Dental Diamond: Adding A Sparkling Touch To Your Smile

Dental jewelry or dental diamonds are stones of different quality and ornaments made of different shapes made of gold, adhered to the tooth enamel. Generally, these dental ornaments, which are applied without any engraving on the front surfaces of the upper lateral incisors, are fixed to the tooth surface by different adhesives by dentists. If it is done well and carefully, there is no harm to the teeth.

Recently, those who want to have more aesthetic teeth, and to shine more light around while laughing, prefer dental diamond. The interest in dental diamond, which is used by those who want to look different or add a little more sparkle to their smile, is increasing. This method, which is mostly preferred by women and young girls, does not cause any difficulty in terms of use. Because it does not prevent processes such as brushing and teeth whitening and the stone placed in the tooth does not fall because of these. The failure rate is only 2 per thousand due to reasons such as adhesion error and closing defects in the mouth structure.

Before explaining how to attach a teeth diamond, also known as a dental diamond, let’s give information about them. The process of putting diamonds on teeth, which is one of the aesthetic dentistry specialties, is performed by specialist dentists. For teeth diamonds that can be made for anyone, first of all, the person’s oral health should be in place. The diamond in the teeth of people who have had enough of their teeth cleaning will shine more beautifully.

Diamond teeth are diamonds that are attached to the tooth surface. Dental diamonds can also be used. These are the accessories attached to the teeth. It is adhered to the visible surface of the tooth you want with special adhesives without abrasion from the tooth surface by your dentist. Since it has adhered only to the tooth surface, it does not harm the tooth. Due to its location on the tooth surface, there is a risk of falling in case of excessive strain with biting movements; however, it does not harm your teeth. It can be reattached in cases such as falling.

They are placed on the teeth by the dentist for aesthetic purposes. There may be diamonds of different colors and values. The most preferred is a transparent diamond precious stone. These stones can be placed by bonding without any cavities in the tooth. It is a short and painless procedure. It can be removed by the dentist at any time without damaging the tooth.

Young girls and women aged 15-25 mostly want it. It is highly preferred among high school and university students or women with high education levels. Some change, some want attention or want to be different. Despite the shaped options, diamonds are most in demand. Some prefer the small and inconspicuous ones, while others prefer the larger ones. There are those who have diamonds in their mouth for three years. Even if the demand comes, it is not difficult to remove it from the tooth.

Dental diamonds are regarded as piercings that do not hurt. Mostly diamond colored crystals are preferred. There are young girls and women of all ages among those wearing it. There is a very rare demand for men. Dentists buy gems either from jewelers or from companies that bring them. A type of piercing that is easy to wear, use, and does not hurt is preferred. The price of the diamond varies according to the carat value. There are also assertive colors of diamonds such as red, green, magenta, honey, and cyan.

The new curiosity of famous women is to decorate their teeth with precious stones … This trend, led by names such as Hailey Baldwin, Pink, Katy Perry, and Lana Del Rey, attracts those who want to add sparkle to their smile. The point that Hollywood stars pay attention to is that their teeth do not look bigger than they are. While placing the diamond on the tooth, a technique that does not spoil the natural appearance is used. This fashion, which was preferred by rappers in the past, has now surrounded everyone. Decorating teeth with diamonds has no effect on speaking and eating.

Dental diamonds, which are among the fashion trends of recent years, are spreading rapidly among young girls. However, in workplaces where sparklers and souvenirs are not specialized in this business, adhesives that threaten health in unhygienic environments and tooth diamonds are worn. Apart from specialist dentists, we can say that dental diamonds installed in unhealthy environments may adversely affect human health.

Failure to wear diamonds in hygienic environments may bring health problems. In workplaces, the diamond mounted on the tooth with adhesives that threaten health in primitive conditions can fall off and even be swallowed by the user. As a result, sad events become inevitable. We do not want the application of diamonds, which women apply to look more beautiful, to cause health problems that are difficult to treat. These environments in primitive conditions may pave the way for many infectious diseases in the future.

The event of wearing diamonds on teeth is a cosmetic application that has been experienced and seen in every period of history. However, the diamond to be attached to the tooth should be worn by physicians in clean and hygienic environments with special adhesives that have no side effects on human health. Those who will have this kind of intervention in their teeth should definitely go to a physician and get his advice.

Who Can Wear Dental Diamonds?

Among the people who can wear a dental diamond, there maybe anyone who wants this procedure to be applied. The dental diamond application enters the field of dentistry, aesthetics, and cosmetics. It has the feature of being easily applied to every tooth. It is imperative that the application is made by a specialist dentist.

Before the application is made, the person who wants to wear diamonds should establish their oral and dental health. If one’s teeth are white and healthy, the diamond will undoubtedly look better. Therefore, teeth cleaning can be done before applying a dental diamond. For this, the cleaning of dental plaque is an effective method. Teeth can be purified from decay. In this way, it will be possible to get the maximum benefit from the dental diamond.

What Are The Advantages Of Wearing A Dental Diamond?

  • Laugh more comfortably and beautifully
  • To have a remarkable smile
  • Strengthening your personal image
  • Better looking teeth
  • Increased self-confidence of the person
  • Having a different style
  • Having aesthetic teeth when done with teeth whitening

If you want to make a difference in your smile and benefit from the advantages mentioned above, you can wear a dental diamond.

Is There Any Damage to Wearing a Dental Diamond?

There is no harm in wearing a dental diamond. For this reason, you can apply with peace of mind without worrying about your health. The only minus of wearing a dental diamond is the possibility of swallowing the stone without being noticed. This will not occur especially when a real crystal gemstone is attached. In addition, this problem will disappear when the person acts more carefully, being aware of the stone implantation.

After having dental calculus, people do not need any special care. You can wear it for a long time by simply doing your daily oral care. No one other than the specialist should interfere with the dental calculus so that it is not harmful to you. Otherwise, the application may not be healthy and reliable.

How Much Money Should Be Spent to Install a Dental Diamond?

The cost of wearing a dental diamond varies according to many factors. Factors such as the tooth structure of the person, the number of teeth, the physician who will perform the application, the stone to be used can affect the price being less or more.

Things to Consider Before Installing a Dental Diamond

There are some things to be considered before wearing a dental diamond. Especially those who do not pay attention to these points may encounter various health problems. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the safe and hygienic place to be treated. The person conducting the transaction must have sufficient knowledge and experience about the transaction.

No action should be taken in an unclear workplace-style environment. The procedure must be in the clinical hospital environment. The adhesive used also has a great impact on human health. The adhesive must have special adhesives that will not damage the tooth structure or human mouth. The adhesive should only be used to bond the tooth. The procedure should only be done by the physician. Other than that, do not respect other people.

How to Place a Dental Diamond

In order to place precious stones such as diamonds and rubies, it is necessary to make a small hole or hole in the tooth. If a crystal or any other material is preferred, adhesives used in dentistry are used. Of course, this also needs to be applied by a dentist. Diamonds are mostly attached to the front two teeth and the teeth on the sides. There are also those who wear them on their lower teeth, even if their numbers are small.

The diamond attached to the tooth is only applied by the dentist by opening a small-diameter cavity as the sharp part of the stone on the surface of the tooth and can be used for life. After the tooth is cleaned, the stone has adhered to your tooth with a special adhesive. This application is completely painless and takes 10-15 minutes. If desired, the pasted stone can be removed without leaving a trace behind, your teeth will not be damaged.

There is no damage to the surface of the tooth during the process of applying diamonds to the teeth by expert dentists. Special adhesives are used for the stone attached to the tooth, so there is no wear on the teeth. The process of attaching diamonds to teeth using special adhesives is completed with a short operation.

How is dental diamond bonded? Before putting a diamond on the teeth, the stains and tartar on the teeth are cleaned and the teeth are made whiter than they are. Then, with the help of cotton, it is ensured that saliva does not touch the tooth to be attached to the crystal. Finally, the diamond is bonded to the tooth with special adhesives called composite bonding.

Personal application of these adhesives, which are used exclusively by dentists, may cause unpleasant images. Dental diamonds, which are difficult to separate from the tooth surface under normal conditions, can be easily re-attached by the dentist when they are separated from the tooth due to hard food consumption.

On Which Tooth Can Dental Diamond Be Placed?

The tooth to which the dental diamond is attached is completely related to the person’s own pleasure. Generally, young girls want to wear a dental diamond on their upper lateral incisors. However, besides this tooth, diamonds can be attached to other teeth as well. Just one tooth doesn’t have to be selected. The person may want to wear a dental diamond as much as he/she wants. Most of the time, women prefer to wear a diamond on one tooth. After deciding on which tooth or teeth the procedure will be performed on, a special adhesive is applied to the tooth surface. In addition, engraving is done. These procedures are not harmful to teeth. After the procedures, the tooth is fixed.

What Are the Application Stages When Placing a Dental Diamond?

The application steps in the dental diamond set will be as follows:

  • First, the surface of the tooth to be treated is cleaned.
  • If there are teeth stains or stones, the teeth are cleaned of them.
  • Before the diamond is attached to the tooth, it is cleaned of liquids with the help of cotton.
  • Cotton is placed in the area so that no saliva comes out.
  • Whichever tooth will be applied later, a mattifying drug should be applied on the tooth.
  • Adhesive called composite bonding must be applied to the area.
  • The dental calculus previously chosen by the patient is placed on the tooth.
  • After the procedure, you will notice that your smile is more cheerful and radiant. You start to smile more impressive thanks to the dental diamond. In addition, you will have a different accessory.

How to Remove a Dental Diamond

Dental diamond, which is in the aesthetic and cosmetic field of dentistry, should be applied and removed by dentists. While the diamonds of different sizes and shapes add sparkle to your smile, it is very important that the teeth are not damaged during removal.

Before the dental diamond is applied, the oral and dental health of the person is created. First, dental plaques are cleaned and filling procedures are applied instead of caries. Anyone with proper oral hygiene and teeth alignment can have a tooth apple. When the diamond is desired to be removed after a while, it is removed as if something is removed from the tooth surface. The adhesive remaining under the diamond of the teeth removed from the tooth is erased without damaging the tooth enamel. The person performing this application must be a dentist.

If we come to your question of how to remove the dental diamond, harmful chemicals such as acid should never be used during the removal of the adhesive on the teeth. Dental diamond removal may occur unintentionally in some cases. If excessively hard food is consumed, there may be a risk of breaking and swallowing. Therefore, it is beneficial to be careful in food and beverage consumption.

After the diamond of the teeth is removed, the surface of the tooth must be polished, otherwise, there may be traces on the teeth after the dental diamond application.

Easy Techniques to Remove a Dental Diamond

Dental diamond is one of the aesthetic dentistry applications preferred by those who want a different and sparkling appearance in their teeth in recent years. Dental crystal, also known as the dental diamond, is one of the processes that are very difficult to fall off the tooth surface and are strengthened by laser techniques.

One of the most curious issues after dental diamond, which can be preferred at all ages, is how they are removed. How to remove the dental diamond or is it possible to remove it at home? Questions are asked to dentists. Although there are dental diamonds that the person can paste and remove on the market, the possibility of leaving marks on the teeth should be taken into consideration by adhesives that are not the same as the material used by the dentist. Therefore, the questions of how to remove the dental diamond and how to attach it should be asked to the specialist.

What Kinds of Stones Uses as a Material in Dental Diamond?

The stones used by the people who wear dental diamond are left to the person’s own choice. You can also choose alternative stones instead of crystal stones. Dental diamonds are more expensive compared to dental stones. If you want to choose a stone that suits your budget, you can choose dental stones.

However, these stones have a shorter life since they are only applied to the surface by adhering. It is not possible for this stone to come out of the tooth surface, especially during eating or when the tooth is difficult. During the meal, you can swallow the stone that comes out of the tooth and enters the mouth and you may not be aware of this situation. When you want to remove these stones, there is no need to polish them. You can take it out directly.

If you have decided to use dental crystals, you will need to allocate a higher budget. These stones are unlikely to be dislodged on their own. It is a quality product. When it is desired to be removed, it is necessary to go to a specialist.

Crystal stones can be used for the diamond attached to the tooth, as well as other stones. There are some gems that can be cheaper on a budget, but these stones may have a shorter life. In addition, when using the dental diamond, no hard force should be applied to these stones. Otherwise, the diamond attached to the tooth may come off. Do not forget to consult your nearest dentist to get more detailed information about how to attach a dental diamond, how to attach a dental diamond, and the stones attached to the tooth.

Another answer to your question of how to get a dental diamond will depend on which type and size of dental diamonds are used. Large tartar must be removed by the dentist. Otherwise, there may be scars damaging the tooth surfaces.

While the diamonds are being removed, the small ones can be removed without the need for polish. Those who want to wear a dental diamond for a long time can make their choices by listening to the dentists’ suggestions. When a dental diamond is of good quality, it is almost impossible to fall off or break from the tooth. However, it is important to act with the advice of a doctor when removing it.

You can get more detailed information by asking your dentist about how to remove a dental diamond or what stones are used for a dental diamond.

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Dental Aesthetic

Dental health is important. For most of us, dental aesthetics is one of the most striking parts of our external appearance, which gives us an idea about the other, although we do not talk about it. The beauty of the smile is also about the health and aesthetics of the teeth. When it comes to aesthetics in teeth, the demands are limitless. In fact, expectations and acceptances are changing from culture to culture and society to society.

Those who are in their 50s now know that it was very fashionable to have gold teeth in their childhood. People who do the same thing now can even be ridiculed. Recently, the wives of wealthy Arab families from the Gulf countries are pioneering a different trend in the Middle East by putting diamonds in their teeth.

We think that teeth are only useful for eating. It is true, teeth have physical functions such as eating and speaking. However, apart from this, teeth are also aesthetically important. Not only hair, eyes but also teeth complete one’s place in the social life of the person. Well-groomed teeth always show you at the forefront of society.

Only with well-groomed teeth does not provide self-confidence. However, neglected teeth are always lacking for our physical appearance and are often unreliable. Whichever society you enter, wherever you live, especially if you are in the front area, you will definitely encounter trouble in your teeth.

Preserving dental health and providing health and aesthetics in teeth is not as troublesome as it was in the old years. The treatments are painless since they are mostly applied under anesthesia. There is no difference between a simple filling and implant surgery for the patient. In any case, the patient will be treated without pain. Of course, the patient may feel pain after major surgery on the teeth. However, there are drugs to eliminate this. In order for the patients to overcome their possible fears, it is generally preferred that they be confronted with beautiful music and a beautiful smell in clinics. Both beautiful music and fragrance will help to alleviate their anxiety.

Dental treatment is not always done with astronomical money. It can produce minimal solutions according to the economic power and needs of the patient. Unfortunately, top quality materials and good execution also require a cost. However, there are some applications to reduce this cost. For example, lamina porcelain is not always recommended for a patient who wants their anterior teeth to be aesthetically more beautiful. Because the patient cannot afford this cost. Instead, you can make them happy with the bonding application.

In recent years, there has been a serious increase in the number of patients applying to dental clinics in Arab countries. On the other hand, Arab women also have a curiosity about getting diamonds on their teeth. It should not be found odd. The sense of aesthetics varies from person to person. A small diamond filling made to the tooth can make patients very happy. And with this application, you can see their happiness in their eyes.

Dental care is the same for famous people as it is for other people. Of course, they should be a little more careful with their teeth because they are very visible. That’s why some famous people have aesthetic interventions on their teeth. However, what matters here is the harmony between the physician and the patient. Because sometimes patients may not find the ideally presented data suitable or patients may be very satisfied with teeth that experts do not consider aesthetically sufficient. Here, the sensitivities and sensitivities of the artists and the working methods of the physician may not be on the same track. For example, small procedures on the teeth of famous names who are accepted for their beauty and good looks will make their fans much happier.

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