What Is the Best Way to Apply Diamond Nails?

The nail art industry is a large all-encompassing industry with new designs and ideas popping up every day. This industry, which includes many designs such as summer nails, fancy nails. The most prominent and sounding of these designs are the diamond nails. While diamond nails can sound like an overnight splurge and are quite expensive and delicate, they have become an increasingly common choice over the past few years.

There are many methods to apply diamond nails. However, the most common methods are “topcoat” and “nail glue or resin”. The topcoat method is the fastest and simplest way to apply diamond but it is the least permanent option. On the other hand, the nail glue (or resin) method is difficult to apply because many types of glue lose their sticking strength but when you apply it, it will give your stones some staying power. It can be considered that they are expensive because they are as hard as diamonds but they have no difference from regular acrylic nails because diamond nails are acrylics too.

It is right to say that there was no certain moment when diamond nails appeared. However, many people say that these nails have had an adventure starting from 2013 to 2016 and 2017, and since then. These nails are inspired by the diamond nails used by celebrities. Diamond nails are believed to be the result of another technique called the “shattered glass nails trend” that gives the impression of broken glass by applying pieces and bits of cellophane onto the nails. This is because sparkling holographic “pieces” are used for a 3D result in diamond nail applications.

Whether real or fake, a few diamonds sprinkled on the nails, or diamond nails completely covered with gemstones, now sparkle that other people can show off on a simple whim. These nails are preferred not only for elegant dinner dates, red carpets but also just walking the streets because everyone deserves diamond nails at least once in their life.

How to Do Diamond Nails In the Most Classical Way: Diamond Nails Step-by-Step

For nail diamonds, materials that need to be used as follows:

  • Synthetic brush
  • Glue/resin/gel/ acrylics
  • Tweezers/clipper
  • Diamond powder
  • Catalyst spray
  • Cuticle balm
  • Nutritious oil
  • Acetone-free nail polish remover
  • Nail buffe

Step One: Cleaning

Before doing any operations on your nails, the first thing to do is to clean your nails properly using a scrub, brush, tweezers, and clippers. Then, use a file to shape your nails. Even if you do not use your natural nails and choose artificial nails, still try to shape them. Finally, rinse your filed nails carefully and wipe them dry with a towel so that no residue could prevent you from forming diamond nails.

Step Two: On-going Procedure

After you have taken proper care of your nails, applying a little resin gel to the nails can have good results for application. It would not be wrong to apply the resin gel in one or even two layers as thin as possible so that no excess remains around the nails. If there is still some resin gel on the sides, gently wipe them off, making sure there is a small distance between the gel and the skin around the nail.

The next step is to soak your nails in crystal powder one by one, but not more than once. The powder, which gives your nails a crystal effect, also makes the nails more durable. It is suggested that the tip of the nail is dipped lightly in the powder first, then the rest of the nail.

Diamond Powder

Apply the powder all over the nail. Then fix the nails with the help of a catalyst spray or finishing polish. When applying the spray, it is better to keep it 16-18 inches from the nails and apply only 2 or 3 pumps. If you do not have a catalyst spray, topcoat polish will also work. After the protection has been applied, wait 15-20 minutes for them to dry.

Step Three: Accessorizing the Nails

The third step for diamond nails is to accessory them. If you have found the level of sparkle on your nails low, you can increase this shine by using a glitter polish. These glitter varnishes can come in many different colors. You can add some joy to your nails through colored polishes. Besides, you can always add other gems and stickers to your nails. These can be emeralds, rubies. At the same time, any shape, form, a symbol can be added to your manicure perfectly customized to suit your manicure

Step Four: Taking Care of the Nails

It is difficult to take care of diamond nails, but many maintenance methods can be used when necessary. Firstly, a topcoat will be the perfect choice. After applying the nail polish, adding another layer of topcoat to renew this process every two or three days is necessary to protect the nails. Also, although the manicure process is finished, this does not mean that you cannot file your nails, you may not be able to file your nails as you wish when necessary.

The Most Popular 4 Methods to Apply Nail Jewelry

Gel polish, nail glue, or something else… What is the best way to apply nail jewelry, rhinestones, nails charms, and studs? In other words, how do you keep those sparkly nail diamonds in place? You should learn the best methods to apply nail jewelry because properly adding the diamonds will keep them firmly sticking to your nails rather than on the floor. Some popular methods are mostly preferred. These methods are placed in tutorial style along with the pros and cons of each as follows:

Bejeweled Method 1: Resin or Nail Glue

Start by first applying your base coat and two thin layers of nail polish of your choice. Using a toothpick or other small sharp object, carefully mark a small dot of glue or resin on your nail. Put your parting on the glue spot and gently hold it in place using a toothpick, wait for the glue to dry. Try to hold each piece in place for at least 20 to 30 seconds before letting go completely. After you have applied all of your embellishments, you’d better apply a clear topcoat for the jewelry to be extra durable.

Pros and Cons: This is one of the best ways your diamond nail can have long-term durability. However, this method is the most time consuming among others and therefore requires a lot of labor. Also, many types of glue begin to lose their ability to stick shortly after the tube is opened, so you will always need to use freshly opened glue.

Bejeweled Method 2: Clear Base Coat

First, start by applying two thin layers of nail polish of your choice along with a base coat. Paint over this with the help of a thick clear topcoat and then quickly start applying the diamonds of your choice. The point to note is that the diamonds must adhere before the topcoat dries. So make sure you work fast. Do not use a fast-drying finishing polish in this. You will need to be very fast if you use it, which can lead to sloppy work done. When finished, apply an additional clear top coat to keep the diamonds in place.

Pros and Cons: This is the fastest and easiest way to apply diamond nails, and is a great choice for beginners who want to keep up with nail jewelry fashion. However, this method, which is the fastest way, is also an application type that causes the least permanent diamond nails. Their durability will end in a short time like a day after they are applied just as quickly applied.

Bejeweled Method 3: Gel Polish

Gel polish is known to be extremely damaging to nails and therefore has a rather bad reputation. However, many nail polishes are still used today. If you ignore the consequences and bad side effects of using acetone nail polish remover to get rid of the magic polish, this method can work for you.

After preparing your nails with a cuticle stick and a tampon, read the application instructions of the gel polish brand that you decide to use and follow the instructions. Apply the second coat of gel polish, then stick each diamond to your finger or toenail and follow up quickly with a gel topcoat. Cure the nail and then apply another coat of gel topcoat.

Pros and Cons: This method is the number one way to keep rhinestones, sparkles, jewelry, and other ornaments sticking to your nails for a long time. It works for all nail accessories, whether small or large and even nail chains. On the other hand, as mentioned before, gel polish has a negative feature in terms of being very harmful to your nails. Also, despite being extremely durable, home polishes are still not as strong as salon and spa formulas. As a result, it would not be right to expect a permanent result as much as a professional manicure or pedicure.

Bejeweled Method 4: Tacky Polish Dots

Start by applying your base coat in the first place and two thin layers of nail polish of your choice. Then use your tool to apply a small dot of old, slightly tacky clear or colored nail polish where the diamond is intended to stick. Wait a moment for the polish to dry and become sticky, then place the gem on the polish point. Finish your process by applying a layer of clear top coat for extra protection.

Prons and Cons: This method seems to work for many who try it and is a good way to “recycle” an old polish that would be thrown away. Its permanence is for a few days. This shows that the retention time is longer than the retention time provided by the Clear Base Coat method. On the other hand, this period is not as long as the Gel Polish method.

Diamond Nails in Different Styles in 7 Steps

Half Nail with Diamonds

This sweet and feminine look is pure magic that combines the beauty of natural nails with a princess’s polish. The tools needed to make these half nails are as follows:

  • Nail glue
  • 30 nail diamonds
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Sticky tape
  • Baby blue polish
  • Clear topcoat
  • Disposable white plastic plate
  • Double-sided dotting tool (optional)

Please keep in mind that you should apply with care and read instructions thoroughly before use because nail glue is a strong adhesive.

Step 1
Firstly, sprinkle diamonds on your workspace for easy access and work. Then, be sure about each diamond stands flat on its underside. Cut ten pieces of tape. These pieces should be slightly longer than the width of
each nail. Gently stick the pieces to the edge of a tabletop.

Step 2
Using tweezers, add a piece of tape horizontally in the middle of each nail and press it firmly. Using tweezers, press the tape to the edges between the nail and the cuticle.

Step 3
Starting in the middle of each nail, paint it upwards with a baby blue polish. After waiting for it to dry, repeat the same process, and paint another coat.

Step 4
Using tweezers, pull gently from left to right, and remove the tape as soon as nails are completely dry. If you are using a dotting tool to decorate diamonds for application, pour a pea-sized drop of clear topcoat over the plastic plate.

Step 5
Drip a small drop of nail glue to the middle of the nail, where the baby blue color of polish meets the natural nail.

Step 6
Dip the small end of the decorating tool into the puddle of the clear finish and then tap the top of a single diamond lightly. It will adhere to the tip of the diamond pointing tool for easy transfer to the nail. Gently place the crystal on top of the glue drop after placing the dotting tool directly on the nail. If there is not a dotting tool, you can use tweezers to transfer diamonds.

Step 7
Repeat steps 5 and 6 applying nail glue and diamonds to the right and left of the center diamond. This creates a line of three crystals along the midline of the nail. Repeat the same process for all nails. However, you should be careful about the glue to dry thoroughly. Finally, paint the entire surface of each nail and apply a clear topcoat and wait for the finished look to dry.


These model nails are versatile and wardrobe friendly. For best results, you can pair these jeweled model nails with a cocktail dress or a plain black t-shirt. The tools needed to make these jewel-encrusted nails are as follow:

  • Nail Glue
  • Diamond glitter
  • 30 to 40 nail diamonds (nearly 3 to 4 per nail)
  • Gold polish
  • Gold glitter polish
  • Clear topcoat
  • Disposable white plastic plate
  • Double-sided dotting tool (or toothpick and tweezers)

Step 1
Firstly, sprinkle a pinch of glitter on your work area and place the diamonds on a flat surface. After applying two coats of gold polish to all nails, apply one coat of gold glitter polish and wait for the nails to dry with together each coat.

Step 2
Second, pour a pea-sized deposit of clear finish onto the plastic plate.

Step 3
Apply a second coat of gold glitter polish to one nail and do not wait for it
to dry. It is important to be wet polish for this purpose of acting as an adhesive for the glitter.

Step 4
Dip the tiny end of the dotting tool into the puddle of the topcoat and then lightly touch it on a glitter. The glitter should stick to the end of the dotting tool. Put that dotting tool directly above the surface of the nail and you can apply a piece of glitter wherever you want. Lightly press the dotting tool the nail and then, remove the glitter, leaving it attached to the nail. If you have a toothpick instead of a dotting tool, slightly dampen the tip. Using it to pick up individual pieces of glitter, apply to the nail as described.

Step 5
Apply the desired amount of glitter around the nail, leaving the middle of the nail blank. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each nail, and then let your nails dry.

Step 6
Put a small drop of glue in the center of the nail. Next
Crystalline it into the glue using the dotting tool. If you don’t have a dotting tool, you can use tweezers. Continue adding glue and crystal to the center of the nail to form a cluster.

Step 7
Finally, repeat step 6 by adding a cluster to each nail and let the glue dry. Apply a clear topcoat and wait for the final nail topcoat to dry.

Studded Eclipse

It adds a fancy and fun look to your nails along with a layered purple and a glitter liner. This model will go well with furs or dark jeans. The tools needed to make these studded eclipse nails are as follow:

  • Diamond glitter
  • Two shades of purple polish. One should be light, one should be dark
  • Clear topcoat
  • Disposable white plastic plate
  • Double-sided dotting tool or toothpick

Step 1
Firstly, sprinkle a pinch of gold glitter on your workspace to easily access. Then, apply one coat of light purple polish on each nail and wait for it to dry.

Step 2
If you are using a decorating tool to create a glittery look, pour a pea-sized puddle of top coat onto the plastic plate. Apply a second coat of light purple polish to the lower half of a nail and let it dry for 60 seconds. Light wet polish acts as an adhesive for shine.

Step 3
Gently dip the small end of the dotting tool into the puddle of the clear topcoat. After that, gently touch a single piece of glitter. Stick on the tip of the dotting tool for easy transfer to the nail that will sparkle. Place the dotting tool directly on the nail surface in the lower center of the nail. Lightly press the dotting tool onto the nail and then remove the glitter leaving it attached to the nail. If you have not a dotting tool, use a toothpick and slightly dampen the tip. Use this toothpick to pick up individual pieces of glitter and apply it to the nail as mentioned.

Step 4
Repeat step 3 adding pieces of glitter to both the right and left of the
middle of the nail. Apply this process until you have five to seven pieces of glitter in a row along the lower curve of the nail. Leave plenty of room around each piece, the underlying shade of purple is visible.

Step 5
Repeat steps 2 to 4 and apply a piece of glitter over to each nail. Then, wait to dry. If the puddle of the topcoat dries out, pour a pea-sized fresh puddle of water over the nail.

Step 6
Using dark purple polish, draw a curved line pointing towards the top of the nail. This line reflects the glitter line and leaves a wide curved light purple edge at the bottom of each nail. Then, fill the top of each nail with dark purple polish and let it dry. You can apply a second coat as needed.

Step 7
When the nails dry, apply a clear topcoat covering each nail completely. Finally, wait for the finished look to completely dry.

How to Secure Diamonds: A Quick Nail Tip

You can not always have to use a lot of materials to secure diamonds to your nail. There is a quick tip for this process. You can secure them using only one product. The first thing that you will do is taking Kiara Sky non-wipe topcoat. You should use a non-wipe topcoat. The reason to use it is that your toenail dries quickly, grips the stones tightly, and holds them in place. as soon as you place stones. You do not want a sticky inhibition layer that you will have to wipe off.

Then, apply the topcoat to the entire nail and use a little extra topcoat on the middle where you will put stones. The best thing about using a gel topcoat for this technique is that you have a lot of time to maneuver those stones wherever you want them. An easy way to pick up the stones is by using a wax pencil one pro tip that you want to remember when doing an emblem type. Another tip is keeping everything symmetrical. This is very appealing to the eye and makes for a beautiful nail. Pick up different sizes of stones to add dimension and make the emblem looks amazing. Make sure everything is exactly as you want. Now, it is time to cure. Once it is cured, your stones are all set in place.

DOs and DON’Ts About Diamond Nails

There are some dos and don’ts during the diamond nail application process:


  • Use toothpicks to apply dots of topcoat
  • Start with dry base
  • Use tweezers or gem pick up tool
  • Push down on gem to secure it
  • Make dots slightly smaller than the gems
  • Use nail glue for a stronger hold
  • Press down on gem


  • Do not put gems over a base that is not dry
  • Do not apply too much topcoat
  • Do not apply a topcoat over gems (topcoat will make gems dull)
  • Do not use too much glue
  • Do not get glue on top of gems

The Five Ways to Remove Nail Diamond

Diamonds look so great on the nails. However, unfortunately, after three or four weeks, it is time to take them off. When you apply your blingy jewel on your nails, the goal, of course, is to make sure it withstands and they adhere pretty well. However, when it comes to removing them, you wish that you did not adhere to them so well because it is time-consuming work.

You can take some acetone and soak and stick it in there. Despite it is simple, it will also affect the acrylic and make it kind of mushy after a while. So, we would not recommend it because you do not want to ruin your acrylic. There are five ways to take them off:

The first of them is “soak-off remover”. This way will work only if you use the stock of products. It usually works when you are working on the natural nail. The second way is “nail clippers”. It is good but it will not work if you use the large sizes rhinestones as they will not simply open that. So, it will work only for small rhinestones.

Soak Off Remover


The third way is “sharp pusher”. As its name signifies, it is very sharp and we highly recommend not using it as you can accidentally damage the surrounding skin. The fourth way is “carbide bits”. A carbide drill bit for acrylic and gel nails. It is recommended to use black or green abrasive marks which are coarse to medium for natural nails or gel polishes. We recommend taking blue or red abrasive marks which are medium and medium-fine. Also do not forget to protect your eyes.

Carbide Nail Drill Bit


The last way is the “nippers” that is the most popular way. You can prefer any size nipper but it is better to choose a smaller size nipper because it is easier to work with them. Besides, do not use the ones that you use for cutting the cuticles as they will not be as sharp anymore. Once you use them for the nail diamonds, it is easy to use like you need to open the blade and simply take the diamonds. It is usually pretty fast and easy. If you have the whole nail covered with crystal also, do not forget to cover it up a little bit using your finger. So, the diamonds will not jump off and fall in somebody’s face or eyes.

How Long Can Diamond Nails Last?

There is a significant difference between fake and real diamonds, and this difference is effective at their permanence level. If you choose an average nail polish made of fake diamonds, it will last as long as a standard nail polish would normally last, i.e. roughly 3 weeks depending on how it was applied, more or less, depending on what you are used to doing. a life and their quality.

On the other hand, if you choose real diamond nails, you should be more careful about taking into consideration how much you pay. Diamond nails are considered to be as durable as real diamonds. Diamond nails are made of both pure diamond and also of other materials that affect their durability. At the same time, technique plays a big role. In the most general sense, diamond nails are thought to last for more than 4 weeks in case you take good care of them.

How Much Do Diamond Nails Cost?

Diamond nails are not mostly made of real diamonds in case you are not willing to pay large sums of money for a manicure. Even so, there are many alternatives for unreal diamond nails. For example, people often use acrylic to get diamond nails.

If you prefer to apply a diamond manicure made of acrylic, the price can range from $35 to $60, depending on what kind of type process that you prefer and where you decide to apply them. The total cost can reach around $120 if you choose a high-end salon or Spa for this procedure. Of course, manicure made from real diamonds costs much more.

For example, the manicure, which is registered as the most expensive manicure process according to the Guinness Book of Records, was carried out by Anna Perelmuter at the Ramat Gan Diamond Center (RDC) of the Israel Diamond Exchange. It was announced that a large number of gems were used for this manicure like 100 small carats of 4.25 carats, 30 rubies, 0.9-carat sapphires, 2-carat amethysts, and 2 large diamonds weighing 4 carats.

Is It Harmful to Your Natural Nails to Wear Diamond Nails?

Diamond nails made of acrylic, though a bit more expensive, are not that different from the average acrylic nails. Therefore, they achieve the same effect and appearance on your natural nails as other ingredients used in artificial nail making. However, if you prefer a nail polish with genuine diamond pieces, you should know that the manicure will not be made entirely of diamonds.

These diamond nail polishes are usually produced by certain brands. This means that behind the creation of this type of finish there are a lot of people who analyze and test as much as possible to make sure they look perfect and will not get any damage when they come in contact. At the same time, this does not mean that the danger is eliminated. This is because some people may be allergic to certain substances.

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