Diamond Value Calculator

When calculating the diamond value, it is necessary to take a look at the criteria called 4C feature and the relationship between these 4 features.

An eye-catching sparkle and the crown of all accessories in the world, diamonds. It is the gem of sad love stories, wars, legends, and myths. There are claims that it started to form even before human history. Is it just this old and glorious history that determines diamond prices? In addition to having the effect of these elements, the main thing that makes diamonds valuable is their cut shape, clarity, colorless glow, reflecting light very well, and black.

An automatic method has been developed in calculating the diamond value and price, where even very small values are important. The system called Rapaport, developed in the 1980s is effective in today’s price lists. This pricing standard, which is allowed access by specialist suppliers, is highly specific. The calculation is made by making a selection according to the features of the diamond. The diamonds you buy are not priced for a single 4C feature. They are subjected to a complete evaluation. Specialist expertise is required for this. Diamond calculations can be performed by going to jewelers.

Rapaport Diamond Report

After graduating from GIA, Martin Rapaport learned the raw diamond business in Antwerp Belgium. He started his career in 1975 as a broker for raw and processed diamonds. In 1978, the Rapaport Diamond Price List, referred to by industry professionals as RAP or LIST soon became the sole source for diamond pricing and diamond market pricing. Over the years, the name of this list was renamed Rapaport Diamond Report, and in 1982 RapNet, which enables diamond trade over the internet, was established and later became Diamonds.net. As a member of the World Diamond Council, Martin Rapaport spearheaded the launch of the Kimberley Process. Although Martin Rapaport is stronger than DeBeers in the diamond market, it applies this strength without the slightest disruption.

Rapaport Diamond Report consists of a group of price lists. Only industry professionals can access these price lists through the permanent membership channel. The color of these lists is red in order to prevent them from being duplicated by photocopy and fax. These lists are arranged according to weight (0.01 – 5.99 carat) and cuts. Rising prices are indicated in bold and falling prices in bold italics. Since values such as cut, symmetry, fluorescence, symmetry, and polish are not specified, these lists should only be taken as a point of departure.

There is a table in the diamond price calculation chart called Rapaport and this table contains the values ​​of the diamond according to different features. Among these features, the price of the diamond will be selected according to the features of the diamond to be learned. The price of the diamond is then found by multiplying this price coefficient by the carats of the diamond and the fixed unit, which is 100.

Apart from this, there are many factors in the calculation of the value of the diamond. Different properties of the stone such as its cut, symmetry, workmanship, polish, and fluorescence determine the price of the diamond. In line with this information, questions such as how much a gram of a diamond or how many dollars/euros for a 1-carat diamond are irrelevant. Because the value of a diamond of the same size may differ greatly according to other features. In addition, the pricing policy of the company from which you will buy the diamond will also affect the product price.

Nowadays, although a diamond that is pleasing to the eye is chosen by going to the nearest jeweler, the mentioned features are the points that should be considered in order to get a good diamond. A diamond that you will buy of sufficient quality and at an affordable price will always maintain its value.

What is the 4C Feature?

In diamond, the 4C feature revolves around 4 values ​​called Color, Carat, Cut, and Clarity.

  • Color: It is the most defining characteristic of diamonds. The most striking part is the color. There are diamonds in pink, red, blue, yellow, brown, and black varieties. Although most of them appear colorless, there are certain tonal differences between them. Color is expressed with the color scale of GIA. While the brightest of the squeeze extending from D to Z is D, the most colorful (goes towards yellow) is Z. D, E, and F are the hardest colors to find.
  • Carat: It is the feature expressing the weight of the diamond. It is the most easily weighed feature due to its easy measurement. 1 carat has a value of 0.2 grams.
  • Cut: Perhaps the most important feature of the diamond. It is the most determining factor along with the color over the price. The better the cut, the better the shine. It is a feature that multiplies the value due to human labor and workmanship. Facets revealing the brilliance of the diamond are shaped in human hands.
  • Clarity: It reflects the natural traces of diamond. During its natural formation, the internal features called defects are another feature that is effective in determining the value of the diamond. Unstable conditions and natural traces caused this. The fewer faults, the brighter diamonds will appear. GIA values ​​were again established for this value. There is a scale that oscillates between FL and I3.

Diamond Carat

Carat weight is the unit of measure of the weight of the diamond and does not reflect the volume of the diamond. Generally, the size of the diamond is evaluated by looking at the table because this is the presentation of the diamond on the ring.

In order to understand the size of the diamond, the carat weight should be evaluated together with the other two factors.

  • Millimetric values of the distances at the top of the diamond
  • The cut quality degree of a diamond.

Diamond Carat Weight Chart

This table shows how diamonds with different carat sizes and cut shapes look when viewed from the table (from the top of the diamond). The diamond you choose may differ from the one in the table due to the cut ratio differences such as length/width ratio, depth, and table size.

As the name suggests, the carat weight indicates the weight of the diamond. However, just as in most people the weight may not be directly proportional to the height of the person, the carat weight may not directly reflect the volume of the diamond on its own. In order to analyze the size of the diamond correctly, our experts recommend that you evaluate it together with the other two features. These features are primarily the expression of the distance from the top of the diamond in millimeters and the degree of cut quality of the diamond. The distance from the top of the diamond is important because it expresses its size in the ring.

The cut quality degree of the diamond should also be taken into consideration because, as we have mentioned in the cut degree section, when a diamond is cut in ideal proportions, it reflects the maximum amount of light from the top of the diamond. Therefore, a good cut looks bigger than a diamond. Again, if it is not cut with good proportions, it appears less in size than it is.

Therefore, diamonds with a lower carat weight but with a higher cut quality grade may appear larger than those with a lower cut grade with larger carat weight. When you choose the cut quality, color, and clarity grade, it is easy to determine your diamond carat size that will suit you within your budget.

A carat consists of 100 points. For example, 25 points weigh 1/4 or 0.25 carats, again 50 points equals 1/2 carats and weighs 0.50 ct, and the calculation is done this way.

Which Carat Weight Is More Suitable for You?

In order to choose the most suitable carat weight of the diamond, it is necessary to consider the finger size of the user and your budget. If the carat size is important to you, but if you have a limited budget, you can get a bigger diamond with the same budget by choosing the less expensive SI1 – SI2 clarity grades, I or J colors, good cut quality grade.

Diamond prices show leaps in carat weights such as 1.00 ct and 0.50 ct. Diamonds with a carat weight just below these weights can be preferred because they are less expensive, but small differences in carat weight are not visible.

Again, finger size is important in the size of diamond carat. A finger with a larger ring size will appear smaller than a finger with smaller ring size. Not all settings may be suitable for all carats or shapes. If you have already chosen a setting, check the features of the ring and diamond or get help from a professional jeweler.

Diamond Weight

An accurate and reliable carat scale is required to determine the weight of diamonds, jewelry, and other gemstones. It will always be useful information for you to learn more about how to avoid mistakes when weighing your diamonds.

The most valuable features of a diamond are its brilliance, how it shines, and whether its light is dispersed in rainbow colors. Diamonds are always the most popular choice for jewelry. This tradition goes back to the 15th century. This tradition begins when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gifted a diamond as an engagement ring to Mary, Duchess of Burgundy. In the field of jewelry, the rarity of high-quality diamonds increases the value of these diamonds and makes them more preferred.

Diamond, as we all know, is a hard crystalline form of carbon. This crystal is an extremely hard material. Remaining underground from a billion years ago, they turn into diamonds under the pressure they are exposed to. Millions of years later, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc., carried these diamonds to the earth. Such pure diamonds are cut, polished, and turned into a precious stone by professional hands for use as jewelry and presented to us.

Diamonds, by their very nature, are the hardest materials that form spontaneously in nature. Naturally, very high-quality tools and skillful hands are required to cut this hard material. The crystalline structure of an unprocessed diamond must be skillfully cut and shaped in order to become a gem. In this way, it becomes a precious gem. The hardness of the diamond also contributes to the long duration of the polishing process.

The most precious diamonds you can find on the market are colorless and have no residue in their internal structure, meaning they have no imperfections. Nitrogen found in nature can give diamonds a yellow tint as they form. If the diamond is bluish in color, it is caused by boron mine. The quality of a diamond is graded on a scale known as “4C”. This scale determines the value of the diamond at the same time. Color, clarity, cut and carat are the 4 characteristics that determine the value of a diamond. Carat (ct) is the unit of weight used for diamonds and is equivalent to 200 mg. Due to the different sizes and values ​​of diamonds, weighing must also be done with extreme precision. For this, it requires a precise diamond scale.

Precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are presented to customer satisfaction by passing through similar ways with the formation and shaping process of diamonds. The 4C grading scale can be used to evaluate the quality of all gemstones. At the same time, saturation and hue are other important aspects that should be evaluated besides the color of the stone.

Verifying the Value of Stones by Measuring Density

Diamond is an extremely hard substance and can be in densities as high as 3.50-3.53 g / cm3 (three times denser than water). The density of ruby ​​is 3.97 to 4.05 g / cm3, the density of emerald is 2.67 to 2.78 g / cm3, and the density of sapphire is 3.95 to 4.03 g / cm3. Along with other tests, geological institutes, gemology laboratories, and gemstone collectors can verify their density by measuring them and quickly eliminate counterfeit stones.

The density of the gemstone is determined by first weighing it in air and then submerging it in the water again. This can be done with a special density kit to be attached to a diamond weighing device. The density results determined by this process will vary depending on the ambient temperature. This must be set in the density calculation. A diamond weighing device with built-in density will ask you to enter the ambient temperature and will do all the necessary calculations for you.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Mistakes When Weighing Diamonds and Gems

Get the most out of your balance by avoiding common mistakes that can lead to inaccurate weighing results. This valuable poster is full of useful advice and advice on:

  • Placing your scale in the right place
  • Using your scale
  • Routine tests

How to Exchange Diamonds

The things that will make you feel more special than ever are limited. Love, a woman / a man or a diamond… The diamond carries the sparkle of special moments and your experiences in those moments. It continues to reflect its own light, like a symbol of wholly pure emotions and goodness. If you want to give up the brilliance of the diamond, that is, when you want to exchange it, you need to go to the right address.

So how can you understand the value of your diamond? A pair of eyes is not enough to understand the value of a diamond. The support of consultants who are trained and who are experts in their work should be taken.

Diamond Exchange

When you want to make a diamond exchange, correct expertise will suggest prices that will ensure that the diamonds are purchased at their worth. Diamonds, which are also seen as an investment tool, are the things that pay attention to when they are sold, the workmanship of the stone, and the color and clarity quality of the diamond. Although carat expresses weight, it cannot be evaluated alone.

Diamond Ring Exchange

The quality of the diamond is also of great importance for the diamond ring exchange processes. If the metal used in your diamond ring is valuable, it will also add to your diamond ring, but it will not carry its old value due to its wearing structure over time.

Exchange Uncertified Diamonds

It is very difficult to exchange uncertified diamonds. The fact that your diamond is not certified causes problems when you want to sell the diamond, or you may have to sell it at prices much lower than its value. In this sense, jewelers offer services that meet the value of your diamond.

By purchasing your diamond at its worth, you can avoid selling it at lower prices than its value. If you want to guarantee your business, you can certify your diamond. Some companies that provide services for this purpose do this job. However, the certification also has some costs. With these costs in mind, you need to decide whether it is worth it or not. If the costs exceed the difference, a reliable jeweler will be your best choice to exchange uncertified diamonds.

Changing Solitaire Diamonds

When you want to exchange a single stone diamond, the value of your solitaire diamond is taken into consideration. Your certified products can be sold at higher prices because they show their value. Uncertified products may have lower values.

Diamond Exchange Prices

Diamond exchange prices differ for each company. For certified products, some companies may make 30% or 50% deductions over a period of time. The 4C feature that determines the value of a diamond is not very important at this point. In this, situations such as the damage of the diamond product overtime or not being worn out are effective.

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