A Guide to Renting Diamond Jewelry

Buying diamond jewelry is often the most common way to own them. However, you do not have to buy diamonds to wear them on your finger, ear, neck, or wrist. Yes, rental, an alternative to buying, also applies to diamond jewelry.

Diamond jewelry renting can be made for any occasion, from a special moment such as a wedding to working days. As a result, you can rent diamond jewelry of your choice for a very small amount. So, when it comes to special moments, rental is an increasingly popular option and is one of the best ways for couples to retrench by avoiding unnecessary pre-wedding expenses. Renting jewelry to buy for a wedding is the best alternative to high-cost jewelry that is not budget-friendly. There are many online sites that you can rent a piece of diamond jewelry. These sites have a renting procedure that you must follow. After following this procedure, you can rent a diamond gem for very affordable prices.

Applying for a diamond jewelry rental for special occasions, ceremonies, weddings, and many more is a relatively new practice. While fairly new, it is becoming increasingly popular because this alternative is a smart choice for those who want to dazzle those around you but also pay less.

How to Rent Diamond Jewelry?

You can choose to rent diamond jewelry for a special occasion, or you can choose to buy a piece of diamond jewelry and try out a trendy piece for a short time without a commitment. Many people want to rent diamond jewelry but do not know where to apply for it. The internet is a good option for this, but there are still people who are considering renting a diamond piece of jewelry online and are not sure where to go. For this, there are various and reliable online jewelry rental sites available. The best known of these sites are listed below:

Borrowed Bling

If you are looking to rent a pair of diamond jewelry for a special occasion or day, this site is the premier site for the rental business. Not only jewelry but also other stylish accessories, bags, etc. pieces are found. This site offers you two types of membership, “recipient only” and “borrower” for access to diamond jewelry:

  • The first membership is the “Buyer Only” membership and in this membership, you can buy any part at the prices shown on the site, and no membership fee is charged in this membership form.
  • When you register as a “Borrowing Member”, you must pay a maximum monthly membership fee of one billionth per month and in return, you can borrow a piece of jewelry you want and return it at the end of the term. There are certain levels on this site, and the number of items you can borrow varies according to their level. It is also included in the subscription fee. However, most customers prefer to buy these parts to have them forever.

To do this, choose from three different subscription types. The first of these is the Movie Star for $ 99.95, the second is the Duchess for $ 49.95, and the third is the Countess subscription for $ 29.99. Also, if you want to choose a way like “Buyer Only”, you can purchase the product you want from the site.


3724 Litchfield Lane
Tarzana, CA 91356 

Phone Number: (877) 672-7978

Haute Vault

This site is a 5th generation jewelry vendor and rental site, founded under the leadership of King Jonathan. Over time, people realized that there was an intense demand to rent luxury jewelry and many other accessories for instant and accessible pleasures without commitment in the long run. Haute Vault, one of the sites with this awareness, allows a $ 100,000 diamond-encrusted necklace to be rented for a much more affordable price, such as $ 2500.

To start the rental process, you must fill in a form that requires you to fill in various information such as your date of birth, e-mail address, rental date range, as required by the rental procedure. For your application to be accepted, the team responsible for quality control must review and approve the application. Then, what are the stages of this procedure?

  • The first step is to register the application and wait for approval. If this membership is approved, you have the chance to rent one of the hundreds of jewelry items covered by the Haute Vault.
  • The second and last stage is a stage where you will talk about your tastes because you need to determine which parts you will choose for the rental process. For this, it offers you all the products in the Haute Vault collections.

In Haute Vault, the application process to get the diamond jewelry pieces you can rent is very important because the Haute Vault performs a high-level process for its protection. Of course, some sites rent jewelry for lower amounts on the internet. However, you should be aware of the terms and conditions of service during application and registration.


18265 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, Florida 33160 US

Phone Number: (305) 935-5528

Rocks Box

The operating mentality of RocksBox, one of the online jewelry tenants, is as follows: Membership fees start from as little as $ 15 per month, and you get a mailbox with precious jewels worth more than $ 200 from world-renowned designers. RocksBox gives you 60 days for the jewelry you rent. After carrying them on your body during this time, you can either return them at your discretion, return them all at retail, or buy any item with the option of a %20 discount on retail. 

The Rocks Box has a large number of costumes and designer jewelry. The online site was designed to be very easy and all categories on the site were conveniently located. It allows you to rent up to 3 pieces of diamond jewelry at a time with free shipping, with a membership fee of $ 21 per month. This procedure works as follows:

  • List your favorite items and view hundreds of fine jewelry items for rent.
  • Choose the gem that fits your style and wear it as long as you want. Make sure you buy a product that you like.
  • Finally, return the rented parts with the free shipping envelope sent by Rocks Box with the product.


San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US

Phone Number: 877-478-0450


Under Adorn allows you to rent highly luxurious jewelry, such as diamond earrings valued at over $ 10,000, making you feel like a real princess. Adorn, which is ideal for all high-end jewelry enthusiasts, also provides easy access to rent bridal jewelry for one of the most special occasions, wedding ceremonies. However, Adorn also offers many other special occasion services. On the most important of these moments, anniversaries, and birthdays, it is worth renting a diamond earring, bracelet, anniversary ring, or necklace to have a sparkling look.

A diamond tiara for wedding


3366 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202

Phone Number: 503.505.7424


The Switch allows you to rent jewelry specially designed for your special day and many more events for prices starting as low as $ 29 per month. You can rent designer jewelry for all events leading to your big day and beyond. On the other hand, the most advantageous feature of Switch is that you can keep your rented jewels for some time. This prevents you from having the trouble of quickly returning your rented jewelry on a special day, such as your honeymoon, for example.

At the same time, if you are passionately attached to the products that you have rented and do not want to return them, you will have the opportunity to purchase these parts at a discount. Whether it is a pair of sparkly diamond earrings to be rented for a wedding, or flashy earrings planned to be rented for a night out and partying, Switch offers unlimited options for any occasion and style jewelry. There are three types of membership for this, and you can rent a product of your choice by choosing one of them.


8222 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046, US

Phone number: 1-866-579-4824


Verstolo is a jewelry supplier with a diamond rental program and takes luxury to a new level with its rental system. To do so, first, contact Verstolo consultants so that they understand what you want and need. After this step, you will be presented with the most suitable jewelry options and Verstolo allows you to try them to determine which jewels are suitable.

After you decide which jewelry to rent, half of the rental amount is taken as a deposit. We kindly ask you to reserve these for the dates of your event. Other jewels of the rental price are paid at the time of receiving. If your rental period will not last more than four weeks, half of it, and the remaining 50% will be paid upon pick up. Verstolo insures your rental products so you can install them without fear. If a problem occurs, it is covered by the policy, but of course, you are still expected to act as if the jewels you rent are your property.


590 5th Ave, New York, NY 10036, US

Phone number: +1 866-902-4049

What if the Jewel That You Rented Is Damaged?

If something happens to the diamond jewel that you have just rented, the way you follow will differ depending on the place where you rented the jewelry. Renting diamond jewelry for a special occasion does not mean that you are the first renter of it, and you should know that these pieces have been rented by someone before. Therefore, these products that have been used hundreds of times may of course be worn to a certain extent.

For this reason, companies are not too tight on this issue and continue to maintain their foundations when a part of the customer’s property is damaged. The point that should not be forgotten is that the damaged product type is also effective in this process. Against all of these possibilities, most companies insure jewelry that becomes customer property, so customers wear their jewelry comfortably and without fear.

What Are the Benefits of Renting Diamond Jewelry?

The first and most popular benefit of choosing to rent your jewelry is to save money and not break the budget. The rental business is ideal for highly glamorous jewelry that is often not used and can only be worn on special occasions, waiting to be used for years, as it can be difficult to wear in everyday life. It is very difficult to protect these parts on the first day and to keep them on the first day until they are used. Again, this venture will be very challenging if you want to sell it. For this reason, a fancy diamond ring, a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond choker that will stand in the corner and be worn only on special occasions are sensible items to rent.

The second benefit of the rental option is that this method is very environmentally friendly. Buying diamond jewelry to wear once is a form of waste. You are reducing the number of diamond jewels that will wait for wear in the jewelry box without being evaluated through the rental process. When you rent diamond jewels for a special occasion, you can return these jewels after the photo has been taken to immortalize that moment and you will have the chance to wear different styles of jewelry for each special day.

More About Jewelry Renting

Customers can make luxury items available to different audiences, ignoring their property rights. In today’s world, where individuals can listen to an infinite number of songs from almost any point, travel the world, and book a vacation thousands of kilometers away and with a single click, a gem rental must be quite normal. Everyone has a desire to try luxury, and as companies that fulfill it emerges, that desire gives way to reality. The desire of consumers to experience luxury is increasing. Thus, people can easily access and experience a luxurious piece such as a diamond jewel. One of these diamond renting sites, Glitzbox, headquartered in London, one of the most popular sites to rent jewelry online, costs £ 50 per month.

Many people now mistake the idea that something they have should fix forever. Loyal people who wanted to stick to what they had were often people who lived at a very busy place and didn’t have time to change the jewelry. Like many rental services that have appeared recently because the possibility of rental avoids high price tags and many other obstacles. If buyers want to buy pieces of jewelry that are very valuable and sold in high quantities, the lease can be compared to a pre-purchase test drive before making such a large expense.

The rental service called Flont.com, which is based in the USA, works with the most known jewelry brands and the working system is as follows. This service, which has around 10,000 members, has three types of membership systems for rental of semi-precious jewelry starting from $ 59 per month, for other precious and high-quality jewelry, and from $ 239 per month for fine jewelry.

At the same time, this service offers the opportunity to access and rent the jewelry of brands such as Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, which are worth almost 2 million dollars, for special purposes. Moreover, this service is available for both members and non-members. The amount obtained from the sales is shared with the designers. However, Flont.com aims to spread the service they provide throughout Asia. However, some companies have different service types. For example, US-based VillageLuxe.com has proposed an invitation-only rental model that is peer-to-peer.

Many jewels are worn for special occasions and are used once or never afterward. A bridal crown covered with diamond stones is one of the items reserved for special occasions. On the contrary, people think that wearing the same piece more than once is also not very pleasant and lacks status, and therefore they don’t want other people to see what they are wearing for the second time. It can be said that the fear of being seen more than once with the same piece has increased with the intensification of social media usage, and therefore, rental services rapidly gain popularity.

Originally, jewelry that was rented for special occasions is now rented daily. One of them and founded in 2009 Rent the Runway was established in November 2009. After its establishment, it started to provide both accessory and jewelry rental services for a long time and today it is launching thousands of pieces with more than 500 designers. Today, the number of customers in close to 10 million. With this service, for example, a diamond necklace sold for $ 1000 can be rented for only $ 100.

It is known to be expensive to purchase, and if you are also buying a diamond gem, you must pay insurance costs in addition to the price of the jewelry. Renting is a process where only the rental fee is paid. Often, however, insurance is required for the lease as well, but this amount will of course cost less than the insurance on the purchase. On the other hand, you can rent all jewelry for only 1 percent of the price plus VAT. In some cases, some customers buy jewelry after they have rented.

On the other hand, although the rental services seem advantageous in appearance, they are never risk-free and bring some risks. Most people view jewelry rental, a relatively new rental system, as a complete ownership system. With the emergence of new online platforms recently, customers are becoming more educated and well-equipped in forward-looking purchasing. However, the truth is that the gemstone rental system represents more of an opportunity than a risk. It provides you with access to luxury and fashion at very affordable prices, both in terms of economy and in terms of constantly innovating and updating in style.

Marriage Proposal: Renting an Engagement Ring for a While

Getting a magnificent engagement ring is a radical decision. This is because this diamond ring is a symbol of your love. For this reason, these rings bring along many types and features such as solitaire rings, full eternity rings, half eternity rings, etc. These pieces, in which both metal, setting, and diamonds have different properties, also differ for you.

As you can see, choosing a ring requires many decisions and is a difficult process. Therefore, you can rent a ring for a short time only to present it at the time of bidding. After the proposal phase, you can jointly determine the best ring size and model with your partner. Diamond jewelry rental eliminates the risk that your first choice will not be suitable and allows your partner to choose another model according to their taste.

Diamond Engagement Ring


In this case, the ring you will rent is the same as the original ring. In contrast, the rented ring is made from an imitation of a diamond and silver as a metal. At the end of this whole process, after the offer, you can visit with your partner to choose the original ring. The rental fee is returned to you when you take the ring away, and when you like and buy a real ring, you will be paid an amount that is appropriate for a real purchase. Then, how does renting an engagement ring work? 

  • Determine which ring you want to rent: Decide on which ring you want to propose. At this stage, your partner’s pleasure should guide you. There are certain rings you can rent among many varieties.
  • Free return stage: After proposing, the rented ring will be returned free of charge. Although the return process may differ in every company, the return process is carried out within an average of 14 days. In this process, the relevant staff will guide you and you are ready to buy the original ring. The return process can be carried out in any store of the relevant company with the return label.
  • Determine the original ring: You proposed and your partner accepted this proposal. After this stage, a ring is ordered from among the real engagement rings and the process is completed.

What Is Jewel Library?

The jewelry library gives you easy access to luxury jewelry and is priced only by the number of uses. The purpose of this procedure is that trends are not continuous. This library contains clothes used for special occasions in addition to your jewelry. Jewel library thus both motivates and fulfills your innate desire to have constantly different and trendy jewels for different occasions. The jewelry library offers many benefits:

  • With this library, you are prevented from repetition, so you can display a beautiful look with jewelry in different styles and appearances in every situation.
  • You will dazzle with jewelry that is highly compatible with your clothes instead of the simple jewelry that you use with standard and every outfit.
  • You have a new and elegant design and a constantly renewed jewelry collection.
  • You only use a fraction of the money you save to buy.
  • You can make yourself happy and save money.
  • Instead of investing your money in jewelry, make a variety of investments that generate more profit. 
  • As a result, by accessing a large collection, you spend less money but get more compliments by looking more trendy.


2/5 Carat Four Band Diamond Ring In 14k White Gold (Price: $1,599.99)

1.53 Cts Diamond & 8.45 Cts Aquamarine Bracelet in 14K White Gold (Price: $2,500.00)

14K White Gold 1/2 Cttw. Diamond Fashion Swirl Ring (Price: $1,478.99)

TriJewels AGS Certified Diamond Circular Link Bracelet (SI2-I1, G-H) 1.90 ctw 14K White Gold (Price: $1,924.00)

Olivia Paris 14K Yellow Gold 3/4 Carat ctw (H-I, SI2-I1) Diamond Compass Pendant Necklace, 18″ (Price: $1,299.99)

Diamondere Natural and Certified Diamond Engagement Ring (Optional Matching Wedding Band) in 14K White Gold | 1.11 Carat Art Deco Ring for Women, US Size 4 to 9 (Price: $2,099.00 – $2,681.00)

14K White Gold 3/4 Carat (H-I Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Natural Diamond Star Halo Solitaire Pendant Necklace for Women with 18″ Silver Chain (Price: $1,194.99)

Jewelili Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry 14K White and Yellow Gold 3/4 CTTW Rapunzel Bridal Ring (Price: $2,049.99)

1/4 Ct to 5/8 Ct Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings 10KT Gold Natural Diamond Earrings GH-I1 Quality Diamond Hoop Earrings (Jewelry Gift For Women (Price: $549.99)

Jewelili Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry 10K White Gold 1/3CTTW Princess Tiara Ring (Price: $549.99)

Effy Diamond Ring (1 1/2 ct. t.w.) in 14k Yellow Gold (Price: $1,899.00)

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