What Are the Styles of Diamond Rings for Women?

The first piece that comes to mind when it comes to diamond jewelry is undoubtedly diamond rings. From classic styles to flamboyant diamond eternity rings, each style represents extraordinary craftsmanship and timeless design, each with its special meanings. Although there are diamond rings for men, diamond rings are mostly designed for women.

You can find a different diamond ring for every occasion. Although diamond ring styles differ according to the occasions they are gifted, they also differ in style. Diamond rings for women can have different styles such as promise rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal sets, anniversary rings, and eternity rings. Although each of these rings can have any 4Cs features that you will choose, they have a different symbolic meaning and bring different appearance features.

Regardless of whether it is for an anniversary, promise, engagement, and wedding, diamond rings are meaningful and elegant choices. They are special gifts for each special moment and there are so many variations that you can easily choose among them.

Diamond Promise Rings

Of course, the meaning of a promise ring is unique for each romantic relationship. However, in general, the promise rings symbolizing love can be worn on any finger and represent a couple’s commitment to their relationship when given or exchanged. Its origin goes back to the Middle Ages. Just like today, word rings were the symbol of love in the Middle Ages.

Is a Promise Ring the Same as an Engagement Ring?

There are some differences between a promise ring and an engagement ring. A promise ring might sound like an engagement ring, but the connotations of the two rings are quite different. A promise ring is an indicator of a promise to take the relationship seriously, and they serve as the best reminder of this. An engagement ring is given or received after the marriage proposal is accepted and when you take the first step towards spending your lives together. The reason why the promise rings are bought or given varies, and in many cases this promise of association is between two people who wear the promise ring without publicity.

At the same time, these rings symbolize hope for the future of the relationship. However, unlike engagement rings, it is not worn for the promise of marriage. For this reason, it can be a nice declaration of love for those who are someone in their life but do not have the intention of marriage. At the same time, promise rings are not the same as purity rings purchased on their own or gifted to children by parents to emphasize avoidance of premarital sexual intimacy.

Although the promise rings can be worn on any finger, popular choices are the middle finger and ring finger of the left hand or the middle finger or fourth finger of the right hand. Couples usually wear their word rings from their left hand to their right hand after marriage.

Promise Ring Styles

Most people do not want their promise rings to be confused with engagement rings, so the main factor that separates them from engagement rings is simplicity. However, the high degree of simplicity of word rings does not mean that they are not meaningful. The most popular designs of the promise rings consist of infinity symbols, heart motifs, love knots, engravings of names and fingerprints, and anniversary dates in the form of Roman numerals. At the same time, infinity bands, Claddagh rings are among the prominent options. Couples planning to get married also prefer simple promise rings, which can then be doubled and become wedding rings. 

Claddagh Promise Ring


Stackable promise rings that can be included in a wedding set are also among the choices of these couples. Promise rings that can be made of any metal can contain diamonds of any quality and shape. White gold and yellow gold are classic options, while pink gold is becoming more and more common. Sterling silver, on the other hand, is a meaningful metal for a promise ring, as it symbolizes purity as well as being a good option for those on a budget.

What Is the History of the Promise Ring?

Between the 13th and 16th centuries, in the late Middle Ages, men gave aphorism rings to their romantic interests as tokens of love. Posy rings from poésie, whose name is French for poetry or poetry, are often written in romantic phrases such as “united hearts, only death parts” or “love conquers all”. An appropriate inscription was chosen reflecting the literary talent or education of the giver. 

Diamond Engagement Rings

What Does Engagement Ring Symbolize?

It is a very meaningful style of a diamond ring of engagement ring. This is because it is a clear and concrete indication that the person offering the ring wants to formalize the relationship, and it symbolizes a marriage proposal. While engagement rings are presented for the marriage proposal, the proposers present the ring by kneeling on one knee.

Honestly, any diamond ring can be considered an engagement ring, while the most popular engagement ring contains only one diamond. There is no certain rule on which finger an engagement ring is worn. In Western cultures, an engagement ring is customarily worn on the fourth finger of the left hand and, like a wedding ring, is the most obvious way to show that you are in a relationship. On the other hand, some cultures wear engagement rings on the fourth finger of the right hand because the left hand is considered unlucky. You can choose the hand that suits you best.

What Is the Difference Between an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring?

An engagement ring is a type of ring that is traditionally offered during a marriage proposal. A wedding ring, on the other hand, is the rings that spouses wear with the wedding ceremony. An engagement ring is often famous for having a more ornate look than a wedding wedding ring. One of our top choices is one of our combinations, a round diamond engagement ring paired with a diamond pavé wedding ring.

On the other hand, many people like to reverse tradition and go beyond the ordinary. Some people abandon the engagement ring altogether and choose suitable bands. Other couples do double the sparkle by opting for stacking rings that hold the engagement ring. However, you may be wondering where to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day. Usually, the engagement ring is worn temporarily on the ring finger of the right hand at a wedding ceremony.

Classic Types of Engagement Rings

The Solitaire: The solitaire ring, the most classical engagement ring, consists of a single stone placed in a setting with three, four, or six prongs. The most important element in this engagement ring style is the chosen stone, which is the star of the show. A perfect, polished cut stone would be a good choice, which is held in place using a prong setting to capture as much light as possible.

The Three-Stone: The three-stone engagement ring is a good alternative to the solitaire ring and is an alternative between the eternity ring and the solitaire ring. These rings have a (mostly) large stone in the center, two small stones on either side of this center stone. The setting used is determined based on the customer’s preferred diamond cut. You can also choose stones next to the central diamond from colored diamonds.

The Halo: There is a large stone surrounded by small diamonds and it takes its name from here because the small stones form a halo. A type of engagement ring that is much more difficult to produce is the halo engagement ring. This is due to the large number of gemstones used to create a halo-style engagement ring. Therefore, making halo rings at the same time takes more time as each small stone that makes up the halo is quite delicate.

The pavé: The pavé engagement ring usually has a stone setting where a larger stone is in the center and other smaller stones are placed along with the band of the ring, and a pavé detailed engagement ring along the band creates a luxurious touch for the classic look. Pavé style refers to the placement of tiny diamonds that are so tightly placed together. The fact that the stones are so tight to each other creates the impression that no pieces are holding them in place.

Luxury Engagement Rings

The Bombe: The bombe-style engagement ring has a large bombe with a stone in the center. This is an engagement ring decorated with smaller gemstones that surround the dome with geometric patterns. A cambered engagement ring covered with diamonds has a large surface area and will create a very striking appearance when diamonds of different colors are used.

The Cluster: This engagement ring style is quite similar to the bombe style. This is because the number of stones used in the piece is high. A stone of a larger carat is placed in the center with smaller sized diamonds clustered around the center stone to provide the appearance of a larger solitaire stone.

Cluster Ring


Double halo: Double halo engagement rings are usually made with round, pillow, or oval cut diamonds. This is because diamonds with this type of cut have soft edges and therefore allow them to form a double halo of small stones that fluidly surround themselves. Double halo making is usually a more demanding style, and so most double halo engagement rings have split bands.

Double Halo Engagement Ring


Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding rings have a history of more than 6,000 years. Wedding ring dating back to Ancient Egypt, are the only pieces that express the bond between a married couple. Therefore, a wedding ring that has no beginning or end is the symbol of eternity. Wedding rings made with different types of metals over time are often associated with diamonds. Traditionally, both the groom buys wedding rings for the bride and the bridegroom. This ritual is a symbolic gift of mutual love and devotion for the wedding.

What Does a Wedding Ring Symbolize?

In addition to being special, a wedding ring is also a public symbol and symbolizes love and fidelity between you and your partner. However, this ring is a unique piece to tell you that you are in a committed relationship. Your beautiful wedding ring is a commitment to the promises you make to each other on your wedding day and that you will be together on both good and bad days. While your engagement ring is a symbol of the promise of marriage, the ring that shows the fulfillment of this promise and makes the relationship official is the wedding ring.

Wedding Ring


Styles of Wedding Rings for Women

If you are unsure about what kind of wedding ring you should buy, there are many options for both men and women. Women’s wedding rings usually complement each other with the engagement ring and can also be found together as a bridal set. Traditionally, wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the right or left hand, depending on the culture you live in.

Wedding Bands For Her

Wedding rings differ in setting types such as prong, pave, bezel, and often eternity rings can replace a wedding ring. If you want to match your engagement ring with the wedding ring, you should choose rings with a similar style and metal. The quantity of diamonds and specific details or their absence is entirely up to you. Some women aim for the extra sparkle in the wedding ring, while others like to draw attention to the engagement ring. Some wedding ring designs are as follows: 

  • Channel Set Diamond Eternity Ring
  • Twisted Micropavé Ring
  • Petite Milgrain Curved Diamond Ring
  • Knife Edge Lotus Band

 Quality of a Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are special pieces that you and your partner wear forever. Therefore, they must be able to last for many years and therefore must be made of high-quality materials. Before purchasing a wedding ring, you should consider three important factors: the type of precious metal used, the properties of the diamonds, and the quality of the setting. The metal material of most wedding rings for both genders is usually made with durable metals such as yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or tungsten carbide. So, for a high-quality wedding ring, you should choose a wedding ring made of such metals.

The diamonds that make up a wedding ring are much smaller than the stone in the center of an engagement ring. In other words, diamonds are too small to be graded for diamonds. For example, if you were to certify 14 diamonds in a wedding ring, the certificates would only cost about a thousand dollars. It is very important to buy a ring without a diamond certificate from trusted and reputable sellers.

The components that make up the cost of a wedding ring are craftsmanship and style. Factors that significantly affect the beauty and quality of the ring are the way the cord is formed and the way the stones are positioned. In general, when examining diamonds on a wedding ring, you should look at the brilliance level of the diamonds, that is, the degree to which the diamonds reflect light. For small diamonds, the most important indicator of beauty and quality is brightness.

Combining Your Wedding Ring with Engagement Ring

Many women wear an engagement ring on their right hand temporarily at the wedding time. After marriage, both the engagement ring and the wedding ring will be worn on the left hand again, but the wedding ring will remain at the closest position to the heart. Recently, more and more couples are purchasing their engagement rings together and making their choice of engagement rings and wedding rings harmoniously styled.

Wedding Engagement Ring

Diamond Bridal Set

What Is a Bridal Set?

Traditionally worn by the bride, the bridal set is a combination of an engagement ring and a matching wedding ring. The set usually includes two rings that match each other in color and style. That’s why they are designed to fit well together when worn together. If you do not have enough time to find a band to match your engagement ring, you can buy a bridal set.

Most people offer only engagement rings in their marriage proposal and give a band that matching at the wedding ceremony. It is usual to wear an engagement ring alone until marriage occurs, and when it happens, two rings can be paired together. Nevertheless, it is your personal preference what kind of proposal and choice you make. If you have a matching set, you can propose with both rings.

Why Do Bridal Sets Have 3 Rings?

Bridal sets consist of only two rings, one being an engagement ring and the other a matching wedding ring. However, wedding sets consist of three rings with one engagement ring, one matching ring, and the third one wedding band. A wedding set is a set for both bride and groom in which all three rings complement each other. If your jewelry vendor does not offer you a wedding set, you can ask your jeweler if they can combine three matching rings, based on your style preferences. For example, Blue Nile has a matching set of engagement rings and wedding rings for her. Classical designs made using white gold make the set comfortable.


In most bridal sets, the parts that make up the set are separated from each other, so you can clean and polish each ring. Having two separate rings also allows you to wear the engagement ring alone before the wedding. Some bridal sets can be soldered together, or a jeweler can solder them later if you wish. When these rings are permanently joined, the rings that make up the set will not move or rub against each other separately.

Bridal Sets vs. Wedding Sets: What Is the Difference?

Outside of the jewelry world, the term “wedding set” usually refers to any set that includes an engagement ring and one or more wedding rings. The bridal set consists of an engagement ring for the bride and a matching wedding ring. Buying a wedding set means choosing all three rings at the same time, and it inevitably saves you time and money while getting ready for marriage.

Bridal Set vs. Engagement Ring 

The bridal set includes an engagement ring and wedding ring, while the engagement ring is a separate ring that allows you to later match it with a wedding ring if you wish. In other words, you get two rings made in harmony with the bridal set. However, not everyone is buying a wedding ring to put on their engagement ring. Some even continue to wear only engagement rings after the wedding.

Choosing and Wearing a Bridal / Wedding Ring Set

Choosing the right engagement and wedding ring set is a very important decision. While your jewelry vendor will often do their best to guide you in choosing a bridal set, there are a few typical mistakes made when shopping for wedding jewelry. Of course, it is possible to avoid these mistakes with some predictions. Some of the most common mistakes made when purchasing a bridal set include:

Do not choose mismatched shapes: It is important to match the shape of the engagement ring with the shape of the wedding ring to avoid choosing a mismatched set. For better comfort, make sure that your chosen engagement ring and wedding ring match each other, or the two rings complement each other. At the same time, friction can damage the diamonds and metal in the ring over time. Therefore, be careful with the rings rubbing against each other.

Do not choose incompatible metals: Not all metals have an equal degree of durability, meaning a wedding ring whose raw material is a hard metal such as platinum can damage an engagement ring whose raw material is white gold in the long run. That’s why you should use the metal of the rings that make up a set. It is usually always best to choose engagement and wedding rings that use the same type of metal. This is because the rings cause minimal damage to each other through normal use. If you do not know which metal is best for bridal sets, you can listen to the advice of your jeweler.

Do not choose disproportionate rings: Choosing matching rings is much more than choosing the same kind of metal and diamond of course. Especially if these rings are worn on the same finger, it is very important to consider the size, weight, and balance of the two rings in comparison. For this reason, the proportion of all items is very important. Make sure to keep everything in proportion during the bridal set selection phase. For example, if you chose an engagement ring made of a small diamond and you do not want this engagement ring to appear smaller in the set, you should choose a thinner wedding ring along with it.

As we mentioned earlier, most of these mistakes can be avoided by following expert advice, namely, the advice of your jeweler. Thus, your jeweler can help you choose the ideal bridal set for you. As a result, choosing a bridal or wedding set can help you save time, save money, and avoid headaches while shopping for engagement and wedding jewelry, all while getting rings that fit together perfectly.

Before the wedding, the engagement ring is worn alone, and after the wedding, you wear the closest wedding ring to your heart and both rings on the left or right hand and the same finger. This means that the wedding ring is closest to your palm. The engagement ring in the bridal set is inherently more complex and includes a large diamond. Buying an engagement ring, wedding ring, and other marriage essentials can be a daunting task. Compared to buying an engagement ring and wedding ring, buying a bridal set has more advantages as follows:

  • First, purchasing a bridal kit makes things simple and convenient by reducing the workload. Therefore, you do not have to shop for two different rings separately. By purchasing both of your partner’s rings at the same time, you will not waste time and make sure everything matches.
  • Second, bridal sets look great. A typical bridal set includes an engagement ring as well as a matching wedding ring for the bride, forming a unique, complementary set on the same finger as a whole.
  • Third, there are numerous bridal set options. Modern bridal sets allow you to choose the perfect set based on factors such as your partner’s skin tone, tastes, and expectations, and there are also precious metals, designs, and settings available for bridal sets.
  • Finally, bridal sets are ideal to get great value for money. Because you buy two rings at the same time, or more rings in the case of a wedding set with more than two rings, you will generally make a more economical choice when purchasing a bridal set than buying an engagement ring and wedding ring.

Diamond Eternity Rings

What Is the Difference Between Eternity Bands and Engagement Rings?

Today, when individuality and customization are at a high level, there are no strict and fast rules. For this reason, infinity bands can be preferred as engagement rings. However, the ring, traditionally known as an engagement ring, is a larger center stone and small diamonds that come together in the ring’s body to highlight the main stone.

 Simple Style versus Bold Statement

If you are planning to buy an infinity ring based on your tastes, there are a few things to consider when it comes to style first. Many eternity rings feature a diamond strip that creates a seamless sparkle. Diamond eternity rings, a ring made of the most precious and powerful substances in the world, are a common choice. However, many other gemstones work the same way and provide a unique advantage if you are looking for a statement style. On the other hand, you should also decide whether you want a half eternity ring consisting of a continuous string of stones on the face of the ring or a full eternity band with diamonds circled an entire band.

Should You Buy a Full Eternity Diamond Ring?

A full eternity ring feeling is an intense romantic ring, but a full diamond infinity ring poses some practical problems. Many people find it uncomfortable to wear a full row of diamonds, especially in a pointed ring. Diamonds on the palm of the wearer’s hand can scratch things, snag, or dig into the skin but the biggest problem with the full infinity ring has to do with resizing. A complete infinity band cannot be resized.

Therefore, it is a risky choice. If the size of your finger gets wider or scolded, you will have to wear or not be able to wear the same ring size, and very few people will wear the same ring size forever. So if your eternity ring does not fit anymore, the only option is to remove the diamonds on a new band and readjust. A full eternity ring is less versatile as it may not fit the final buyer. However, if you are concerned about sizing, luckily there are two alternatives, the half eternity ring and the three quarter eternity ring, equally striking:

  • A half eternity ring has a diamond next to the finger (it covers half of the ring).
  • Three-quarter goes a little further, diamonds finish under the finger (covering three- quarters of the tape).
  • The number of diamonds used depends on the ring size you choose, so you do not have to worry about diamonds lying in the wrong place on the band. And these rings provide ample space at the bottom of the ring to be resized up or down.

Can You Propose Using an Eternity Ring as an Engagement Ring?

While tradition dictated that the man must first buy an engagement ring for the woman, then a wedding ring to present at the ceremony, some couples have started to reverse the order of steps. Therefore, choosing diamond eternity rings instead of wedding rings for marriage has become a popular option over the years. Brides seem to prefer the added sparkle that the eternity ring gives to the engagement ring when worn together. Since infinity rings are much simpler than engagement rings, these are, increasingly becoming the first item purchased. So to answer our question, yes: the eternity circle is presented instead of the engagement ring during the marriage proposal.

At the same time, after your partner accepts your offer, you have the opportunity to shop their ring together. This ensures a complete input into the design of the ring, including the shape and setting of the stone. The only requirement for the second ring purchased was the requirement for compatibility with the eternity ring. As eternity rings are often used as wedding rings, more and more engagement rings are designed specifically for use with the eternity ring, unlike a standard plain wedding ring.

2.30 CT TW GIA Certified Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold (F/G, IF) (Price: $11,199.00)

CERTED DIAMONDS 0.52 Carat Fancy Heart Shape Diamond Ring 18K Gold (Price: $29,500.00)

14K Two-Tone Diamond Wedding Band Ring 2.9 cttw for Women (Price: $7,053.99)

Studs Galore 1.09-1.12 Cts SI2 – I1 Clarity and I-J Color Diamond Journey Ring in 14K White Gold (Price: $2,450.00)

14k White Gold Princess Cut Past Present Future 3 Stone Diamond Ring 2.50 Carats (Price: $9,562.50)

IGI Certified 5.12 Carat (cttw) Round Shape White Natural Diamond Band Ring 18k Solid Gold (Price: $8,719.99)

0.25-1Ct SGL Certified Diamond Engagement Ring, Two Tone Eternity Wedding Band, HI-SI Color Clarity Diamond X Promise Ring, Statement Engagement Ring, 14K Gold (Price: $6,690.00)

Allurez Diamond Antique-Style Swirl Engagement Ring 18k White Gold (1.25ct) (Price: $5,425.00)

14k White Gold Round Cut 3.33ct Diamond Eternity Wedding Band Ring for Women (Price: $5,453.99)

2.59 Ct SGL Certified Diamond Halo Ring, Statement Women Solitaire Ring, Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, Unique Wedding Anniversary Gold Ring, 18K Gold (Price: $4,140.00)

Amoro 18kt White Gold Diamond Ring (0.7 cttw, H Color, VS2 Clarity) (Price: $4,795.00)

18kt White Gold Womens Round Yellow Diamond Cluster Ring 1-3/4 Cttw (Price: $4,298.99)

Amoro 18k White Gold Two-Toned Diamond Ring (1.32 cttw, H-I Color, SI1-SI Clarity) (Price: $4,950.00)

Luxurman 14K Rose, Yellow or White Gold Round Natural Diamond Ladies Ring (2.2 Ctw,G-H Color) (Price: $4,279.00)

14k White Gold Round Cut 2.16ct Diamond Eternity Wedding Band Ring for Women (Price: $4,267.99)

Kobelli Vintage Floral Diamond Halo Ring (Price: $3,899.00)

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