Diamond Tennis Necklace

A diamond tennis necklace, unlike other necklaces in the middle of one to several precious stones hanging from a chain, a solitaire, or a floating necklace, consists of many diamonds placed around the chain and usually covering all sides of the chain. Generally speaking, a diamond necklace is referred to as a tennis necklace if it is a strand of diamond surrounding the throat.

What sets a diamond tennis necklace apart from other diamond necklaces is that it is a complete, unbroken diamond string that creates a perfect circle around the neck. While tennis necklaces that surround the entire chain with diamonds are called classic, there are also tennis necklaces with a larger sized stone in the center to create a dramatic effect. However, located in the middle of a diamond pendant necklace Y-necklace with pendant tennis is also available. The lengths of these necklaces range from 16 inches to 20 inches. Although they are usually designed to be shorter, it is also possible to find tennis necklaces in various lengths. Although most diamond tennis necklaces consist of a single thread, there are also necklaces consisting of multiple threads or double threads to increase the effect and brightness. 

Almost everyone has heard of the fame of diamond tennis bracelets; However, the fame of diamond tennis necklaces is not that great. This is because tennis necklaces are called by many names, such as “diamond infinity necklace,” “diamond striped necklace” or simply “diamond necklace” as well as “tennis.”

Kobelli Lab Grown Diamond 28.80 Carat Tennis Necklace (Certified)


A tennis necklace is a flamboyant complement to an outfit and is one of the most prominent luxury jewelry in this respect. Just like the tennis bracelet, the tennis necklace is one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry in the industry. However, the tennis necklace is also one of those jewelry pieces that have been understood to be misinformed. This is because there are many types of tennis necklaces on the market. The good news is that with this article, you will learn more about tennis necklaces and how to buy the best tennis necklace.

Diamond Tennis Necklace

Why Is It Called a Tennis Necklace?

The reason why a tennis necklace is referred to by this name rather than as a “striped diamond necklace” is that these necklaces are designed in harmony with the design of the more popular bracelet called “tennis bracelet”. In other words, this name is given to the necklace by designing the tennis bracelet, which already exists in the jewelry market, as a necklace, which is jewelry used for the neck.

However, this name “tennis” has a more rooted history. The name of the tennis bracelet, which was called “line bracelet” and “infinity bracelet” before it was referred to by this name, comes from the famous tennis player Chris Evert, and this became more popular with the tennis player. Chris Evert was among the world’s foremost tennis players, known for his unique style on the courts. The naming of diamond tennis necklaces, which gained fame through this name, took place in the USA tennis championship held in 1987.

14k White Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet (10 cttw)


Evert was wearing his beloved infinity bracelet during his tennis match against his opponent. However, while the match was going on, this infinity bracelet was thrown off the wrist. Evert requested a break until the bracelet was found to find the eternity bracelet, which he loved very much and had a lot of meaning, and the match did not continue until the bracelet was found. Throughout history, this event has been met with great interest and ever since then, eternity bracelets have gained fame and are remembered as tennis bracelets.

The tennis bracelet has been developed significantly over the years, with a variety of different colors and gemstones. There is now a tennis necklace, a longer version of the tennis bracelet. On the other hand, of course, diamond tennis necklaces are more expensive than tennis bracelets. This is because of the increase in the number of diamonds with an increase in length. The diamonds in these necklaces can, in some cases, be of different sizes from each other; The center stone can have both a different look and a different size than other diamonds, giving a different touch to the classic tennis necklace, resulting in a more pointed look.

Why Is the Diamond Tennis Necklace So Popular?

Many famous women have preferred tennis necklaces for years, just like other normal people. The reason these necklaces are so popular is that they go with everything and are therefore referred to as a “classic”. While diamonds were seen in harmony with evening dresses years ago, even almost a century ago, nowadays women prefer diamonds and especially diamond tennis necklaces for less exaggerated clothes and events.

A tennis necklace looks pretty smooth with its simple look. It is a very compatible piece with both a loose blouse in daily wear, for example, a sport-chic style, and a strapless dress to be worn at a special event in the evening. Here its popularity depends precisely on this versatility. The diamond tennis necklace does not have a very fussy design that will not exceed your dress or blouse, and you achieve a sparkling look with a simple but elegant choice.

Mutli-shaped Diamond Tennis Necklace

After all, it doesn’t matter what outfit you wear; tennis necklaces are a complement to any style because the lines are clear and understandable, the beauty of the diamonds comes to the fore, not the design and assembly. If you want to make your choice for spectacular jewelry, the diamond tennis necklace should be the top choice. The most obvious reason for this is that tennis necklaces will read over time and look like the first day. Imagine that tennis necklaces, a classic, will never go out of style. In ten years it will look as fresh and beautiful as it is today. Classics and diamonds never go out of style.

Diamond Tennis Necklace and Its Unique Quality

The diamond tennis necklace is one of the most luxurious diamond jewelry that has a unique quality. These necklaces are perhaps the best of diamond jewelry as a seamless diamond string that surrounds a woman’s neck to accentuate the personality. Luxury features of that design have withstood well as time.

The quality and value of the diamond tennis necklace, whose metal is white gold, is related to the value of the diamonds and the quality of the mounting. Mountings are created to provide the quality of prongs and thereby reducing the risk of the stones falling off the necklace. This security is also accomplished with a tongue fastener and a box included in each diamond tennis necklace. However, jewelers carefully sort out hundreds of loose diamonds to gracefully match each diamond in a necklace for stylish looking throughout the entire strand. The diamonds that make up the tennis necklace have a round or brilliant cut to maximize sparkle.

These timelessly elegant necklaces come in a wide variety of styles. In some of these, the focus is the precious metal and link, while in other necklaces can be diamonds. Some tennis necklaces have sophisticated links that have small pave diamonds that work together in harmony, or also have one by one bonded large diamonds combined in simple prong settings that delicately surround the neck.

Most traditional necklaces with a prong setting feature a progressively tapered diamond wire that leads to a prominent middle diamond. These tapered diamond tennis necklaces can weigh between 3 and 100 carats. There are also partial tennis necklace models with beautiful diamond strands in short lengths of diamonds centered on the middle of the necklace. The approximate weight of the diamonds that make up the classic diamond tennis necklaces is 40 grams. The lengths of these necklaces are usually 44 cm long, and the metal type of the carat is usually 18k white gold.

The Classic Diamond Tennis Necklace

Classic diamond tennis coves consist of the same type of diamonds, chosen based on a variety of properties such as color, clarity, and size, and matched with each other. These one type of diamonds are designed and produced in the form of a line with skillful workmanship after they are selected, and because they are uniform, one does not stand out from the other. Classic style tennis necklaces match the style of most diamond tennis bracelets.

When you wear the classic diamond tennis necklace, it has a look like a diamond string floating around the neck, capturing and refracting the light beautifully. If you have a classic tennis bracelet of the same style, this classic wire matches this bracelet uniquely, allowing you to create a jewelry set.

Graduated Diamond Tennis Necklace

Diamond tennis necklaces, which are called “graduated”, differ from the classic necklace with a stone in the center, which is the biggest stone of the necklace. Along with the center stone, the stones on both the right and left sides of the central stone are lined up from large to small, and on both sides, some diamonds shrink towards the end of the necklace. This difference in dimensions highlights the central point of the necklace and gives a dramatic look to your face.

Cluster Graduated Tennis Necklace

The graduated style draws attention to the neckline of an evening dress and draws the gaze into the center of the necklace, focusing on the face of the wearer. Women and men who want a dramatic effect with a necklace should choose a graduated diamond tennis necklace instead of the classic.

Which Setting Is the Best For You?

Just like these wristbands, there are several criteria to consider when choosing tennis necklaces. One of them is the setting types and styles. The most common preferred setting type for a tennis necklace is the prong setting. This is because diamonds with this setting have the highest visible portion and hence the brightness is best maximized. However, although it is the most popular option, the prong setting is not the only setting option. Another common option is the bezel setting.

Bezel set tennis necklaces are also the type of setting that makes the necklace look stylish and modern at the same time, but is a safer option for diamonds. The downsides are that it reduces the sparkle of the diamond, but this negative feature can be ignored for those who want to emphasize safety. What’s more, the bezel setting metal looks harmoniously with the overall look of the necklace.

The most popular tennis necklaces are made of white gold because the diamonds stand out and the gold supports them. With a white gold diamond tennis necklace, the diamonds look like sparkles bonded together on an invisible filament. The metal type that will allow the light to play the diamonds and to increase the clarity and purity of the colors is white gold.

If yellow gold appeals to you, if you prefer the rich-looking luster of yellow gold, you can also choose a yellow gold tennis necklace. Most people prefer that all their jewelry be made of the same color gold. Therefore, if you wear a white gold tennis necklace, it would be a good choice to opt for a white gold bracelet.

When to Wear a Diamond Tennis Necklace?

Unlike a tennis bracelet, a diamond tennis necklace is a piece of jewelry that can be described as extravagant. A diamond tennis necklace is different from a type of jewelry like the diamond earring you wear while doing your daily chores. Of course, although it goes well with any style of clothing and any type of event, it is still not very suitable for wearing, especially for demanding jobs.

If you want a diamond necklace for daily use, it would be more logical to wear a solitaire necklace. However, for very special occasions, the tennis necklace is a great option. This one is ideal for a red carpet look, high-end but also for wearing at formal events. At the same time, on one of your most special occasions such as a wedding, it will look quite harmonious with the open neck wedding dress.

Marquise Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet and Necklace Set for Wedding

Buying A Diamond Tennis Necklace

The most important features to look out for when purchasing a diamond tennis necklace are that the diamonds are expertly matched, have a homogeneous appearance and at the same time, the setting is expertly designed. Unlike the diamond tennis bracelet, the diamond necklace is worn on a highly visible part of the body. For this reason, any diamond that is homogeneous and incompatible in this necklace is quite easily spotted. Therefore, each diamond should have features such as clarity and cut that are quite similar to each other.

Diamond necklaces bring a variety of explanations. These are properties such as the number of diamonds, the total carat weight. In other words, the description of a diamond should only include information such as the amount of all diamond carats added, the cut grade, clarity, and color of the stones. Also, if diamonds have been heating treated and then this should be reported. Another point to consider is that the retailer from which you will buy the necklace will not issue a certificate for each diamond that makes up the necklace.

How Much Does a Tennis Necklace Cost?

When you decide to buy a tennis necklace, the first criterion that many people think of is of course the price of the necklace, namely the cost. In general, a tennis necklace is a diamond necklace as it is made up of diamonds, and like all other jewelry with a precious stone, a diamond tennis necklace will cost more than an ordinary chain necklace.

Therefore, you should prepare to open the pouch for this necklace. To make sure that you get the best value for your money, you should take into account that the cost of diamond necklaces varies mainly based on the quality criteria of the diamond, the number of diamonds, and the carat weight of the diamonds.

Diamond tennis necklaces are not cheap jewelry. Since diamond tennis necklaces are made up of a string of diamonds that wrap around the entire neck, their total weight starts from 5 carats to 25 carats, and generally, their prices can range from $ 5000 to $ 250,000. On the other hand, a diamond tennis necklace is a very logical choice for investment, as it never goes out of fashion and has a high ratio of diamond and gold.

The more diamonds it takes to create the entire chain, the higher the price of a tennis necklace. However, for the wow factor few things can beat a beautiful tennis necklace. Designer diamond necklaces equipped with multiple diamonds usually cost over $ 30,000. However, you can also find a quality tennis necklace for around $ 2000.

Today, the most expensive diamond found in the world is a diamond necklace named A Heritage from Bloom. This necklace is called the Cullinan Heritage. Chow Tai Fook, a Hong Kong Jewelry company, purchased this 507.55-carat diamond necklace in the late 2000s. A heritage Bloom contains close to 12,000 gems in total, consisting of pink and white diamonds and white sheep oil jade. This necklace, according to Chinese Culture, represents love and good fortune. Due to the symbolic importance of the number 27 in Chinese cultures, it has 27 different styles of wearing.

You should know that the cost of the diamond necklace that you are considering will differ based on several factors such as the color of the diamonds, their cut, and how well these diamonds reflect light, as colorless diamonds are the most valuable. The clarity, which determines the clarity of carats and diamonds, is determined by the number of inclusions or defects in the diamond. So, the diamond with the highest score is flawless. Given the conditions in which diamonds were created, flawless diamonds are extremely scarce and, hence this rarity makes them unique and valuable.

Pros and Cons of Diamond Tennis Necklaces


  • They are beautiful art pieces
  • They are in beautiful settings
  • Their designs are timeless
  • They are long-lasting
  • They come in many varieties of prong-setting choices


  • They are relatively expensive

40 Carat Diamond Tennis Necklace

A highly prized piece, the 40-carat diamond tennis necklace can be purchased from Raven Diamonds’ online store. Elegant and timeless, this necklace features 79 perfectly matched round diamonds. Each diamond of the necklace, whose metal is 18k white gold and setting is four-prong, weighs 0.50 ct and is 40.00 carat in total. All of this necklace is handmade by an expert jeweler and the diamonds have a color grade of F-G and a sharpness grade of VS1-VS2. The price of this highly precious necklace is $ 175,490.00.

40 Carat Diamond Tennis Necklace
Price: $175,490.00

Affordable Alternatives to a Diamond Tennis Necklace

Inexpensive diamond tennis necklaces are not a good idea, but sometimes very expensive diamond tennis necklaces can be replaced by a more affordable alternative. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a necklace, you can opt for a budget-friendly alternative instead because it is a diamond necklace after all, just like the very expensive ones. But at least to avoid the tacky look and make you look more stylish, even if your necklace is not very luxurious, you should match it with the right clothing style and choices.

How to Wear a Diamond Tennis Necklace?

Diamond tennis necklaces are among the most extravagant jewelry pieces that make up the jewelry market. A unique piece for people looking for classic jewelry, tennis necklaces is a piece that, even if not made up of too much sophistication or ornaments, will not look dull and can easily be worn with many styles of clothing.

Just like tennis bracelets, tennis necklaces are known for their versatility and can therefore be combined in different ways. Unlike complex necklaces with fine details, a tennis necklace does not have an intricate style. Instead, the focus is on the quality of the diamond. At the same time, another prominent criterion in the tennis necklace is the montages, which give the stones the illusion of an unbreakable diamond wire by keeping the stones securely in place. Therefore, what matters is its elegant simplicity that accompanies its superior quality. So how should such a unique necklace be worn? There are several points that you can consider. These points are as follows:

1. Make the diamond tennis necklace the star of any other jewelry you wear.

For your diamond tennis necklace to be the star of all the jewelry you wear, you don’t have to wear it alone. In other words, you can add one or two pieces of necklaces that are both dazzling and not preventing going out of style. You can make it the center of attention by getting ahead of your tennis cove, earrings, or bracelet. For this, stay away from detailed bracelets, earrings, or other jewelry.

If you wear other pieces of jewelry along with your tennis necklace, the jewelry you choose should have the same style and quality as your tennis necklace. The fact that there is no similarity between the stones in terms of 4C features and style features will prevent your elegance and elegance. As a result of this, the perfect simplicity of your necklace in the form of a line will stand out on its own and become an eye-catcher. Also, this way, the amount you have to spend on making your jewelry stand out is reduced and you do not bother to wear lots of jewelry to stand out with your jewelry.

You can wear a single diamond necklace on a shorter chain on your tennis necklace, or put two or more diamond tennis bracelets on the wrist to amplify the sparkle. The trick to this pairing is to wear at least one bracelet with the same cut quality and shape as your diamond tennis necklace.

2. You must be careful in choosing metal

For a long time, white gold, which is a variant of the precious metal, has been accepted as the most common metal used in jewelry making. Today, however, this trend is changing slightly, more precisely, it is developing, and rose gold, as well as white gold, which is a trendy metal, is becoming popular. Apart from that, you can also choose yellow gold for your tennis necklace if you want to have a traditional style. As you can see, the metal selection is an arbitrary choice in which tastes play a role.

At the same time, there is no requirement that the jewelry you wear should be made of a single metal type. Another style that has recently become popular is the use of mixed metal. This style means not requiring your diamond tennis necklace to be yellow or white. In other words, you can wear it with your white gold diamond tennis, yellow gold diamond earrings, or your tennis bracelet. When matching jewels, the focus is not on the color of the metal, but on how accurately the combined pieces complement each other in terms of quality and how well these pieces are integrated.

14kt White Gold Womens Round Diamond Flower Cluster Luxury Necklace 2-1/2 Cttw Gift for Women


3. You must have gorgeous necklines for gorgeous tennis necklaces

For your tennis necklace to look ideal, you should know which diamond tennis necklace will add the perfect look to your neckline. The ideal length for tennis necklaces is 17 inches or 18 inches tennis necklaces. This is because the necklaces of this length are parallel to the necklines and blend in with the necklines.

A graduated diamond tennis necklace provides a highly harmonious look with V-neck outfits as well as halter-style collars. If you like to wear and stack your necklaces, the crew neckline can also be an ideal choice for you. Finally, if you are wearing a garment without straps, a tennis necklace with a larger stone in the middle will look more harmonious with this garment. 

The collar style called “sweetheart” shows the many stones of the tennis necklace in full advantage in both styles. A strapless dress is also a lucky type of clothing along with a tennis necklace. The neck part of the body and collarbone is a gorgeous background with a seamless line that can take on the intense elegance of your necklace, no matter how large the stones are. Tennis necklaces are necklaces with sophisticated elegance, demonstrating elegance.

Where Should You Buy Diamond Tennis Necklaces?

The most important point in the process of buying a diamond tennis necklace is whether the retailer you choose is reliable, relevant, and solution-oriented. As a good retailer, choosing a good tennis necklace ensures that your purchasing process will go smoothly and that the tennis necklace you buy will be of high quality. Therefore, the focus should be on the deep-rooted experience of the vendors, their performance in the past purchasing processes, the features and quality of their products, and whether they are customer-focused.

  • Blue Nile

The Blue Nile is one of the brands with the most extensive diamond selection among online diamond retailers. The quality level of the diamonds that make up this variety is very high. Diamond tennis necklaces under the Blue Nile start at around $ 5000 and range from $ 50,000.

  • James Allen

James Allen is a diamond retailer that has high-quality products but offers very attractive prices and magnificent displays of diamonds. This brand promotes jewelry through videos in HD quality and also allows viewing jewels with up to 40 times magnification. Offering a wide variety of tennis necklaces for your purchase, James Allen also has experts to assist you.

  • Etsy

At Etsy, it is possible to find diamond tennis necklaces that are suitable for many budgets and styles, starting from simulated tennis necklaces with more affordable diamonds to special designs and high-value necklaces.

Can you take a shower with a diamond necklace?

It is possible to take a shower with a diamond pendant. Whether your necklace type is a solitaire diamond necklace or a diamond tennis necklace, these diamond necklaces are no deterrent to going out when taking a shower, unless you are too harsh.

Can diamond necklaces be worn on him for the day?

The answer is “yes”. You can wear your diamond tennis necklace every day and even while you sleep at night if you feel comfortable. Depending on your style, the most important point is whether this necklace is uncomfortable for your skin; Therefore, you can wear your tennis diamond necklace every day of the week, whether on weekdays, morning or evening.

Diamond Tennis Necklaces that You Can Buy Online

Diamond2Deal 14kt White Gold Womens Round Diamond Graduated Fashion Necklace 2 Cttw (Price: $4,109.99)


Dazzlingrock Collection 14kt Yellow Gold Womens Round Diamond Tennis Fashion Cluster Necklace 2-1/3 Cttw (Price: $3,867.80)

Dazzlingrock Collection 14kt Yellow Gold Womens Round Diamond Tennis Fashion Cluster Necklace 2-1/3 Cttw


14kt White Gold Womens Round Diamond Infinity Flower Cluster Necklace 2.00 Cttw Gift for Women (Price: $5,458.99)


Mens Tennis Round Diamond Chain Necklace 14ctw in 14k Gold by Luxurman (Price: $7,995.00)


Dazzlingrock Collection 14kt White Gold Womens Round Diamond 2-Row Tennis Necklace 2-3/8 Cttw (Price: $3,239.00)


14kt Yellow Gold Womens Round Diamond Cluster Y-Shape Necklace 3/4 Cttw Gift for Women (Price: $1,469.99)

Dazzlingrock Collection 7.50 Carat (ctw) 10K Gold Round Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Necklace (Price: $3,333.65)


10K Rose Gold Diamond Prong Set Tennis Choker Chain 20″ Necklace 5mm | 5.85 CT. (Price: $5,630.00)


Dazzlingrock Collection 14kt White Gold Womens Round Diamond Graduated Halo Tennis Necklace 3 Cttw (Price: $4,857.80)


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