How to Choose the Best Diamond Initial Necklace?

Initial jewelry gives you a personal touch. One of the best ways to personalize your everyday look is to wear a beautiful diamond initial necklace. As its name signifies, an initial necklace has a letter in place of a standard pendant. A piece of jewelry that we wear is an expression of our identity and an initial necklace is the right piece of jewelry to symbolize this. This personalized necklace is an expression that goes beyond a letter by telling your personal story.

Then, how to choose the best diamond initial necklace? Whether you buy a diamond initial necklace for yourself or as a gift, there are some features to consider. When you choose a diamond initial necklace, it is important to choose the right length and metal type. The length of the chain, which can be in various lengths and metal types, which can be gold and silver, are decisive. Also, you should consider the link and clasp type of the chain. When it comes to the pendant, you should determine which setting type you will choose because it is determinant in diamonds how much sparkle. Also, if you want to increase carat diamond weight, and make it shine from every angle, you should choose necklaces completely covered with glamorous diamonds.

You should know that diamond initial necklaces with your initials are one of the special pieces of jewelry. You can use the initial of a personalized letter necklace to represent the way you feel for someone or something special for you. This can be the first letter of your first name or your partner’s first name. Also, the initial of your family name or the initial of your child’s name are popular choices. What is more, you can hang multiple initials on a single chain to represent multiple children, grandchildren, siblings, or others.

By wearing alone, or layering with other necklaces, they create your signature look. Initial necklaces slide freely on a super fine chain. They are both easy to wear and effortless to give. All you have to do is to find your favorite letter from A to Z and choose gold (all types) or silver chain to create your unique style.

Choosing the Chain Length for Your Diamond Initial Necklace: How Long Should Your Necklace Be?

The standard chain length for a diamond necklace with an initial pendant is 16 inches. However, of course, there are other kinds of length options. The 16-inch length option is generally preferred as it is the appropriate length for the necklace to look beautiful on the collarbone. However, there are personal variations like the length of necks that affect this. If you want a little flexible initial necklace, you can choose a longer chain than 16 inches.

This kind of chain has two rings towards the end of the chain to set the inch size of the necklace by giving you the ability to adjust the chain. For example, you can have the ability to adjust it from 18 inches to 16 inches. This makes a necklace more versatile and is also a good option for many people.

The length of initial necklaces depends on personal preference in addition to the measurement of your neck. You need to be careful when you choose a very short chain like 14 inches or shorter than it. To do not have difficulty, you should always measure your neck length to be sure that it will not be too tight. Also, too long necklaces do not look with tiny initial pendant and pendant pales behind the chain. For this reason, long necklaces need a little big pendant to make the pendant appear more pronounced. For an average size person, the rough length guides for diamond necklaces as follows:

  • Collar: 14 inches (35cm) Wraps around your throat
  • Choker: 16 inches (40cm) Fits close to your throat
  • Princess: 18 inches (45cm) Stands on the collarbone
  • Matinee: 20 inches (50cm) Stands between the collarbone and the bust

Choosing the Metal Type of Your Diamond Initial Necklace: Pros and Cons of Gold and Silver

You should choose among many metal option that suits your look and lifestyle. Gold and silver are the most common metals for diamond initial necklaces. Necklaces made of precious metals are stamped with information regarding the purity level of the metal content. This information, called stamp, is placed in a prominent place on the product in order not to distract from the design. Stamps are usually found on the bail on a necklace and/or on the clasp on a necklace. So, it is an important factor in choosing the purity of the metal, along with many other properties of the metal.


A higher carat indicates a higher quality of gold intent. Gold’s purity is measured in karats, and 24 karats mean that gold is completely pure. However, it is also too soft to use in making jewelry. So, pure gold alloyed with other metals like silver, copper, zinc, nickel, so on. Therefore, the strength and durability of gold increases.

Gold jewelry always is stamped with the karat mark as 18k, 14k, or 10k. Once the alloy is added, common measurements are 18 karats made of 75% gold, 14 karats made of 58% gold, and 10 karats made of 47.7% gold. So, you need to consider these measurements when you choose your metal type.

At the same time, the legal karat limit for the gold is considered 10 karats in the United States. Thus, you should know that there will not be gold under 10k if you want to purchase a diamond initial necklace made of gold metal. You should set a budget accordingly. 14k gold is generally popular and also durable precious metal for jewelry. If you prefer a more vintage aesthetic and the traditional look, yellow gold is a good choice.

White gold is an alternative for those who like whitish necklaces. However, it is not as white as platinum as it is made from a yellow metal and then turned into white color with nickel alloys. So, if you want a snow-white initial necklace and you have not a budget for a platinum initial necklace, you should know that a white gold a little less white than platinum.

On the other hand, most white gold necklaces that have a rhodium plating wears away in time. For this reason, the metal may look more yellow with age. However, some people can like a slightly warmer white of white gold instead of a greyish white. If you are one of those people who more like warmer white, you should choose a rhodium plating white gold necklace.

Also, thanks to recent advances in alloy technology, 18k gold is now usually described as durable as 14k gold. 18K gold has a more dense gold color and a little heavier than 14k gold because it has a higher percentage of pure gold. At the same time, an 18k gold setting likely costs almost at least 25%, at most 65% more than 14k gold of the same setting. So, if you look for a necklace higher gold color and you have a budget for that, you can choose 18K gold for your diamond initial necklace.


Silver another precious metal that you can choose your diamond initial necklace. Pure silver, also called fine silver, is made of actual silver that has a content of 99.9%. As it has high purity, just like pure gold, too soft to use it in making of jewelry. Thus, it is mostly mixed with other metals to make it harder.

Sterling silver is marked 925 or 92.5. If a piece of silver jewelry has lower purity, then, it is considered sterling silver substandard by U.S. standards. So, you need to pay attention to the silver necklace that you buy is 92.5% purity. However, today, silver that is sold in Europe or other parts of the world have purity lower than 92.5% and despite that, still sold like still silver or sterling silver.

Because different silver content standards exist around the world, you should always pay to inquire about the actual silver content of your necklace that you will buy and pay attention to the stamp on it. To avoid this, you should buy your necklace from a reliable jewelry shop and an online site or consult a reliable jeweler after you get it.

Though sterling silver is more durable than pure silver, the metals that are added in the alloy cause to silver more tend to tarnish. So, on the contrary to gold, you need to know the color of silver may fade and tarnish in time if you are not careful. You need to regularly clean your silver necklace. So, it does not tarnish when exposed to excessive use and the elements like sweat, perfume, so on.

Of course, silver is more affordable than gold, and so, you can easily find a silver initial necklace that does not cost too much. At the same time, if you care more about the carat weight of the diamond than the metal type, silver is the right choice for you. The reason for this is that you can buy silver for less price than gold, and therefore you will have more to buy a diamond initial necklace with higher carat weight.

Choosing the Type of Chain Link

Just as there are various metal types for your chain and necklace, there are also many options for the links that make up your chain. Although these ties are considered as insignificant small pieces when considered alone, when they come together, they completely change and differentiate the general appearance of the chain and your necklace.

The Cable Link

The cable link is the most common jewelry chain and available in a wide variety of widths and thicknesses. Cable links are oval-shaped with are aesthetic, unlike the paper clip chains. Also, it is durable that can stand up against breaks and versatile. Moreover, it does not bother you by easily kinking.

Cable Link Chain

Cable Link Chain Necklace

The Box Link

When we compare to other chain styles or designs, the box chain is made up of interconnected square links. It is the chain style is a type of thick and heavy compared to most styles.

Box Link Chain

Box Link Chain Necklace

The Curb Link

The curb link to another popular choice. This type of chain is similar in that its construction to the cable link. However, the individual appearance of the links is flatter than cable links. This type of chain is durable too. However, it tends to be seen as a more “masculine” option. For this reason, it is a suitable choice for the jewelry of men.

Curb Link Chain

The Rope Link

As its name signifies, the pattern of the links is similar to the shape of a rope. It is a classic and common chain style that is considerably popular in the Hip-hop community. Initial necklaces made from this type of chain usually tend to be longer.

Rope Link Chain

Rope Link Chain Necklace

The Spiga Link

The Spiga link is also known as the wheat link. This type of link comes in a range of widths and lengths that always maintain to look beautiful. Unlike the cable and curb links, the Spiga link achieves a sparkle that grants privilege. Just like the cable link, it is another durable option that performs perfectly as a necklace for women.

Spiga Link Chain

The Most Common Clasp Types

Spring Ring Clasps

A spring ring clasp is opened when you go back to a small lever that slides along a circular ring. When the clasp is opened, simply place the chain attached to the piece you are tying in the open circle. You then release the lever to return to the previous closed position. Inside the buckle, there is a tiny spring that puts pressure on the mechanism to ensure the spring ring closed until you decide to turn it back on. For this reason, it is a very safe chain clasp that you can choose for your initial necklace that has a special meaning.

Spring ring clasps are the commonest option used to keep safe necklaces. However, many people sometimes have difficulty in operating very tiny spring ring clasps by themselves. However, clasps that are attached to a well-sized loop that you can handle easily, or to a rigid piece more useful to handle.

Lobster Claw Clasps

As its name signifies, this clasp looks similar to the claws of a lobster. However, to suit the jewelry the clasps are used to secure, the look varies and can be styled depending on the type of necklace.

A lobster claw clasp has a tiny spring in its mechanism that holds the arm closed until you push on the lever. So, they are secure clasps that are popular for necklaces. Also, opening or closing a lobster claw is a little easier than the opening or closing spring ring clasps by yourself.

The Most Popular Diamond Shape for Initial Pendants: Round Shape

From past to present, the most preferred and common diamond shape, is round-brilliant cut. The reason for this is can be the round shape is also the most optically brilliant shape thanks to its 360-degree symmetrical appearance. A round brilliant diamond is the only option that has this proportion. Therefore, it is also the nearly only option for a diamond initial necklaces because of its classic nature and sparkle. It is the most sparkle and the most enduring classic shape.

The round shape has been called “ideal” cut diamond and referred “round-brilliant”. This means that this cut uses numerous facets to reflect white light particularly. Depths, angles, and proportions of round cut diamond work together to reveal a diamond’s ability to spread fire and brilliance. It is cut with 58 facets and all of these facets reflect light to your eyes back. Besides, because the round brilliant has a classic design, it complements many different styles and nearly suits every occasion.

Round Shape Diamond

Round diamonds are generally set into four or six prongs on initial necklaces. Also, if the round brilliant has a grade of Ideal cut or Very Good cut, you should choose an initial letter necklace diamonds in the pendant are circled by the least amount prong. Therefore, it is kept securely but does not cover up too much of the diamond and prevent light from meeting diamonds. For this reason, especially for initial necklaces, the right choice and best selling shape type is round shape.

Setting Types For Diamond Initial Necklaces

The diamond, or diamonds, are set into an initial pendant using one of a set of setting styles. There are different setting styles for pendants of necklaces. However, the most common setting types for initial necklaces are prong and pave settings. The reason for this is that they enable to enter and reflect maximum light to diamond and therefore, create that eye-catching shine. Also, it is important that the setting you choose matches the buyer’s expectations.

The Most Common Setting Type: Prong

The prong setting, also known as the claw setting, is a set type that generally has four or six metal claws that reach over the gemstone. Therefore, the diamond stands in place and enter more light to the stone. Although the most common type of prong setting consists of four prongs, you will also find a three-prong setting and this gives a different style your pendant of the necklace. The reason that it is highly preferred is that it allows the diamond much sparkle from every angle and increases the brilliance of the gemstone.

Prong Setting Initial Necklace

However, although prong settings may look perfect, they are not very safe in terms of durability for regular day-to-day use and offers less protection to the diamonds. It also brings with it the risk of prongs getting caught in clothing or fabric. No one wants their diamonds of the necklace to fall out and get lost.

Pave Setting

Pave is a setting in which many small diamonds ‘pave’ the pendant and for this reason, it has a timeless and dazzling style. With pave settings, several diamonds are placed close together, separated, and keep in place by the means of small metal beads. This appearance looks like a constant string of diamonds.

Pave Setting Initial Necklace

Channel Setting

Another setting type, channel setting, creating a channel where diamonds sit. Then, this channel is placed for each diamond. Each new holds the diamonds in place by hammering the upsides of the channel walls. Channel setting is the right way to keep together multiple diamonds because multiple diamonds are set into a channel and made out of a pair of metal strips.

3 General Tips About Choosing A Diamond Initial Necklace

You should match the metal of the pendant and chain: A white gold initial pendant should be matched with a white gold chain. Whether each metal is used together, i.e. a yellow gold pendant is worn with a white gold or silver chain, there is always the best match. Even if the metal types do not match, you should pay attention to the matching of the colors. For example, if you have a white gold pendant but do not want to use a white gold chain, you may prefer a silver chain instead because the colors are similar.

You should make the pendant be the star of the show: It would be a good choice to choose a simple chain block to keep your eyes on your initial necklace. A chain should always be in the background if you are not wearing it without pendants. The first piece that should stand out in a pendant necklace is of course the pendant, so a less flashy chain should always be chosen.

Add special meaning
The reason why initial necklaces exist is that they are customized for the wearer. One can not expect such a personalized necklace to be meaningless. Add the initials of yourself or your loved one’s name to add meaning to it. At the same time, by adding the initials of names of your children’s, your parents, or your friends to your necklace, you add meaning to your necklace and symbolize all your loved ones in a diamond necklace.

When Should You Buy a Diamond Necklace?

Initial necklaces are great gifts for children, your friends, or finally, yourself. Giving a diamond initial necklace is a significant way to present a personalized gift that the recipient will love. When the glittering charm of diamonds is paired with sterling silver, white or yellow gold occurs an everlasting piece of jewelry that can fit every attire and events. As the simple and also timeless pieces, the nature of these initial pendant necklaces match with other jewelry gifts very well.

A diamond initial necklace likely makes your loved one smile whenever you buy it. You can choose Mother’s Day, a birthday, or another special occasion to give it. If you want a pick-me-up, an initial necklace is a right choice to add your jewelry collection. Initial necklaces great as a gift for christenings, weddings, and birthdays with a range of metals including silver, 10k, 14k, and 18k gold.

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