Diamond Rolex Buying Guide

Diamond Rolex watches are an ideal choice for those who prefer a jewelry accessory that has both a functional and aesthetic appearance. Rolex watches have two fundamentally different directions. Rolex introduces practical watches designed to meet the most basic needs on the one hand, and highly luxurious watches that are an indicator of status and quality on the other. The most important indicator of luxury among the second type of Rolex watches, which is the symbol of vanity, is undoubtedly diamond Rolex watches.

Rolex is known for its high quality and impressive use of jewelry, especially diamonds, in addition to its timeless watch designs and excellent mechanical technology. Rolex diamond watches feature pavé models with diamonds on the dial, bezel, or completely in the bezel, and are quite diverse in this respect. Rolex, which supplies, tests, cuts and puts a large number of precious stones, especially diamonds, into its products, performs these processes in its department of gemology. Within this department, each purchase is carefully selected and provided using the processes used by the world’s best quality jewelry manufacturers. Also, Rolex, which manufactures precious metals such as platinum and gold, used in its watches within Rolex, has original production stages to produce stainless steel watches using 904L steel due to its high durability and long-term shine. 

Regardless of the gemstone, Rolex always chooses the best stones. The best criteria of the stones depend on the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of the diamonds, especially where precise dimensions come into play. Rolex ranges from diamonds’ first stage quality control to the improvement of color scales and the placement of jewels in different parts of the watches. For those who want to add a different sparkle to their wrist with these timeless accessories, you should read this guide for diamond Rolex features and models.

Luxury lovers dream of a Rolex because it has both prestigious and original models. After all, if you own a diamond Rolex, there is no watch left to have. The main reason why a diamond Rolex is considered luxurious as it costs quite a lot is the precision shown in the production phase of the watches. The production of a Rolex watch, each component of which has been carefully designed, can take up to a year or so, as each stage is carried out in-house. One of the most important features of Rolex is that the production process is carried out both manually and with technical tools. 

Metal Type and Diamonds of Rolex Watches

As an important investment tool, diamond Rolex watches create a purchasing process in which customers are paid very high prices, and therefore the most important factors determining this choice are the materials used in the watches. Among the questions that need to be investigated, which diamonds Rolex watches use, diamonds are a prominent issue in the selection of Rolex in terms of both increasing the value of the watch and affecting their appearance.

904 L Steel

The material that makes a Rolex so unique and luxurious is the material because Rolex watches are made from 904L steel, a type of steel that other watch manufacturers do not use. Although this type of steel costs more money and is more difficult to process, Rolex uses 904L steel for the following reasons:

  • Since 904L Steel has a harder structure compared to other steels, it is much longer-lasting and durable.
  • In addition to being more durable, 904L Steel is also more resistant to wear and rust than other steels.
  • The polish holds better on 904L Steel and keeps the polish on the polished 904L Steel for longer.

904L Steel Diamond Rolex


Similar to the processes and steel type in the production of a Rolex, the diamonds that make up the diamond Rolex and added to different parts of the watch are also of extremely high quality. For this reason, many qualified jewelry and gemologists work within Rolex. Rolex gemologists take each diamond from its source and put it to the test. In particular, diamonds are examined one by one to understand that diamonds are genuine and of superior quality. As a result, Rolex holds the highest standards for diamond properties during the diamond inspection phase.

The diamonds used by Rolex are of at least IF clarity. At the color level, diamonds between D and G with the best four-color grades in degrees are preferred. The diamonds are placed on the watches by Rolex’s jewelers. The most suitable diamonds are determined for each watch. Also, the setting of every Rolex watch is unique and therefore special settings are designed. As a result, each watch has a unique appearance and is quite different from each other. This is why Rolex product costs more than watches from high-quality brands.

Rolex’s Top-Level Testing Methods

When you want to buy a watch with diamonds, one of the most precious stones, a protocol involving many tests is applied for diamonds by Rolex, and this protocol is based on the expertise of experts in this field, just like the high-tech devices used. The same criteria are used for diamonds and many other stones in this attribute analysis process. In this process, the appearance of the diamond facets is very important in terms of the reflection of light to the stones. Therefore, the cut directly affects the luster of the stones.

Considering the properties of the diamond, it is clear that a stone with a good cut affects the amount and intensity of reflections, and this emphasizes its intensity and number, which can reveal the hue of the rainbow. Clarity, on the other hand, is about the stone is free from stains and imperfections, which are the usual flaws that can occur naturally. Although these stains on the stone are the usual imperfections, Rolex is very meticulous about diamonds and only chooses the clearest diamonds. For this reason, Rolex ensures that diamonds are free of defects even when examined at a 10x magnification.

Color, another diamond evaluation criterion, is visually appraised by Rolex’s experienced jewelry makers and results in an aesthetic judgment. This procedure involves comparing diamonds with high-end stones with certification. As a result of this procedure, the diamonds used by Rolex are the most colorless. The color ranges from D to G, which are found in the Gemological Institute of America color scale, and indicate the highest quality, are used. Through tests carried out using cutting-edge tools, many of which were designed by Rolex, the diamonds that Rolex uses in its designs are of a certain quality.

Crafting of Rolex

As a result of all the evaluation criteria, the work comes to the crafting stage and Rolex entrusts the stones that will be used in its watches to the jeweler. This crafting department, consisting of masters, works very precisely and with care. The aforementioned watchmakers place diamonds on various parts of the watch by moving very carefully and precisely. This crafting job is versatile. At this stage, help is taken from the designers, and the arrangement and colors of the stones are finalized by collaborating. After this stage, engineers who deal with parts that are not related to movement, called external elements of the design, work and examine the place of the stones in the planned design to prepare the metal on which the stones will be found. What is done at this stage is to decide on the amount of metal sufficient to keep the diamond in place.

It is important to be patient at this stage because the stone is placed in the most appropriate place with a lot of patience and the surrounding metal is carefully pushed into the ground around the stone to make sure that the stone does not fall from where it is placed. The valuable skill of the master who performs the work includes skills such as determining the right angle for the diamond, choosing the most ideal tool for the job, and realizing the application force to the most appropriate extent. In the last stage, the polish is applied, which makes the metal shine better and more intense. This process can be applied up to 3000 times for some watch designs with diamonds.

The 6 Bracelets Used by Rolex

Jubilee Bracelet: This bracelet type, consisting of five-part links, gives your wrist a very elegant look, but Rolex often uses this type of bracelet for sports watches. Rolex watches with a Jubilee bracket can be made of different metals, and a Crownlock or Oysterlock type clasp can be attached to this bracelet.

Jubilee Bracelet Diamond Rolex

President Bracelet: The President bracelet, a more rarely used bracelet type, consists of three delicately rounded and cylindrical ties. Only a Crownlock clasp is used in this bracelet type.

President Bracelet Diamond Rolex

Oyster Bracelet: Unlike the Jubilee bracelet, this bracelet type has three big links and it has a simpler and more sporty look with this structure. In watches with this type of bracelet, only Oysterlock clasp is used as a clasp.

Oyster Bracelet Diamond Rolex

Pearlmaster Bracelet: The Pearlmaster Rolex, consisting of five segmented links, has a slim appearance and can be described as the most elegant bracelet among Rolex watches. Crownlock is the only clasp type used in this bracelet type.

Pearlmaster Bracelet Diamond Rolex

Oysterflex Rubber Bracelet: Rubber bracelets are an alternative to metal bracelets. This design, which has flexibility, comfort, and a different style, is only used with the Oysterlock clasp.

Oysterflex Rubber Bracelet Diamond Rolex

Leather Bracelet: Rolex, which can be in many colors and styles, produces leather straps in-house. Usually, a pin clasp or Oysterlock is used as a clasp in these leather straps.

Leather Bracelet Diamond Rolex

Diamond Rolex Models

Diamond Rolex Day-Date Models

The Datejust collection has positive features in many respects. These features are that Rolex has quite different case sizes, dial colors, and metal alternatives. At the same time, the bracelets differ in terms of style. Having such different options in every respect, Rolex produces a model for those who want to feel different and special. This model is the “Datejust” from Rolex. On Datejust models, bezel sets or both can be decorated with diamonds, depending on the size of the watch.

Gold Datejust models can also include a variety of delicate motifs, including flowers and butterflies, and pavé-shaped dials. As a result of the limited number of Datejust models made of stainless steel with a diamond on the dial, it is an affordable option among the diamond-encrusted Rolex models.

Rolex Day-Date 36

Properties of Rolex Day-Date 36

  • Reference no: 12823
  • Starting Price: € 34.700
  • Caliber: Rolex Production 3255
  • Diameter: 36 mm
  • Jewelry: There are baguette-shaped diamonds at 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and diamonds are surrounded by 18 ct gold settings.
  • Strap: President strap consisting of semi-circular three-piece links.
  • Dial Color: Green ombre set covered with diamonds
  • Power: 70 hours
  • Case Material: The middle case is monoblock, the rear case is screwed and there is an adjustment handle.
  • Oscillator: It has high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers and paramagnetic blue balance springs.
  • Resistance to Water: Water resistance up to 100 meters

Diamond Rolex Pearlmaster Models

The precious metal of Rolex’s Pearlmaster collection is made of 18k yellow, white, or Everose gold. Diamonds can be found in parts of the Pearlmaster, such as the case, dial, or bracelet, as well as all these parts of the same watch can be covered with diamonds. The name of the watch comes from the Pearlmaster bracelet that has five ties. Like the Datejust, the dials of Pearlmaster watches have a compartment on a sapphire crystal, which is a precious stone, symbolizing the date.

Pearlmastaller models have only a limited number of diamonds, as well as models that attract the most attention and are the indicator of luxury, from right to left and from top to bottom, which is completely covered with diamonds. The diamond-set Pearlmaster watches have five pieces interconnected in a cylindrical shape. In this respect, Pearlmaster watches are among the other Rolex watch designs as one of the most expensive women’s watches, thanks to these metal and diamond features.

Rolex Pearlmaster

Properties of Rolex Perpetual Pearlmaster 39

  • Reference no: 86405RBR
  • Starting Price: $37,000
  • Caliber: Rolex Production 3235
  • Diameter: 39 mm
  • Jewelry: Bracelet and dial covered with diamonds
  • Strap: Diamond set Pearlmaster There are five-piece links in round shape.
  • Dial Colour: 18 kt gold paved with 713 diamonds
  • Power: 70 hours
  • Case Material: 18 ct Everose gold with a diamond sleeve
  • Oscillator: It has high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers and paramagnetic blue balance springs.
  • Resistance to Water: Water resistance up to 100 meters

Diamond Rolex Lady-Datejust Models

The Datejust model has been minimized to make its look more feminine. The year the model was first introduced has been the symbol of Rolex watches designed for women since the 1950s. Having the original features of the original Datejust, Lady-Datejust differs from the original Datejust in terms of diamond indices and mother-of-pearl dials. At the same time, this model naturally has more envelope and delicate diamond ornaments than the original model. Although this model is quite small, it has a very intense luminosity in contrast to this smallness. Rolex has quite valuable in-house settings. The Rolex Lady-Datejust model has many innovations in every aspect.

One of the most obvious features of the Datejust collection is the wide range of sizes of the cases of these models, the fact that they are made of many metals, the styles of the bracelet, and the multiple color options of the dials. For those who want more and more, Rolex designs a wide variety of diamond-decorated Datejust models. Datejust watches with set diamonds can be created with diamond-set bezels or hour markers, or both, depending on their size. Also, this watch model, designed with full diamond pavé dials, can feature both delicate and complex motifs. On the other hand, it can be considered as the most economical models among Rolex watches, due to the limited number of the Datejust models made of stainless steel with diamonds or diamonds on the dial.

Rolex Lady-Datejust

Properties of Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36

  • Reference no: 126281RBR
  • Starting Price: € 13.800
  • Caliber: Rolex Production 3235
  • Diameter: 36 mm
  • Jewelry: Roman VI and IX in 18 ct gold, studded with 24 diamonds
  • Strap: Jubilee-shaped bracelet with five-piece links
  • Dial Colour: Dark rhodium set covered with diamonds
  • Power: 70 hours
  • Case Material: It consists of a combination of Oystersteel steel and 18k Everose gold.
  • Oscillator: It has a paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and high-performance Paraflex dampers.
  • Resistance to Water: Water resistance up to 100 meters

Diamond Rolex Daytona Models

Today, the most distinctive features of the Rolex Daytona, the timekeeper known for its luxury and quality, are its complete performance and sporty design. Daytona models produced by Rolex also have models with diamond-set dials and bezels. For example, one of these models is the one with metal platinum and pavé dial, with the tachymeter scales decorated with baguette-shaped diamonds. 

The Daytona series emerged in the early 2000s under the name “Leopard”. When it came to 2019, it was put forward under the name “Tiger Eye”. In the period from 2000 to 2019, a wide variety of Daytona models have emerged. Both models feature numerous diamond and animal-motif dials. The Daytona, which can be made of gold, yellow, white, and rose, has become a well-known model with the help of the diamond-set cases and the bezels equipped with sapphire. On the other hand, in the Daytona collection, there are models made up of two different tones or completely made of gold, and there are various styles that create a diamond string along with the hour markers of the dial-in these models.

Rolex Daytona

Properties of Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Diamond Pave Dial Platinum 

  • Reference no: 116576TBR
  • Starting Price: $19,350
  • Caliber: Rolex Production 4130
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Jewelry: Diamond dial in the shape of pave
  • Strap: Made of steel
  • Case Material: 950 Platinum
  • Oscillator: It has a paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring
  • Resistance to Water: Water resistance up to 100 meters

Diamond Rolex GMT-Master II Models

One of the most distinctive features of the Rolex GMT-Master II pilot’s watch is its rotating bezel with 24-hour indicators to indicate a different time zone. However, the other model produced by Rolex is the GMT-Master II models, which are not frequently preferred Arabic numerals and have diamonds on the bezel.

Most bezels made of GMT-Master jewelry sets utilize many gemstones to simulate the appearance of the red, white, or blue bezel found on typical GMT-Master models. The highest-priced Rolex watch ever designed is full of diamonds and is called the GMT-Master “Ice”. For those who want to wear a diamond Rolex GMT-Master but are looking for something economical, the two-tone model with hour markers made of diamond is suitable for you.

Rolex Gmt-Master II

Properties of Rolex GMT-Master II Automatic Diamond 

  • Reference no: 116758 SA
  • Starting Price: $90,000
  • Caliber: Rolex 3186
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Jewelry: 31 diamonds
  • Strap: Yellow Gold Oyster in the 18-carat weight
  • Dial Colour: The diamond-set contains 29 diamonds as well as 30 sapphires.
  • Power: 50 hours
  • Case Material: 18k gold with 76 diamonds
  • Oscillator: It has a paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and high-performance Paraflex shock dampers
  • Resistance to Water: Water resistance up to 100 meters

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying an Aftermarket Diamond Rolex

You have several options for purchasing a diamond Rolex. However, one of them is different and this is called the aftermarket. If you plan to sell or buy an aftermarket diamond Rolex, you need to make the right decision or make a good profit. There are a few things you need to know about this. We will talk about them briefly. Then, what is an aftermarket diamond Rolex?

An aftermarket diamond Rolex is a watch made by Rolex, but after the sales process, the diamond is placed and given a personal appearance. Of course, there are diamond-encrusted watches that Rolex designs and develops at the production stage and where diamonds are part of the design ex-factory, but this process, which refers to the aftermarket procedure, means that the diamonds were added by you after you purchased the watch from Rolex or another authorized dealer.

Advantages of an Aftermarket Diamond Rolex

It is an undeniable fact that an aftermarket diamond Rolex watches look fancier than factory Rolex watches. Aftermarket sales can be described as a form of “upgrading” after purchasing the factory-made Rolex. At this stage, your tastes are decisive. If you tend to like flashy and almost extravagant watches, buying an aftermarket watch will be for you and suit your tastes. If you are planning to buy an aftermarket watch, another benefit you should know is that these watches are more economical, although they are similar in all other features to a factory-made diamond Rolex.

Disadvantages of an Aftermarket Diamond Rolex

Aftermarket diamond Rolexes look pretty cool and flashy, but their value is not as long as factory watches. The quality of the craftsmanship of aftermarket watches and the quality of Rolex’s craftsmanship provided by strict standards are not equal, and diamonds added to the watch can depreciate the watch. If you do not plan to wear your Rolex forever and plan to sell it in the future, it is recommended that you do not have post-aftermarket diamond additions. This is because this is a very cumbersome and costly process for resale

If you want to buy a Rolex or an aftermarket Rolex in more affordable quantities to suit your budget, one of the most effective ways to do this is by withdrawing a loan called gem equity from Diamond Banc. Here, the system involves operating your Rolex as a kind of collateral for the loan you withdraw. This method is a very reliable and low-risk method.

A Comparison: Original Factory Bezel vs Custom Aftermarket Bezel

To see the difference between factory watches and aftermarket watches, let’s compare two 31 mm Lady Rolex Datejust watches. The factory watch features diamonds in a black dial and bezel setting. The aftermarket custom watch consists of a special bezel-type setting and a light pink dial that fuses to form a circle, just like the factory watch.

Both watches are similar in size, quality, and the use of genuine diamonds, but the bezel and dial of the factory Lady Datejust were manufactured in Rolex’s manufacturing plant and took its final form at the Rolex Factory. The diamond bezel and dial of the Aftermarket Datejust are produced in a different location; It is added to a basic factory Datejust Model that forms the basis for adding diamonds by an expert watchmaker or jeweler.

To reveal their differences, the most general visual features and price of the Datejust, reference number 178384, should be examined. This is because not only the bezels and dials but every component related to the watch can have different features. These components are bracelet, crown, case, and many other features. Some differences are between the two types of the Rolex watch as follows:

Diamonds of Original Rolex vs Aftermarket Rolex

Here is one of the differences between the two watches: diamonds. Rolex has 48 diamonds in the bezel frame. If you are looking at the original diamond Rolex, you should know that it has an IF rating for the lowest sharpness. In other words, the diamond in this watch is Internal Flawless, and even when magnified 10 times, the glitches are hardly visible. In terms of color, which is another grading criterion, the diamonds of the factory-made diamond Rolex watches, which have a color grade between D and G, are Nearly Colorless.

The diamonds used by factory-made Rolex are colored D to G, which means the diamonds are almost colorless, making it one of the four highest color grades. Although the standard diamonds used by Rolex are of very high quality, the diamonds in watches differ in terms of carats. In other words, although there is a standard in terms of color, clarity, and cut in every hour, the only feature that affects the price is the carat weight of the diamonds used in these watches.

On the other hand, the aftermarket Rolex watch has a bezel of 42 diamonds, which is less than 1 carat in terms of carat weight. In terms of dial features, both watches are very similar to each other. and both watches have simple dial features. The hour markers made of 18-karat white gold and tarnishing is prevented in this respect.

Another difference between the two watches in terms of diamonds is that the diamonds of factory-made Rolex watches are slightly larger than the diamonds of aftermarket watches. The smaller diamonds of aftermarket watches also mean that aftermarket watches have larger settings. In other words, the white gold setting consists of more white gold than the factory setting. Therefore, these are the differences between the two watches in terms of diamonds and settings.

Colors of Original Rolex vs Aftermarket Dial

In terms of color, it can be said that there are a very comprehensive range and choice of colors, especially for the dial colors, and the choice is based on your taste. Color selection for aftermarket watches is very flexible and can be of any color. However, the color options for factory-made Rolex watches are limited and are available only in black, blue, pink, brown, or white. Also available in mother-of-pearl and silver colors. The most common colors for aftermarket watches are made from a meteorite and white mother-of-pearl colors.

At the same time, if you want to make a more economical choice, you can buy an aftermarket diamond Rolex for yourself or a relative, or a used Rolex or a second-hand Submariner with a difference of $ 6,000 between the two watches. Once again, all the features of the two Datejust types are similar, except for the dial and bezel setting.

Pricing of Factory-made Diamond Rolex vs Pricing of Aftermarket Diamond Rolex

As can be seen, it is very difficult to understand the difference between the two watches. Although it is difficult to understand these differences, as we mentioned before, there is a price difference between the two watches. The original price of a factory-made diamond Rolex watch is $ 15,950, but at this price, you can still get it from us for as little as $ 13,000. There are also places where you can buy it for $ 1000 or $ 2000 less. On the other hand, when it comes to the aftermarket, buying the base model Datejust with reference number 178240 followed by a diamond bezel and diamonds on the dial can cost almost $ 7000 less.

In both watches, all parts are equal, and the cases, bracelets, and movements are original in both types. The only difference that affects the price difference is the bezel with diamonds and the dial sections. So, what’s different from a Datejust model equipped with factory diamonds is that diamonds are added to these sections from the sorna, and the question you have to ask yourself is whether the $ 6000 difference between $ 13,000 and $ 7,100 is too much to buy an aftermarket diamond Rolex. This is a decision your Rolex dealer has to make.

As we mentioned before, the most obvious difference between these two watches is the price. There is a difference of approximately $ 6,000 between the two. If you think it will be worth the $ 6,000 difference, you can choose the factory watch.

Rolex Datejust 31 Black Mother of Pearl Diamond Dial Ladies Steel and 18kt Yellow Gold Oyster Watch 278343BKMDO (Price: $19,003.05)

Rolex Lady Datejust Green Stripe Dial Diamond Bezel Automatic Watch 279383GNDJ (Price: $19,003.05)

Rolex Datejust 36 Diamond Women’s Watch 116188 (Price: $24,995.00)

Rolex Datejust 41 Champagne Diamond Steel and 18K Yellow Gold Jubilee Men’s Watch 126333CDJ (Price: $16,500.00)

Rolex Lady-Datejust 26 Mother of Pearl Diamond Dial Gold Watch Ref. 179138 (Price: $25,995.00)


Rolex Lady Datejust Violet Stripe Diamond Dial Automatic Ladies Watch 279383VDJ (Price: $18,995.01)

Rolex Lady Datejust Aubergine Dial Diamond Automatic Watch 279381OBDJ (Price: $19,295.01)

Rolex Datejust 31 Silver Diamond Dial Ladies Steel and 18kt Yellow Gold Jubilee Watch 278383SDJ (Price: $20,674.50)

Datejust 41 126334 Black Dial 41 mm Diamond Watch (Price: $13,495.00)

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