Diamond Versus Gold: Which One Is More Valuable

Diamonds, which have been in human life for thousands of years and have different areas of use, contain important historical moments and much more. The processed form of raw diamond, which is in its raw form in nature, is called a diamond. Diamonds were distinguished from other mines with their brilliance in ancient times. They have been given different meanings throughout history. The diamonds used on jewelry for the first time in 1074 also enabled the crown of a Hungarian queen to be decorated with diamonds.

On the other hand, gold is considered the most precious metal. Since gold is very soft in its pure state, it is also very easy to process and shape. Its bright yellow color and sparkle are its attractive features. Gold is still the most popular item as jewelry and is one of the jewels whose popularity never goes out of fashion. It is now preferred by every segment of the society, young and old, as it is handcrafted and designed in much more modern styles and in accordance with today’s fashion.

Diamond is more valuable than gold. The reason for this is that it is less found in nature, its formation takes much longer and its physical properties. Diamond, one of the brightest stones in the world, slows down the light entering it, allowing us to see many light games on it. The refractive index of the diamond is 2.42. This ratio, which is quite high compared to other minerals, is the main reason for the brightness of the diamond. Diamond, with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, is the hardest mineral. You cannot scratch the diamond with any tools or stones.

One of the minerals that contain the least inclusions (inclusions), which are described as fingerprints of nature, is diamond. These inclusions are frequently observed in gems such as emerald, sapphire, or ruby. However, by containing them less, the diamond becomes the most transparent stone compared to other stones. For a diamond weighing one carat, an average of 250 tons of soil should be sifted. The extraction of this precious stone, whose mining requires serious patience, requires both financial strength and technological knowledge. It is also very difficult to find a well-cut diamond.

Diamonds, which have been in human life for thousands of years and have different areas of use, contain important historical moments and much more. Diamonds were distinguished from other mines with their brilliance in ancient times. Diamonds have different meanings throughout history. It is believed that the diamond was discovered in India around 800-1000 BC. Later, in 327 BC, Alexander the Great, who was the king of the Macedonian Empire, brought the first diamonds from India to Europe. In 1375, the diamond gained its first cut shape. This cutting technique, called point cutting, has led to the emergence of a diamond for the first time. Pointcut means that the diamond is processed into a standard shape.

The diamonds obtained by point cut in 1477 are combined with solitaire rings. Presented by Archduke Maximilian of Austria while proposing to Mary of Burgundy. Thus, the tradition of choosing diamonds in marriage royalties started. In 1520, a diamond cut called “Rose Cut”, which resembles blooming buds was discovered. In 1919, round cut diamonds, which are still widely used today, were discovered. The round cut attracts great attention due to the optical properties of the cut, which can reflect light well. The fact that even the hardest blows do not damage diamonds has attracted attention by people and has attributed different meanings to this situation throughout history. Jewish high priests took advantage of diamonds to determine the innocence and guilt of people.

On the other hand, the oldest in precious metals, gold has been admired for centuries as it is durable, malleable, and rare. Its rarity makes gold valuable. Besides being the foundation of the oldest monetary systems, it plays an important role in the world economies today. Apart from gold jewelry, it is used in electricity/electronics, space industry, dentistry, medicine, chemical industry, etc. It is also used industrially. It is rare and rare, corrosion-resistant and malleable, its density and weight are higher than other metals, its color is liked, it does not melt at high temperatures and does not distort at high temperatures, and it is a popular metal to be used industrially. When buying gold jewelry, make sure that the jewelry has a stamp that shows the gold carat and the company logo.

Properties That Make Diamonds More Valuable Than Gold

Diamond is one of the hardest and most precious mines in the world, obtained by cutting the crude diamond formed in millions of years in the heart of nature. There are many different features that determine the value of a diamond. I have compiled the important ones of these features for you below. Before examining these important features, we will share some important points that you need to know but are not well known among the public and try to make you look at the issue from a more up-to-date and broad perspective. The diamonds used in the jewelry industry are preferred by the end consumers primarily considering their color characteristics. This is an extremely wrong purchase. If a diamond with high color property is not cut well, it neither reflects the light nor is it within the standards that should be in size.

For example, you want to buy a 0.30-carat F-color diamond. If this diamond is not well cut and polished well, it appears in the size of a 0.23 – 0.24-carat diamond and it never gives a glowing image because it does not reflect the light sufficiently. Below, I have given you the standard dimensions of diamond carats. When buying a solitaire diamond ring, please check the diameter of your stone, except for the color. The prices of diamonds with poor cut and polish but a high color are very low in world diamond exchanges. Unfortunately, no comments or information are given about the cutting of jewelry certificates obtained from laboratories on the ring. Keep this information in mind and even if the product you will buy is a laboratory certified, find out the cut of the stone, the size of the diameter of the stone.

Buying diamond jewelry is usually a new experience for many people, but that doesn’t mean it has to be anything complicated. The main features that affect the value and quality of a diamond are simple and easy to understand. This guide has been prepared to guide you through the main points to consider when purchasing diamond jewelry. After reading this guide, you are on your way to becoming a diamond expert. But remember, if you have any questions or need any help, please contact us, we are always here for help. Carat is a term that refers to the weight of a diamond. Before the 20th century, diamonds were measured using carob seeds, which were small and uniform and presented as a perfect counterweight to the diamond.

The word “carob” is the origin of the word “carat” we use today. Carat is a measure of weight and it should be noted that it is not a size measure. Diamonds with the same carat weight can vary in size. The cut and shape ratios of a diamond can affect the size of one diamond relative to another. In the above table, you can examine the diameter of diamond carats from the smallest to the largest in millimeter value and get information about the size. Because diamonds are formed under extreme temperature and pressure beneath the earth’s crust, almost all diamonds contain small imperfections called inclusions. Their scope is like birthmarks and is a completely natural part of the diamond, giving each diamond its own authenticity. The fewer birthmarks that are also present in a diamond are attributed to a higher grade diamond and therefore the more precious diamond. The classification of a diamond is always made with a magnifying glass called 10x Lupe.

The diamond color indicates the lack of color that is present in the diamond, hence its ‘whiteness’. The color appears as light yellow on a diamond. This is because the diamond contains nitrogen when it is formed under the Earth’s crust. A diamond without color is worth more than a diamond with a hue. There is little difference between D – H colors for an untrained eye. You can check the diamond color scale from the whitest, colorless to the most colorful. By examining this color scale, you can determine the quality of the diamond you will buy and its price in line with these factors. Cutting a diamond (not to be confused with the shape) is one of the most important properties of a diamond. The turn of light determines how well a diamond is cut, and a well-cut diamond radiates shine and sparkle. If the diamond is cut too shallow or too deep, the light entering the stone escapes from the bottom and sides, thus negatively affecting the diamond’s sparkle and beauty.

All diamonds sold by quality brands are the ideal cut. This means that all diamonds purchased from quality brands have an extraordinary return of light, providing a beautiful sparkle. Each diamond is unique due to its unique nature and every person has a shape that he prefers according to his taste. Round shape diamond has reached a peak as the most popular shape with 70% of all diamonds sold in the world. The round shape gives the diamond an unrivaled sparkle and shine, making it the ultimate. Princess diamond is the second most popular shape after round diamond as the second choice. Princess diamond is an elegant and timeless design that gives a fantastic glow. It’s a very popular choice for engagement rings.

Gold: A Jewelry Almost as Valuable as Diamond

Gold, which has the oldest history among precious metals, has been used as jewelry for centuries because it is durable, malleable, and rare. Its rarity makes gold valuable. Besides being the foundation of the oldest monetary systems, it plays an important role in the world economies today. Gold is used in electricity/electronics, space industry, dentistry, medicine, chemical industry, and so on. It is also used industrially. Its rarity, corrosion-resistant, and formability, high density, and weight compared to other metals, eye-catching color, not melting at high temperatures and distortion, and is used industrially are the features that make gold, which is a popular metal, valuable.

The first atomic element to be mentioned even in the scriptures was gold. Primitive people could only find gold in water beds. They matched these pieces they found with the sun god, who gave them light, warmth, and crops in a short time. They also used it as ceremonial objects in religious ceremonies and primitive civilizations. Gold began to be used in economic life in 700 BC. In 550 BC the Lydian state minted the first gold coin. Since the Middle Ages, the discovery of gold mines led to massive gold exploration migrations. In the 19th century, the system of “thousands” was developed to express the value of gold. In 1849, the “Gold Rush” started when a water mill worker accidentally found gold in the stream bed in California.

The largest gold reserve in the world was found in the Witwatersrand Reef in South Africa in 1886. The largest gold nugget to date has been mined in Victoria, Australia. The weight of this nugget, called “Welcome Stranger”, was 78 kg and consisted of 91 percent pure gold. Apart from the economy, gold has also been transformed into jewelry thanks to its charm. Transmitted from generation to generation, it created a spiritual value as a souvenir/jewelry. With its natural beauty, workability, high value, and historical background, gold has taken its place as the most important jewelry metal in the world. Gold value is determined by the purity of gold. Gold, which has a 24K value, has a purity of 999.9 and does not contain any other metals and/or elements, is called pure gold.

The unit of measure used for the purity of gold in the world is Carat. 1 Carat is 1/24 purity, pure gold is therefore 24 carats. Since pure gold, 24K gold, is soft to use as jewelry, its hardness is increased by mixing with different metals such as silver, nickel, and copper. 18K means that within 24 carats, 18 carats are pure gold, and the remaining 6 carats are made of other metals. Also, in the 19th century, the system of “thousands” was developed to express the value of gold. For example, 18-carat gold is defined as 750, 750 of which is pure gold and the remaining 250 refers to other metals. Gold is mixed with different metals to form different colors. The point to note here is that the value of gold will not change due to the color of gold. For example, whether an 18K gold ring is yellow, pink, or white, it is made of 18-carat pure gold. As can be seen below, different mixtures affect the gold color. For example,

If gold is mixed with copper: it becomes pink,
If mixed with Copper and Zinc or Copper and Silver: it becomes yellow,
If mixed with Silver, Copper, and Zinc: it becomes green,
If mixed with Nickel, Zinc, Copper, and Manganese, it becomes white.

Do not keep your gold jewelry indoors for a long time in an airless environment (safe, steel, etc.). Oxygen-free environments can oxidize on the surface of the jewelry and cause discoloration. Keep your jewelry away from substances containing acidic compounds, bleach, acetone, and similar chemicals. Even dishwashing detergents and hand creams can distract your jewelry from its natural appearance. Again, hair sprays and cosmetics can damage your pearl jewelry. After such processes, you can clean the products with flannel or similar soft fabrics. Be sure to remove your jewelry before starting cleaning and similar routine home gardening, exercising, and entering swimming pools containing chlorine. Keep your jewelry either in its original packaging or in a box separately so that they do not touch each other. Items containing gems can cause scratches if they come into contact with your other jewelry.

Gold is a very valuable metal that does not rust, rot, or corrode is hard as well as highly flexible. Since pure gold does not have the hardness required for daily use, it is used together with metals such as silver, copper, nickel, and zinc, and it reaches the required durability. The purity unit known as the setting, or Carat, tells you how much of a product is pure gold. According to this unit, which is determined in multiples of 24, for example, 24K means 100% pure gold, while 18K means 75% pure gold. The color of gold is determined by two factors: the degree of gold purity in the product and the other metals used:

  • White gold

75% of 18K White Gold and 58.3% of 14K white gold are made of pure gold. For this reason, the raw form of these products is yellowish. It is only possible to make the jewelry turn white after being processed with a substance called Rhodium. Although the rhodium process is quite durable, lightening in the color of the jewelry may occur after long-term use (6 months – 2 years depending on the intensity of use). The rhodium process is a process that can be repeated effortlessly when necessary and will allow your product to regain its old color easily.

  • Rose Gold (Red Gold)

More copper than yellow gold is used in the production of red gold, resulting in a slightly pinkish-red color. Although rare, you may encounter this color in some products. We recommend that you keep your jewelry away from all kinds of chemicals (detergents, etc.). In this way, daily wear will be kept to a minimum and the shine of your gold jewelry will be preserved for a longer time. Water and natural soap are the best alternatives to clean your gold jewelry. If you clean it in soapy water with an old toothbrush, your jewelry will be purified from its dirt without being damaged and its life will be extended. If you store your gold jewelry in a separate bag or box, you will prevent them from scratching each other.

  • 24K 100% Gold (too soft for jewelry)
  • 22K 91.6% Gold (the highest setting suitable for jewelry, very soft)
  • 18k 75% Gold (setting suitable for diamond and other top-grade gold jewelry)
  • 14K 58.3% Gold (harder than 18K Gold, suitable for most jewelry)

Combining Diamond and Gold: On Jewelry and Gemstones

Jewelry is the name given to high material value ornaments and jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, chains, which are usually handcrafted using precious metals such as gold and silver and precious stones such as diamonds and emeralds. Jewelry is the common name of the ornaments that people wear on their feet and wrists, waist, nose, neck, ears, fingers, etc., naked or on clothing. Precious metals and stones have been processed and used as symbols of beauty, wealth, and nobility throughout human history.

The history of jewelry goes back 30,000 years ago to the Upper Paleolithic Age. However, experts state that the true meaning of jewelry started in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Anatolia, towards the end of the 4th millennium BC. When the complex compositions and elaborate craftsmanship of antique jewelry are examined, the question arises with which tools and with what superior technical knowledge they were made.

As a result of religious reasons and self-appraisal, the first examples of jewelry that constantly attracted the attention of people were made of stone, bone, seashells, and ivory, with the beginning of metalworking, as well as bronze, silver, electrum, and especially gold jewelry began to be used intensively. Although jewelry is mostly used by women, over time, men have also adopted jewelry, and have become an important part of their lives. Wearing jewelry, which started with the influence of concepts such as religion, talisman, magic, and luck, included purposes such as a gift to the dead, offering to the gods, an indication of privilege, expression of wealth, gift and finally looking beautiful. In time, precious metals such as gold and silver and precious and semi-precious stones started to be used in jewelry, and jewelry with high value and workmanship emerged.

It is the common name for jewelry with high workmanship, made with precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds, turquoise, coral, opal, and precious metals such as gold and silver. With the rapid increase in precious stone and mineral prices in the 21st century, and the effect of new developments in the technology of processing gold ore, the world precious stone mining has grown rapidly since the 1970s. World gold production has nearly doubled in the last 25 years. As a result of these developments, while the known gold ores were put into operation, an intensive period of exploration and investment has started all over the world to find new gold and precious stone mines. India, the USA, Saudi Arabia, and China share the first places in the world gold mine demand.

Consumers who buy jewelry for decoration purposes, see it as a means of reputation, and prioritize the taste of design, have started to turn to branded products. This has created an important potential for the use of branded jewelry with unique designs. It is defined as shaping, first draft, or design of a work of art, structure, or technical product. The design includes a work that reveals the structure, form, or drawing of the application. Design, at the same time, provides the emotional measure of the subject and the order of intellectual practice. Investing in design and branding is also seen as beneficial for the future of the jewelry industry. The added value of jewelry in original designs is increasing, and the difference between their mineral value and sales value can be ten or twenty times.

Diamond and Gold as Investment Tools

The use of diamonds as jewelry and its meaning as a means of economic value is not as old as gold. But with the search for alternative portfolios, investment instruments are expected to diversify. Why shouldn’t this diversification reflect the aesthetic brilliance of the diamond to the investment area? While gold, dollar, euro, shares, funds, international investors started to think of different instruments. Because plenty of alternatives mean distributing the risk. A new investment tool means a new breath and excitement.

Therefore, maybe increasing the investment and barter power of diamond can give a chance to breathe in the stuck economy. The question is, how can the big states and capital groups be persuaded by those who have no say in diamond production? Let’s not be surprised if we start watching and reading that the media’s eyes are turning to the glittering world of diamond in the coming days. Dragging large masses behind them and turning investment in diamonds into a serious trend can make this job easier.

For a long time, a single stone diamond (which is cut with a special cutting method that highlights the sparkle of the diamond) has been seen as a fascinating narrative of marriage ceremonies and love announcements. At this point, factors such as brand and certificate come to the fore more than carat weight. And history is full of examples that show us that if a product wins women’s hearts, the way is open. This is how the diamond can get the chance to be the brightest star in the jewelry world. Do you want someone to get up and buy diamonds in a form that can be saved? For example, with a standard cut, standard carat sizes, and very small pieces. Despite the possibility of loss, stylish boxes can be used that store them properly. The diamond’s journey to the top seems to have not actually begun.

Diamond-Like Gold Ring Models

Diamond is one of the most precious stones in the world. It takes a great fortune to have it, but there are also stones that are given the appearance of diamonds, which are at least as stylish as diamonds and attracting attention with their designs. The diamond-looking gold ring models, which are obtained with a diamond look and presented to the taste of women, are among the most popular rings of the new season. You can create an ambiance that shows up for special days by choosing one of the models that offer wonders with their craftsmanship and make a strong impression with their designs. Quality brands continue to help women find much more than what they are looking for by presenting the most beautiful gold ring models of the season to their liking while helping to make affordable jewelry shopping at discounted prices.

Gold rings are jewelry that can be chosen as gifts and personally. Especially when preparing for a special day, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to jewelry models in order to complete the outfit and achieve a stylish look. Of course, it can be thought that they are not too big in elegance because they are small pieces, but it should not be forgotten that small details make large pieces look more elegant. In order to add innovation and harmony to your elegance, you can choose one of the diamond-looking gold ring models to complete your combination. Gold ring models obtained with special craftsmanship will be the biggest savior of your special days.

Of course, you don’t want to buy a gift for the woman you love and buy simple and ordinary gifts when you want to keep it for life. You can get these expectations in the best way by choosing one of the diamond gold ring models, which attracts the eyes with their value and design and have a very modern look. You can examine the models offered from this category of the websites of online stores to choose a model among the gold ring models for the woman you love on a birthday, wedding anniversary, or a day that means a lot to you. One of the many diamond-looking gold ring models that amaze with their designs will be enough to offer you what you dream of.

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