Diamond Engagement Rings: A Guide to How to Choose Them

The value of a diamond depends on how rare it is, and its price depends on its four characteristics. Although they look the same to the naked eye, no diamond is the same as another. Let’s say you decided to buy a diamond ring for your girlfriend as an engagement ring. So how will you choose this ring? There are many features to consider when choosing diamond engagement rings. I will address them in this article.

You can choose a diamond engagement ring by listening to your heart, but when choosing a diamond ring, it is useful to consider its 4C characteristics as well as your emotions. Apart from the cut, color, carat, and clarity factors, you should also pay attention to the diamond certificate, hologram, cut score, and rarity factors. If all is good, you can good to go and get your loved one the biggest gift of her life.

Diamond Engagement Ring Selection Guide

A diamond engagement ring is the most important part of the marriage institution because everything starts with it. And brides-to-be love it. The reason why it is so valuable is related to its uniqueness and durability, of course, that’s why it started to represent the institution of marriage. So that your love will endure everything and be eternal. Diamond is the hardest, least compressible, strongest, most durable, and most indestructible of all known minerals in the world. We call the diamond the most perfect form of the raw diamond, which is properly cut and polished.

Diamond is billions of years old, with its beauty and unmatched durability, it has managed to become a symbol of another uniqueness, namely love, and this has been the case for centuries. Especially those who want to leave a mark on this world have dedicated their lives to this eye-catching mineral that can last for generations. Let’s come to what we need to know before choosing this diamond. The most important thing to know; that all diamonds are different from each other and each one is unique. All polished diamonds are valuable, of course, but in essence, the rarer a diamond has, the more valuable it is.

The jewelry industry has developed different techniques to value a diamond. The reflection of this on you is the 4C quality system that you often hear. The expansion of 4C is; carat, color, clarity, and cut. The 4C indexes the rarity, quality, beauty, and value of a diamond accurately and precisely according to the rules. But 4Cs do not express beauty for sure, especially carat weight has no direct relationship with beauty by itself. A smaller diamond may look much more beautiful. The important thing is to find the right combination and the right price. Let’s open the 4C a little more then.

C1- Carat:

In simplest terms, it is the weight of the diamond. It is expressed differently from known weight units. Traders used inedible seeds (such as carob) as the standard unit of weight years ago, leading to this modern metric carat today. Today, a carat is known as one-fifth of a gram, or 200 mg, and weighs about a dollar bill.

C2- Color:

Their colors are classified from earth tones (yellow, brown) to sky tones (blue, very light white). Colors are defined on a scale ranging from the letter D to the letter Z. The most perfect colorless stone carries the D grade. For a clearer understanding of color degrees, we can define them as follows;

*Grades D, E & F: these are colorless diamonds. Only experienced experts can distinguish D and E colors on non-mounted stones with the master set.

*G, H, I & J grades: these are nearly colorless diamonds and often appear colorless from the front view when attached to the jewelry.

*K, L & M grades: even when the stone is on the mount, the light yellow color can be picked up by the untrained eye.

*O-Z grades: most customers easily see these stones in color no matter how they are worn. Color can go from light yellow to yellow.

Defining the colorlessness or color in the diamond is important in terms of pricing. A difference in color is not just a distinct color difference, it is a combination of color’s essence, hue, or saturation.

C3- Clarity:

Few things are perfect in nature, diamond is no exception to this, of course… Most of the diamonds have internal features we call ‘inclusions’ or surface defects called ‘flaws’. The relative absence of inclusions and defects determines the clarity of the stone. In other words, clarity is clearly the expression of the characteristic features on the stone. The most important point that makes the diamond unique is one of the factors that affect the price the most.

Inclusion: Crystals in the stone, fluff, clouding, that is, the structural growth problems of the diamond.
Flaws: Problems on the outer surface, ie processing problems such as wear, scratches, varnish lines.

In summary;

*IF- Internally Flawless: there is no flaw that the trained eye can see with x10 loops.

*VVS1, VVS2- Very Very Slightly Included: there are very small inclusions that a trained eye can see with extreme difficulty with x10 loops. It is not possible to see with the naked eye or for the customer to see.

*VS1, VS2- Very Slightly Included: small inclusions that can be seen from very difficult to less easily. Again, it cannot be detected by the customer, but can be distinguished by a trained person.

*SI grades – Slightly Included: defined as easy, very easily, and defects in obvious places. The price is low.

*I- Included: There are obvious defects visible to the naked eye. It can be selected directly by the customer without the need for a loop.

Our humble advice to you is that your ideal clarity option is VS scales, since IF is not found at all in the market, and VVS scales are rare and therefore have high prices. In any case, the VS scale does not have a problem that can be perceived by untrained eyes.

C4– Cut:

It is a quality criterion that covers processing characteristics such as symmetry, light distribution ratio, cutting angles, polish, etc. of the machined diamond. This is what gives him the face-up look. Diamonds with different proportions and good polish make better use of light. Under fluorescent lighting, these diamonds show (left to right) high, medium, and low brightness.

The term “cut” can also describe the shape of the fashionable diamond. Shapes other than the standard round are called fancy cuts. Fancy shapes also have their own names based on their shape. The best known is the marquise, princess, pear, oval, heart, and emerald cut.

From this point of view, it is possible to say that the cut of the diamond directly affects the carat weight, clarity, and color; therefore, it can be said that a well-cut diamond increases the price. In the end, let’s just say, pay attention to this 4C, we recommend that you make a choice that fits your budget together with knowledgeable experts.

Other Factors to be Considered When Purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Certificate: When purchasing a diamond, the certificate is the most important element of trust. There are 5 important diamond grading laboratories that are globally accepted. Each laboratory measure varies in consistency, reliability, and value with differences in nuance.

Best diamond gemology labs:

GIA – American Institute of Gemology
HRD – Diamant Hoge Raad (Belgium)
IGI – International Institute of Gemology
AGS – American Gemological Society
EGL – European Gemology Laboratory

Laser Text-Hologram: With the increasing importance of a reputable laboratory report, the application of holograms has also increased. The hologram app includes engraving of the scoring report number associated with the diamond. This ensures that jewelers, dealers, or handlers do not ‘exchange’ the stone for a lower quality item. It also assists in the investigation of stolen and recovered diamonds.

Fluorescent: It is the trace reaction of minerals that creates a “shine” effect on the diamond under UV light. The most common fluorescent color is blue (more than 95%) and this can have a positive effect by making a diamond appear more transparent. Depending on the strength and color of the fluorescent light, it can positively or negatively affect a diamond’s value. Therefore, it is an important factor to be considered.

Cut Score: Diamond cut grade, which was not included in diamond reports, is now part of the rating scale. The cut grade of a diamond is divided into two subclasses; brightness and symmetry. Luster refers to the surface quality, while symmetry refers to the precision of the diamond shape according to the regularity of the facets.

Rarity: Each diamond is unique, but especially larger carat sizes or their natural color makes them very valuable. On the other hand, a diamond may have the highest certification grades, but less popularly. Each consumer has his own special taste. Of course, it is true that some diamond shape in jewelry design is more popular and salable than others. For example, the round brilliant-cut diamond has been popular for a while, while marquise-shaped diamonds were at their peak in the 80s.

There are many important factors to consider when buying a diamond, and it is important to consider every factor regardless of the diamond’s price or size. In the real world, a diamond is an expensive purchase for many people, and being conscious about it can help them make smarter diamond trading choices.

Some of the steps in buying a diamond will have more impact on its value than others. However, every person who wants to buy a diamond should make their personal choices according to their taste, style, and budget. Choosing any diamond ring, diamond bracelet or diamond earring model is basically about aesthetics.

Genuinity of a Diamond Engagement Ring

The diamond ring, which has been considered very valuable as an indicator of love, passion, and romance for ages, is often immediately evident in the hands where it meets with grace. It draws all the attention around the wearer. That’s why it is possible to see rings that look like diamond rings, but whose stones are not diamonds. If you have doubts about the diamond ring, you can relax with a few tests that we will recommend to you.

It is one of the hardest and most durable stones known in the world. Maybe you know that drills used to drill the hardest floors in the world have diamonds on their tips. Diamond is also resistant to heat changes thanks to this hardness. We will use the knowledge we know about diamonds for the diamond ring authenticity test. The test is done as follows. With the help of a heat-resistant glove or a pair of tongs, the diamond ring is heated with a lighter for 40 seconds. Then the diamond ring, which you heated for 40 seconds, is immersed in ice water. If the stone on the ring is not a diamond, it will crack. If the diamond ring is genuine, nothing will happen.

If you are not sure about the diamond and you want the stone on the ring not to crack or break then you can do the mist test. Blow the ring close to your mouth so that mist forms on the diamond ring. If condensation forms, it means that your concerns were justified. There will never be any mist on a real diamond ring. This means that diamonds are not used on the ring that you think is a diamond ring.

If you like to wear a diamond ring or are thinking of gifting it to your loved one for a lifetime of happiness, our advice to you is to choose reliable places for diamond rings. Diamond ring prices have always been a subject that attracts people’s curiosity. Every man will buy a diamond ring for that unique woman with whom he wants to spend his life. Every woman, at some point in her life, will want to know about the diamond ring presented as an expression of the value given to her.

How to Wear a Diamond Engagement Ring

Since solitaire rings are generally gifted in marriage proposals, they are worn on the left hand in the first step. However, since the engagement is in question, a solitaire is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. It can be worn on the ring finger of the left hand with the wedding ring after the wedding ceremony or engagement ceremony.

Wedding rings are different from solitaire rings. The wedding ring symbolizes marriage and is worn by both men and women during the engagement ceremony. Solitaires add meaning to marriage proposals. It takes its place on the ring finger next to the wedding ring. Wedding rings are generally chosen as plain and understated and are compatible with the man’s ring. White gold or yellow gold is preferred. Usually, the same model is chosen as the man’s ring. In engagement shopping, the man and woman choose their rings together and start wearing their rings with the engagement ceremony.

Solitaire rings, as mentioned above, are given to women by men in marriage proposals. They have a plain or gaudy look. The taste and taste of the woman are very important when choosing a solitaire. Since there is a woman to carry the ring, the man should consider the woman’s preferences when choosing a solitaire. If the woman likes elegant rings, rings with small stones can be chosen or designs that are one with the ring can be preferred. However, if there is a woman who likes exaggerated and classic models, ring models can be chosen on the ring with a very large stone.

When buying a solitaire ring, the choice of the woman and the variety of models are important in choosing a solitaire ring. Every day, new solitaire trends take their place on the fingers of women as well as on the showcases. Solitaire ring models, carat sizes, and variety make the selection just as difficult. For this reason, certain criteria should be determined when choosing a ring. While choosing a solitaire ring, tastes and pleasures are at the forefront, besides, suitable models can be selected in terms of finances.

Accordingly, you can choose the most elegant ring for your loved one by examining the size of the stone, the ring model, and the carat of the diamond. When choosing the most beautiful diamond solitaire ring for your loved one, the model and carat measurements will determine your preferences. The diamond solitaire, which is guaranteed with its certificate, is also an indicator of your right choice.

Diamond Engagement Ring Models

In general, diamonds are considered to be the most ostentatious rings. However, the range of rings is increasing to suit everyone’s taste. For this reason, options such as thin or thick rings, small or large stones, square, round, drop types should be evaluated.

Among the diamond ring models, there are options such as solitaire, five stone, and baguette. Among these options, the taste of the owner of the ring is very important in choosing a diamond. Among the different diamond ring models, the rings that gather all the elegance on them, from large and round stone mounts to thin-cut baguette models, appeal to different tastes. In addition, modern cut elegant and aesthetic rings with thin rings, small stones, or corners are the most admired and chosen rings.

When it comes to diamond rings, elegant and stylish jewelry with different carat sizes comes to mind. When choosing among these varieties, some criteria should be considered. In this regard, it is important for a man to know the taste and style of the woman he loves. The gift ring should be in accordance with the spirit and taste of the spouse. Therefore, the ring stone and model of the ring should be suitable for the general taste of the woman.

Besides being valuable, the diamond ring is one of the rarest pieces of jewelry that maintains its timeliness in terms of model variety and aesthetics. In general, diamond ring cuts such as solitaire, five-stone, baguette are among the most preferred models. Solitaire rings are jewelry made of large or small stones, complete with a diamond ring on yellow and white gold. When buying a solitaire ring, the preferred model is preferred considering these features of the ring.

Five-stone rings, on the other hand, consist of various diamonds mounted on platinum, yellow or white gold. These diamonds are not all the same size. Sometimes there can be four small and one big stone, sometimes all the stones can be big or small. Baguette rings, on the other hand, consist of many stones adorning a stone. The ring usually does not change. Diamond ring models consist of different types with shape, cut, large and small size and arrangement.

Diamond Solitaire Models Designed with Passion

Diamond rings have features that emphasize the meaning and importance of each special day. Solitaire diamonds, which you will present to your mother, lover, spouse, or fiancee, reveal the meaning and importance of the day. Thanks to the unique brilliance of the diamond and the special craftsmanship used, marginal-designed diamonds are among the options. The smile you will see on the faces of your loved ones will gain meaning with the shine of the diamond. Solitaire rings are special gifts that carry meanings such as love, peace, happiness, loyalty, or abundance. Therefore, whatever your special day is, it will make a wonderful gift for your loved one.

Rings designed as diamond solitaires are easily preferred in different areas of use, especially marriage proposals. Sometimes it represents a brand new beginning, and sometimes it is preferred to celebrate special days that come once a year. The carat characteristics of diamond solitaires differ from each other. You should discover the state of the baguette or tria rings, which are the embodied form of the sparkle, combined with their features in different carats. It is a well-known mistake that diamond solitaires are generally preferred for marriage. These rings are one of the most indispensable gifts for special occasions.

Solitaire designs have characteristic features that symbolize love and affection. Therefore, you should choose these meaningful gifts for the special woman in your life. Diamond solitaire rings will leave a meaningful smile on the face of your loved ones, thanks to their stylish visuals. Generally, special craftsmanship was used in the designs of these rings. When choosing these rings, which symbolize the past, present, and future of love, you can choose models that suit the taste of your loved ones. Because it is possible to find solitaire ring models that appeal to the taste of women of all ages.

Solitaire ring models, which women can never say no to, are divided into options with special workmanship, gold settings, and diamond colors. The shape, carat, size, and number of solitaires will appear as the final version of the models. Carats of solitaires range from 0.09 to 0.039. In addition, all solitaires are certified products. Although diamonds are generally used in solitaires, sapphire, ruby, emerald or amethyst are also on top of the models. The price ranges of the products are shaped according to the design features.

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