Diamond Like Stones: Which Gemstones Look Like Diamonds?

Diamond is a mineral composed of pure carbon. It is considered a crystalline mineral. Diamond can be used easily on metals such as gold and silver as metal parts. In daily use, it is the diamond on 8-carat gold that is preferred. Diamond can be used with all other precious stones as well as mostly used alone. Since diamond symbolizes ancient times, it can also be used with precious stones such as sapphire, ruby, emerald. There are also diamond-like stones that resemble diamonds. What do you think these are?

Diamond-like stones are gemstones that look almost the same as diamonds. These gemstones include white sapphire, garnet, white topaz, spinel, moissanite, and rutile. Those stones are also used in jewelry making as diamonds are. They can also be used with diamonds on the same jewelry piece to add more color and vividness to the accessory. Let’s get to know those diamond-like stones together!

Diamond Like Stones: White Sapphire

Sapphire is the crystalline form of aluminum oxide. The most valuable is the one in light blue and clear tones. It can be found naturally or can be produced in a laboratory environment. Sapphire produced in a laboratory environment is called lab sapphire. Natural sapphire is a very rare gemstone. Sapphire, which has a hardness of 9 on the Mons scale, is highly resistant to high temperatures. All varieties of the corridor except the red ones are called sapphires. The white one is a white sapphire.

White sapphire is one of the rarest stones. For this reason, it is mostly evaluated on jewelry, but also on different jewelry. It is also known as the sky ruby ​​among the people. Although its main color is blue and dark blue, the sapphire stone is also used over many different colors. Other colors include pink, orange, and yellow. But the type of sapphire that really resembles a diamond is white sapphire. In addition, with the minerals and energy that it contains, it provides important psychological and physiological contributions to human health.

The world’s most valuable and well-known white sapphire, which is generally used as jewelry, was mined from India. The largest known sapphire is the 563-carat Indian star. Known as the stone of wisdom, white sapphire is said to strengthen belief, give confidence to the person, and increase spiritual sensitivity depending on the feeling of compassion.

The most valuable mineral comes from white sapphire, as it is rare around the world. It is known as a kind of mineral called Corundum. The darkest one is rare and therefore very valuable. Since it has a resistant structure, it is among the stones that have adapted to climatic conditions. In addition, since it is resistant to high temperatures, it takes the desired shape by going through long processes. It has a very impressive aesthetic with its bright and smooth heart.

Like all stones, white sapphire is formed in a natural process. Hundreds of thousands and even millions of years must pass for the formation of a white sapphire stone, which has a crystalline structure. It is a stone that is found and extracted in rocks to a very large extent. Especially when there are basalt or schist rocks, the possibility of finding white sapphire increases to a higher level. The homeland of white sapphire, which is mostly extracted in large masses, is India. Because of its rarity, it is generally known as the stone mined from this country.

Through certain methods, it is understood whether the precious stones are real or not. For example, if you know what the colors of the white sapphire are, you can tell whether it is the same color by breaking it and looking at its inner and outer parts. At the same time, it is possible to understand whether it is a white sapphire stone by removing the paint on it if it has been painted by holding it on fire. You can also get information about whether the stone is real or not by going to the people who are experts in this business. Especially with its main color being blue and navy blue, experts who have experience with other colors can understand whether the white sapphire is real when they take it in their hands.

Diamond Like Stones: Garnet

Garnet is a silicate species. Garnet is available in dark red tones but it can be found in white tones which resembles diamonds. Garnet, which is found in nature as transparent and semi-transparent, has a hardness of 7-7.5 according to the Mohs scale. It is known that the stone, which is likened to pomegranate seeds, has been used since the Bronze Age. Historical excavations have found garnets over 5000 years old. In ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations, this stone was likened to pieces of fire and was highly valued.

Each variety of garnet with a high refractive index and perfect clarity has a different name. Garnet varieties with different colors and energies are almandine, andradite, demantoid, grossularite, pyrope, rhodolite, tsavorite, spessartite, uvarovite. You can design your jewelry with garnet and rhodolite garnet in Mottaki. It is said that this stone strengthens night vision and increases the effort to be successful. Garnet, the birthstone of January, symbolizes loyalty and compassion and will be a good mother’s day gift.

Garnet is a semi-transparent stone, usually in red tones. It doesn’t just have red tones on it. It can also contain different colors. It is good for many diseases. It is used in many ornaments and accessories due to its interesting structure. It is among the precious natural stones. Garnet stone comes out in many countries such as Sri Lanka, the United States of America, Alaska, Australia, Madagascar, Africa, Canada, India, Brazil. The stones extracted from here are sent to various countries of the world and processed in different ways. Both exports and imports are carried out intensively.

Garnet stone has many benefits. For example, it gives vitality to the body and strengthens it. It is especially recommended for those who suffer from low back pain to take advantage of this stone. While doing this, you need to tie it around your waist like a belt. It also increases sexual sensitivity. When you put it on the groin, you need to wait for a while. In this way, it is said to be good for sexual imbalances. It is also very effective against a menstrual irregularity in women. It is also very good for bleeding and uterine pains that cause pain and loss of strength during this period. It also removes the tensions that manifest themselves, especially during this period.

It gives vitality and vitality. It facilitates the activation of good feelings. It strengthens the feelings of love, respect, and compassion. It increases self-confidence. It is also said to increase imagination. It helps a regular flow of emotions in maintaining balance. It cleanses the body and accelerates the blood circulation in the veins. It also strengthens the skin. It protects from nightmares and nightmares. It allows people to have a comfortable sleep. For this reason, it is recommended to be used as a necklace or bracelet. You can also put it under your pillow if you wish.

Diamond Like Stones: White Topaz

Especially in ancient times, white topaz was among the most valuable stones used for healing purposes. There are records that it is good for and cures many different diseases, especially the plague. Today, it is among the precious stones used as ornaments with much different jewelry.

Topaz is one of the most precious metals, which has the same weight as diamond and has different colors. This stone, which has a natural structure, is evaluated over its colors such as blue, white, gray, brown, and red. It is also among the stones that reveal different colors when exposed to the sun. It is known that especially when the Brazilian topaz stone is kept in the sun, it turns pink. These studies became more common over time, and eventually, this stone became known as ruby.

Over many years, white topaz stone completes its formation under the light of some physical and chemical effects. This precious stone, which is formed in the spaces between the rocks, also becomes final after the volcanic effects. It is one of the most precious stones formed especially with the sudden cooling of volcanic stones. It is extensively mined in different countries around the world, as it is very important for jewelry and jewelry. Other than white, the preferred colors are mostly orange and yellow together. It is a stone found in countries such as Brazil, the USA, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, China, Germany, and Japan.

First of all, it is a stone that can be understood through its appearance for people who have experience in white topaz stone. In addition, if it is painted over, it can be understood that it is fake when the paint comes off by keeping it at a certain temperature. By breaking different ornaments, it can be understood that this stone is real because it is the same color by looking at its inner and outer parts. On the other hand, when purchasing this stone, care should be taken to obtain it with its certificate and guarantee. Thus, it is possible to use white topaz stone on ornaments together with different jewelry completely safely.

White topaz stone is of great importance, especially with its contributions to human health. It is also a precious stone that is known and believed to have a powerful feature. It is known to give courage and also has a self-confidence-boosting effect. White topaz stone with a hardness of 8 is quite durable compared to other stones. Even though it is not a stone that breaks easily, care should be taken not to damage the stone. It should also be said that it has many different colors while being mined in different parts of the world.

Diamond Like Stones: Spinel

Spinel is magnesium aluminum oxide. It occurs as octahedral, dodecahedral, or cubic crystals in granular, massive, or compact habits. Spinel stone has a vitreous luster and is transparent or translucent in structure. It is one of the rarest and most precious stones. Spinel stone colors are red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, colorless, black, and brown. It appears in a variety of vibrant beautiful colors due to elements such as chromium, iron, and cobalt present in the stone. However, the white one is the one that resembles a diamond.

Spinel stone occurs in igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks such as marble, serpentinite, and gneiss. It is often found with corundum stones and is therefore often confused with ruby ​​and garnet. One of the ways to distinguish spinel from other stones is heat. While ruby ​​and garnet do not react at all when exposed to heat, Spinel begins to melt unbelievably at 2135 degrees Celsius. Spinel is a stone commonly used in place of the ruby ​​due to its rarity and beauty. It is said that many of the famous rubies used as gems around the world are actually spinel.

The most famous is the magnificent 170-carat red spinel stone owned by Prince Edward (the Black Prince, eldest son of King Alexander III of England in the Middle Ages). It was understood that the stones adorning the British Imperial crown made in the 1940s were spinel, not ruby. Today it is the favorite stone of collectors and jewelers and is preferred for its vibrancy, durability, and a wide variety of gorgeous vibrant colors.

Spinel has been used in jewelry since the earliest human history. Natural spinel stone is very rare. The name spinel comes from the Latin word “Spina”, meaning sharp needle-like in the form of a thorn. It has been considered a protective stone for its beauty and the energy it radiates. Spinel first appears in the historical records of 14th-century Spain, and Edward, Prince of Wales (“The Black Prince”) accepted the stone as payment for a war indemnity in 1367. This stone, which he received as war payment, belonged to the Spanish King. Since then, VIII. Many British monarchs, including Henry, took an interest in this gemstone.

Extraordinarily large spinel mines are known to exist in mines in central and southeast Asia in ancient times. In ancient times they were known as “balas rubies” and were the prized possessions of kings and emperors. It was often seized as spoils of war. As a result, some of the world’s most famous rubies are actually spinel. It turned out that the 352-carat ruby ​​stone owned by Queen Elizabeth was spinel. Mineralogist Jean Baptiste Louis Rome de Lisle discovered in 1783 that the stones known as rubies were actually spinel and identified it as a different mineral.

Diamond Like Stones: Moissanite

Moissanite is a very durable material. It is durable and hard, so it is extremely resistant to scratches, splitting, abrasion and breakage. In addition, damages that may occur while being repaired are at the lowest level as Moissanite is heat tolerant. Moissanite is durable and hard. Diamond is the hardest stone used in jewelry, but Moissanite is harder than diamond, with a hardness of 9.25 than all other precious stones, including rubies and sapphires.

Based on scientific research carried out under high pressure, we can say that Moissanite is extremely resistant to breaking and chipping. In fact, Moissanite is the most durable gemstone known. Compared to other precious stones, Moissanite’s resistance to high temperatures is quite high. Tested at a temperature of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than the temperature equivalent to a house fire, it has been proven by this test that Moissanite maintains its brightness on the first day. This feature prevents Moissanite from being damaged in jewelry repairs made at high temperatures.

Compared to other precious stones, Moissanite’s resistance to high temperatures is quite high. Tested at a temperature of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than the temperature equivalent to a house fire, it has been proven by this test that Moissanite maintains its brightness on the first day. This feature prevents Moissanite from being damaged in jewelry repairs made at high temperatures.

You can also clean Moissanite with the same methods you clean the diamond. You may or may not be able to put any jewelry in the ultrasonic cleaner to protect it from scratching and abrasion, but Moissanite remains perfectly intact under normal ultrasonic cleaner.

Think of a jewel that cannot be distinguished from a diamond, preserves its shine and color for a lifetime, does not lose its value, and costs much less than a diamond. Even your friends and jewelers will not be able to distinguish your jewelry from us, only you will know the difference. For a gemstone to be considered a jewel, it must be remarkably bright, tough enough to stand the test of time, and capable of being passed down from generation to generation.

  • Moissanite will attract envious eyes as it is brighter than all known precious stones and scientifically proven to attract attention.
  • Moissanite is the second hardest substance known on earth after diamond. Moissanite is durable and hard. This feature allows moissanite jewelry not to be scratched and to maintain its shine and use for generations.
  • Moissanite is brighter, more sparkly, and more striking than all the known precious stones in the world, including diamonds. As a result of the scientific tests carried out by the GIA – American Stone Sciences Institute, these data were obtained and accepted by the jewelry market.
  • Moissanite jewels are unscratched, unbreakable, and have hardness, shine, and durability that can be used for generations. If you want to change your model, enlarge your stone or turn it into cash, you will be greeted with a smile at authorized sales points.
  • Moissanite is briefly “the beginning of a new era in the jewelry sector”.

Diamond Like Stones: Rutile

Although rutile stone is in the form of quartz crystal, its distinctive characteristic feature is the threadlike threads in the form of golden needles, white sewing needles, hair, or gold wires, which give this stone a pleasant appearance. Spicy Quartz can be colorless or brown, gray (light grey), yellow or purple. Pins appear in different colors within the base color, usually of the same type, but sometimes in different patterns. It is known for its diamond resemblance.

Rutile is balancing and healing for all physical systems. It provides physical, mental, and spiritual strength. Increases communication power and ability. It stimulates and activates brain functions. It activates thought-forms. It allows you to focus on an issue. It keeps the blood circulation system healthy. It is useful for heart diseases. It helps blood production, increases its quality.

  • It is medicinal for the eyes. Helps to heal eye diseases. Helps sleep. It prevents nightmares.
  • It delays aging by enabling the regeneration of tissues. It repairs tissue damage by renewing cells.
  • It is a symbol of sexual power, increasing sexual power. Relieves sexual tensions. It is considered useful for the relief of chronic formlessness, impotence, and infertility.

Repairs bone damage. It is effective against osteoporosis. Relieves depression. It helps to overcome phobias. Helps treat anxiety. It brings out our inner child from time to time, making us cheer. It raises the feeling of forgiving oneself and others in all matters. It heals mental problems and obsessions (OCD) by helping us understand their causes. It balances thyroid hormones. It keeps the thyroid gland healthy and helps treat it if it gets sick.

It strengthens the immune system. It is considered healing for Chronic Bronchitis and Asthma. It absorbs and destroys mercury (mercury poison) from the nerves, muscles, blood, and intestines. It heals, stimulates, and activates the pineal gland. It makes the pituitary gland function. It relieves headaches. It has pyroelectric properties. For this reason, it can be used to regulate heart rhythm, balance the brain electricity, dissolve kidney stones, and warm the body. It slows down the aging process by renewing cells. It is effective in eliminating chronic fatigue.

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