The Importance of Diamond Cut: How To Cut a Diamond

Diamond, as we know, is the hardest substance that can be found in nature. Therefore, a diamond can only be cut with another diamond. But diamond cutting techniques are constantly improving with the developing technology. Since diamond is a precious metal, studies have been carried out on how it can be cut without damaging it, without decreasing its value, and with the least waste. Let’s take a look at how the diamond has been cut from the earliest techniques to the present day.

The cutting and shaping of the diamond date back to the Middle Ages. Before that, it was known that diamond was used in its natural form. However, it is a fact that the hardness of the diamond prevents it from being cut and shaped as desired.

In the natural state of the diamond, a flawless crystal structure and the parts where this structure is distorted coexist. Diamond, thanks to these imperfections in its structure, is cut and shaped using various tools, including diamonds. So diamond is cut using diamonds again. The cutter is placed in the flawed areas in the diamond’s structure and the stone is divided with light strokes. Then, using cast iron discs with diamond dust added, the natural diamond pieces are sanded. Thus, shiny and symmetrical diamond surfaces are created. However, 60% of the diamond can be lost during these processes.

While cutting, the design of the diamond should be processed accordingly. For this reason, the details studied in the cutting process before designing the diamond are very important. One of the details that give the diamond the most important feature is the cutting work done on it. The more the cutting work is done at the right angle, the lighter the design will shine. The shining of a kind of diamond is to make the reflection of the light by making the right cut. Thus, the diamond becomes ready for shape and design.

It has been noticed that the luster increases as the diamonds are processed and have smooth surfaces. For this, it has become a constantly sought and desired situation to cut the diamond in different styles and to have more sparkle. So how can the hardest mine in the world be cut?

Yes, we know that only another diamond can cut the diamond, but there is a direction between the carbon that makes up the diamond, which we call cleavage. We can roughly compare this to how it follows a smooth path when tearing papers in one direction but curls up when tearing in a different direction. But of course, let’s not forget that diamond is very different from paper and cutting it is not that much.

The raw diamond is examined by the master of cutting and determines how a stone will come out and the direction of its cleavage. After the master finishes his examination, he/she marks the cutting direction he/she decides and starts the cutting process. A fine-tipped hard cutter is attached to the stone from the marked place and with a small blow, the stone is split in that direction. This process requires serious experience and precision. The cutting continues so that the cut surface becomes the table of the stone.

With technology, the diamond cutting process has of course become to minimize human error. Recently, computer programs provide information on how to make a diamond out of a rough diamond. After the cutting direction is decided, laser cutting is done instead of splitting. The main form of the stone can also be created with laser. In the previous technique, the process of rounding the stone called rondist was used. Diamonds rub against each other and become round. After that, it remains to create facets. The stone is contacted at certain angles to the rotating disk, the surface of which consists of diamond dust, and sanded, so to speak. In this process made from different angles, all facets are formed by being fed.

Another issue that needs to be considered while facetting the diamond is the pressure applied to the stone. One of the traces we often see in diamonds is a slit. These slits are openings from the surface to the depth of the stone due to the pressure that the diamond is exposed to during its formation or cutting. If these slits occur while cutting the diamond, a VS quality stone can easily fall into the SI class. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the pressure applied to the diamond during facetting.

If a facet of a diamond is left on the disk too much while it is being created, the size of the facet may increase and the symmetry quality of the stone may decrease. In order not to fall into such a mistake, the facetting process is done in a short time and by checking occasionally.

We are talking about this subject roughly here. If we consider that the hardest material in the world is cut properly, we can understand how delicate and laborious work is. It is an undeniable fact that the cutting process of the world’s largest diamonds takes months and years.

How To Cut Diamonds

As we mentioned before, diamond cutting is meticulous workmanship that is carried out with the work of experts from the difficult and demanding diamond to be processed and turned into a piece of beautiful diamond jewelry to the last stage.

  • First of all, the cutting master examines the raw diamond, decides what kind of diamond will be produced, and determines the direction of the stone cleavage.
  • After deciding where the diamond will be divided into two, it is marked with Indian ink.
  • The turn is at the cutting stage. This stage is the most demanding process. If a wrong move is made, the diamond will be scattered. Therefore, the stone is precisely divided into two with the help of a diamond-tipped saw.
  • After that, the process called rounding is started. This process is done by rubbing the rough diamond on another diamond. Belt, crown, and cone sections are revealed.
  • The first basic facets are then trimmed and polished.
  • Finally, 57 facets that make up the diamond from the cone to the crown are trimmed and polished. It is very important that each facet is finely polished. Otherwise, the brilliance of the diamond will be adversely affected. Another important point in this part is to pay attention to the pressure applied to the stone while facetting. Any slit that will occur in the diamond during this process will cause the value of the diamond to decrease.
  • Although these stages are facilitated by computer technologies today, cutting diamonds is still hard work that requires delicacy and attention.

The ideal cut is the most perfect of the diamond cutting techniques. It has been cut in ideal sizes and proportions. It reflects all the light entering the diamond onto the surface and thus shows a perfect symmetry and glare. The tabletop (top surface) part is kept smaller compared to the good cut, so it offers better shine than the good cut.

A good cut is a cutting technique that is closest to perfect after the ideal cut. Unlike the ideal cut, the surface part of the diamond is a little wider in a good cut. It is to reflect almost all the light entering the diamond. As can be predicted in terms of price, it is more suitable than the ideal cut.

A shallow cut is a diamond cut made using a shallow cut technique as a cut. Since the light entering the diamond escapes from the cone (lower part), the shallow cut diamond is insufficient in terms of brightness.

Deep cutting is a cutting technique in which the distance between the belt (the widest middle part of the diamond) and the cone (the lower part) is kept long in the diamond. As in the shallow cut, the deep cut diamond looks dull and dull because the light entering the diamond escapes from the cone part.

Why Is Diamond Cutting Important?

Diamond never loses its value and is important according to its shape, cut, and color. These details are among the most important features of diamonds. Diamond is detailed with two shapes. Diamond is designed to be flat, ideal, and deep. The more correct light these shapes receive in terms of their structure, the more accurate the light will be and the more it will shine the diamond. From this point of view, the shape of the diamond is one of the most important details. In diamond design, the cut and shape are different from each other, but it is one of the most important details for the design during the production of the product.

Solitaire continues to take its place among the most important jewels of every period in terms of a diamond cut, shape, color, and design. When purchasing diamonds in terms of carats, the preference of the people is determined by the ratio. The higher the carat of the diamond, the higher its price. For this reason, it is necessary to know that there will be an increase in price in line with the weight of the diamond. In addition to ready-made designs, it is one of the products that can be specially designed and cut according to the special requests of the people. However, the cost of this may be different than ready-made designs.

How to Choose the Right Diamond

When choosing a diamond, it is very important to pay attention to some details. First of all, the cut must be correct in order for the diamond to reflect the light correctly and shine. When considered from this point of view, diamond cuts include very important details. After that, it is an important detail that is processed with the right shape and design. Another important detail is that the diamond has the right color quality. Another is how clear the diamond is. Clarity is considered an important detail of the diamond and it is a detail related to the degree to which the diamond is cleaned before processing.

Before purchasing a diamond, it is necessary to learn about color quality. After these details, it is time to get information about the carat weight of the diamond. The measurement unit of a diamond is called carats. If you want to choose many carats of diamonds, you can choose a piece of diamond jewelry according to this size. It is also an important type of jewelry in terms of diamond color. The quality and price range vary according to the condition of the color scale.

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