Diamond Stud Earrings Buying Guide

Diamond stud earrings are among the most in-demand jewelry with a universal scale as they are one of the most common diamond jewelry used by women and even men. The reason they are a timeless classic is that they combine with diamonds, the most important of the timeless gemstones, and these a pair of minimal yet highly dazzling pieces have become a must for many. Well, what are the considerations that you should take into when you want to buy a diamond stud earring?

Before you buy diamond stud earrings, the point to note is that these earrings styles are known to be both versatile and customizable, and are most fundamentally created with a diamond set in a precious metal setting. So, before purchasing these timeless pieces, the focus should be on the general 4C properties of diamonds, and above all on the “cut” feature. Another criterion to consider is the choice of types of settings that serve to hold the diamonds, the building blocks of diamond stud earrings, in place. In addition to keeping the diamonds in place, the choice of backs, which are the parts that keep the earring in the ear, is also very vital in terms of reliability. At the same time, if you are looking for a pair of diamond stud earrings that you can use for a long time, you should consider wear, wear, and durability factors.

Although diamond earrings are small pieces, they can change your look with a single touch; goes well with any style of clothing. This is because they are not only classics but also versatile, and these features make them indispensable gifts for special occasions. You can choose from the famous online brands where you can buy diamond stud earrings, according to your expectations.

A diamond stud is versatile in terms of style and has many style options. The diamond shape, the quality grades of the diamond, the setting type are features of the diamond stud to be considered. You should read this guide to determine which of these features is right for you.

About the Quality of Diamond Stud Earrings

You may have heard that evaluating the quality of diamond earrings is not as sharp and strict as the quality reviews of lotus rings. This is because engagement rings are more medium to medium than diamond stud earring. Consequently, people will see him more often or demand to look at him specifically. Diamond stud earrings are relatively less sublime; it can be covered with hair and people will not get close to your ear to take a closer look at these earrings.

When considering diamond earrings, “eye cleaning” refers to a different meaning. Considered within the scope of 4C, which is the set of properties that determine the quality of a diamond, the degrees of color and clarity characteristics when choosing diamond stud earrings are not as important as any diamond ring, especially engagement rings. Especially in terms of clarity, imperfections and inclusions are not that important for diamond stud earrings. Also, a lower color temperature can be made possible by skin and hair color. While color and clarity are not that important, the cut is the not to be missed criterion for these diamond stud earrings. This is because the cut is extremely important to the sparkle that the diamond radiates.

Diamond Cuts for Stud Earrings

The diamond shape, which is one of the first points to be considered, is the shape that the rough diamond reaches as a result of shaping. The cut of the diamond creates quite different effects in terms of the style of the stud earrings, and this difference directly affects the level of shine. The cut styles consist of three general cuts: These are the round and princess cut shapes which are the most preferred and therefore called “classic”; cushion, emerald, Asscher cuts called “vintage” and on the other hand, marquise and pear cuts that are less preferred. Each cut has its unique appeal and therefore there is no one cut a shape that can be universally and objectively described under the name of the best and only popular sections can be mentioned. 

Common for many other jewelries like diamond engagement rings, this cut shape is also the most common for diamond stud earrings. The reason for this prevalence and popularity is undoubted because it provides a colorless diamond with high luster. Just like a diamond engagement ring, this cut shape is the first cut that comes to mind when it comes to a pair of diamond studs. The heart cut most often has a rounded appearance and has a unique splendor through its symmetry.

The princess style cut that follows the round cut is among the most common shapes. The princess cut diamond stud earring, which has a square shape unlike the round cut, adds a sharp-edged look. The princess cut with a high gloss facet shimmers above normal just like the round cut diamond. This cut style, which appeared relatively recently compared to the round cut, emerged in the 1960s. The reason it gained popularity so quickly is both its brightness and its low price per carat. Princess cut diamonds are an economical way to make each carat radiate more glam.

The diamond cut, called the cushion, has been the most preferred until the edges of the round cut are trimmed. The cushion-cut resembles the look of a square with rounded corners. But cushion cut can’t match the shine of a round-cut diamond. However, it can have more waste than a round cut. This cut does not come back as light as a round diamond but is more likely to have more fire. The reason why it is preferred by many people today is the vintage look it has.

The popularity of the Asscher cut, another relatively popular cut style, began in the 1920s. Today, it has become fashionable again for those who want to return to the 1920s. Unlike the cushion cut, it consists of sharp corners and can be distinguished more easily with this feature. The emerald cut, another vintage shape, has a unique look, although it looks like a prolonged Asscher cut, but unlike most shine cuts, the cut of step; therefore, although it does not have the sparkle of a brilliant diamond, it may appear larger, indicating that it can reveal wider luminous rays.

Unlike the popular diamond cuts, pear and marquise cuts are the rarest cut shapes you can find in diamond stud earrings. It can be said that their proportions do not match, as they are rare cuts, and also because of this it is not easy to identify a stone that can be matched with these earrings. But it will look at least as stylish as a round or princess cut diamond stud earrings.

Carat Weight of Diamond Stud Earrings 

You have decided to buy diamond earrings but you are not sure which size to choose. This choice is mostly determined by your budget because the higher the carat weight, the higher the price. On the other hand, if your earlobe is a little drooping, you should opt for a smaller size and carat weight diamond stud earrings because your earlobe can sag more with heavy and large earrings.

If you want to buy your diamond stud earrings online, you should know that the “total carat weight” information in the product description section is not for a single earring but the total weight of both earrings. For example, if the earring you examine is 1 carat, the weight of each earring that makes up the earring pair is 0.5 carat. Those who want to stud bigger and heavier can go to the savings on other 4C criteria such as color and clarity and allocate their budget for an earring whose clarity and the color is medium but with higher carat weight.

If the settings, which are the brackets that hold the diamonds in place, are not too large, it is difficult to discern whether the earrings are heavy or light as a result of the metal used for the setting. Also, some metals are denser than other metals. For example, platinum, a precious metal, is 90-95% pure, while gold 14K gold is 58.5% or 18K gold is 75% pure. Therefore, platinum has a higher density than gold; In other words, the specific gravity of platinum is higher.

For this reason, even if the weight of the earrings made of two different metals is the same, the earring with the platinum setting will be heavier than the earring with the gold setting. Alloyed metals such as copper, nickel, and zinc in white gold have lower specific gravity than gold and platinum. Platinum feels heavier because its alloy is made up of more precious metals. However, the difference in density that causes a difference in weight is still too small to be felt in the ear.

Diamond Stud Earring Settings

Another criterion for earrings, at least as important as the cut shape, is the setting of these earrings and the settings, especially the stud earrings, constitute the basic style features at the selection stage. The settings that keep the diamond in place on diamond stud earrings are often basket and prong settings. The reason they are widely used is that both types of settings feature the diamond with minimalist and classical touches. On the other hand, another type of setting that is frequently preferred and has a high level of brightness is the halo setting. Halo setting will make the lower carat stud earrings look more flamboyant through more sparkle. 

Another prominent earring setting for stud earrings is the martini. Its peculiarity is that only three forks are holding the diamond and these forks narrow towards the bottom. The reason it is called martini is that it has a tapered appearance, just like a martini glass. The setting feature of the martini setting is that, unlike the other settings, this setting has less distance from the diamond to the earlobe. Another point to consider for sensitive ears is the type of precious metal used for tuning. In this case, the most antiallergenic metal types to be preferred are yellow gold, and platinum. These are among the safe choices to be preferred by both those with sensitive ears and people with a nickel allergy.

Prong Setting Diamond Stud


To maximize sparkle …

If you want to maximize the sparkle of your diamond stud earrings, choose settings that surround the diamond with a small amount of metal. This is because with a small amount of metal the more the diamond is exposed, the more visible. That’s why three-prong settings are a suitable choice for this. You can also add a halo to earrings made of smaller diamonds, or if the color of the diamond is almost colorless, complete this flawless colorlessness with a white metal setting for more sparkle.

To maximize safety…

Diamond, the most prominent stone among precious stones, is a very hard and therefore durable stone, but even diamond can be scratched or eroded in some cases. However, diamonds used for an earring are more difficult to scratch than diamonds used in bracelets or rings, and so when it comes to the safety of earrings, this security is that the diamonds have settings that prevent them from falling out. Generally, those who want to provide high shine and sparkle prefer settings that take up less area on the diamond, but this can also endanger the security of the diamond. The ultimate protection is a bezel setting that pushes the metal used for fixing the diamond around the jewelry.

Bezel Setting Diamond Stud


Diamond Stud Earring Backs

Another criterion in the process of buying a diamond stud earring is the earring backs that provide security as well as settings. Anyone who wants to buy a diamond stud undoubtedly desires to get an earring that is sturdy and secure at the back because no one would want these precious earrings to fall off the ear due to unsafe backs. Also, ensuring the earrings is always the best choice, even if your earring backs are intact. Earring backs, one of the main factors of security, can be in different styles. The selection may differ depending on your wearing preference and style of the back. The most common types are:

Screw back: This is the back of the earring back in kind, which locks the two parts that are screwed directly to each other in a more secure manner.

Screw Back Diamond Stud


Guardian back: In this type of back, there is a locked pole that is notched and straight, and while the protrusions on the sides are pressed and tightened, the back part moves on the notch and fixes the earring to the ear. This back type is often used for diamond stud earrings of 1 carat and above.

Push back: This back type moves above the notch to keep the most stable, but this back type does not have more secure parts such as lock guards and is therefore only intended for earrings less than 1 carat.

Push Back Diamond Stud


Friction back: There is an indentation inside this ridge and this recess has a post. This back is made with this post. When pressure is applied to the earring pole, the back passes to the part where the recess is located.

Friction Back Diamond Stud


The size of the back is driven by features such as the style of the earring you choose and the carat weight, and therefore the more weight of the earring you desire, the more diamonds that will hold it in your ear. Commonly used earring supports are thrust brace or friction brace. They are widely preferred because they make it easier to put on and take off the earrings.

Screw supports preferred by some cuts are of a thicker diameter and form one of the safest ridges. If you are quite concerned about your earring falling off and you are sensitive about it, the best option for you would be a screw back. Stud earrings may not be comfortable if you are not going to wear your stud earrings too often; Putting it on and off can take time and hurt.

No matter what carat weight, diamond shape, or setting style your earring is, hair color, skin tone, the size of your ear, and face shape and proportions are also very important factors. As you can see, diamond stud earrings are versatile accessories and this versatility brings advantages such as being compatible with every style and being customized.

Diamond Earring Purchase Steps

Buying diamond stud earrings requires following certain steps. These steps are as follows:

1. Set a budget for diamond stud earrings

The first thing you need to determine is the amount you can spend. It is possible to find diamond stud earrings for every budget because these earrings have a wide price range between $ 200 and $ 35,000 according to their features. Therefore, as a customer, you should consider your economic conditions. How much you want to spend on a diamond stud earring is up to you.

Of course, if you are going to buy a diamond stud for a special occasion it is important not to go cheap and it is natural to want to buy something more flamboyant. If you are going to look at it as a gift for a birthday then you can get something more modest but you should also know that being considerate does not mean buying expensive gifts. No matter what carat weight or price tag, a pair of stud earrings will be a piece of value for years.

2. Decide if you want custom-made earrings

When purchasing a diamond stud, you can either purchase pre-designed earrings for sale or you can design your earrings according to your preferences. In the ready-made earrings, the diamonds were chosen by the designer and placed in the settings. It involves a series of steps such as designing custom made earrings, selecting the properties of diamonds and metals. This opportunity gives the review of diamond earrings and allows the pieces you like to be added to earrings. Whether you choose pre-set or custom-made, it is important to make sure the diamonds are the Perfect or Ideal cut for maximum shine.

3. Be sure about each piece is similar

If you are going to create your diamond stud earrings yourself and build your diamond, you should make sure that your two earrings are compatible with each other. The carat weight of both must be equal; In other words, if an earring is 0.50 carats, the other earring should be 0.50 carats. Also, the Clarity, Color, and Cut degrees of both earrings must be the same. This parallel selection ensures that each piece matches each other and forms a whole.

4. If you are purchasing a preset earring, follow these suggestions

Choosing a pair of handcrafted stud earrings will save you a lot of hassle and is therefore an ideal procedure for many people. At the same time, if you are an environmentally conscious person, you can choose an environmentally friendly one. For this reason, you may prefer a recycled set. If you want to buy a pre-made diamond stud earring, you can observe the following criteria:

  • Carat Weight: Carat weight should be close to each other.
  • Cut: The cut degree of the diamond must be Ideal or Perfect.
  • Color: If you choose G-I grade diamonds, these diamonds will look white and cost less than D-F diamonds.
  • Clarity: Clarity grades VS2-SI1 will ensure you have a perfect diamond at more affordable prices.

The quality criteria observed for diamond stud earrings are, of course, less serious than the quality criteria observed for evaluating engagement rings, as the viewing distance for diamond earrings is far greater than the sight range of engagement rings. For this reason, many diamonds that are not suitable for diamond rings can be compatible with stud earrings.

5. Select the metal type for your setting of stud

Your style is at the forefront of metal selection. Although preference and style are at the forefront, there are a few points to consider in metal selection. The first of these is the color of the metal. The most popular colors for diamond stud earrings are platinum, along with all the colors of gold. For this selection, you can consider the metal types of jewelry in your jewelry box. Another choice at the metal selection stage is the weight of the metal. If you prefer gold, you can choose 14K or 18K in terms of weight. If you are looking for something more robust, you should choose 14K as it is more robust. Platinum is a precious metal like gold, but it is higher in price than gold. However, platinum is more vulnerable to scratches and abrasions.

Another and perhaps the most important point to consider in metal selection is whether your skin is allergic to metal. The most important thing is that you can wear your stud earrings easily and without causing damage to your skin. Accordingly, when purchasing stud earrings, make sure you are allergic to the metal of your choice, especially if you are going to wear the earrings every day. Above all, opt for a set made of gold or platinum metal from a trusted place. On the other hand, you can choose sterling silver as a more economical choice, but silver is not as long-lasting as gold or platinum. For this reason, many prominent jewelry sellers usually do not use carat with silver metal.

Online Stores For Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

The most personalized diamond pieces you can get from a jewelry retailer are earrings, and diamond stud earrings are a representation that will reflect you inside out in terms of style, stone quality, and setting. If you prefer an online store to buy stud earrings, the diamond stud earrings you will have are not just a piece of jewelry. You can also reach out to online retailers to purchase this type of part; There are many professional and online sellers in this regard. The most known and reliable of these online vendors can be listed as follows:


Amazon is an online retailer that brings together quite a variety of jewelry vendors and therefore offers a huge selection of diamond jewelry. Amazon offers high-quality diamond stud earrings among so many options. For this reason, Amazon, which has a large number of diamond studs in all price ranges, serves as budget-friendly retail and with many options for those on a budget.

Another advantage of Amazon is that it is an ideal online retailer in that it makes it possible to look at alternatives to the diamond stud earrings of your dreams and make it easier to determine exactly what you want and what kind of features. It can be said that famous diamond retailers market their jewelry through Amazon, and as a result, Amazon provides many analogies.

James Allen

When it comes to designing or purchasing preset diamond studs, one of the first brands that come to mind is James Allen. James Allen makes the process of purchasing pre-set diamonds easier, and as a result, online shopping is easier than shopping for jewelry at a jewelry store. The diamond is gracefully visualized by James Allen; Each diamond and earring can be examined with all their subtleties and to every detail, and an opportunity is offered close to face-to-face examination. At the same time, James Allen offers quite different and varied diamond settings, from prong settings to more complex scalloped settings.

James Allen Diamond Stud

Diamonds start at 0.25 carats and you can get both mined and lab-made diamonds. James Allen offers around 600,000 diamond pairs for you to choose from easily. With its wide selection range and reasonable prices, James Allen does not compromise on quality and attaches importance to successful customer service and customer relations. That’s why James Allen is one of the unique places to look for your ideal diamond stud earring.

Blue Nile 

A place where you can search every diamond piece, Blue Nile is among the most trusted and comprehensive diamond jewelry vendors online. When it comes to diamond stud earrings, it allows you to design your dream earring via its user favorite online site. To do this, all you have to do is determine your matching diamond pair in a collection of approximately one million diamonds, and then select your setting and wait for the earring you have determined for you. However, if you want to get these stud earrings quicker, it’s better to check out pre-set earrings. The Blue Nile is famous for its unquestionable quality, long history, and suitability for every budget.

Blue Nile Diamond Stud


DiamondStuds.com is highly specialized in the customization of stud earrings and makes it possible to customize diamond studs to suit quality, diamond shape, and budget. Working with experienced experts in the field, diamondstuds.com put your diamond stud earring with a lifetime warranty. In terms of price, it is more affordable than other online sellers, but in terms of cut and quality, it lags behind the Blue Nile, for example. 

For this reason, if you want to buy a pair of earrings that stand out in terms of sparkle, it is not recommended to choose them. At the same time, the diamond cuts are deeper, causing the diamond to appear smaller than it is. However, the workmanship is of high quality. If you have a low budget, it can be an alternative to other famous brands but if you are looking for a high-quality pair of earrings, we recommend you to choose other brands.

Your choice of the seller has a very important role in the price of stud earrings you will buy. This is because the quality of the diamonds offered by the seller, the certification of the diamonds, and other costs are included in the price. Certainly, the lower price stud earrings will not be the best bet. This is because sellers reduce quality as well as price. Therefore, before purchasing diamond stud earrings, the properties of the seller should also be examined.

Diamond studs are styled and are the smallest pieces to add sparkle to your ears. If you have decided to buy your diamond earrings online, you should be particularly careful to make sure you reach a reputable and reputable retailer to buy your earrings. Also, another point you should pay attention to is to consider features such as hair color, shape, skin tone, face shape, proportion, and ear size to determine which carat weight, diamond shape, and setting type are ideal. The reason why diamond earrings have gained such popularity and have a distinct place among diamond earrings is because of its versatility and its ability to be customized.

Diamond Stud Earrings You Can Buy Online

Dazzlingrock Collection 1.75 Carat (ctw) 14K White Gold Round Diamond Square Frame Solitaire Stud Earrings 1-3/4 Ctw, 14K White Gold (Price: $5,397.90)

Round Cut Solid Natural Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings In 14K Solid Gold (3 Carat) (Price: $4,492.50)

14k Solid Gold Womens Princess Diamond White Natural Square Cluster Stud Earrings 1-1/2 Cttw (Price: $4,634.99)

TriJewels Pear Diamond Dangling Stud Earrings (SI2-I1, G-H) 1.68 ctw in 14K Yellow Gold (Price: $6,015.00)

Round Cut White Natural Diamond Hip Hop Cluster Stud Earrings 18K Solid Gold (4 Cttw) (Price: $4,868.74)

Dazzlingrock Collection GIA CERTIFIED 2.25 Carat (ctw) 14K Gold Oval & Round Diamond Ladies Halo Stud Earrings (Price: $5,924.00)

TriJewels Diamond Open Tulip Solitaire Stud Earrings (SI2, G) 1.00 ctw in 14K Rose Gold (Price: $4,032.00)

Madina Jewelry 2.35 ct Round Cut Diamond Stud Earrings in Screw Back (Price: $4,599.00)

14k Solid Gold Womens Round Brown & White Natural Diamond Flower Cluster Stud Earrings 1-1/2 Cttw (Price: $3,971.24)

Platinum 2 1/3 CTW Diamond Halo-Style Stud Earrings Fine Jewelry for Women (Price: $9,253.99)

14k Rose Gold Asscher Shape Diamond Stud Earrings 2 Carats (Price: $13,995.00)

Rachel Koen Round Diamond Pave Stud Ball 6.62cts Earrings 18K White Gold (Price: $7,453.95)

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