impression of length as the other oval-looking cuts. However, it is still an alternative for those who do not prefer the classic round or oval cut.

Rectangular Cuts

Rectangular cuts include cuts such as a princess cut, an emerald cut, an Asscher cut, a pillow cut, and a brilliant cut. Although this cut depends on certain factors such as the length/width ratio, it can also have a square look. As mentioned earlier, rectangular diamond earrings look better on people with wider faces.

Just like the round cut, the princess cut is very effective in exhibiting as much brilliance as possible, and sometimes it is classified as a “modified brilliant.” If you are looking for earrings with an intense sparkling stone but round or oval shapes are not for you, the princess cut is a good choice.


If you want to have a pair of diamond earrings made of a rectangular stone, the emerald cut offers you a different option. But you should know that this cut is not designed to shine at the highest level and therefore, for example, a princess cut will look less shiny than a stone. Although the Asscher cut is the same as the emerald cut, unlike the emerald cut, the Asscher cut has four equal sides and is square.

Asscher Cut

The cushion-cut has a rectangular outline. However, its corners are not sharp or cut and are rounded. Although classified in rectangular cut categories, if the length and width of a pillow cut stone are nearly equal, its appearance may become rounded. Therefore, as a round-looking stone, it will suit a thinner face better. Another cut that is close to the rectangular shape, the radiant cut is designed to increase the brightness, unlike it, as it looks very similar to the emerald cut. So, if you like the shape of the emerald cut but do not want to prefer it because it gives off less sparkle, the radiant cut is a good alternative to the emerald cut.

Cushion Cut

Triangular Cuts

The trilliant cut, also called trillion cut, is the most preferred triangle diamond cut. Usually, all three sides of a three-sided diamond in this cut are of equal length, but this may differ. The trilliant cut can have both pointed and rounded ends. On the other hand, you should make sure that the setting type is safe before choosing a trillion cut and pointed diamond earring because it is very easy to break against impacts.

Closing Mechanisms of Diamond Earrings

There are different types of earrings as well as various types of mechanisms used to fix these earrings to the ear:

  • Push back
  • French wire
  • Leverback
  • Omega back
  • Hinged snapback
  • Screw back
  • Clip-on

Push back

The push back consists of a single wire that comes out from the back of an earring and goes through the pierced earlobe. On this back, a separate push clip glides on the wire. This pushback has many different names and shapes. Repulsion clips are also called friction ridges or stretching ridges.

French wire

This back mechanism also called “fishhook”, is a curved wire that passes through the pierced earlobe and keeps the earring secure. These types of earring backs are mostly used in dangly earrings.


A diamond earring with a lever back consists of a hook that is held in place by a hinged arm through a pierced earlobe. The sleeve is attached to the back of the earring. The lever back earrings that do not leave jagged edges near the delicate neck and ears, close completely Levers have a rounded back and are therefore easy to use. In this direction, it becomes very comfortable to wear.

Omega back

Earrings with omega back have an O-shaped and hinged arm on the back of the earring near the base. This O shape snaps onto the post to keep the earring secure. One of the most important features of an omega-back type closure, which is also called a French clip or English lock, is that it prevents the ear from bending down at an uneven angle.

Hinged snapback

Hinged earrings open from the hinge. A curved post on the inside or in the middle of the earring sits on a latch to keep safe it. Another word for a hinged retraction is a back latch. The hinged backs seen on hoop earrings consist of a slightly curved piece of metal that mostly slides along the ear and sits in a metal groove on the back of the earring. Thanks to the narrowing ends of the “U” shape of the partition, the metal part is kept in the latch and the earring is fixed to the ear.

Hinged earrings open from the hinge. A curved post on the inside or in the middle of the earring sits on a latch to secure it. Another word for a hinged retraction is a back latch. The hinged backs seen on hoop earrings consist of a slightly curved piece of metal that mostly slides along the ear and sits in a metal groove on the back of the earring. Thanks to the narrowing ends of the “U” shape of the partition, the metal part is kept in the latch and the earring is fixed to the ear.

Screw back

The screw-back generally looks like the push back in terms of many ways. The main difference is that the end of the wire of the back of the earring is a sort of screw-thread. Therefore, you cannot “push” the separate part onto the earring. You need to screw it on. This is a bit safer because there are fewer chances of losing the back and thus, the earring.

Screw back Earrings



While there are many people with pierced ears, not every person has an ear hole. On the other hand, some people may want to remove their earrings more easily. Others may want to buy earrings for their children, but may not want to pierce their own or their children’s ears.

Clip earrings are a great option for ears with no holes. These earrings are attached to your ears by pressing both sides of the earlobe inwards. These earrings have different types of clips such as screw backs, magnetic earrings, and sliding springs. However, many people worry about such earrings falling off and they are right to worry about it from time to time. If you want to buy clip-on earrings, you should only choose high-quality ones to be more secure.

What Is the Best Metal for Sensitive Ears?

If you love to wear earrings but have sensitive ears, don’t worry about it. There are earrings made of metal that are completely safe for your sensitive ears. The point you should pay attention to in this regard is to choose an earring made of pure metal:

  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Fine Silver
  • Copper
  • Argentium
  • Niobium
  • Stainless Steel

These metals may sound surprising and even less luxurious, but in their purest form, perfectly safe to use them as raw material for a pair of earrings or any jewelry that touches your body. Many of these metals, such as titanium and surgical steel, are used in medical devices and as surgical implants and they have any risk on the skins of patients. Therefore, these metals are ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Platinum Diamond Earrings


Do not feel limited in the jewelry you wear because of your metal sensitivity. Many jewelry sellers consider people with sensitive ears and offer hypoallergenic nickel-free, titanium, and platinum jewelry. Many more stores have started to produce jewelry with hypoallergenic metals such as surgical steel so that you can shop safely and as you wish.

If you have sensitive ears, shopping requires careful attention to the metals in your jewelry. You should know that cheap, trendy costume jewelry is mostly made of allergen metals, so it’s best not to choose them. When choosing earrings, you should choose those that do not contain nickel or have hypoallergenic properties. Especially diamond earrings require high quality and hypoallergenic metals.

However, there is no production standard for hypoallergenic earrings. Therefore, each pair of hypoallergenic earrings can be composed of a combination of different amounts of various metals. For example, some hypoallergenic earrings may not be exposed to the surface of the metal, which triggers the allergen, but these metals may be hidden under a safer metal type of coating and may wear out and irritate your ears as a result of use.

Is Gold or Silver Safer?

You may be tempted to buy pure gold and sterling silver jewelry because of their hypoallergenic properties, even if you are going to forego jewelry that you know is made of metals that irritate your ears. Unfortunately, wearing earrings made entirely of pure gold jewelry will make your earring extremely soft and extremely expensive.

Metals such as nickel, zinc, and copper are mixed with gold and pure silver jewelry to increase their durability and shine. However, even pure silver of high quality is only 92.5% pure compared to fine silver, which is 99.9% pure. At the same time, the purity of gold can be understood through its carat weight. For example, 14K gold jewelry is less pure than 22K gold jewelry and as a result, contains more metal which can lead to ear irritation.

If you have decided to buy the perfect yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold diamond earrings, you should always choose earrings made with higher gold purity, such as buying 18K gold over 9K gold to reduce the possibility of allergies and irritation.

Silver Diamond Earrings

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