What is Moissanite? Difference Between Diamond and Moissanite

Moissanite is a substance that is shiny like a diamond and almost as hard as a diamond. But it should be remembered that moissanite is not a real diamond. It was first discovered by Henry Morssan in 1893. The element of moissanite mineral is silicon carbide. This mineral does not occur easily in nature. It is usually produced by chemists in a laboratory environment. In addition, diamond-looking stones made of moissanite are offered to customers at a more affordable price.

It is extremely difficult to distinguish the diamond-like product produced in a laboratory called moissanite from a real diamond. Only experts can distinguish between moissanite and diamond. Looking at the stone called moissanite with a loop, light reflections resembling fireworks are seen. The color of moissanite is closer to green, while for a real diamond the color is closer to blue or gray.

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a very strong and durable material. It is very durable and hard. Therefore, it is extremely resistant to scratches, splits, abrasions, and fractures. In addition, the damage that can occur while repairing moissanite is minimal due to the high-temperature tolerance of moissanite.

As we mentioned earlier, moissanite is a very durable and hard substance. It is highly resistant to scratches and abrasions. Although diamond is the hardest stone used in jewelry making, moissanite is 9.25 times harder than diamond, making it the hardest stone in jewelry making. These hard stones even include rubies and sapphires.

Based on scientific research conducted under high pressure, we can say that moissanite is an extremely resistant material against breaking and chipping. In this way, we can confidently say that moissanite is the hardest stone known.

Compared to other gemstones, moissanite is a stone highly resistant to high temperature. Moissanite’s resistance level was tested at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature higher than the equivalent of a fire. Despite this temperature, it has been proven that it maintains its first day’s shine. Thanks to this feature, it prevents the jewelry from being damaged in jewelry repairs performed at high temperatures.

You can use the same methods you use to clean the diamond to clean moissanite. You may or may not be able to put any of your jewelry into an ultrasonic cleaner to protect it from scratches and abrasions. But you don’t need to think that way when cleaning moissanite. With the ultrasonic cleaner, the moissanite remains perfectly intact, too.

What Are The Properties That Differentiate Diamond From Moissanite?

Moissanite has entered the jewelry market with the name “American Diamond”. Due to its appearance, it is mixed with diamonds. Besides, moissanite is not a mineral with a very old history. It started to be used and processed about 10 years ago. Thanks to its very new product and its fancy name, its use has become widespread and has become a stone preferred by jewelry lovers.

The price of moissanite is 10 times cheaper than a real diamond. Despite this difference, they are exactly the same in appearance. Therefore, it can be easily marketed as a diamond.

With the naked eye and without a professional measuring device, it is almost impossible to distinguish between a real diamond and moissanite. With the help of technical tools, you can easily make this distinction.

Moissanite, which is the same color as a diamond, is quite different in clarity and brightness, and it can even attract more attention than real diamonds. The color of the moissanite corresponds to the “J” color on the color scale, so the color of moissanite can be described as yellow, not white. On the other hand, real diamond is at a point in the color scale that does not even contain any stain.

It is very easy to see if there is a double reflection in the moissanite. You can easily look at this by using a loop. Even with the naked eye, you can see the green tones in the moissanite.

If the diamond is spotless and clean, it can be sold at very high prices. Moissanite can be sold at very high prices thanks to its bright color alone.

Considering all these features, if you intend to buy a diamond, you should definitely ask your jeweler for an international validity certificate. You should be skeptical of the jewelers who negotiate the price while selling the product in their hand and even make huge discounts. And even if you want to count the facets, you should remember that a diamond must be cut into 58 facets.

Diamond-Like Substances


The most similar material to diamond available in the market is moissanite. Moissanite was first found in a thousands-year-old meteor crater in America in 1893. And still, it is just there. It can be considered the rarest mine in the world because it is located in only one crater. Years later, this crater was found by a French scientist, Moissan, and later it became known by his name. In 1998, moissanite started to come to the fore with its resemblance to diamond. An American company that produces jewelry using advanced technology has again increased the availability of moissanite, which is now forgotten. Today, it is very difficult to distinguish between moissanite and diamond. Although the price of moissanite is 6-8 times more affordable than diamond, there are also fraudsters who sell it as diamonds due to the similarity.

Some special methods and techniques should be used to distinguish between moissanite and diamond. It is almost impossible to see the difference with the naked eye. But using “loop” will help you with this. If you see that it is a champagne color (J color), if there is no small trace in its content, and you see double reflections in it when viewed with the loop, you can understand it is moissanite. On the other hand, the separation of the diamond with perfect J color and clarity and the moissanite can only be done by double reflection. However, since clarity will be a very valuable feature for a diamond, it is possible for moissanite to betray itself due to the difference in price.


It is a stone whose difference from the diamond can be understood very easily. In addition, unlike diamond, it is a very worthless stone. It can be easily distinguished due to the inability of the diamond to provide the sparkle it has and the dullness in its color. Until 10 years ago, zircon was sold mounted on gold, and those who did not know the difference could be defrauded very easily. However, nowadays, in a market where everyone has information about zircon, zircon stone is usually mounted on silver and bijouterie jewelry and offered for sale.

Synthetic Diamond

Thanks to today’s technological developments, stones, which are identical to diamonds and are almost impossible to distinguish, have started to be produced in a laboratory environment. Although the production and use of these man-made synthetic diamonds are not very common worldwide, it parallels real diamonds on the price scale. Synthetic diamond producers have reached the healthiest and most diamond-like synthetic diamonds among the diamonds they have produced so far in 2019. Synthetic diamonds are easy to distinguish from real diamonds because they have lab inscriptions on the belt. Since the use of synthetic diamonds is not very common today, it is not a very important issue. However, it is thought that it will gain great importance in the coming years.

Is it Possible to Produce Diamonds by Human Beings?

Since the 1950s, diamond has been a mineral that can be created both by man and industrially. Businesses have started to produce their own diamonds in a shorter time by copying the millions of years underground production process of diamonds in laboratories thanks to expert chemists. These diamonds are mostly used for industrial purposes.

On the other hand, some producers are able to produce precious metal quality diamonds in laboratories. Contrary to the millions of years of the natural formation of diamond, they can produce fake diamonds with the same chemical and physical appearance in much shorter times by man.

The difference between natural and artificial diamonds, with a few minor differences that are almost impossible to see with the eye, can only be distinguished by special tests. This is possible in laboratories. Different and beautifully colored diamonds are extremely rare in nature. However, in the production process of man-made fake diamonds, the diamond can be turned into the desired color and produced in that way.

Natural diamonds can be sold at very high prices due to both the formation and the way they are brought to the earth. On the other hand, man-made diamonds are less expensive than natural diamonds. Because it is possible to be produced by human hands, in laboratories, and in much shorter periods.

How Do You Know If Your Diamond Is Real?

In order to distinguish between real and fake diamonds, you must first carefully examine the setting and mounting type used in making the diamond. Because the price of real diamonds is quite high, you cannot find real diamonds when they are sold with cheap metals. A real diamond is typically only set in metals such as white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. In order to understand what kind of diamond setting the diamond has, it is enough to look at the marks inside your ring. If you don’t see any signs, but you can see the letters “CZ”, it means that the jewelry in your hand is cubic zirconia (fake diamond), not a diamond.

Lab-produced diamonds have the durability or brilliance of real diamonds. Besides, they keep their brightness forever. Fake diamonds are sold at very cheap prices compared to real diamonds. If it is not very important for you whether it is a real diamond or not, you can choose more affordable fake diamonds. On the other hand, if you suspect that your current diamond jewelry is fake, you have two different options to understand this. The first option is to seek professional help. It will be helpful to take your jewelry to a specialist who can perform diamond testing using special equipment and method. The second option is to do a diamond test at home with your own methods.

Some tests you can do at home with your own methods can also tell if your diamond is fake or real. However, you should not trust these tests 100% either. There is a very guaranteed way to avoid any doubt about your diamond or stone. Before purchasing your jewelry, you should remember to ask for a diamond 4C certificate that verifies that the gemstone is genuine, and you should only purchase your jewelry from a jeweler you trust.

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