What Are The Usage Areas Of Diamonds?

Diamond, due to its structure, is a very valuable substance that attracts people’s attention in all matters. In addition to being used as jewelry, it is used extensively in industries and piercing works. Diamonds have been used for jewelry making (25%) and industry (75%) for centuries.

Diamond is divided into two as a gemstone in jewelry and diamond used in industry. The unit of weight of a diamond used as a precious stone is carats. One carat is equal to 1/5 of a gram, that is, 200 milligrams. The diamond used in the industry is beneficial in cutting and carving rocks and metals by making use of its hardness.

While 1/3 of the diamond is used as jewelry, the rest is used in industry. Since it has a very hard structure, it can scratch and pierce other minerals. In this way, it has become more usable in the industry over time. In addition to this feature, it is one of the most popular jewelry items that reflect shine, hardness, and light.

Diamond, one of the gemstones, is known for being the hardest and most durable of all known objects. It is understood from historical sources that the diamond has been known since 100 BC. Diamond is pure carbon in crystalline form. Coal as we know it with diamond has similar properties. The value of the diamond is due to its crystalline, hardness, and rarity.

All efforts made to obtain diamonds from carbon have been inconclusive. Diamond is found in the depths of the earth, in “diamond tunnels”. For this reason, finding and extracting diamonds is a very difficult task. 95% of the diamond obtained in the world is extracted from regions of the African Continent such as Angola, Ghana, Belgian Congo, Tanganyika, and Sierra Leone. South America and India come next on the list.

Diamonds are not used as they are extracted from the soil, either in jewelry products or in industry. Stones extracted from the ground are cleaned, cut into pieces, and polished. Since it is a very hard mine, diamond is also used in cutting. Today, 80% of diamond production is used in industry. Real diamonds turn a light blue color under sunlight. On the other hand, diamonds used in industry are brownish or led.

Diamonds larger than 100 carats in the world are numbered. Among them, Cullinan and Kuh-i Nur, namely the Nur Mountain Diamond, are among the jewels of the British royal family.

What Are The Uses Of Diamonds?

Undoubtedly, precious jewelry comes to mind in the first place among diamond usage areas. Especially today, the cuts of diamonds can be very different due to the rapid advancement of technology. The use of diamond jewelry, which has a style that can attract the attention of women, is also increasing.

The diamond, which was first created in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky with a diamond cut, continues with various alternatives. While it is also used in antique jewelry designs, it is also seen in heavy industry departments. While the youngest known diamond is 1 billion years old, it is located near the earth’s core. However, if a rough description is required, one-third of the total diamonds have the status of a precious stone, but rather are considered as a gem. The remaining two-thirds are used in industrial studies.

Diamond Usage, Properties, and Beauty

The most precious gemstone, diamond is used in a wide variety of fields today. Especially in the jewelry industry, diamond, which is frequently accepted as an elegant gemstone, is considered a symbol of love, purity, and sparkle and is quite expensive. Considering one of the hardest mines in the world increases the value of a diamond. Diamond, which was first extracted from Indian lands in 500 BC, was used as a trade element in past ages. So, how is a diamond formed? Where to use? What are the properties of this gemstone?

How Is A Diamond Formed?

It is thought that diamond, whose existence dates back billions of years, was formed by tectonic and volcanic movements that took place in the earth’s crust. Diamond is mined mostly in South Africa and India in the world. The diamond extraction processes, which are thought to be scattered in many regions of the world, continue. For the diamond to form, a certain temperature and pressure are required. The place of formation of this stone is under the earth’s crust and close to the core. When a diamond is found, it is processed with special techniques.

Diamond is a very valuable natural stone that occurs only in kimberlite rocks in the world. Kimberlite rocks are volcanic rocks formed by the combination of magnesium and iron. It reveals the diamonds it has created over the centuries as a result of abrasion. Earthquakes or volcanic events are necessary for the diamond to come to the earth. Otherwise, it is impossible to see the diamond that can only form in the closest place to magma on earth.

A very high temperature is required for the formation of diamond, which can only be achieved by proximity to magma. If the diamond is processed, the diamond comes out. Diamond, which is one of the most expensive and unique stones in the world, can find customers in very high numbers.

In Which Countries Is Diamond Found?

The diamond was first found in India. Diamond mines were then found in Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Australia, and Canada, respectively. In Turkey, it has yet been identified or explained diamond reserves.

Some of the countries where diamonds are mined today are as follows; Guinea, Ghana, Angola, Tanzania, Democratic Congo, Zimbabwe, Liberia, South and Central African countries, Russia, China, Indonesia, India, Australia, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, French Guinea and so on.

The places where the diamond cut is made and the places where it is extracted are different. The diamond cutting industry has developed in India, China, Israel, Belgium, Canada, Russia, and America.

Diamond Features

Diamond is one of the most precious and old stones in the world. So much so that this gemstone is said to be older than most stars in the galaxy. Considered the hardest of natural mines, diamond has extraordinarily good conductivity. Diamond can scratch all the elements found on the earth. The unit of measure in the scale is carats.

Use of Diamonds

The most used area of ​​this precious stone is jewelry. When it is processed, it turns into a diamond. This is an indispensable and most spectacular transformation for the jewelry industry. According to the taste of women, many jewelry products can be produced from diamonds with different cuts and models. Due to its hardness, diamond is also used in industrial works.

While 1/3 of the diamond is used as jewelry, the rest is used in industry. Since it has a very hard structure, it can scratch and pierce other minerals. In this way, it has become more usable in the industry over time. In addition to this feature, it is one of the most popular jewelry items that reflect shine, hardness, and light.

  • Raw Diamond: It is the name given to the first mined diamond. At this stage, the diamond separated from the rock is divided into its usage area according to its brightness and size.
  • Industrial Diamond: It is the type of diamond that will be used in industry. Diamond, which is the most difficult element to break, is used for industrial purposes. Since it can scratch all materials, a large part of the extracted diamond is used in the industrial field. Industrial diamond is also divided into 3 groups as ballas, bort, and carbonate. It is known that this element, which varies according to the place of use, is named according to the value degree.
  • Synthetic Diamond: Diamond is a naturally occurring stone, but it is also produced artificially for financial benefit or industrial use. Such diamonds are available under the name synthetic diamonds. It is known that these diamonds, which are formed as a result of physical or chemical changes, come into existence in two ways. Synthetic diamonds can be produced by exposure to high pressure and high temperature, or it is obtained by the chemical vapor deposition method.

Industrial Diamond

They are diamonds that cannot be regarded as gemstones in terms of color and shape and are used for various purposes in the industry. There are three main types of natural industrial diamonds.

  • Ballas: It is a very hard and tough diamond type.
  • Bort: Usually defines distorted or misshapen diamonds. The smaller ones are used in diamond drill sets.
  • Carbonado: Used in lathes, glass cutting tools, turntable needles, etc.

How Is The Value Of The Diamond Determined?

The biggest factor in determining the value of the diamond is the color of this gemstone. Its size and clarity are also other factors in determining the value of a diamond. It is also important that the diamond is not cracked. A diamond that is cracked is light-proof. Cracks reduce the value of the diamond. Green and pink diamonds are very valuable.

Diamonds are also classified according to the colors they have around the world. The colors of the diamonds mined to date are as follows.

  • White Diamond
  • Black Diamond
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Brown Diamond
  • Pink Diamond
  • Violet Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Green Diamond
  • Colorless Diamond
  • Red Diamond
  • Black Diamond

Among these diamonds, there is more interest in the pink-colored diamond than the others. That’s why the pink diamond has taken its place in the list of the most expensive diamonds.

The Beauty of Diamond

Diamond is a precious stone that is difficult to find and requires a very difficult process to remove. Sometimes it may be necessary to sift tons of soil before a small piece of the diamond can be extracted. The difficulty of extracting and processing increases the value of the diamond. In addition, a diamond is a brilliant stone. By slowing down the light that enters it, it offers enormous images. All jewelry products made by processing diamonds dazzle with their elegance. Described as the symbol of love and purity for years, the diamond is one of the most precious and beautiful stones in the world.

Meanings Attached to Diamond

The fact that diamond is the hardest mineral found in nature and that even the hardest impact does not damage it are elements that people pay attention to and has given many meanings throughout history.

  • Justice of the Diamond: Jewish high priests used the diamond to determine the innocence or guilt of people in their time. In the priests’ opinion, the diamond placed behind the criminal would darken and darken, and the diamond behind the innocent would glow with increasing brilliance. What was the rationale for using the diamond as a judge? The belief that the brighter the diamond would increase the more someone told the facts made sense back then.
  • Healing Diamond: About two thousand years ago, a diamond was seen as a miracle stone. The diamond, which is seen as today’s meditative stone, was believed to cure abdominal pain, memory loss, depression, physical fatigue, infections, mental illness, nightmares, skin diseases, and many other head and heart diseases.

  • The Diamond, the Tear of the Gods: According to ancient Roman and Greek belief, diamonds were the tears of the gods or even fragments of stars that broke off from falling stars. In Roman literature written in the first century AD, Cupid’s irresistible love arrows were diamond-tipped. Plato, one of the classical Greek philosophers, saw the diamond as embodied celestial spirits and living beings.
  • Diamond with Lightning Particles: In addition to putting diamonds in the eye parts of the statues, Hindus believed that diamonds were formed when lightning struck a rock.
  • The Devil’s Charm Tool Diamond: In Persian culture, it is believed that God does not need diamonds, gold, and similar precious metals and stones when creating the world, while Devil loves brightly colored flowers in Eve’s Garden of Eden, in the same shades and to attract people. It was believed to have created precious metals and stones on behalf of it.
  • Diamond That Protects in War: In ancient times, kings who led wars used to nail diamonds to heavy leather collars. According to belief, diamonds possessed magical superpowers from the gods that ordinary people could not understand, and the foremost of these was the protection of people.
  • Diamond, the Representative of Eternal Love: According to the tradition that has been going on from 1477 to the present, the diamond formation has been the subject of a marriage proposal, which is the moment when love and love are felt at their peak, due to the fact that the formation of diamond takes millions of years, it is an intense effort in its formation and the particle formed lasts for a lifetime. Its use in marriage proposals is based on the marriage proposal of Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477.

History of Diamond

The origin of the word diamond is the Greek word “Adamas”, meaning “hard, resistant to fire and steel, invincible, unbending, unconquerable”. In Greek mythology, it is believed that Eros, the god of love, had a diamond at the tip of his arrow. The Chinese, who were sanctified as a stone protecting from evil in ancient India, also used it as an engraving tool.

We can list the historical journey of a diamond as follows;

  • The history of the diamond goes back to 500 BC. It is recorded that it was first discovered in India. This very bright stone found by a river was described as the tear of the god and was given sacred meanings.
  • The diamond, brought to Europe by Alexander the Great in 327 BC, was among the stones that alchemists found healing at that time.
  • The first written information about diamond is in the book Arthashastra (Science of Wealth) written in Sanskrit by the Indian King Kautilya about 2300 years ago. As the book on the political and economic life of ancient India and the state administration spread, the diamond began to be recognized.
  • The diamond was first used as a gem in the crown of the Hungarian queen in 1074. After this date, the diamond became a symbol of status and power.
  • In 1375, the first pointed cut was made in Venice and the diamond was rubbed with the diamond to make it shine more. This date is the first date the diamond was formed. In the following years, cutting processes were developed and diamonds began to be used not only in crowns but also in jewelry.
  • Diamonds began to be used in rings in the 15th century. The hardest and brightest stone in the world began to symbolize man’s love for women. According to the records, the first diamond stone ring was presented in 1477 by Archduke Maximilian of Austria, his fiancee Mary, with a diamond ring designed in the shape of the gothic letter ‘M’. The story of diamonds, the pioneer of baguette cutting, which is still used today, is based on this date.

  • The Rose cutting technique was developed in 1520. The diamond was started to be shaped with the pointed cut technique, which was inspired by roses and tulips without a cone section in antique jewelry.
  • In 1630, Renaissance jewelers began designing new engagement and wedding rings made of diamond and rings called gimmel appeared.
  • In 1772, French chemist Antoine Lavoisier discovered that diamond is actually pure carbon in his experiments by burning diamonds.
  • In 1853, the first 128.48-carat diamond, called the southern star, was found in Brazil, and diamond mining began in Brazil after this date.
  • In 1866, the diamond called eureka, whose crude form was 21.25 carats, was found in South Africa and the Kimberley diamond mine started its operations.
  • The 83.50-carat diamond, found by a shepherd boy in South Africa in 1869, led diamond hunters to flock to this area.
  • In 1886, the famous New York jeweler Tiffany designed a solitaire diamond.
  • In 1888, British politician and businessman Cecil Rhodes founded a diamond mining company called “De Beers” and thanks to this company, he achieved 90 percent of the world’s diamond production in 10 years.
  • In 1905, the world’s largest diamond was found in South Africa. 7 large diamonds and 96 small diamonds were cut from 3106-carat diamonds called “Cullinan”.
  • In 1919, 57 facets (angled surface) diamond cuts were developed. Thus, the highest luster was achieved with the least waste. After this date, round cut diamonds became popular.
  • In 1947, De Beers’ slogan “diamond is eternity” was chosen as the most successful slogan ever used in advertisements. (2000)
  • World diamond production rose to 3 million carats in the 1920s, 50 million carats in the 1970s, and 100 million carats in the 1990s.
  • Today, diamond has become an indispensable part of life as the most precious gem.

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