What Diamond Certification Is Best?

A diamond certification is a unique documentation that belongs to a particular diamond product, which actually defines your diamond internationally, as well as protecting it against robbery and such negative events.

Diamond and jewelry certificates issued by an independent stone science institute serve as a report prepared by experts in their fields with the help of various technical tools. If the size of the diamonds and precious stones on the jewelry is up to 0.3 carats, the certificates created by the manufacturers themselves are considered sufficient. If the accessory you intend to purchase has a precious stone of more than 0.3 carats, you will need to request an internationally valid certificate from the jeweler you purchased.

Deciding on the size of the diamond before you buy it can make your choice easier. Your budget for diamond rings, necklaces, earrings or gemstones will then give you a way to make your choice. It is necessary to allocate serious budgets for diamonds that have the highest level of cut, clarity and color criteria. If you don’t have enough budget for a quality diamond, you may need to waive some of its features. The cutting which has a direct effect on the sparkle of the diamond is accepted as one of the most important quality standards. Even if you sacrifice some of the diamond color and interior cleanliness, we recommend you not to give up a good cut.

4C rule is very important for diamonds and other precious stones. The 4C rule, which consists of cut, weight, clarity and color criteria, also plays an important role in determining the price of all precious stones, especially diamonds. So how can you be sure that the stone you’re going to buy has these features? At this stage, the jewelry certificate, which serves as a kind of identity of the jewelry, comes into play.

The certificate, which is thought to be added to the 4C rule as +1 by many experts, helps those who are considering buying a gemstone to erase questions in their minds. The question of what is a certificate can be answered as a quality certificate describing in detail the true value of the diamond and other gemstones purchased. The diamond certificate includes stone characteristics in terms of 4C criteria and features such as polishing quality and symmetry of the stone in detail. Information such as cutting grade, shape information, the date on which the stone was certified and report numbers are also included in the certificate.

It is a known fact that the certificate protects the buyer in many respects. If you ask what a diamond certificate does, it can help you understand the importance of knowing that it can help you document its value when selling. Your certificate continues to protect you when you face any theft. The thieves who cannot sell the accessories produced with diamonds and other precious stones because they do not have a certificate are caught upon request of the jewelers to check their certificate. When you buy internationally certified diamonds, you prove that you own the diamond all over the world.

Although many gemology institutes around the world grant certificates for diamonds and other gemstones, there are a few internationally renowned institutes. The American Institute of Gemmology is one of the most recognized institutes of stone science. The institute, which is accepted as an authority in the field of precious stones, is a civil organization founded in 1931. The institute, known for proposing the 4C rule used all over the world, gives a GIA certificate to the gemstones it examines. By buying GIA-certified diamonds, you can guarantee to sell without sacrificing value anywhere in the world.

With the world’s largest diamond testing laboratory, HDR Antwerp is one of the leading organizations offering internationally valid certification. Founded in 1976 as a non-profit organization in Belgium, the company guarantees the quality of the diamond with its HDR certificate. The European Gemology Laboratory (EGL), the International Institute of Gemology (IGI) and the American Society of Gemology Laboratories (AGSL) are among other internationally recognized institutions.

More Information About Diamond Certificates

Let’s say you decided to buy your future wife a solitaire diamond ring. Even if you are thinking of buying a solitaire diamond ring, diamond necklace or a pair of elegant diamond earrings, it seems that there are a number of questions that confuse you. On the one hand, you are looking for diamond jewelry that suits your budget, on the other hand, it should be bothering you not to know the answers to questions such as: “How am I going to read the certificate of the diamond I will get?”, “Which diamond certificate is reliable?”, “What does a diamond certificate do?” or “What are the examples of diamond certificates?”. You will find the answers to all these questions in the following paragraphs.

First of all, we wanted to share some important information you need to know about diamond and jewelry certificates. This basic information is the same everywhere in the world does not change. As you know, diamond, which is one of the hardest and most precious metals in the world, which has been formed in millions of years, has become indispensable for marriage proposals. In addition to this feature, diamond jewelry has become a candidate to take the place of gold jewelry by entering our daily lives. Traditional wedding, engagement and wedding gifts have now been replaced by diamond jewelry. We think that the money you will pay for the diamond products you receive will also increase the importance of certificates for these products. Diamond certificates are divided into two different categories.

International Diamond Certificate – Diamond Assessment Report

In order to obtain an international diamond certificate, the diamond must be delivered to the authorized laboratory before the jewelry is made. In most countries, international diamond certificates are rarely given along with products in retail sales. This kind of diamond certificate, which is provided with the special demands of the customers, took its place as the only diamond certificate accepted in the world. International diamond certificates resemble check-up reports of diamond gemstones. So, how are they prepared? Diamond is sent to the laboratory, all features of the stone are examined with high technology and the necessary report is prepared. There are two important organizations that are accepted all over the world that can prepare such certificates. These are GIA (American Gemological Institute) and HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant).

You can find all the details of the stone in the detailed diamond reports. These certificates are commonly used when buying and selling diamond wholesalers. The certificate also includes 4C, carat, cut, color and clarity, as well as other important information affecting the diamond’s value. This category of certificates together with the diamond jewelry you receive will decrease your share of error and you will be able to secure purchases. Diamond stones sold with international diamond certificates are 20-30% more expensive.

Jewelry Certificates – Jewelry Report

Jewelry certificates are issued after the diamonds are manufactured as jewelry. Therefore, jewelry certificates do not include all details of the diamond. Jewelry certificates containing general information are given by our companies. The jewelry companies are responsible for the jewelry certificates issued before the law. Every company has to write the correct information on the jewelry certificate. For this reason, you can rely on the jewelry certificates issued by any company. Some companies send their products to organizations such as HRD and demand jewelry certificates to be issued. HRD does not include cutting features in jewelry certificates. However, the cut is one of the 4 important features to understand the value of the diamond.

In addition, HRD gives 4 important information for diamonds such as color, clarity, carat and stone symmetry in two alternatives in the certificates it gives for diamond jewelry which are sold with many stones. For this reason, even though the product you will get is HRD or GIA jewelry certified, do not forget to get your own company certificates from the companies you have purchased. Both certificates have the same considerations. Let’s examine these important points.

What Should Be Taken into Consideration When Buying Diamonds?

While buying diamond jewelry, consumers generally focus on the color characteristics of the stone. At this point, features such as cutting feature, clarity, polish of stone, how it looks under blue light, which is very important for a diamond, are ignored. Don’t forget, when you buy a diamond ring that is not good cut, its polish is not good, and its clarity is not good, no matter how high its color is, it can never reflect light like a diamond with good cut and give a bright image.

Always choose diamonds that are very good cuts. You can waive some color and clarity according to your budget. Pay particular attention to the cutting feature on the certificates of the jewelry you purchase. Observe how the stone reflects light on your finger. We wanted you to understand the subject in the paragraph clearly by giving an example. A solitaire ring can be an E-F color, but if this stone is not well cut and polished well, the H-G color cut diamond with a good polish will look much brighter and more vivid, and your finger will attract attention by reflecting the light better.

Never forget that a diamond with high color and high values cannot be sold cheap. This kind of high-quality diamond jewelry you find at affordable prices has very low prices on the world diamond exchange. This is because those diamonds only have a high color. Other features that are very important for a diamond such as cut, polish, fluorescence, unfortunately, remain below normal values. It is therefore supplied at very low prices and you can buy it at reasonable prices. In addition, such high colored and affordable diamonds with poor cuts appear much smaller than they should be. A 0.30-carat diamond appears to be 0.23 carats if cut poorly.

A Special Certificate: HRD Antwerp Certificate

Every diamond in the world is different, all are unique. Although it varies according to its characteristics, to inspect and register the diamonds against forgery is of great importance for both companies and customers. This is the reason why diamonds have been certified for years in accordance with universal standards. HRD Antwerp is one of the world’s largest institutions that certify diamonds. Founded in 1976 in Antwerp, Belgium, HRD Antwerp is an independent non-profit organization and today has the largest diamond testing laboratory in the world.

HRD Antwerp, with its state-of-the-art equipment and specialized gemologists, prepares perfect product reports and certificates for jewelry. The company, which ensures that customers buy diamonds without worrying about security with its reports, determines the most important 4 features that reveal the value of a diamond with absolute accuracy in its documents. The value and quality of the diamond are determined by 4 factors. Carat, color, clarity, and cut. HRD Antwerp experts analyze these elements so that customers know exactly which product they have purchased, prepare and certify a report containing this information for the diamond product.

The weight of the diamond is measured in carats. One carat corresponds to approximately 0.2 grams, which indicates the size of the diamond. HRD Antwerp measures even a hundredth of a thousandth of a gram in perfect precision. This ensures that the diamond is extremely accurate. Most diamonds have shades ranging from colorless to light yellow. The best diamonds are colorless ones. The gradual yellowing of the color decreases the value of the diamond. Also preferred are particularly colored diamonds. They can range from shades of black and brown to bright yellow, pink, purple, red, blue and green.

Clarity shows the purity of the diamond. Since they are natural products, all diamonds carry the traces of the time since the formation date. The diamonds are examined with a 10X lens to determine their clarity. It is not possible to determine the clarity with the naked eye. HRD Antwerp expert analysts determine the clarity of diamonds with certainty. Cutting is an important process that reveals the beauty of the diamond. A diamond that is not cut properly cannot interact correctly with light and does not shine properly. HRD Antwerp also has impeccable analysis tools and employees in determining cut quality.

The rating report is like the fingerprint of a diamond. HRD Antwerp has a variety of solutions to eliminate the possibility of misconduct in the report documents, as the reports that evaluate the above elements directly affect the value of the diamond. HDR Antwerp reports that a diamond is rated includes superior safety elements that can be seen with a lens and UV light:

  • Micro Text: The name “HRD Antwerp” is written on the black box on the certificate box, which can be seen with a 10X lens on a micro-scale.
  • Fluorescent Marks: The overall rating report includes fluorescent fibers and markings that can only be seen under UV light. Similar security signs are now on bank bonds.
  • Line Structure: The security line placed inside the box provides security against the risk of copying the report. If copied, the text can be read but its geometric layout is distorted.
  • Embossed Logo: The 3D logo HRD Antwerp is on the front of the rating report. This relief does not appear from the back of the report.
  • Watermark: The logo of the HRD Antwerp with watermark is visible only when exposed to light.
  • Secure Paper: Rating report papers are produced and numbered specifically for HRD Antwerp.

You can choose the diamonds certified by HRD Antwerp in the peace of mind. The institution also keeps records of every certified product in the digital environment. On my.hrdantwerp.com, you can confirm your product certificate/report number and product information.

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