How Diamond Painting Works: How To Make A Diamond Painting

If you are looking for new leisure activity and decided to start Diamond Painting, you have come to the right place. Below you can find all the steps you need for how Diamond Painting works and how you should do it. You have no doubt that it is very easy to make. It has a level of difficulty that anyone can easily do.

  • Diamond Painting kits usually include a canvas, pen-shaped applicator, wax, and tray for putting the materials. Start by unpacking all these materials you need.
  • Place the canvas on a clean, flat surface that is easy to work with. You will see there are numbers printed on the canvas. These numbers will correspond to the symbols on the diamonds. You must match the symbols and numbers correctly. You can make these matches on the canvas.
  • It will be easier for you to start by specifying a single color. Pour some diamonds into your tray. Pouring the diamonds into the tray will make it easier for you to pick them up with the pen applicator. It is equally important not to pour too much diamond because if you pour too much, your applicator will try to hold them all at once.
  • Since it’s impossible to finish the whole canvas in one go, start by removing a small portion of the plastic film from the canvas. Continue gradually removing the plastic film as you finish each piece. Completing your canvas in small sections will be easiest and best. Because if you are not working on it, keeping the canvas-covered will make it easier for the diamonds to hold on to them in the long run.
  • The wax included in the kit is for you to fill the applicator. It is the actual material you need to hold the diamonds. You can fill the applicator by dipping the tip of the applicator into the wax. Thus, the diamonds easily stick to the applicator and make it easier for you to take them. You can easily take the diamond out of the tray and place it on the corresponding symbol on the canvas. It is important to be careful at this stage.
  • Don’t forget to add wax as soon as you notice that your pen applicator is no longer holding onto the diamonds in the tray. It will always be in your best interest to add as much wax as you need to the applicator.
  • Repeat these processes until your canvas is complete.
  • The final touch that really shows the beauty of Diamond Painting is placing it in a frame suitable for your canvas. It should be a suitable frame for both your decoration and your canvas. In this way, you can easily exhibit your experience, handicraft, and work perfectly.
  • Do not forget that the most important point in Diamond Painting is to have fun. Have fun creating your masterpiece.

Diamond Painting Seal and Frame for Beginners

Placing the last few diamonds in Diamond Painting is always a joy. It allows you to feel feelings of success, pride, and appreciation at the same time. After you have finished your canvas, you need to seal and frame your canvas. There are different techniques you can apply for this. You can choose the technique that suits you and your canvas.

You can use a spray or brush to seal your Diamond Painting. The transparent adhesive that you will apply with a spray or brush of your choice will create the same effect. This is not mandatory but highly recommended. It will make it easier for your diamonds to cling to the canvas in the long run. Remember that your diamonds are likely to react differently to different techniques. Therefore, be careful to continue with the technique you are starting with.

Some Diamond Painting kits also tell you what technique you should use to seal. You must apply as stated. It depends on the kit you choose, but glues can sometimes reduce the sparkle of your diamonds.

While it is not an obligation to seal, framing it is a must. When choosing your frame, the color, size, and style of your Diamond Painting are important. You should also take care to choose a frame suitable for your home decoration. The inch and centimeter dimensions, which determine the size of the frame you choose, indicate the size of your Diamond Painting. Therefore, the dimensions you should be careful about will be the inside of your frame. If you cannot order your Diamond Painting to its exact size, it would be useful to order a large frame from your canvas.

The Materials Needed For Diamond Painting

Each Diamond Painting kit comes with everything your need. At least, everything you need at the basic level has arrived with each kit.

  • Adhesive canvas with design (size varies accordingly)
  • Diamonds in different colors in separate bags
  • Diamond pen aplicator
  • Tweezers
  • Wax pad or glue
  • Tray

When you order a diamond painting kit, there are some issues that you need to pay attention to. These are where the diamond painting kit is coming from and how it is packed. If it is not coming from your environment or your country, you may want to be sure it is safely and securely packed for shipping.

  • Centimeters: Unlike the American measure of length, the unit of measure in Diamond Painting is centimeters. The inch size closest to this measurement is also added to the instructions.
  • Custom: Diamond Painting kits have been created as per your request. It offers the ability to paint the picture or photo you want.
  • Diamond Cross Stitch: Although not a preferred term for Diamond Painting, there is an undeniable similarity between Diamond Painting and Cross Stitch.
  • Crystal / Rhinestone: Refers to the drill, which looks more like a gem than a diamond and has a metallic appearance.
  • Drill / Drills: The diamonds that are included in the Diamond Painting kits and make up the actual material.
  • Drill Pen: It is an application pen. It allows you to easily pick up diamonds and place them on the canvas. Both ends of these pens serve the same function. You can buy applicators in the form of regular pens or you can buy pens that reflect your personality.
  • Drill Storage: The more organized you keep your Diamond Painting kit, the more organized you should store your drill. There are various storage containers that you can use for this purpose.
  • Inventory: When it comes to Diamond Painting, inventory means something different than we all know. Inventory means instruction at this point, and once you have the kit, you are requested to check whether the materials on the instruction are the same as you have.
  • Light Pad: You will not believe it when you see how easy it is to make your job with this tiny invention. Since you are working with small parts, you will need more than daylight.
  • Magnifiers: Using a magnifying glass will allow you to see both the tiny pieces and the area you will work in more easily, allowing you to complete your canvas more easily.
  • Partial Drill / Partial: For kids, beginners in Diamond Painting, or those who want to finish Diamond Painting quickly.

  • Roller: It is used to make sure the strength of the drills. After you have finished Diamond Painting, it rolls over your canvas in all directions.
  • Round / Round Drill: As the name suggests, they are round-shaped diamonds. The lower parts are straight. The upperparts are circles with shiny surfaces. It is easier to place them. They shine more than square diamonds.
  • Special / Special Shape: Used to express different Diamond Paintings in shape, material, and size. They consist of unique materials.
  • Square / Square Drill: As the name suggests, they are diamonds in a square shape. The lower parts are straight. It consists of facets like real diamonds. It is more difficult to place than round diamonds. It allows you to reach a more detailed view as an image.
  • Tray: It is a material that you do not have to have, but you have no doubt that it will make your job easier when you have it. It can also come in your Diamond Painting kit, and you can purchase it separately. Allows you to easily pick up diamonds and keep the pieces together without getting lost.
  • Tweezers: It is used to correct misplacement. It is one of the essential tools that you have to have while making Diamond Painting.
  • Washi Tape: It is a tool that is not used much in Diamond Painting but provides great convenience. Provides a clean edge. Used to matte, mount, and frame your finished Diamond Painting.
  • Wax or Glue: You need to fill the inside of your applicator with beeswax or glue to ensure you can easily get the diamonds. What you need is a material containing adhesive.
  • Sealing: After completing Diamond Painting, you can choose to cover it with a sealer to extend its service life. There are many different materials and techniques you can use for this purpose.
  • Stash: It means Diamond Painting that you took on a whim and you could not start or started and completed. You can order more than one kit at a time. Don’t order 🙂

IEANL 5D Diamond Painting Full Drill Kit – 3 Pieces of DIY Diamond Art Kits, Diamond Dot Kits for Adults and Children, Home Wall Decoration (11.8×15.7, 11.8×11.8 in)

It is a great kit that provides everything you need for Diamond Painting if you are a beginner. All the paintings in this set are very simple. They are suitable for everyone. Children, adults, and the elderly can make it easier. It is a great family activity. Diamond in this set has 16 facets, which means they shine perfectly. Eventually, you will have a great handmade decoration at an affordable price.

Zonon 2 Pieces LED Diamond Painting Pen 5D Diamond Painting Pen Point Drill Pen USB Rechargeable Lighting Drill Pen with 10 Pieces Pen Head and 20 Pieces Glue Clay for Kids DIY Handicraft

It is what you need while making a Diamond Painting with the light and extra tool. It is very practical and convenient to use. It gives you an opportunity to finish your painting easily and in a short time. Thanks to the light on it, it reduces eye fatigue. Apart from using for Diamond Painting, there are different usage areas according to your need. You will be extremely satisfied with your purchase.

Suptikes 110 Pieces Diamond Painting Tools and Accessories with 44 Slots Diamond Painting Storage Containers for Adults or Kids, Apply to 5D Diamond Painting

It is a great starting kit for Diamond Paintings. This set includes a lot of convenient and practical tools. There are many little containers in it in order to organize diamonds per their colors. If you are obsessed with organization, it is exactly what you need. Without messing up, you can finish your painting. It has basically everything you will possibly need. You will be very pleased with your purchase.

DPG-The Diamond Painting Group – NO Wax Needed, NO Clay Needed, NO Glue Needed – PENS 2 Pieces for Diamond Painting -Tools Self-Stick Drill Pen, Specialty Design for 5D DIY Painting with Diamonds Accessories Kits for Adults

These pens will be your lifesaver while making a Diamond Painting. They easily pick the small diamonds from the tray and allow you to place them on canvas perfectly. They are easy to fill and practical to use. They are suitable for all kinds of diamonds, such as round or square.

ARTDOT 445 Diamond Painting Round Drills Beads for Replacement Missing Diamonds, Freestyle Custom 5D Diamond Art Color Kits DIY Crafts Total 89,000 Pieces

If you do not want to follow instructions or you trust your creativeness, it is exactly what you need. There are 445 unique colors in one set. They come with separate bags and different color codes. You can design create what you want for your home decoration. It gives you an opportunity to express yourself. All of them really shine like a real diamond. It is a very fun and comprehensive bead set.

MCGOR A4 LED Tracing Light Box, MCGOR USB Powered Diamond Painting Light Pad with Metal Stand & 4 Clips, Dimmable LED Light Board for Tracing, Drawing, Sketching, Animation, Stenciling

It is an excellent set to make your work easy to see and complete. You will see the symbols and colors easily. It is very thin and light weighted to use and store. It can be used for any task and detailed job.

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