Which Diamond Hoop Earring Is the Best?

Diamond hoop earrings, in which the metal hoop is made of diamonds, are essential pieces for any period and are available in a wide variety of models. So, they are one of the most trendy style jewelry in the fashion industry and completely timeless.

So, which is the best for you? Actually, which diamond hoop earring is best varies from person to person. The reason for this is that there are many diamond hoop earrings choices and also, there are many factors like personal characteristics in determining diamond hoop earrings in determining the best. Therefore, setting type, metal type and personal characteristics such as face shape and hairstyle will determine what is best for you. You can choose the size and type of diamond hoop earrings that suit you best with the help of this guide.

On the other hand, adding diamonds to hoop earrings prevents earrings from going out of style and makes them into earrings you can always choose

Diamond Hoop Earrings as Both Classic and Fashionable Pieces

The most common styles of hoop earrings change nearly every few years, but it is clear that hoop earrings have always been essential pieces for women.

Diamond hoop earrings are the combination of the diamond stone earrings’ perfection with the trendy popularity of rings. Differently, from large, made of metal and eye-catching hoops, diamond hoop earrings can always maintain their endlessness and versatility. 

Diamond hoop earrings are suitable for all occasions. You can wear them with a business suit, casual wear and a date night. Moreover, you can choose them in a wedding dress. In other words, they are life-saving jewelry. Whenever you wear these sparkling hoops, you can be sure that you will look stylish and fashionable. Also, you can look classy with a true outfit. 

Choosing A Diamond Hoop Earring

One of the important factors in choosing a hoop earring is the occasion. Hoop earrings come in different sizes, metals, colors, styles, colors, so on. While some hoop earrings are suitable for an everyday outfit, others are more preferable for specific and special occasions like engagement, wedding, etc.ü

Best Size for Diamond Hoop Earrings

Hoop size is one of the most important issues for choosing the best pair of diamond hoop earrings. Diamond hoop earrings come in many different and choices of many sizes that you should choose before buying a hoop earring.

Diamond hoop earrings have a variety of hoop earrings, from dainty small hoop diamond earrings to large diamond hoop earrings. While some hoop earrings are small enough to cover your earlobe, other hoop earrings can be a few inches and even larger.

Hug Diamond Hoops

The smallest size of hoops is called hug earrings or “Huggies” and as its very name signifies, these hoops are ultra-tiny; it hugs just the one’s earlobe.

The post exists on the two sides of the hoop in the setting that divides to create a hug appearance. The more the setting gets wider, the more attention the earring gets. 

Despite they are the smallest hoop earrings, those are both classy and casual. So, this pair of hoops are suitable for especially everyday wear. They are perfect for anyone who looks for a simple and nice. Also, wearing hug diamond hoops are safe for both adults and kids.

Small Diamond Hoops

Small hoops come after hug earrings in terms of size. These small hoops have a size between 8 to 13 mm diameter. This size of hoop stands close to your ear but is far enough away to avoid hugging it.

Small hoop earrings are one of the most common sizes for diamond hoop earrings. This hoop size is quite classic and gives a traditional and elegant look to you. Just like hug hoops, you can wear them all day. So, they are suitable for every kind of outfit. Despite their noticeably are beautiful, they do not seem exaggerated.

Medium Diamond Hoops

Medium diamond hoops have a size between 14 and 40 mm in diameter. It is assumed that wider medium size hoops match higher carats, and thinner medium size hoops match lower carats.

Medium-sized diamond hoops have a very sophisticated and clean design. Therefore, they look very chic, and also you can easily wear daily with any of your outfits. That’s why you can easily use them with your nightly outfits as well.

Large Diamond Hoops

Large diamond hoops are hoops that are over 40mm in diameter; they come in sizes between 41 and 70 mm in diameter. 

Unlike the hug and small hoops, they are larger. So, they are naturally more expensive than hug and small hoop earrings. Also, they draw the most attention to your face because of their size.

As they are glamorous jewelry, large diamond hoops look perfect with luxurious outfits and leave a gorgeous impression.

You should be aware that bigger hoops will be heavier. If your ears sensitive to weight, you should choose smaller hoops like hug hoops or small hoops. The reason for this is that hug hoops gently hug your earlobe and look nice when you use them with diamond studs.

Hug diamond hoops are true choices in that they complement all face shapes and hair lengths. Tiny diamond hoops have the appearance of a timeless and classy look.

Small diamond hoops complement medium to long hair lengths, and they are suitable for most face shapes. They especially befit on people that have a square face. 

If you want to use hoop earrings with every outfit, and short or long hair, you should choose small diamond hoops. They are suitable for women that do not like to change earrings regularly.

Medium and large hoops give a geometric and modern appearance if you use them with casual wear. Also, they complete your classiness in events like cocktails. So, they give a sense of sophistication to women.

You should choose large diamond hoops if you like hair buns. Thus, with the help of large hoops and bun, people focus on your face. Also, tying your hair above with a sleek ponytail enables large diamonds hoops to look best and completely shine. 

Best Metal Type of Diamond Hoop Earrings

Of course, the price of a diamond hoop earring must be affordable. However, one of the most important properties is the metal type used in the production of diamond hoop earrings. Diamond hoops earrings have multiple metal choices.

Circular bands of diamond hoop earrings generally are made of sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. 

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is the most affordable and classic metal type, among other metal types. A diamond hoop earring with a band made of silver can be newfashioned, sexy, and also bright and breezy.

Sterling Silver Diamond Hoops

You can wear with silver diamond hoop earrings for casual outfits or when you go out at night in the city.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is the most precious gold type, among other gold types. So, diamond hoop earrings made of yellow gold have a higher price. Yellow gold allows you to have a classic royal vibe with a stunning set of diamond hoops.

Also, the color tone of gold offsets balances the color tone of diamonds, and this combination draws attention to the harmony of gold and diamonds.

Yellow Gold Diamond Hoops

Yellow gold is the most classic option. It has both contemporary and vintage look for all times. So, you can choose the yellow gold for diamond hoop earrings if you want to have both a classic and a modern look. 

White gold

White gold is similar to platinum, but it seems that it has a more affordable price than platinum. White gold is durable, and the color of white gold has a brilliant shimmer. Also, white gold complements the brilliance of the diamond without limiting your budget. 

White Gold Diamond Hoops

That’s why white gold tends to be the most common choice, and it is the favorite metal for diamond hoop earrings. Just like platinum, white gold will bring your diamonds into the forefront and allows you to give the hoops a more modern look. 

Rose gold

Just like white gold, rose gold is an alloy of yellow gold and consists of gold, silver, and copper mines. While white gold and platinum create a contrast, rose gold helps to mask a little diamond color through the warmer tone it has.

Rose Gold Diamond Hoops

Rose gold creates a lovely and romantic effect. Also, the combination of rose gold and diamonds is a fascinating combination for diamond hoop earrings. So if you want a diamond hoop earring that has both a unique look and a romantic quality, your choice should be rose gold. 


Finally, the most expensive and also the most durable diamond hoop earring is the platinum set diamond hoops. Therefore, platinum is extremely rare and precious. Besides, platinum is characterized by being a long-lasting metal.

When platinum matches with diamonds, this luxurious metal embraces this sparkling match. Therefore, a diamond hoop earring made of platinum has an intense shine.

Platinum Diamond Hoops

Exactly like white gold, platinum has a significant influence on your look and allows you to have a more modern look. The reason for this is that there is not a big difference in appearance between white gold and platinum. However, both of them have many pros and cons, and the first distinctive feature between them is that platinum is much pricier than white gold.

To make a long story short, for metal your diamond hoop earring, you have many choices that have the pros and cons of each one. On the other hand, if you are not sure which to choose, and you love all four metal types, you should feel free to mix metals and wear them together.

Best Setting of Diamond Hoop Earrings

The setting is a metal that holds the diamonds altogether and safe to form a hoop. Although there are many types of settings used in making diamond hoop earrings, the most popular settings are prong and channel settings.

Prong Setting

The prong setting is the most affordable type of setting in addition to is the most common setting type for diamonds, among others. Prongs hold diamonds of hoops firmly in place, and although it is only a functional part of hoop earrings, it can also change the style of hoops even if just a smidgen and so, it provides glamorous details to hoop earrings. 

Prong Setting Diamond Hoop

Each diamond is kept in place by a few tiny metal pieces in a standard prong setting. Prong settings have four prongs per diamond to keep it safe. However, it is possible to find six prongs nowadays. Also, there is a prong type that consists of three prongs per diamonds, and this is called the “martini” setting. Diamond hoop earrings generally tend to have a four-prong setting design.

Channel Setting

Another common setting type is the channel setting. Just like prongs do, a channel setting keeps your diamonds in place. However, the channel setting works differently from the prong setting.

In the setting of the channel, diamonds place tightly together with a whole range of within your hoops. Therefore, diamonds are held secure with metal edges.

Channel Setting Diamond Hoop

Unlike the prong setting, a channel setting is similar to the scrabble tiles sliding within their wooden tiles. In the channel setting, the diamonds slide within the setting and smoothly push the diamond towards the next diamond.

That’s why this setting type gives an appearance like sleek and sophisticated. If you seek a more contemporary and shining aesthetic, you should choose channel settings. This is a safe and beautiful option for hoop earrings. However, setting diamonds flush with metal may cause their luster to decrease.

Which Cut Should I Choose?

Generally, people prefer round diamonds when it comes to diamond jewelry. However, many different diamond cuts exist to choose a diamond hoop earring.

Round Cut

Diverse diamond hoops of which diamonds have princess cut, emerald cut, baguette, so on. If you want to make a classic choice and avoid showing off, you should choose the round cut. However, if you want to go beyond the classic and draw more attention, you should take a look at the types of cuts other than the round cut.

Personal Characteristics

Face Shapes and Hoop Earrings

People can have a different shape of the faces (round, heart-shaped, oval, or rectangular, so on). In addition to the shape of the face, the style of the hair has an impact on the design of hoop earrings that will best suit you.

If you have a square face, your forehead and jawline are nearly equal widths. Therefore, you should soften your hard-edged face. To soften your face, you should choose medium to long hoop earrings thanks to rounded-edges. Hoop earrings are friends of people that have square faces.

Hoop earrings are suitable for people with long faces and long hair as they balance their faces beautifully. So, diamond hoop earrings give volume your face and add a curvy appearance to the shape of your face. If you have a long face, you should hoop earrings in a medium to a large size without hesitation.

People that have oval-shaped faces can wear almost every style of earring. So, any earring would suit this ideal face shape. However, if you have an oval face, you should avoid square earrings, and therefore, hoop earrings quite suit you.

If the shape of your face is round, it means that your cheekbones have a broad shape without tapering off towards the chin, and hoop earrings cause your face looks a bit rounder even your hair is long. Therefore, you should choose tiny or small diamonds hoops and avoid large hoop earrings.

Hair Styles and Hoop Earrings


If you do your hair a high bun or up-do, your ears become more visible. Then, you should fill this gap from your ear to shoulders. In this case, choose a pair of earrings that will look gorgeous, and hoops are the perfect combination for the high bun hairstyle. Diamond hoops are a great choice for this.

Pony Tail

A ponytail is a hairstyle that goes best with diamond hoop earrings. If you like high buns, your ears become more visible, and a gap occurs from ears to shoulders. So, if you like buns, you can choose huge hoop earrings to fill this space.

Diamond hoop earrings can add a lot of drama and movement to your high ponytail. Hoop earrings can add a lot of drama and movement to a high ponytail without hurting your face.

Also, if you prefer a low ponytail, you can wear again a huge hoop earring that fits your ear. Hoop earrings worn in combination with a low ponytail provide a feminine and laid-back look. However, you should know that this style will not give a casual or dressed-down appearance.

Curly Hair

The hardest thing about curly hair is that curly hair often gets tangled in your earrings. Also, as curly hair is generally fluffy, it is difficult to find that the true earring to complement this hair type.

Hoop earrings are the true choice for women who has curly hair when you seek something more statement. The reason for this is that the curve of hoops complements your curly hair.

Also, in case your hair sticks a little in your hoop earring, it is easier to save your hair when compared to other earring types such as a pair of chandelier earrings. Besides, curly-haired people have a range of choices in hoop earrings. Therefore, you can choose hoop earrings of all sizes. 

Are Diamond Hoop Earrings Safe?

Some people think that wearing hoop earrings can be dangerous most of the time. However, they are not right about that. Essentially, hoop earrings are safer than other big earrings.

The reason for this is that many hoop earrings have upward catches that can open, in case they expose only a few ounces of force. Hence, hoop earrings are unlikely to break, and this probability is 1 percent. If this possibility comes true, a physical injury will not quite likely occur.

However, there are some points that you should consider. For instance, you should not sleep with your hoop earrings. Also, you should take off those when they irritate your ears. Besides, you should never use them again.

How Started the Hoop Earring Trend?

Ancient Origins of Hoop Earrings

Well, when we look back in time, how and who started the hoop earrings trend? Hoop earrings have their origins in ancient times, and they have existed since the emergence of jewelry.

It is known that the tradition of hoop earrings began with the Sumerians. However, ancient Egyptians, Nubians, Romans wore hoop earrings during history. In 1500 BC Egypt, people, and even cats, that the most sacred animal at those times, wore hoop earrings.

A 2500-Year-Old Egyptian Cat with Hoop Earring

Queens and pharaohs of ancient Egypt such as Tutankhamen, Cleopatra, and, Nefertiti wore gold hoop earrings on the purpose of style on the contrary to other purposes. For Egyptians, hoop earrings were pieces that enhance someone’s beauty and sexuality.

Afterward, hoop earrings became a symbol of status during the reign of Julius Ceaser over Rome. In other words, it had implications for class.

Ancient Rome Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings were also common in Africa in the years 300-400 AD in the region that is now Sudan. Between 1650 and 1730 years are also known as the golden age of piracy, pirates, in case they drown and their corpses come ashore, wore hoop earrings to secure a suitable burial.

Although ancient cultures mostly focused on the metal of the hoop earrings, today, people are more concerned with creativity and craftsmanship. In the consequence of the evolution of jewelry design and craftsmanship, hoop earrings maintain its evolution with diamond hoops. This creativity and craftsmanship combine a completely new grade of sparkle into diamond hoop earrings. 

What Do Diamond Hoop Earrings Symbolize?

In the 1900s, in America, there was a negative perception of hoop earrings. The reason was that people have the feeling that hoop earrings are a symbol of Native American and Latin culture. At those times in question, hoop earrings became the symbol of power, identity, and resistance to discrimination.

Today, hoop earrings are considered an expression of unity and power. Many people prefer diamond hoop earrings in the world, and diamond hoop earrings continue to be one of the rooted but alive fashion trends. From the small and medium-sized, they have a comprehensive size scale. 

Diamond hoop earrings allow your smile to look wider and thus, enable you to look friendly and lovable person. Hoops are the symbol of strength, and fashion which has an international dimension. Also, they symbolize that you have a romantic personality.

Are Diamond Hoop Earrings Trend in 2020?

If we had to choose just one style of earrings that is dominant in 2020, these dominant earrings would be hoop earrings. Especially large hoop earrings are very fashionable this year. 

All kinds of large hoop earrings are the trend in 2020. However, there is one type of hoop earring that dominates the large hoop category. This category is oversized diamond rings.

Although rose gold is more preferred in recent years, white and yellow gold more popular than rose gold this year. To keep up with the times, you need to choose large diamond hoop earrings, especially the diamond hoops, which have yellow gold metal.

Main Reasons to Buy Diamond Hoop Earrings

As many people consider hoops as inappropriate and unladylike, they characterize the hoops as “trashy”. Despite this kind of perception, in reality, this is not the case:

  1. Contrary to popular belief, they are not trashy. They look valuable and make you look magnificent.
  2. They are available in many sizes.
  3. There is a wide variety of types, although all of them are on a hoop ground.
  4. As their varieties are suitable for every occasion, you can wear them at the most ordinary moment or even the most elegant invitation.
  5. They are one of the only pieces that never go out of style.
  6. They draw attention to your face and make you look attractive.
  7. They are flawless!

Hoop earrings have witnessed history as well as they have a long history. Now, diamond hoop earrings became an important part of women’s elegance and continue to be. Indeed, we have many reasons to love them.

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