What Is A Diamond Eternity Band? Types, Cuts, and Recommended Products

If you are looking for alternative ring models to classic wedding rings and any other rings, you may be looking for a diamond eternity band. We see that those who are tired of classic model rings are turning to diamond eternity band recently. Symbolizing eternity, these rings can be worn with solitaire rings or as wedding rings alone.

What should you consider before buying a diamond eternity band? What are the types of diamond eternity bands? Is the diamond eternity band easy to wear? How do diamond eternity band prices vary?

1- What Is a Diamond Eternity Band?

If you are wondering what is the diamond eternity band, which has been popular among women recently, we can say that the special ring models that symbolize eternal love, never-ending relationships, are formed by lining up precious stones around the ring, are called diamond eternity band.

In solitaires, there is usually one stone, while there are diamond stones around the diamond eternity band. In the diamond eternity band, gemstones are precisely seated in the ring. In this way, the ring has a more elegant and flashy structure. A diamond eternity band is among the ideal ring models for women who are tired of classic solitaire rings and want innovation now.

2 – When Is the Diamond Eternity Band Worn?

These rings, which are generally used in marriage proposals and as promise or engagement rings, are also frequently preferred as anniversary or birthday gifts. In addition, it is one of the most beautiful gifts that can be given to mothers on mother’s day or the day of giving birth. If you ask “how to wear a diamond eternity band”, we can say that it can be worn with solitaire rings or as a wedding ring alone.

A diamond eternity band is a wedding ring. The solitaire ring is a ring that is presented to the woman during the marriage proposal. Just as a classic wedding ring and solitaire are used together, the diamond eternity band and solitaire ring are used together in the same way. It is of course also possible to use the diamond eternity band and solitaire ring together. After marriage, it is worn on the ring finger of the left hand with solitaire. It can also be used on different fingers according to personal requests.

3 – Most Positive Features of Diamond Eternity Band Models

  • Since diamond eternity band models are a product that brings together wedding rings and diamonds, it is sufficient to use it alone. It is a complete savior model for women who do not like to wear wedding rings.
  • Diamond eternity band models have very stylish and elegant lines. It is very suitable for women who do not like to wear thick rings with their thin structures.
  • The thin structure of the diamond eternity band is convenient and comfortable for daily use.
  • Diamond eternity bands are a product with diamond carat options suitable for every budget.
  • It creates a very stylish and elegant image when worn with solitaire rings. It makes the fingers of women with thick and short fingers look thinner and longer, making the ring look more elegant on the finger.

4 – What Are the Types of Diamond Eternity Band?

Diamond eternity bands, which can be prepared with the desired metal, color, and stone, vary according to the type, color, and cut of the ring body and stone. Diamond eternity bands can contain single or double rows of stones. There are also 5 and 7 rows of diamond eternity bands.

Diamond Eternity Band Models by Material

The diamond eternity band can be designed with a ring and stone in the desired color and model. The gold diamond eternity band models are preferred more frequently. There are also alternatives for women who do not like gold rings. For example, silver diamond eternity band models and steel diamond eternity bands are popular alternatives.

If you take a look at diamond eternity band models according to their stones, you can observe that the diamond eternity band is the most preferred model as a diamond eternity band classic. Diamond eternity bands and emerald stone diamond eternity bands also appear in the showcases as alternative models to diamonds. In addition, it is possible to find a zircon diamond eternity band from diamond eternity bands models, and diamond eternity band varieties with opal and sapphire stones. 

Diamond Eternity Band Models by Color

There are varieties of diamond eternity bands according to the color of the body and the color of the stone used. The most popular options are white gold diamond eternity bands and a yellow gold diamond eternity band. If you want an alternative to these, a rose diamond eternity band is also a suitable option.

The stones used in making the diamond eternity band also offer alternative options for those looking for a colorful diamond eternity band. If you want to choose one of the colorful diamond eternity band models, you can consider the white opal and diamond eternity band models with blue sapphire stones. In addition to these models, you can also find diamond eternity band models with yellow or black diamond. 

If you are going to wear a diamond eternity band and solitaire together, it is useful to pay attention to their compatibility. If you are going to choose one of the colorful diamond eternity band models, for example, the diamond eternity band with a yellow diamond, you should not neglect the solitaire models in the same style.

Diamond Eternity Band Models by a Stone Cut

The cutting of the stones used in the diamond eternity band, as in the solitaire and five stone models, gives the diamond eternity band models their name. For example, the baguette diamond eternity band is among the popular diamond eternity band models. A baguette-cut diamond eternity band is especially preferred as a wedding ring.

According to the stone cut, diamond eternity band models include marquise, princess, and round cut diamond eternity band types. We can say that these models frequently preferred by women, especially the princess and round diamond eternity band, are stylish diamond eternity band models that you can find in many brands.

Diamond Eternity Band Models by Number of Laps

The diamond eternity band can be a single round or can be two rows, three rows, five rows, and seven rows. For lovers of thin diamond eternity bands, one round and two and three rows of diamond eternity bands are ideal options, while for those looking for thick diamond eternity bands, five and seven rows of diamond eternity band models are more suitable.

There are a few things to consider when determining which thickness of diamond eternity band is best for you:

  • First of all, if you are going to use a diamond eternity band as a wedding ring with a solitaire ring and if your solitaire is large, you should choose one of the thin diamond eternity band models.
  • The length and thickness of the finger structure can also be decisive in the selection of a diamond eternity band. If you have a very thin and long finger structure, you can choose 5 rows of diamond eternity band models and 7 rows of a diamond eternity band. If you have a short and thick finger structure, a smaller stone and medium thin diamond eternity band will look better.

5 – Is Diamond Eternity Band Convenient?

If you are wondering whether the users of the diamond eternity band are satisfied or whether the diamond eternity band is useful, we can say that you can be comfortable with the diamond eternity band as long as you pay attention to the choice of the setting. Especially if you intend to use a diamond eternity band together with your solitaire, you should pay double attention to the choice of mounting.

Considering that the thing that can scratch the diamond is still a diamond when the correct settings are not preferred, the rings may hit each other and cause the diamonds to be scratched. Also, how comfortable can you be with rings that are constantly hitting or rubbing stones against each other?

Even if you are going to use the diamond eternity band as a single ring, you can be more comfortable with the diamond eternity band models consisting of rows of stones embedded in the body instead, as the outer mourns will hurt the fingers.

6 – How Do Diamond Eternity Band Prices Vary?

Diamond eternity band prices vary according to criteria such as the material used in the ring, the size of the stone used, the quality and type of the stones, and the number of rows of the ring. Of course, the weight of gold, the design of the ring, and the workmanship are also factors that affect the prices.

  • Gold diamond eternity band prices vary depending on how many settings you have. Of course, 22 carat diamond eternity band prices are higher compared to 14-carat gold diamond eternity band prices. Since gold is more expensive than silver, this also affects silver diamond eternity band prices.
  • The stones used in the diamond eternity band also affect the prices. Diamond eternity band prices and zircon Swarovski diamond eternity band prices differ. You can see the more valuable diamond eternity bands stand out at higher prices.
  • Another issue affecting diamond eternity band prices is how many rows the diamond eternity band has and the number of stones used. For example, we can say that 7 rows of silver diamond eternity band prices are more expensive than single row diamond eternity bands.

7 – What Should We Pay Attention To When Shopping Diamond Eternity Band?

When purchasing a diamond eternity band, the correct size of the finger of the wearer is twice as important compared to other ring types. Because the process of the size reduction or size enlargement in diamond eternity bands is more difficult than other rings. One or two stones removed from inside will cause other stones to move over time. At this point, it is important to measure the finger correctly.

  • The carat weight stated when purchasing a diamond eternity band, which is a different option of classic wedding ring models, refers to the total carat weight of all diamonds on the ring. In other words, if there are 25 stones in the 1 carat diamond eternity band, it should be understood that it consists of stones with 0.04 carats each.
  • As with other diamond eternity bands, when purchasing a diamond eternity band, you should pay attention to the color of the diamond as well as its carat.
  • The 4C rule used when choosing diamonds also applies to diamond eternity bands. The 4C rule, described as Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat, also helps you determine the budget you will spend on the diamond eternity band.

8 – How to Care for the Diamond Eternity Band?

We know how important the diamond eternity band is to you. Therefore, you should also maintain it regularly or seek care from a specialist. 

The cleaning water you will prepare with detergent is enough to take care of the diamond at home. You can also apply this method to solitaire diamond and a diamond eternity band. For care, you can soak for a short time in warm water with detergent, then gently rub it in the foam with a soft hairbrush and rinse with warm water again. You can end the cleaning process by drying the ring with a lint-free cloth.

Also, if you do not want your ring to be damaged, you should remove it from your finger while doing household chores, and avoid contact with products that will cause dullness, such as perfume, deodorant, soap, alcohol, and hair spray. After the diamond eternity band is purchased, you should store the ring alone in a box or pouch when not wearing it.

If you are afraid of damaging the diamond eternity band while cleaning it with your own efforts, our suggestion is to seek professional help. With the care done by a specialist, the ring will not only regain its former shine, but it will also be possible to detect and correct possible nail damage.

You can get professional help by taking your diamond eternity band to your nearest jeweler. Continuous cleaning at home with alternative methods may wear your ring. For this reason, you should not resort to cleaning the ring at home unless it is needed. You should keep your diamond eternity band away from boiling water or chemicals. You can also keep your diamond eternity bands clean with the Alsonic Ultrasonic Cleaner.

When purchasing a diamond eternity band, it may be more helpful to seek advice from an expert. If you are doing research on diamond eternity band models and prices, you can contact the wedding ring and jewelry companies in your city and get a free quote. If you follow these suggestions, you can make the right decision when shopping for a diamond eternity band and buy the ring you are looking for.

9 – What Does the Number of Stones in a Diamond Ring Mean?

The next step, wedding rings, also show the same features. It is entirely up to the consumer’s budget and taste to choose from models with or without stones, diamonds, or wedding rings made of complete diamond stones, which we call diamond eternity band. The marriage proposal was made, marriage also happened, what about later?

Up to know, everything is okay. From now on, the diamond has an even more detailed meaning. The number of stones, expressing the advancing years of marriage, comes into play. Models called Tria and consisting of 3 diamond stones express the experience. The stones symbolize the past, present, and future of love.

Towards the bronze or silver years of marriage, the number of stones also increases. At this stage, 5-stone diamond models come into play. Each stone is again in a different sense. It represents peace, happiness, devotion, and of course love. As the number of stones increases, so does the meaning. Whether you’re in your silver year or just beginning the road, the meaning you put up and when you want to take it is entirely up to you. Just be one with your loved ones.

The Most Recommended Products That You Can Find on Amazon 

PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver CZ Simulated Diamond Stackable Ring Eternity Bands for Women

It is a highly recommended diamond eternity ring for anyone who wants a simple and chic replacement ring. It is real silver. It does not leave green marks on your finger. The quality is amazing. You will be very happy with your purchase and you will get lots of compliments. It is definitely worth the money. https://www.amazon.com/PAVOI-Sterling-Zirconia-Stackable-Eternity/dp/B01MPZOUKH/ref=sr_1_1?_encoding=UTF8&c=ts&dchild=1&keywords=Women%27s%2BEternity%2BRings&qid=1599030838&s=apparel&sr=1-1&ts_id=9539903011&th=1

TIGRADE 3mm Women Titanium Engagement Ring Cubic Zirconia Eternity Wedding Band

It is a very beautiful and sparkly diamond eternity ring. It is made of genuine titanium. It creates great reflections. Even though it is not, it looks like a real diamond. You will be amazed by what you get. The price is amazing compared to the quality. There are different sizes available you can choose from. You will get lots of compliments about how beautiful and shiny rings you have. You will be very pleased with your purchase. https://www.amazon.com/TIGRADE-Titanium-Engagement-Zirconia-Eternity/dp/B01871NYTM/ref=sr_1_2?_encoding=UTF8&c=ts&dchild=1&keywords=Women%27s%2BEternity%2BRings&qid=1599030838&s=apparel&sr=1-2&ts_id=9539903011&th=1 

PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Rings Cubic Zirconia Band | Marquise Milgrain Eternity Bands | Gold Rings for Women

If you want to make a sentimental surprise to your loved one, it will be a perfect choice. Even though it is much thinner than how it looks in the picture, it has a very chic and beautiful design. It sparkles on your finger. Compare to other expensive diamond eternity rings, it has a very affordable price with an amazing quality. It is exactly what you are looking for. https://www.amazon.com/PAVOI-Sterling-Zirconia-Marquise-Milgrain/dp/B07SVC6BJY/ref=sr_1_5?_encoding=UTF8&c=ts&dchild=1&keywords=Women%27s%2BEternity%2BRings&qid=1599030838&s=apparel&sr=1-5&ts_id=9539903011&th=1 

Savlano 18K White Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia 4x6MM Emerald Cut Eternity Ring Band 

It is a good alternative for your wedding rings. If you are looking for a quality diamond eternity band, it is the best choice you can get. The crystals it has are very sparkle and beautiful. It will not leave green marks on your finger. You will really enjoy wearing this beautiful diamond eternity band. https://www.amazon.com/Savlano-Plated-Zirconia-Emerald-Eternity/dp/B08682ZDPY/ref=sr_1_14_sspa?_encoding=UTF8&c=ts&dchild=1&keywords=Women%27s%2BEternity%2BRings&qid=1599030838&s=apparel&sr=1-14-spons&ts_id=9539903011&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEyV01NSzVMTlhMVUUzJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwODkxNTg3WEsxVjEwQU1EQ08wJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTA4Mjc4ODkzRVZNNVJFV0YzQ0kzJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfbXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ&th=1&psc=1 

Metal Masters Co. 3MM High Polish Princess Cut Ladies Eternity Titanium Ring Wedding Band

It has a little bit different design than other diamond eternity bands you can find on the market. There is a metal frame over crystals. It is made of titanium. It looks very chic and elegant on your finger. There are different sizes available you can choose from according to your finger size. If you are someone who does not like to wear a wedding ring all the time, it will be your first choice as an alternative to that. https://www.amazon.com/Metal-Masters-Co-Princess-Eternity/dp/B00FKALLUI/ref=sr_1_19?_encoding=UTF8&c=ts&dchild=1&keywords=Women%27s%2BEternity%2BRings&qid=1599030838&s=apparel&sr=1-19&ts_id=9539903011&th=1

Hoops & Loops Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia 4mm Round-Cut Eternity Band Ring

This is a very beautiful diamond eternity band with this quality. The sizing is perfect. You can choose the size according to your finger size. The crystal sparkles nicely and very well. Even though the stones are a little bit uncomfortable, you will get used to wearing it by time if you are looking for an alternative to a wedding band. You will get lots of compliments thanks to this diamond eternity band. https://www.amazon.com/Sterling-Silver-Zirconia-Round-cut-Eternity/dp/B01MREX5P5/ref=sr_1_20?_encoding=UTF8&c=ts&dchild=1&keywords=Women%27s%2BEternity%2BRings&qid=1599030838&s=apparel&sr=1-20&ts_id=9539903011&th=1 

PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Double Row Eternity Band

It is a diamond eternity band with a stylish design. It is simple but highly elegant. It is a very fashionable ring as an alternative to your wedding ring. There are different styles available you can choose from. These are rose gold, White gold, and yellow gold. It is a very unique and durable ring. It catches the light beautifully and sparkles amazingly. Overall, you will be amazed at the quality and happy with the price. https://www.amazon.com/PAVOI-Plated-Sterling-Zirconia-Eternity/dp/B082VMC1CM/ref=zg_bs_9539903011_10?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=R1A4NYW7A1SEJCC3XA18&th=1&psc=1

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