Diamond Necklace Buying Guide

There are very few accessories that can compare to the beauty of a fine diamond necklace. With a casual outfit or for a stylish night in the city, a diamond necklace is a great accessory. Whether you are stylish with diamond solitaire necklaces or bold with extraordinary diamond tennis necklaces, diamond necklaces are always stylish, sparkling, and essential pieces among diamond jewelry. 

There are limitless diamond necklace options that you can purchase whether you look for a large diamond, a cluster, or a simple stud dangling off of a chain. The diamond necklaces feature a diamond pendant on a metal chain. However, there is a style called tennis necklace that does not include a pendant. Size is also an important factor. A classic diamond necklace does not reach farther than the collarbone. The quality of the diamond is also important when choosing a classic necklace. Because conventional diamonds are more platinum than bright or multi-tone, a diamond with a color grade of less than 1 and a diamond of SI2 clarity are recommended.

Although it is still simple and easy to wear, a diamond pendant is a somewhat more involved diamond necklace. There are pendants in every shape and style imaginable, from hearts, flowers, and circles to shapes with symbolic and traditional meanings. So, diamond necklaces are among the most elegant and versatile accessories that bring timeless gifts to the most special people in your life, such as wife, girlfriend, mother, or sister. Diamond necklaces, a perfect in-between gift, are a pleasant and thoughtful gift without emotional attachment like giving a ring, if you are with someone but are not just ready to propose marriage. 

The classic necklace design is perfect for formal events in addition to it is an ideal gift. While not everyone finds earrings or bracelets comfortable, wearing diamond necklaces is easy and comfortable for everyone. However, diamond necklaces come in a wide variety of styles and so can come in many sizes and styles, from the smallest solitaire necklaces to flamboyant necklaces that cover the entire neck. Follow this simple guide to understand which diamond necklace is in what style and choose the right necklace for you or the people you love.

Pendant or Necklace?

The two pieces that come to mind when it comes to necklaces are pendants and necklaces. A diamond necklace consists of gold or platinum links and a certain part or all of this chain is decorated with diamonds. On the other hand, a pendant is a kind of decoration designed to hang on this chain or cord. Some necklaces are also in pendant styles that feature a single diamond and are usually suspended from a chain. 

Brown Diamond Pendant


A pendant has a bail style with an arched, usually oval, teardrop, or d-shaped metal component from which it hangs. The intent is that the necklace moves independently of the chain and is not a permanent part of the chain or cord, and therefore the pendant is designed to slide in the chain rather than soldered to the chain. Necklace styles can include a variety of styles such as solitaire, slide, and locket. However, style selection is not the only item to consider when purchasing a necklace; length should also be taken into account.

Diamond Necklace


Types of Diamond Necklaces

Whatever the taste is, there is always a diamond necklace style to suit your loved ones. Besides different diamond shapes, you can also choose from a variety of necklace styles. Whether you wear it comfortably or for a stylish night out in the city, a diamond necklace is a great accessory. There are many variations and common styles of necklaces, from simple to fancy. The most common of these styles are listed below.

1. Diamond Solitaire Necklace

Solitaire necklaces are both elegant and classic in style. The simple design of a solitaire necklace ensures that all the attention is focused on just one focal point, a beautiful diamond. Consisting of a set of stones in a pointed pattern at the end of the chain, solitaire necklaces usually consist of four prongs in terms of setting, but six nails are a very popular setting style. Prong setting solitaire necklaces work well with just about anything. This type of setting allows a lot of light to enter the diamond, resulting in a unique and fantastic shine.

The most common shapes of solitaire necklaces that can come in a variety of shapes are round, princess, pillow, and oval. Choosing the right shape is a matter of taste and preference. The round is the most common as it is the most versatile shape and is typically the cut that emits the most sparkle.

Princess is also a common shape like a round cut and has both symmetrical and elegant appeal with its perfect square shape. Many people prefer to buy a diamond solitaire necklace, even if it is in minimal design. This is because of its intense radiance and charm.

Unquestionably, diamonds are in their league of sparkle, and therefore no other gemstone can compete with them. However, while an engagement ring is the most common diamond purchase, a diamond solitaire pendant is the perfect gift for all ages. It is an ideal choice, whether it is a graduation celebration, anniversary gift, or even a gift to yourself. The simple design of this type of necklace means it suits any age and occasion. At the same time, these timeless pieces can be worn with elegant dresses or jeans as they are suitable for every occasion.

2. Diamond Floating Necklace

Recently, a design trend has appeared for statement diamonds set in a manner that creates the illusion of floating. Floating necklaces rise above each other and are assembled and enameled, aiming to make the metal hardly visible. These necklaces are just like the solitaire style necklace because they are usually a single stone suspended from a delicate chain.  

The floating style is simple yet elegant just like a solitaire necklace. It can also work with large or small diamonds. If you want a slightly more flamboyant floating necklace, the halo style alone can shine greater than a diamond. Halo necklace styles feature a single central gemstone surrounded by smaller stones.

Usually, center gemstones are surrounded by smaller accent diamonds, but alternatively, a larger center diamond can be surrounded by small accent diamonds. This gives a larger pendant look. Halo style of necklace is a nice choice to wear both for everyday wear and special occasions. The most common cutting shapes of central stones found in halo necklaces are round, oval, pillow, and princess shapes. 

While there has been a clear increase in colorful gemstone jewelry lately, nothing is more classic and also versatile than floating diamond necklaces. While floating necklaces typically consist of round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds are also suitable for this style. If you are looking for the perfect piece of a diamond necklace to wear for any occasion, solitaire floating diamond necklaces will be the ideal choice for this.

3. Diamond Tennis Necklace

Contrary to necklaces in which a solitaire pendant or a floating pendant is suspended from a chain, or where several gemstones are centered on a chain, a tennis necklace is a necklace style with many diamonds plated around the chain, usually in all directions. Like a tennis bracelet, the diamond tennis necklace is a powerful yet versatile fashion statement. It is one of the most extravagant jewelry pieces that a woman can wear and can be a flamboyant addition to complement a stylish outfit.

Also, tennis necklaces are considered a truly classic piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. Therefore, this type of diamond necklace, consisting of an unbroken chain of diamonds kept as a whole in almost invisible settings, is a candidate for a family heirloom due to its timeless appeal and simple elegance.

Contrary to more elaborate necklaces, a tennis necklace contains a lot of diamonds but not too many ornaments or an intricate style. Instead, the focus is on the quality level of the stones and the mountings on the tennis necklace that ensure each stone are held securely in place and give the appearance of an unbroken diamond wire. In other words, it is all about premium quality and elegant simplicity. Therefore, this diamond necklace is often preferred by those who like classic, vintage, and simple jewelry.

Although it is generally thought that you should only wear a white gold tennis necklace with other white gold jewelry, this tradition is gradually disappearing. Mixed metals are very popular these days. So it does not matter if your tennis necklace is yellow gold tennis or white gold, and whatever metal type your necklace is, you can wear it with any other jewelry you have. As mentioned, the focus for a diamond tennis necklace should be the quality of the jewels and how well the various pieces coordinate and complement each other.

So, when you want your diamond tennis necklace to be a star, it does not mean that you can not add another necklace or two to create your dazzling style. You can also try wearing a single diamond necklace on a shorter chain hanging over your tennis necklace, or you can wear two or more diamond tennis bracelets on your wrist to increase the sparkle. The important thing is to choose at least one bracelet in the same shape cut as your diamond tennis necklace, but also balance out the harmony without being too matchy-matchy.

Many diamond tennis necklaces are in the range of 17 ”or 18” lengths and can therefore be worn on almost any neckline. The graded necklace with the largest diamond to be placed in the middle, smaller diamonds taper towards the clasp, looks gorgeous with a deep V-neck or halter-style collar.

A classic diamond tennis necklace with all the stones the same size, creating a continuous line of sparkle, and a crew neck or a more casual collared blouse look great together. A classic diamond tennis necklace with all the stones the same size, creating a continuous line of sparkle, and a crew neck or a more casual collared blouse look great together and a print can be too busy for multiple necklaces.

Also, another type of collar that shows off the many gems of a tennis necklace to full advantage in both styles is a sweetheart collar. If you are going to wear a strapless top blouse or dress, the unbroken line of your neck and collarbone will reveal the perfect background to bring out the beauty of any diamond tennis necklace style. The larger the stones that make up the diamond tennis necklace, the better it will look with this collar type.

4. Three-Stone Diamond Necklace

As its name signifies, three-stone diamond necklaces consist of three interconnected diamonds arranged in a continuous vertical row. Three stones are set with three diamonds suspended from the chain, either alongside each other or vertically in a kind of “drop” style. Three-stone style necklaces resemble floating necklaces although three-stone style necklaces are more pronounced.

Typically, the size of the stones increases from top to bottom, although the size of the three stones that make up the necklace may be equal in some cases. This style bi necklace is a good alternative to a classic solitaire necklace.

The symbolic meaning of the three stone necklaces is also very nice. It means that “yesterday”, “today” and “every tomorrow”. In other words, it means that “I loved you”, “I love you”, and “I will always love you”. So, it is a simple way of promising to be with you forever. A three-stone necklace is a romantic and bold way to tell your everlasting devotion. Also, these pendants are often called “trinity” or “trilogy” and can be designed according to your choices.

If you are interested in purchasing jewelry as a set, the three stones can be paired beautifully with a necklace, three stones a pair of earrings, or a three-stone ring. However, you do not have to pair it with three-stone accessories. If you want to mix with different styles, simply add your favorite gemstone for a vibrant and unique accessory. A three-stone necklace with a high-quality diamond cut, color, and clarity can be a real showcase as much as a diamond tennis necklace.

5. Diamond Heart Necklace

A heart-shaped diamond necklace is a timeless and moving symbol of love. It represents many different things as the heart symbol has religious and romantic meanings. A heart pendant typically symbolizes love and deep affection for someone. Heart necklaces, which have existed for many years, have recently become a popular trend. All heart-shaped necklaces have certain types and can be divided into the following main groups as follows:

Locket or “Pendant with the Secret”

These days, this type of heart pendant is no less popular but less on-trend than before. This type of necklace is originally from a few decades ago, to the romantic era when the picture or the letter with the declaration of love served as a secret. This type of necklace represents a warm affair. Therefore, it becomes even more meaningful when decorated with old paintings or engraved words.

Split Heart Pendant or “Necklace in the Form of Two Halves of the Heart”

This necklace is designed for couples and therefore couples, whether male or female, tend to wear it as a reminder of love and affection. If you can not be close to your beloved for a while, this pendant is perfect to endure separation. The divided heart will become a unique necklace when engraved with names that symbolize the promises you make in your relationship and the commitment to each other.

Gold Necklace with Diamonds

A decorated heart pendant with diamonds represents your strong feelings for someone special. To design your necklace, you will need to choose white gold or platinum in addition to the diamond stone you have chosen. Please note that you should also choose your jewelry according to your skin color.

Gold Pendant Decorated with the Precious Stone

A decorated heart pendant with a diamond would look more elegant and at the same time, it represents your strong feelings for someone special. If you choose a diamond stone to design your necklace, it will be preferable to choose white gold or platinum. Please note that you can also choose your jewelry according to your skin tone.

Engraved Heart Necklace

Many people want to have meaningful jewelry with a specific message. Embroidered necklaces, one of the most meaningful jewels, carry a personal expression shared outward when worn. No matter what kind of relationship, romantic, family, or friendship, a beautiful and meaningful gift like an engraved heart pendant is always a great choice among diamond necklaces.

6. Diamond Initial Necklace

One of the best ways to customize your everyday look is to wear a beautiful diamond first necklace. This type of necklace is more of an expression of your identity than a piece of jewelry we wear, and the best necklace style with the right piece of jewelry to symbolize it is the first hard necklace.

This type of necklace style is among the perfect personalized gift suggestions. This is usually a diamond letter that represents the name of the user, such as a spouse or child, or someone dear to them. Great for marking birthdays or the birth of a baby. Beyond the initial of your name, it gives you a personal touch.

7. Diamond Choker Necklace

A choker is a necklace designed to fit snugly around your neck. These types of jewelry are extremely versatile as they can be made from many different materials to suit your look. They can also be decorated with different jewels or even a pendant. It is more modern with the necklace worn to fit the neck more tightly than the choker style compared to the tennis necklace. However, a necklace with diamonds, such as a tennis necklace, will cost more than a typical pendant necklace.

The short style complements a variety of necklines, from open to V and boat neck, without shoulder or strap. Choker necklaces draw the right amount of attention by balancing a narrow chin and softening sharp face angles. If you want to add a necklace to your collection, there are many different things that you should know. The first, and perhaps most important, of these, is the tightness you choose. Many different styles allow you to choose the level of tension, but the whole point of a stretcher is that it fits snugly to your neck.

Some chokers will allow you to move freely by giving you a little more flexibility in the belt. More classic versions do not have the stretch capability, so you should get a choker that fits properly. Each type of necklace is different in style and consists of different ornaments or features. The two most popular choker necklace styles are as follow:

Victorian Style Choker Necklace

Victorian chokers are among the most classic styles as the popularity of the necklace arose during this period and hence the name. These chokers feature a romantic motif that is often combined with the use of different stones. Some styles have long chains, and this can be risky if you have a button-down shirt or stretch over something to wear a necklace on.

Victorian Style

Open Collar Style Choker Necklace

An open collar diamond necklace has the potential to be one of the more dangerous versions of the classic design, despite its stylish and feminine appearance. Although these necklaces are configured to hold your neck without having a closed seam, it is the tough construction that puts you at risk. The only way to hold on to your neck is to create a tight fit that can not be replaced with a metal material.

Open Collar Style

8. Dancing Diamond Necklace

Every diamond that dances is incredible. A center diamond or a diamond cluster is securely mounted in a very ingenious mechanism that enables the diamond to move continuously. “Dancing” jewelry necklaces are a unique style where diamonds are placed in a way that captures the light from different directions and makes it appear as if they are moving or dancing, and as a result, the dancing necklace becomes a dazzling piece of jewelry that can easily steal the show.

The dancing necklaces will start the slightest vibration of movement and the beautiful diamond pendant will dance and shine like a shimmering star as it catches light from all directions. This never-ending movement shows that your special personality is always in your thoughts and heart.

No matter what style your loved one is, there is a diamond necklace for her. If the necklace in your mind has a slim but elegant design, a classic solitaire necklace might be right for you. If you’re looking for something with the “wow” factor, stunning tri-stone necklaces or unique “dance” designs would be more appropriate. As with any diamond jewelry piece, a high-quality diamond purchased from a trusted seller can make all the difference between getting a great offer and overpaying for something mediocre. Be sure to shop from a reputable seller for this.

More Factors to Consider When Buying a Diamond Necklace

Besides the style, you should consider the length, setting, and material of the necklace. While diamonds are an important element when choosing a necklace, many people can opt for different chain materials and lengths. First of all, the important factor is how often and when the necklace will be worn. Short styles are best for formal wear, while longer styles are best for casual wear. At the same time, the material of the chain is important. If you want a long-lasting material, look for chains of gold, silver, or platinum. Precious metals are as bright as diamonds.

Necklace Length

A pendant necklace comes with a matching chain of metal type. Chains differ not only in the type of link but also in their length and how they should be fitted, and there are several different options for chain length. The standard chain length for a pendant is 18 “. However, you can also order a 16” or 17 “length chain. You can get a necklace up to 30-36” in length, although in a smaller number and limited numbers.

A diamond necklace should usually come in the middle of your neckline. The standard length for diamond necklaces is 16 inches, but the length can be easily adjusted by adding small links at the back end of the necklace.

While you’ll find exceptions, most necklaces and standard lengths are from the following categories:

Choker or Collar Necklace Length

Necklaces in this category are designed to be worn around the base of the neck, just above the collarbone, and this length emphasizes the shoulders but is well suited for shirts with high collars. Chokers are usually 16 inches long or less than 16 inches long.

Princess Necklace Length

Princess length chains are one of the most popular styles hanging on the collarbone to show off a necklace, and these chains are typically 18 inches long.

Opera Necklace Length

Opera-length chains, also called matinee necklaces, are longer and often match a necklace with a shirt or blouse. The standard length for most opera chains is 24 inches.

Rope Necklace Length

Rope chains are the longest length chains draped over clothing to create a dramatic style and can be 30 inches or longer. While a shorter version can be decorated with a large dangling metal or gemstone design, the ropes are often worn without a pendant. The ropes can be wider chains or they can be thin and very long, worn around the neck several times at different lengths.

Diamond Necklace Setting

You can choose different settings that will make a difference in the look of your diamond necklace. For a classic solitaire necklace made of solitaire, the prong setting is popular as it allows a lot of light to enter the diamond and increase its brightness, and the prong nail setting will create a “basket” that holds the diamond. You can also choose a comb basket where the basket is placed closer to the diamond.

Along with the prong setting, the bezel setting is also quite common. Moreover, this setting is safer and more durable thanks to the metal that surrounds the diamond. Similarly, the halo setting envelops the diamond just like the bezel setting, but the difference is that the smaller diamonds surrounding a center stone create a striking sparkle.

The Most Appropriate Metal for the Chain 

You can buy the necklaces in 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, or platinum. While platinum is more durable, it will cost a much higher price and often just isn’t worth it. The 14k and 18k gold chains are durable enough, more affordable, and beautiful.

Platinum Diamond Necklace


If you are purchasing the necklace as a gift and not for yourself, you should consider the style of the buyer when choosing the chain. For someone who loves contemporary style and mostly has this style, white gold or even platinum chain is perfect. A classic choice paired with a diamond, these metal types are the most popular today when it comes to solitaire diamond necklaces. On the other hand, yellow gold offers a rich and traditional look if worn by someone with a more vintage aesthetic.

The Most Appropriate Necklace For Your Face Shape

Another important factor to consider when choosing a diamond necklace is the face shape. Oval faces are very advantageous; He can wear necklaces of any length and shape. On the other hand, if you have a round face shape, a long necklace can create a “V” shape that has a slimming effect on your neck. A very short necklace for heart-shaped faces will please you the most. Finally, a round pendant for angular faces can often soften the angular shape of your face.

History of Necklaces

The first use of the necklace around BC. It dates back to 40,000 and it is recognized that necklaces were originally used for decoration and consisted of pieces of wood, stones, bones, and shells. Almost anything that could be found and used to make a necklace was quite common in those days.

As for the history of diamond necklaces and diamond jewelry, they date back nearly 150 years and were reserved for high society and the royal family all over the world. Some sources state that there were some rough-cut diamonds in a crown for the queen of Andrew I, one of Hungary’s Arpad kings.

Antique Victorian Diamond Necklace

Diamonds were highly valued in European history and were highly favored by both Kings and Queens. The earliest history of diamond cutters dates back to the 1500s, which would lead to the modern diamond jewelry market as we know it today. Regarding diamond necklaces, it is also known as one of the most famous stories in history revolving around Napoleon Bonaparte, who gave a stunning diamond necklace to his empress Marie-Louise to celebrate the birth of her sons.

How Much a Diamond Necklace Cost?

The cost of a diamond necklace can range from about $ 500 to about $ 40,000. You can even pay much more for diamonds that are truly one of a kind. How much you will pay depends on several factors. The most important factor is the quality of the diamond or diamonds. Depending on the 4 C of the diamond, the price of one stone can differ greatly from another.

Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat make up the evaluation criteria for a beautiful diamond versus average or mediocre. This price will be higher if you buy a necklace with the perfect or large diamonds. At the same time, the number of diamonds in the necklace is decisive in terms of price. Many necklaces are usually made from several stones that will result in a higher price.

The quality and material of the chain will inevitably make a difference in the final price, although not as much as the diamond itself. While 14k gold will generally be cheaper, 18k gold or platinum will increase the cost of the necklace. In short, a diamond may vary in small parts and your budget. But generally speaking, a quality-priced necklace will cost between $1,000 and $6,000.

2.18 Carat Pear Rose-Cut Diamond Pendant Necklace in 18k Solid Gold (SI2 Clarity, H-I Color) (Price: $19,987.50)

Lab Grown Diamond Pendant IGI Certified 1 carat – 1 1/2 Carat Diamond Pendant Lab Created 10k White Gold & 925 Sterling Silver Heart Diamond Necklace for Women (Price: $579.99)

31.51 Carat Natural Blue Tanzanite and Diamond (F-G Color, VS1-VS2 Clarity) 14K White Gold Luxury Necklace for Women Exclusively Handcrafted in USA (Price: $16,789.00)

Gin & Grace 14K White Gold Natural Oval Cut Aquamarine & Diamond (I1, I2) Pendant for Women (Price: $374.00)

Diamond2Deal 14kt White Gold Womens Baguette Round Diamond Square Cluster Necklace 4-7/8 Cttw (Price: $8,413.99)

14k Gold Round Diamond Halo Pendant Necklace (2.40ct) (Price: $10,934.00)


14k White Gold 0.75 Dwt Diamond Necklace Jewelry Gifts for Women (Price: $1,305.00)


Baguette Round 6.51 CT Certified Diamond Rectangle Halo Necklace, 14k Gold Engraved Filigree Wedding Statement Necklace, Bridesmaid Mother Pendant Set (Price: $9,850.00)

Olivia Paris 14k Rose or White Gold 1 Carat Ctw (H-I, SI2-I1) Dancing Diamond Pendant Necklace, 18″ (Price: $1,750.00)

4.84 CT Blue Topaz London Certified Diamond Halo Drop Pendant, Oval Shaped Blue Gemstone Antique Gold Bridal Necklace, Art Deco Engraved Pendant Gifts 18K Gold (Price: $1,600.00)

14K White Gold 5/8 ctw Yellow and White Diamond Double Halo Pendant Necklace with 18″ Chain (Price: $1,159.99)

Olivia Paris 14K White Gold 3/4 Carat cttw Dancing Diamond Halo Infinity Necklace 18″ (Price: $2,020.00)

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