Diamond vs Swarovski Crystal: A Detailed Comparison

Diamond is a very valuable gemstone obtained from raw diamond, which is a natural stone. The diamond mine is a very hard stone whose history dates back to ancient times and can be found 150 km below the ground layer in regions where volcanic eruptions occur. Swarovski, on the other hand, is a world brand that is used a lot, especially in jewelry. Although it does not replace the diamond, Swarovski, which creates a separate beauty in jewelry, is a crystal stone produced by human hands, while diamond is a natural stone and reflects a natural glow. So, what if we compare them?

Diamond is a precious stone made by processing a very rare and very difficult diamond. The diamond used in jewelry is a unique beauty with a unique sparkle and shine. Swarovski crystal is a crystal stone, also called a rhinestone, made of rock crystal, glass, or acrylic. The Swarovski crystal, obtained with great effort, is a crystal as hard as a diamond, smooth and shiny. Used in clothing, accessories, ornaments, and jewelry, this crystal sparkles as bright as a diamond. Let’s dive into more detail about the diamond vs Swarovski comparison!

What Is the Difference Between Diamond and Swarovski Crystal?

Diamond is a natural mineral that is found after a very difficult search and can be extracted with great effort. The diamond mine, which is extracted with great effort, is cleaned and cut by masters to obtain diamonds. Diamond is such a hard stone that only diamond cuts it, it has the feature that cannot be cut with anything else. Swarovski is a crystal stone made from glass, acrylic, or rock crystal. The Swarovski stone, which is produced by human hands, takes its name from Daniel Swarovski, who founded the Swarovski company.

While the diamond is more expensive in price, Swarovski is a more affordable stone than the diamond, although it is not very cheap. Jewelry made with diamonds is precious jewels with their natural shine. Although Swarovski is preferred for its brilliance and beauty, it cannot replace the diamond. As a natural stone, diamond is lighter and more suitable for jewelry. Whereas, as a Swarovski manufactured crystal, it is much heavier and more difficult to use.

The diamond is cut into 57 facets. With this feature, it reflects a unique shine. The diamond is 4C. These are listed as cut, carat, color, and clarity. The cut of the diamond is a feature related to the dimensions and symmetry of the stone. The cut determines the diamond’s ability to refract light and reflect its sparkle. Carat is related to the weight of the diamond. A carat is a unit of measurement that weighs one-fifth of a gram. It is an important factor in determining the value of the diamond. Since the diamond is formed under extreme heat and pressure, the atomic structure of other elements may be included in the diamond, which causes color diversity. Clarity is a feature that distinguishes the diamond from its counterparts.

So how was Swarovski invented? Working in a glass factory, Daniel developed the crystal cutting machine and founded the Swarovski factory in the late 19th century. The company, which has the swan logo, first produced in areas such as stone clothing accessories, belts, handbags. The company developed itself in a short time and started to produce crystal jewelry that resembles diamonds. Swarovski company, which has exclusive stores in many parts of the world, has become a well-known brand all over the world over time.

Swarovski jewelry is an artificial light-reflecting crystal product produced purely for marketing purposes. It can be produced as striking stones with a diamond appearance, as well as in the desired color since it is obtained with glass. Crystal stone is cut with special techniques to give a smooth appearance. The sparkle and shine obtained by the cut shape create a beauty very similar to the diamond. Swarovski stones are jewelry used by celebrities and stylish ladies all over the world. Although it does not have a natural structure like a diamond, the beauty and radiance it exhibits reflect an eye-catching brilliance.

How to Distinguish Diamond and Swarovski Crystal?

In order to distinguish between a diamond and a Swarovski stone, it is necessary to apply some tests. Because the Swarovski stone is produced with a diamond feature, it is not possible to distinguish it when you look at it in terms of appearance. Transparency test is one of the applications that can be done to understand the real diamond.

When a diamond is held on a newspaper, the writings at the bottom are misted and are not visible. However, if you hold the Swarovski stone, you can read the texts since the transparency is high. Since the diamond consists of 57 facets, it has a unique sparkle that refracts the light. You cannot see the same sparkle in Swarovski stones.

The reflection test is also a method that can give a very clear answer to distinguish between a diamond and a Swarovski stone. If you see many different colors when you hold it to the light, this stone is Swarovski. Because the crystal stone transforms the light passing through it into many colors. Whereas, diamond reflects a single color in gray tone.

Advantages of Using Swarovski Crystal

Diamond and Swarovski are different gemstone options that offer the same details in terms of appearance and shine. It is possible to say that Swarovski is a choice that is more compatible with trendy fashion details, depending on its pure shine, wide workmanship, price criteria, and the conditions that it can be used on jewelry models with larger, different design details.

  • The Comfortable Use Advantage Provided by Swarovski

Diamond solitaire rings reflect some tarnishing effect during their wear time. On the other hand, when using these models, it is necessary to remove the finger many times during the day. Protecting the diamond from water while washing dishes and dealing with certain difficult tasks reduces the rate of blackening. Swarovski stone, on the other hand, is a stone option that reduces this effect with its crystal shine and offers more comfortable conditions in use.

You can continue to look more stylish with Swarovski rings while doing your daily work. If you have a structure that never comes into contact with cleaning products during the day and only uses the classic style in your business life, diamond options may be suitable for you, while you prefer to take advantage of the wide model range and if you want to protect your look with your accessories at any time, jewelry models with Swarovski stones are the more suitable options for you.

  • Stylish and pure look offered by Swarovski

There is a perception that diamond options should be used, especially in the choice of engagement and wedding rings. In this preference, an effort is made to find the ideal ring model by paying high amounts of money. On the other hand, the reason why ring jewelry is preferred as an engagement ring at the stage of engagement and wedding is not to force the economy, but to be able to carry an accessory that is admired by couples, has quality workmanship, does not reflect pure shine, and symbolizes love for a lifetime.

In this context, the crystal shine reflected by the Swarovski solitaire ring model, reasonable prices, design width, and stylish models offered on the elegant fingers of brides increase the rate of preference. Especially if you are an accessory fashion follower who follows trend details and turns to creative designs instead of using stereotypical models, you can have designs that you can use for a long time with creative engagement rings with Swarovski stones.

  • Swarovski Designs for Every Style

Swarovski stone is a precious stone that is used in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watch accessories prepared in different models for each style. You can find classic, modern, retro, bohemian, sophisticated jewelry models designed with Swarovski stones that reflect the pure shine of the crystal, and you can find the most suitable accessory for your style from a wide range. For example, earrings with dangling Swarovski stones are timeless designs that always accompany your classic style.

These models are designed with colorful Swarovski stones and accompany your evening dresses and engagement rings in different colors. They enable you to reach a sophisticated style that follows fashion closely and brings elegance to the forefront at all times. Wristband models designed with shiny Swarovski stones arranged on a double or single row of cup-hollow chains take your modern style one step further and create an elegant exterior with basic t-shirts, nice summer dresses, jacket and trousers combinations, and denim suits.

To bring your bohemian and casual style to the fore, you can get a perfect look with necklaces with Swarovski stones and long silver chains. You can bring the street style to the fore by combining thick cuff models with a Swarovski bracelet with your ripped jeans and boots. Accessories with such a wide range of models allow the Swarovski selection to go one step ahead.

  • Swarovski Price Advantage

Swarovski allows you to reach the jewelry model that you have in mind and that adorns your dreams within the scope of reasonable prices. You can reach necklaces, bracelets, and ring models designed in all of the round, octagon, emerald, oval, marquise, drop, heart, princess, and radiant stone cuts, which are the most preferred by women and reflect the sparkle of precious stones in the best way, by choosing from Swarovski designs and taking advantage of advantageous prices.

  • Wide Range of Colors Offered by Swarovski

It is possible to reflect a game-changing style by wearing Swarovski stones with trendy color details such as yellow, green, red, purple, pink, black, and navy blue, reflecting pure shine, within the scope of your choices from Swarovski jewelry models. The jewelry designed with colorful Swarovski stones, which you will use with your toilets, especially at parties, allows you to bring your elegance to the fore with their pure shine and quality workmanship.

More Information About Swarovski Crystal

Among the stones used in silver accessories today, the most interesting story is undoubtedly the Swarovski stone. I have compiled the unknown properties of this stone from past to present for you. I don’t know what comes to your mind when I say Swarovski, but this stone takes its name from Daniel Swarovski, the inventor of the stone in the 19th century. Working in a glass and crystal factory as a child, Swarovski invents the machine that cuts this raw material. Swarovski’s factory, which had its heyday in 1891, has only one goal: “A diamond for everyone”.

This is how the story of the eye-catching stones we use today in all our accessories and belongings, from jewelry to clothes, shoes to watches, begins. In 1899, Daniel Swarovski chose the Tyrolean mountain flower, a symbol of purity and beauty, as the symbol of the brand. Now the symbol of the brand is a swan. Known for its elegance and nobility, the swan has become the new face of the famous brand.

Swarovski crystals have taken their place among the indispensables of famous stars and style icons. Cabaret Mistinguette and American Jazz Singer Josephine Baker were some of the most famous users of the stones. Hollywood idol names such as Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn also preferred Swarovski crystals. Since then, Swarovski crystals have been prominent both in front of and behind the screen.

Today, many stars such as Madonna, Sharon Stone, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Aishwarya Rai, Zhang Ziyi, and Jennifer Aniston, who want to take the spotlight at award ceremonies such as Grammys and Golden Globes, appear on the red carpet with Swarovski products.

Nathalie Cole, Creative Director of the Swarovski brand, explains the value of Swarovski with these words; “Crystal has a magical power that comes from endless possibilities that expensive jewelry can never offer. Colors, shapes, and sizes are almost endless at Swarovski. This variable material offers us the perfect playground. Reflections are captivating and crystal goes well with all, from the most classic to the most glamorous.”

Crystal jewelry has a sense of freedom that empowers women and allows them to mix and match, play, interact and customize their jewelry to best express their personality. Expensive jewelry will never offer such possibilities! This has nothing to do with money, can I explain? Today, the company is still headquartered in Wattens and is run by family members in the fourth and fifth generations. The company, which has more than 26,000 employees, has dealers in over 120 countries.

Diamond or Swarovski Crystal? How to Identify a Real Diamond?

Diamond, which is one of the stones that dazzle and fascinate everyone with its beauty, continues on its way without losing its popularity from the past to the present. It is extremely important that this special stone, which is among the indispensable passions of women and is the dream of everyone, is real. There are many fake diamonds on the market and they can be produced exactly as they are to the original. For this reason, some tests should be done in order to distinguish the real diamond from the fake and to determine whether it is original or not.

How to understand a real diamond and what tests are used to determine the real diamond can be found in this blog post and you can easily learn the answer to your questions. Let’s examine the applications and tools used to determine the reality of the diamond, which fascinates everyone with its magnificent beauty and adorns their dreams.

Since the intense interest in diamonds, which has always been the apple of the eye of women from past to present, is increasing day by day, fake diamonds called imitation have begun to be produced. Fake diamonds, which we have come across in recent years in solitaire ring designs, which are one of the indispensable jewels of marriage proposals, actually steal both your dreams and your money. Diamonds, which come first among the most precious stones in the world, are the dreams of every woman.

With the methods used, you can easily determine whether the diamond designs, which are indispensable accessories on their special days, are real or fake in a short time. Diamond, which is one of the most remarkable gemstones and its most striking feature, has tremendous beauty. The cutting angles and proportions of this stone increase in value as a result of being carefully shaped by master hands. A diamond is a stone that reflects the light it receives to its bright surroundings. The fake diamond, on the other hand, reflects many yellow and green lights around it.

Let’s come to the transparency of the diamond. Actually, this stone is not a transparent stone. If it is placed on a written paper or newspaper, the written text should appear foggy. Thanks to this image, it can be easily understood whether the diamond is fake or real. In addition to these, the reflection of the diamond is one of the most important things to consider. The reflection of this dazzling stone is in gray tones. If there is a multicolored reflection in the stone
the stone is of very low quality or fake.

With Which Tests Are Fake Diamonds Differentiated?

A number of tests are used to understand whether the diamond you have purchased is fake or real. Thanks to the tests applied, if your diamond is fake, you can easily distinguish it from the real one. The tests preferred to detect fake diamonds are divided into two: tests that can be done at home and tests used by professionals. By applying the tests described in detail below, you can easily determine whether your gemstone is real or fake.

The tests we will present to you in this blog post will help you understand whether your diamonds are real or not. In fact, the simplest way to determine whether the diamond you have is real or fake is to buy a diamond tester. If you are not familiar with the structure and components of the diamond, it is possible to confuse stones such as zircon or moissanite with diamond. For this reason, it is extremely important that you know how a fake diamond is detected and what methods are used to make it.

The test methods that we will tell you in our article are extremely useful and practical tests. However, this should not be forgotten: Fake diamond detection tests done at home should not be considered conclusive. In such cases, the person who is experienced and equipped to detect whether a diamond is real or fake is always a diamond expert. Here are those tests:

  • Water Test

The water test is one of the most frequently used tests to understand whether a diamond is real or fake. For this method, you first need a glass of water. First, throw the stone you want to find out if it is real or fake into the glass of water. Afterward, carefully monitor whether the stone sinks to the bottom.

If the stone you threw into the glass collapsed to the bottom, this is proof that the stone is real. Because the density of a real diamond, that is, its specific gravity is high. For this reason, the precious stone will sink to the bottom of the water. If the stone you threw into the water is floating on the surface of the water, the stone in your hand is a fake diamond.

  • Fog Test

For the fog test, you should take your diamond or ring between two fingers and breathe on it and mist it. Due to the moisture and heat in your breath, it will create a slight mist on the diamond. The fog does not stay on the real diamond for 1-2 seconds. In fake stones, this period is longer. If the mist disappears quickly, the diamond is not fake. If it takes a few seconds for the mist to dissipate, it’s likely that the stone you’re holding is a fake diamond. The reason for this is that real diamonds can dissipate heat quickly due to their structure and prevent the formation of fog on them.

  • Checking Metal Setting and Assembly

If there is a diamond mounted on the accessory, you can tell whether it is real or fake by looking at the metal used. Real diamonds are predominantly mounted on precious metals. Real stones are generally used in accessories produced using yellow or white gold. For example, the settings in the ring that you have bought with admiration are the most important proof of this. Stones such as zircon are generally used in non-precious metal products.

  • UV Light Test

Another method used to determine whether a diamond is real or fake is the UV light test. To perform this test, first, place the stone under UV light and watch the reaction. Most diamonds in this case emit a blue-colored glow. But not all. Some diamonds may not shine under UV light. If the stone turns blue when you do a UV light test, the stone is most likely a real diamond. Some stones may not give blue light, this is not definitive proof that they are fake. For this reason, it is very important to examine the stone by a specialist or jeweler.

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