The Journey of Diamond Ring: How Is Diamond Ring Made?

The place of manual labor in diamond jewelry production is an undeniable fact as well as technology. It takes a long and laborious process to become a piece of usable jewelry starting from the idea stage. Specifically, the diamond rings, which are especially preferred by women, are produced by using technology but mostly by hand labor. This adventure, which started at the idea stage, goes through many stages until it reaches the consumer.


Two ways are followed in the design that started with an idea. While some designers draw designs on paper and then transfer them to special three-dimensional programs used in the jewelry industry, some designers prefer to draw directly in the program. The finest details of the design are undoubtedly original and producible. Unfortunately, while some designs appeal to the eye and have the characteristic of being contrary, they cannot be produced due to technical reasons. Therefore, the designer must be aware of the production technology.


The designed product is transferred to the computer environment by means of programs and special technologies and it is ensured to take dimensions. Afterward, the mold is removed from the hard wax with special machines. The first role in making the product flawless is played by making a work that requires fine workmanship on these wax products. All of the wax products are lined up one by one and take a shape called a tree. This tree is cast (the product takes the form of metal here) after plastering and firing.


In this process, the correction of the product that has turned into a mineral, its finalization (such as filing when necessary) starts. It is a stage that requires very good craftsmanship and very fine workmanship. However, fine workmanship is essential in every stage of jewelry because the product can only reach the desired quality in this way.


At this stage, the gem is diamond-free. Therefore, after the selection of the stones such as quality and size, the product is given to the nail plate so that the diamond can be mounted. Today, quite different technologies and workmanship are available in fixing. But the jeweler must also be a highly skilled and knowledgeable person. Otherwise, when the model that has come with precision up to this point and carefully selected diamonds are combined, defects may occur and the quality of the product may be compromised.


It is one of the most crucial points in jewelry production. An error or sloppy work at this point, which is called the finish of the work, may cause all the steps and efforts to go to waste. Again, with special solutions, machines, and hand workmanship, the mine takes on that eye-catching appearance and the shape to reach the end consumer. Afterward, the diamond ring takes its place in the showcase untouched by human hands.

The production of jewelry with diamonds requires a complete skill. This is always the same in every product range, from a simple solitaire or wedding ring model to fancy diamond ring or necklace models.

How Are Diamond Rings Made?

It has become a tradition to give diamond rings in marriage proposals especially recently. These rings, which are the symbol of eternal and only love, have been the symbol of love and devotion and have become the dream of every woman who wants to get married. If an eye-catching diamond ring is also given to you by the man you love with a beautiful marriage proposal, it makes even more sense. But have you ever thought about how these glamorous rings that decorate your dreams are made? Here is the story of diamond rings, one of the indispensable accessories for women…

As with any jewelry work, making diamond rings requires great and fine craftsmanship. First, the master of this work begins by melting the amount of gold required for the ring part of the diamond ring to be attached to the finger at a temperature above a thousand degrees. The melted gold ring is poured into the mold required for the ring and left to cool. After the gold cools down, it is dipped in a special acid and kept for a while.

After the gold piece, which has been waiting in acid for a while, is removed, it is kept for a while. Then it is softened a little by fire. After the softening process is completed, it is curled with a pair of pliers and turned into a round shape to be worn on the finger.

The rolling piece of gold is joined right at the ends, fixed together by welding, and then allowed to cool again. In the meantime, the part where the diamond will be attached is prepared. This piece is ready after the gold is melted and the necessary processes and shaping. Since it is a small part of the ring, it is one of the parts that require very fine workmanship. After this part is prepared, this part prepared is mounted to the ring with the help of welding. The ring, which starts to take shape slowly, is allowed to cool again.

After the cooling process, the ring is transferred to the mandrel and the ring size is adjusted according to the desired finger sizes. After this process is finished, the roughness on it is corrected and polished with the help of a ring hammer and nail file.

After all these processes, it is finally coming to wear that magnificent dazzling diamond on our ring. The diamond is attached to the ring and fixed without damaging the diamond with a fine skill. The diamond ring, which is about to be completed, is finally polished with the necessary chemicals and washed with pressurized water. After this process, the diamond ring is now completely ready. Now it takes its place on the shelves as the immortal sign of the love of two people who love each other.

How is the Design Phase of Diamond Ring Production Followed?

Diamond rings and especially diamond solitaire rings are the most meaningful accessories for women and carry more special meanings beyond jewelry. However, when researching jewelry for diamond ring models, it is very important to pay attention to some issues. First of all, the place to buy diamond solitaire rings should be well researched, and products and diamonds that do not have a certificate should not be purchased. Apart from that, it is necessary to find the most suitable model and cut for the diamond ring for the character and style.

Diamond ring varieties, which are indispensable elements of marriage proposals, have become the symbol of love with their meanings by witnessing the beginning of the most beautiful day. Each diamond is unique, even if the diamond ring models are the same, all of the gemstones are unique.

Diamond is a highly precious stone that is produced primarily by cutting the metal and then polishing it. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the meaning of diamond first. Diamond occurs when carbon atoms combine at high temperatures and high pressure. It emerges to the earth as a result of volcanic movements that occur approximately 150 km below the ground layer. Therefore, diamonds cannot be obtained everywhere. Generally found in volcanic mountain craters and river beds created by lava, diamond is considered the hardest mine in the world.

Carat is a unit of measure used to measure the weight of diamonds. With the help of diamond cutting, the diamond reaches the highest brilliance and is cut into 57 facets. Diamonds have been used in the most valuable jewelry in the world for centuries and still maintains their popularity today.

The carat unit of measure is also used for diamond ring types. Approximately 250 tons of rock, gravel, and sand need to be extracted for a one-carat diamond. Unfortunately, not every part removed in this process can be used in jewelry making. Therefore, diamond ring types are very valuable.

The diamond is first extracted from its bed and then separated from foreign bodies and minerals. After this stage, the parts to obtain diamonds are separated. This stage is a very delicate stage that requires mastery. For this reason, it is only done by experts, experienced and skillful people in the field. What is important to know at this stage is that a diamond can only be cut with another diamond. For this reason, the tip is cut with a saw used with a mixture of diamond dust and oil.

It is necessary to be careful when cutting the diamond. Even small mistakes can cause diamond ring types to go to waste. After the cutting process is completed, it is cleaned and cleaned from its roughness and started to be used in jewelry.

How is Diamond Ring Enlargement and Reduction Done?

Diamond rings are among the jewels that women can wear throughout their lives without taking off their fingers and reflect the brilliance of the diamond in the most elegant way. Diamond jewelry that is worn so often can come in abundance from time to time due to weight gain and weight loss. In this case, the solution is to narrow the ring or to make it more abundant.

The sizes of diamond ring designs can be changed. But at this point, you should only work with professional people. Especially in ring reduction processes, you should work with the brand from which you purchased the ring. Otherwise, the spiritual values of the ring may be lost. In order to prevent such situations, you need to rescale your diamond jewelry in the places where you purchased it.

In diamond ring designs, if your jewelry has begun to be abundant on your finger, the ring design should be minimized without deterioration. The ring should be reduced exactly according to your finger size. Ring design experts use three different methods to change the size of the rings. The most widely used method among these techniques is to cut the ring to enlarge or reduce it. Another reduction technique is the enlargement method by stretching the ring used only on ring enlargement processes.

If the dimensions will be changed by cutting the diamond ring, you should only be careful to work with the brand from which you purchased the ring. Laser cutting is the most reliable and healthy procedure in the operations performed with this technique. The diamond ring cut by laser is enlarged while the ring is opened and the ring size is revised by adding a piece in the required size. Apart from this process, on ring reduction processes, a part up to the determined size is cut by laser. Then the diamond is removed from the ring and the necessary actions are completed.

There is no trace on the ring in healthy reduction and enlargement processes. In addition to this feature, the cleaning and polishing to be done after the sizing processes, the structures will gain the beauty of a newly purchased ring with its new state.

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