What Does Eternity Ring Mean: All You Need to Know About It

A diamond eternity ring has a traditional connotation among people as well as being an essential item for women to look charming. People give him his loved ones on certain special occasions and, therefore, he has spiritual value as well as financial value. So what does a diamond infinity ring symbolize?

A diamond eternity ring consists of a band usually made of gold and a range of stones made of diamonds. An eternity ring is one of the most special rings which has a history that goes back to ancient times and the most distinctive feature of a diamond eternity ring is that it is the symbol of endless love and eternal commitment. So, it has special meaning and also can vary depending on many properties like cut shape, setting type, metal type, and so on.

The eternity ring has historical importance and is the symbol of eternal and endless commitment. Although it has special meaning and became the symbol of specific days, everyone who aims to exhibit love can give a diamond eternity ring to their partner. At this stage, people need to find the most suitable eternity ring for the gift and there are many properties that play a role in this decision. So, what are properties which are decisive in this choice?

What Are the Main Properties of Diamond Eternity Rings?

A diamond eternity ring consists of the same shape and size diamonds and these diamonds around the band of the circle. There are so many distinctive properties that feature a diamond eternity ring.

The band of a diamond eternity ring can be half or full and metal types of these rings can be gold, white gold, and platinum. Also, diamond eternity rings can differ in terms of their shapes and settings. So, there are many types of diamond eternity rings depending on style, raw material, shape, and setting.

Four Main Properties of Diamond Eternity Rings


There are two main styles of eternity rings as half and full eternity rings, depending on the number of stones on the band.

Half diamond eternity rings, which are the first style of diamond eternity rings, have diamonds only on the top of the band and, these stones can take place on 1/2 or 3/4 of the band. A half diamond eternity ring can have five, seven, or nine stones depending on stone size. Also, you can resize a half style ring when you want to change the size for various reasons.

Full diamond eternity rings have diamonds around to the entire band of the ring. You should know that full style rings are not available for resizing on the contrary to half diamond eternity rings.

However, if you have a full diamond eternity ring and if it does not fit your finger, you can exchange your ring with a more suitable one for the best size.

Most people find uncomfortable full diamond eternity rings as a result of they have a set of sharp diamond stones. The reason for this is that they cause itch or hurt fingers. So, it is more useful than you prefer half diamond eternity rings to full eternity rings because of their more practical and comfortable use. 

Metal Type

Like many pieces of jewelry, metal type of diamond eternity rings can consist of different elements. There are different choices that can appeal to your pleasures.

Metals of diamond eternity rings can usually be gold (yellow, white, rose) and platinum in general. These are the main elements used to make eternal rings.

Yellow, White and Rose Gold

Gold is a precious element because it is relatively rare in nature. While the natural color of gold is yellow, the natural color of platinum is almost white similar to white gold.

Platinum is one of the rarest elements and produced only a few hundred tonnes every year. Color is the most significant difference between gold and platinum.


Besides, platinum is stronger than gold in terms of durability. So, if you look for a durable eternity ring, you should buy a ring made of platinum metal. However, gold is more low-priced than platinum, and therefore it is more accessible by people from all strata. 

White gold is not completely made of pure gold and is more popular than yellow gold in recent times. Also, white gold is identical to platinum in terms of color, and therefore, they appear similar at first glance. However, white gold differs from platinum with regards to composition and price.

White gold consists of white metals like palladium, silver, nickel, and generally with rhodium plating. For this reason, if you have a low-budget and you regard it as old-fashioned, you should prefer a diamond eternity ring made of white gold. However, rhodium plating of white gold may wear off over time and you may need to re-plate to whiten white gold metal.

Just like white gold, rose gold is not purely made of gold elements and mixed with silver and copper alloys. The reason for its pinkish color, it is called “rose” is the copper element in its content. Most people consider it the most romantic in consequence of this color tone.

Rose gold offers an alternative for consumers who do not prefer both yellow and white gold. Also, rose gold is more durable than yellow and white gold, although it is more affordable than them. However, rose gold can cause allergy due to copper in its content. So, if you are prone to allergic reactions and have allergic skin, you should not choose rose gold.

Diamond Cut Shape

One of the most salient characteristics of diamond eternity rings is undoubtedly the cut shape of diamonds on the ring band. There is so many cut of shape used in the production of diamond eternity ring. The most common and popular one is round cut shape.

Round Cut Shape

The round cut eternity ring is the most classical and simple symbol of eternity rings. Thus, the round cut eternity ring symbolizes the everlasting and timeless affective attachment with sparkling round diamonds. If your purpose to be simplicity, the round cut eternity ring is fit for you.

Also, various cut shapes are available for those looking for something other than the classic such as princess, oval, radiant, cushion and, emerald. Especially, princess and radiant cuts are the most popular alternatives to round diamond cut.

On the other hand, there are also less popular and preferred diamond cuts like heart and pear. As their names signify, their shapes resemble a heart and a pear.

Princess cut eternity ring is the popular one for special occasions like wedding and engagement. This cut has a chic appearance despite square diamonds. It is also more affordable when we compare other diamond cuts because rough crystals that are required to arrange facets of diamonds are cheaper.

The oval cut shape is similar to the round cut shape in that it has both bright sparkle and the long version of the round cut. Also, the oval cut shape allows to fingers to look thinner and more elegant.

The radiant cut is the combination of emerald and round cut and has cone-shaped corners. A distinctive feature of radiant cut is that it has a spectacular radiance. This cut is ideal for those who want to look both modern and sparkly.

Cushion cut was the most common way to cut diamonds in the 19th century. This cut is similar to round cut diamonds and timeless just like that. It is a combination of round and square-cut. If you want to go beyond the ordinary, but you like the round cut, and you do not want a cut with very sharp, you should prefer the cushion cut!

Cushion Cut Shape

The emerald cut is also called “step cut” because of parallelism in their facets and considerably different from other diamond cuts. It has a distinctive geometry because its facets have a design that is parallel to each other. Also, the emerald cut has another distinctive feature that separates it from other cuts. This feature is that proportion between length and width, diamonds that successively matched creates great harmony.

Emerald Cut Shape


The most classic setting type is the prong type and also called ‘claw setting’. This setting type has four or six metal claws that provide to hold diamonds together. It enables them to form a kind of “basket” round diamonds. The prong setting allows to diamonds more sparkle through its design.

Prong Setting

Channel setting is another type of eternity ring set. This kind of ring has some kind of groove and diamonds are placed side by side with no metal between them. The channel setting keeps the diamond tight and prevents it from bending due to impact.

Channel Setting

Bezel setting has a kind of circle that allows us to encircle each diamond with a metal. On the contrary to prong setting, this setting type prevents to snag on somewhere and protects diamonds.

Bezel Setting

The bar setting has vertical bars between the two diamonds, allows each diamond to hold together. So, it allows the to diamonds expose more light and shine. 

What Is the Historical Dimension: A Long-Standing Background

Circles and rings have importance in terms of historical and mythological and, it as the same for Egyptians. When we go back in time, we see that the historical findings of the eternity ring date back nearly 4000 years to the times of Egyptians.

Researchers say that Egyptians used rings as an expression of eternal life and love. Early examples of eternity rings were an ordinary circle of metal with a set of stones comprise the half or full of a circle.

According to some sources, the function of the earliest examples of eternity rings is to imitate the appearance of a snake consuming its tail. This symbol is called “Ouroboros” and is also known as the symbol of eternity. 

In more recent times, the 18th century, the eternity ring’s popularity increased. So, people started to give loved ones an eternity ring made of stones existing at that time.

Why and When Should You Buy a Diamond Eternity Ring?

A diamond eternity ring is not an ordinary gift; it is the best one for special occasions, among other rings.

Then, why should you prefer a diamond eternity ring?

  • A gift that makes your loved one feel very special.
  • It is eye-catching with its glowing appearance.
  • It made of high-quality materials such as platinum and gold.
  • It has both half and full style.
  • Diamonds on the band have quite a lot of cut options.
  • It looks luxurious!

Celebration of A Specific Wedding Anniversary

Men, especially spouses, traditionally give a diamond eternity ring to their wives as a gift in special days like anniversaries because of this meaning an eternity ring has. A diamond eternity ring is a right choice to give a gift for the 60th, also known Diamond anniversary.

At the same time, most people prefer a diamond eternity ring to celebrate the first and tenth wedding anniversaries.

Celebration of Birth of the First Child

A spouse can give a diamond eternity ring his wife on special days like the birth of a baby. One of the special days in life is the birth of a child.

This special moment deserves a special celebration with a special gift. Men usually choose diamond eternity rings to appreciate the struggle of their wives in the pregnancy period and show their eternal love and commitment to partners.

Proposal of Marriage

Although people mostly choose diamond eternity ring in specific days we mentioned, many people started to go beyond the ordinary and use eternity ring as an engagement ring. An eternity ring is a right choice for people that look for the best and special because of its elegant and unique look.

When we make new beginnings like marrying, we promise that we will have an eternal commitment in this marriage. For this reason, a diamond eternity ring can be a crucial part of our timeless loyalty at this stage.

You Do Not Need To Wait for a Special Day

In addition to special days, you can give a diamond eternity ring as a gift on Valentine’s Day, on birthdays or at Christmas and Hanukkah. However, you do not need to have a special reason to buy a diamond eternity ring, and there is not a written rule which reports when you must give a diamond eternity ring.

Whenever you want, you can give this special gift to a special person for you without waiting for a special moment. This person can be your partner and also a friend.

While most men stick to very special days by waiting for specific years like decades to buy a diamond eternity ring, you do not need to count the days and to be typical. You can buy even on the first wedding anniversary and, you can choose a colored diamond eternity ring on the outside of traditional anniversaries.

You Do Not Have a Romantic Relationship

You can wear an eternity ring even if you are not married and you in a relationship as well. You do not need a hero to have a diamond eternity ring.

According to a recent survey, young people aged 16 to 24 regards eternity ring as a ring of promise. Also, people aged over the 40s regards this ring as a celebration ring. %34 of 2500 people who participated in this survey stated that they would buy an eternity ring only in traditional anniversaries.

According to recent research, 27 percent of people respondents do not need a romantic relationship to buy an eternity ring. Besides, %24 of respondents stated that they would buy themselves or celebrate an achievement such as promotion.

What Are Things to Take Into Account Before Buying An Eternity Ring?


Like every jewelry, diamond eternity rings have some features that are indicative of their quality. How a quality product should guide you to choose near the best and, you should do good research before you buy an eternity ring.

When determining the quality of the diamond eternity ring, you should focus on the craftsmanship details. These details can be metal type and materials such as diamond. An eternity ring should have a quality that does not cause loss of shape, color, and diamond loss.

Also, some people are allergic sensitization to various metals. So, you should choose the brands which try to minimize the usage of such metals. Besides, you should take into consideration the diamond color. While low-quality diamonds have a slight yellow tone, the highest quality diamonds are completely colorless. GIA determined a scale to measure diamond color and, this scale has a great number of color grades.

These grades go from D (colorless) to Z (color of light yellow or brown) and, this means that they range from colorless diamonds to yellow. You should beware of these grades and, you choose your diamond eternity ring depending on this scale. The absence of color means that diamonds are of high quality.


Also, carat, which means is the weight of a diamond, is one of the features which you need to take into consideration. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams. As it is difficult to obtain diamonds, the biggest diamonds are the rarest, and hence, they are the most expensive ones. For this reason, a little change in the carat size can directly change the price of the ring.

However, if diamonds are less than one carat, these are probably uncertified by institutions such as EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) and GIA (The Gemological Institute of America). EGL and GIA grade and report diamonds and provide the highest standard of reliability and consistency of diamonds. At this stage, you may need to rely upon your jewelry dealer.


Diamond clarity is an evaluation of imperfection in stone is called inclusions and on the surface is called blemishes. According to AGS (American Gem Society), there are eleven diamond clarity grades.

While 0 means that the diamond is flawless, 10 means that the lowest clarity grade. The numbers of 1 or 2 are very very slightly included (VVS), 3 or 4 are very slightly (VS) included. On the other hand, 5, 6, or 7 (SI) are slightly included and, 7, 8, 9, or 10 are only included (I).

The diamond which has higher clarity is more valuable. If you want to give the highest quality diamond eternity ring, you should buy a ring that having smaller degrees on the scale.


Since you can’t resize an infinity ring, one of the important things you should focus on is size. Before you buy a diamond eternity ring, you should find out your ring size.

Then, how to measure ring size at home? You can use several methods to measure the ring size. The most simple method is the string method. Take a string and wrap it around your bottom of your finger. Then, mark where the string overlaps by using a pen. Take the string off your finger, measure where you mark with a ruler and note it in millimeters.

Each half-size corresponds to a 0.4 millimeter. For instance, size 3 is equal to 14 mm, size 3.5 is equal to 14.4 mm, and so on. The ring sizes of women are generally between sizes 6 and 8.

Skin Undertone

As color is the personal choice, you can choose whatever color you want. However, some factors determine what fits you, one of which is the skin undertone; it enables us to find the right colors. This concept is different from skin tone and recently gained popularity.

Namely, there are three different skin undertones. The first of them is warm, that is, people with yellow undertones. The second undertone is cool, also called a pink undertone, and the third is the neutral undertone that people without a dominant hot or cold undertone have.

You can check the color of the veins on your wrist to determine the skin undertone:

  • Blue veins mean that you have a cool undertone.
  • Green veins mean that you have a warm undertone.
  • Both blue and green veins mean that you have a neutral undertone.

If you have a warm, that is, yellow undertone, a gold-colored eternity ring is suitable for you because it makes you look better. On the other hand, if you have a cool undertone, that is, pink undertone, you absolutely will look better with a white-colored eternity ring. Besides, if you have a neutral undertone, both gold and white-colored eternity rings are suited you.

Is There A Correct Way to Wear an Eternity Ring?

It is not only the type of ring that matters, but also it is where to wear and, this combination results in the symbolic meaning of that ring. Many people consider that it is necessary to embody this symbolic meaning.

Then, which finger is suitable to wear an eternity ring? There is not an absolute answer to this question. Women generally prefer to wear eternity rings on the ring finger of the left hand. On the other hand, if you already have a wedding or engagement on this finger, you can also wear it on the ring finger of the right hand.

Also, some women prefer to wear three rings on the same finger. This is one of the most suggested ways of wearing them all together and, the wedding ring is closest to the hand. The engagement ring follows the wedding ring and, finally, the eternity ring follows the engagement ring.

However, this can be uncomfortable in most cases. 

Whatever way you choose to wear your eternity ring, this is an individual choice. There is not a rule which determines your pleasures. As long as you feel comfortable and special, you can wear it whatever way you want to wear!

How Should You Clean a Diamond Eternity Ring?

A diamond eternity ring is famous for its brilliant shine and, that’s why people prefer it. Nobody wants an eternity ring that does not shine or has a dirty look. The best plan is to keep your diamond eternity ring just like the first day is regularly cleaning it.

So you should know how to care for a precious diamond eternity ring that also has sentimental value. Also, you can take it a jeweler who can take care of your ring, but there are simple methods to clean it.

You must know your ring requires what kind of cleaning before you clean it. You should avoid a cleaning method which could damage it and try the best known and reliable cleaning suggestions.

You can clean your eternity ring yourself at home by using a streak-free glass cleaner and a soft-bristled brush. You must be careful in order not to scratch the ring mistakenly or damage diamonds during this process.

Let your ring soak for a short time in glass cleaner and gently brush it with the soft toothbrush. As long as you clean it regularly, this process minimizes oils and dirt and, your diamond eternity ring will sparkle just like the first day.

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