Diamond Value: How To Determine

The value of diamonds varies depending on many factors. For those who wonder how its value is determined, 4 different elements can be mentioned in general. These elements are the color, carat value, cut, and clarity of the diamond. These properties of diamonds are determined after being subjected to many different analyzes in specially prepared laboratories.

These features, which are generally expressed as 4c, allow the determination of the value of diamonds. Depending on this value, the prices of diamonds are determined. For this reason, it can be said that the prices of designs designed with diamonds are extremely variable. 

One of the things to know about diamonds is the fact that not all diamonds are created equal and that every diamond is unique. Diamonds come in many sizes, shapes, colors and various internal features. Brilliant diamonds are the most valuable among them. These value factors are based on a combination, and the more rare the structure, the higher its value. This makes your diamond unique and valuable.

For example, the color of diamonds is one of the determining factors in price. Generally, this color is evaluated in 5 different categories and progresses from white to yellow. Diamonds in white are the most valuable and naturally, their prices are higher. Yellow diamonds are sold at a more affordable price than others.

Diamond cutting is considered one of the most important factors determining the value of a diamond. Various characteristics of its cutting are determined after the examinations carried out in these laboratories. When diamonds are raw in nature, some stains may occur in them. These spots are never visible when viewed with the naked eye. However, it is a determining factor in the value of the diamond.

1-Diamond Cuts

The cut is the only human-created feature on the diamond. The dazzling sparkle of the diamond depends on the skill of the cut and the technology used. The precision and fineness of the cut determine the light reflection and refraction rates of the diamond. The better the cut, the greater the brilliance, sparkle, and spark of the diamond.

The light entering from one side of the diamond cut in correct proportions reflects from the other surface and spreads from the upper part called “crown” by dispersing. If the cut is too deep, some of the light escapes from the bottom of the diamond called the “cone”. Not being deep enough also causes the light to escape from the cone, causing the diamond not to glow enough. A well-cut top quality diamond consists of surfaces at right angles (facets) that best reflect its brilliance.

2-Diamond Colors

Most diamonds appear colorless. But the color difference in diamonds is vague. Well, let’s tell those who wonder what the best diamond color is: The more colorless a diamond is, the more valuable it is. In the diamond color scale, there are almost no completely colorless diamonds. In addition, diamonds with very distinctive colors are rare.

The color order of diamond, which usually has colors such as pink, red, yellow, and blue, starts from the letter “D” which is the first letter of the word “diamond” and extends to the letter “Z”. In other words, the diamond letters you encounter while looking at the ring express the color scale to which the stone belongs.

Among the diamond color classes, the letter D symbolizes the white diamond. Its whiteness and colors change towards Z and D color diamonds are difficult to find. When choosing, you can make an easier decision by comparing rings with different color values. According to the diamond quality chart of G.I.A (the Gemological Institute of America), letters from D to Z in alphabetical order show the color ratio of the diamond.

In order to keep the diamond-like the first day, information about jewelry care can be obtained from the company where the jewelry was purchased.

People may like different color tones, so the color feature is the most subjective among 4Cs. Diamond colors occur in various shades of white. Diamonds are classified by how close they are to colorless. The rarest and whitest ones are D, E, F, and G. The most consumed H and I color is the group with white. It is the J and sub-yellow category, which we call colored white. The color groups go up to Z.

  • D: Completely colorless. It is the rarest color class.
  • E: Colorless. Only expert ore scientists can detect the slight color in E-grade stones, but this color is subtle.
  • F: Colorless. ‘F’ is the lowest class among the colorless grades.
  • G-H: Very light-colored. A very light color can be detected compared to better color grades, but it is much more valuable.
  • I-J: Slightly colored white. A bit of color can be detected.
  • K-M: Yellow color is seen.
  • N-Z: Yellow, brown, and gray colors are seen. Often called “Champagne Diamonds”.

3-Diamond Carat Dimensions

The most frequently heard concept about diamonds is the carat. However, many couples are looking for the answer to the question of what carats mean in diamonds. Therefore, let’s first answer this question.

The word “carat” comes from the locust bean seed called “carob”, which ancient jewelry merchants used to weigh their diamonds. The weight of these seeds is surprisingly similar.

In the past, a 1-carat diamond was equal to the weight of 1 goat horn seed. Today, the carat is a standard metric measure of 0.2 grams (200 mg). Each carat is divided into 100 equal points. For example, a quarter carat is 25 points and is written as 0.25 ct. In summary, the clearest answer to the question of what is the carat is “the unit of measure used to measure the diamond weight”.

Among the most curious questions of those who research diamond ring models are “How many carats of diamonds is good?” Includes the question. Let’s also say that there is no clear answer to this. Because criteria such as the size of the finger, the shape of the setting, and the budget will be decisive at this point.

If concepts such as carat and clarity are far away, you can get help from the solitaire selection guide, which contains less technical information.

It is estimated that carat began to be used by professionals dealing with jewelry works in the Middle East and its surroundings in 500 BC. Carat calculation is performed on precision scales only. Diamonds with a high carat value are often considered to be larger. The higher the carat height, the higher the value of the diamond, and the less likely it to be found. Carat calculation in grams corresponds to 5 carats 1 gram.

Diamonds are sold at a high value, as diamonds are mined from nature in a very small way. There is no specific formula for carat size. In addition, the value of two different diamonds with the same carat value may be different. It is the best carat in determining the value, price, and quality of a diamond. But the only measure is definitely not carats. Diamonds with high carats are very stylish, high quality, and eye-catching.

4-Diamond Clarity Degrees

Each diamond has a unique character in nature. What makes the diamond unique are other minerals that are mixed into it during the crystallization process. The number, color, structure, size, and position of these tiny particles, which are described as fingerprints of nature, show the naturalness of the diamond.

The less natural traces, the lighter the diamond reflects and therefore the more valuable it becomes. Since it is very difficult to find a diamond that has no traces of nature, the diamond with the least trace is considered “almost perfect”.

  • FL (Flawless), IF (Internally Flawless): Internal parts and surface are spotless. IF may only have small external surface blemishes on it. These diamonds are very rare and very beautiful. So it is the most expensive.
  • VVS1, VVS2 (Very, Very Slightly Included): Diamonds with very light marks are very difficult to see even under a 10-fold magnifier. They are excellent quality diamonds.
  • VS1, VS2 (Very, Slightly Included): They are excellent quality diamonds. Price is lower than VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds.
  • SI1, SI2 (Slightly Included): These are spots that can be seen under a 10-fold magnifier and are difficult to see with the naked eye. Clarity level is the best selling diamond.
  • I1, I2, I3 (Included): Stains visible to the naked eye. These stones have visibly lost their shine.

5-Diamond Shapes

The shape and cut of a diamond are not the same. The quality of the cut affects the value of the diamond, but its shape can be chosen according to the taste of the people. The most common cut is the round cut. Apart from round cuts, there are varieties such as oval cut, marquise cut, drop cut, heart cut, and emerald-cut diamonds.

Saul Spero, the famous diamond expert, explains which character a woman prefers which diamond as a result of her research with people who bought diamonds for 25 years. Figure Character;

  • Round: Depends on the family, reliable, calm (It is the most preferred section that reflects the brightness most beautifully.)
  • Oval: Creative, organized, taking advantage of opportunities.
  • Heart: Emotional, feminine, sensitive.
  • Four Corners: Disciplined, conservative, honest.
  • Marquise: Extroverted, aggressive, creative, businesswoman.
  • Drop: Gentle, respectful, harmonious

What Are The Factors That Decrease The Value Of Diamonds?

This feature, which is generally evaluated under the clarity category, can increase the value of the diamond as well as decrease it. If a diamond has many stains in it, that is, if its clarity is low, the other will also fall. These small stains are among the factors that reduce the value of diamonds. Even though they occur spontaneously in nature, the stains in question can affect the light reflectivity of this precious stone. Therefore, it is among the factors that reduce the value of the stone.

It was mentioned that the color is a determining factor in the value of the diamond. The fact that its color is close to yellow is among the factors that decrease the value of the diamond. The most precious is the color closest to white. The least worthwhile are those closest to yellow. The fact that the diamond has a color close to white brings with it a much higher value. It is impossible to make any changes to this color. The diamond can change color by itself in nature. The color of the diamond also varies depending on the contamination.

After learning the factors that affect the value of a diamond, you can pay more attention to the points that should be taken into account when buying a diamond.

Does It Lose Value While Selling Diamonds?

Of course, diamonds have many spiritual meanings, but over time they can be used to buy a new one or to turn jewelry into money. At this stage, of course, users want to convert their rings to cash without losing money.

Diamond rings or other diamond models are jewelry that gains value over time. Of course, although this issue is related to exchange rates and economic conditions, it decreases as precious stones such as diamond, gold, or diamond are extracted. Due to its rarity and decreasing gradually, all these jewels are expected to gain in value over time. Economic fluctuations or situations related to foreign exchange may affect this value. However, in general, diamond models gain value as they age.

The first thing to look at is the condition of the diamond to be exchanged. Whether a diamond is worn or not is one of the most important factors that will affect its value. Instead of preventing this and removing the worn appearance of the diamond, diamond cleaning and maintenance should be done with the cleaning solution that can be prepared in the household. This issue can be solved by using products sold as jewelry cleaning fluid. A clean and brilliant image can be created in these ways. Another effective way is to clean the diamond by professionals in this business. You can get the support you want in this regard from the jewelers. In this way, the required maintenance of the diamond can be done and it can be sold as a piece of jewelry.

Another issue that needs to be taken into consideration when it is necessary to exchange diamonds is to determine the right time. Solitaire ring models may lose their value over time, so it would be better to exchange them close to the purchased date. In such a situation, it would be better to go to the place of purchase instead of researching jewelry brands. Diamond companies apply a cut of 25% to 30% if the product is returned before the warranty period has expired. Immediately after the warranty period expires, this deduction can go up to 50%. If desired, the diamond can be sold on the internet. In this case, the deduction figures may change. In case of direct sale to the user, sales can be made with less damage. However, when this method is used, attention should be paid to fraudsters.

Of course, there are some factors that make it gain value or cause it to lose value. If your diamond ring, necklace, or earring is damaged, broken, scratched, or damaged, then it will be inevitable to lose value. The worse the workmanship of the diamond, the more possible the diamond will be damaged and lose value over time. The reasons for gaining value for the ring or other diamond models are of course the use of quality diamond stones and the workmanship of the jewelry. Paying attention to these factors are very important clues for those who will exchange diamonds.

A Few Suggestions To Sell Your Diamond At Its Value

When you want to sell your diamond, a correct appraisal determination will suggest the price that will ensure the purchase of your diamond.

The features that need to be considered when purchasing the diamond, which is also seen as an investment tool, are the cut workmanship, color, and clarity quality of the stone. Even if carat expresses the weight (mass) of the stone, it cannot be considered as the only criterion. Jewelers provide you with a valuation service so that you can sell your products at their value, and this is completely free.

When evaluating, if the metal used in your diamond product is also valuable, it will add value to your diamond ring, but due to its wearing structure over time, the mass of the metal part will decrease, and its current status will be calculated while pricing.

By purchasing your diamond at its worth, you can be protected from selling it for less than its value. If you want to secure yourself, you can get your diamond certified. For this, you can choose some companies that provide services.

How Is The Price Of Diamond Determined?

First of all, you need to know that you are buying a “luxury” when you pay for the diamond for your happy days. Millions of couples all over the world prefer diamonds to express their love for each other. One of the wide variety of stone options, according to their budgets and tastes, will express their love, and its spiritual value will remain on it for years.

The value of a diamond, how rare it is, and its price depends on its four properties. Although it looks the same with the naked eye, no diamond is the same as another. Why the price of two diamonds with the same carat weight is different depends on the 4C feature and their composition. 4C information will give you brief preliminary information about what the diamonds are classified and priced.

How Can We Identify The Real Diamond?

If you are thinking about buying diamonds and you cannot figure out how to be sure it is real, here are a few tricks to look at. If you have a real diamond, you can use it for practice.

Whether it’s a ready-made diamond ring, diamond earring, or diamond necklace, if you are going to spend a lot of money on the diamond, you want to know if you really buy a diamond. This fact holds true when buying emeralds, other colored diamonds, and even diamonds with increased clarity.

While investigating the authenticity of the diamond you are buying or considering buying, asking if it has a certificate is the fastest way to catch any fraud. A well-known diamond seller will be pleased to show you independent certificates issued by international authorities such as GIA, HRD. You can also apply to an independent expert with your diamond.

In the case of independent experts, refer to individuals from professional organizations. It may not make sense to go to an expert recommended by your jeweler. An independent expert may be the best option, especially for an online product.

If you are going to buy your solitaire alone, you will need to examine it yourself. Diamonds have a very high refractive coefficient, which means they bend the light that passes through them. If your gemstone is made of quartz or glass, it will not shine like a diamond. Quartz and glass have a lower refraction rate than that of a diamond.

To determine the fracture rate of the stone, if the stone is placed on the ring, you need to turn the ring over, place the large surface of the stone on a piece of newspaper and look at the stone from the inside of the ring. If you are looking at a real diamond ring or diamond solitaire, you should not be able to read what is written. You should also not be able to see distorted letters or black spots. However, sometimes, very rarely, you can see newspaper articles from a real diamond because of the peculiarity of the cut.

If you see a double reflection in the diamond you are looking at, that is, if you see double vision, the stone is most likely moissanite. Another way to know that your diamond is real is to look directly through the stone. If the diamond is attached to the ring, you should not be able to see the base of the stone.

Use white paper and a pen for the diamonds that are not attached to the ring. Put a dot on the paper and place your diamond or stone so that it is on top of the dot. Look directly at the stone. If you can see a circular reflection, it probably isn’t a diamond.

There are many ways to test if a diamond is genuine using microscopes, ultraviolet rays, diamond testers, thermometers, and even x-rays. Keep your diamond with you the next time you visit your doctor. A real diamond will not be visible on an x-ray.

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