What Diamond Cut Looks Biggest?

Diamonds are one of the most popular gems when it is about sparkle, attractiveness, and charm. It is almost a key to enter the world of richness and luxury. That is why it is the dream of practically every woman is getting her dream diamond ring. Especially a big looking diamond says for itself that “I’m here. You have to look at me.”. So, how can you choose a diamond which looking bigger than others?

If you are shopping for a diamond, the first rule about diamonds is the 4C rule. The meaning of this rule is state factors determining the quality of a diamond, which are carat weight, cut grade, clarity grade, and color grade. Cut type or shape of diamond matters when it comes to choosing the biggest looking diamond. If you are passionate about your perfect diamond to seem large on your finger, keep on reading.

Generally, not always, we can say a higher carat weight means a larger diamond. But that is not the only factor for a diamond size. A crafted jeweler can also cut the diamond to maximize its facets, to make it look bigger. If a diamond looks bigger than its carat weight, meaning the diamond has a good spread.

List of Cut Types

Extremely Brilliant Cut Types

Round Brilliant

The brilliant round cut is the most popular diamond shape since they are very classic and have immortal popularity. This type is the most brilliant -sparkling- diamond type because they are specially cut for refracting the maximum amount of light. This is why round brilliant cut is the most selling and most expensive cut type. Because this is the most sparkling diamond-cut type, it can hide any flaws of color and clarity. Although round brilliant cut type is the most sparkling type, it tends to look smaller when compared with other diamond cut types of the same carat weight. The brilliant round cut is the best choice for classic women.


The marquise cut has a unique shape due to its elongated pointed ends. This type is not as popular as in the past, but due to its shape, it looks quite large on the finger. The marquise has the largest surface area when other same carat weight diamonds compared. However, the marquise cut types can show the bow-tie effect, so choose your diamond after looking at every angle. Another tip you should know is that pointed ends can separate white light into more colors so, choose a marquise cut diamond from higher color grades. The marquise cut is especially best for woman wants to take attention.


Oval cut diamond type resembles round brilliant-cut type, but it is elongated. The oval cut is quite shiny as a brilliant round cut and cheaper than the round cut. Also, due to its elongated shape, it looks bigger than the round cut. You should be careful about a dark area problem in the diamond, which is called the “bow-tie effect.” This effect is caused by unequal light dispersion in the stone. To see if there is a bow-tie effect in your diamond, you should definitely examine your diamond in every angle. I recommend you not to shop online for an oval cut type. If you like classic round type but want your diamond to step up, you can choose an oval cut.


The pear cut type is a mix of both round brilliant and marquise cut types. It has an elongated cut type so, the pear cut type creates an illusion of looking bigger size. The pear cut type looks like a teardrop and the most famous diamonds of the world actually pear cut. It has a lot of brilliance. You should be careful about the pointed tip to be damaged so, choose a setting that will protect your diamond, such as a V-shaped settling. Also, the pear cut type diamonds may have dark areas in the gem so, don’t forget to examine it well.

Very Brilliant Cut Types


As the name implies, a heart cut diamond is a heart-shaped gem. Since the heart is the symbol of love, we can say that this model is especially for romantic women. The heart cut type diamond needs to be at least 0.5 carats or larger so that it can show its beautiful shape. It is important that heart shape should be symmetrical and should not be too rounded or flat. Ask for the length to width ratio of the diamond.


Princess cut diamonds are quite feminine and stylish. This type is the second most brilliant diamond-type right after round brilliant type. As for round brilliant type, princess cut type can easily hide faults. Although the princess cut has a smaller surface area than round brilliant cut, because the princess cut has longer diagonal length, it tends to look bigger on the finger. A downside of the princess cut type is that sharp corners of a diamond could fray out in time. To prevent it, you can choose a bezel settlement.

Brilliant Cut Types


The cushion or pillow cut type is quite a popular diamond cut over the last years. It is square-shaped but with rounded corners instead of sharp ends. Cushion type is one of the less expensive cut types. Unfortunately, the cushion-cut type is not a sparkly diamond type. Jewelers recommend cushion type for traditional women.


The emerald cut type is a step by step cut type. It has a low brilliance, but it has depth. The corners have facets, so it will sparkle through the edges. You can see the diamond through all the way. So, you should be very careful when choosing your emerald cut diamond. Any flaws and dark spots will be seen easily. Cutting quality, color, and purity are the most important aspects you should consider when buying the emerald cut diamond. Women loving a vintage display can prefer an emerald cut type of diamond.


The Asscher cut is similar to emerald cut since it is also a step by step cut type. Compared to the emerald cut type, it has more facets, so Asscher cut type is a more sparkling type. The Asscher cut type is also a vintage diamond-type but more in a modernized fashion. The Asscher cut type is one of the most expensive diamond cut types. Like the emerald cut, you can easily see any flaws and dark areas in the stone. So, you should be careful when buying for an Asscher cut in terms of color and purity. Also, Asscher cut has one of the smallest surface areas of diamond cut types because of its deep square cut.


The radiant cut type has properties of round brilliant, princess, and Asscher cuts. Because the radiant cut is kind of a mixture of them, it is quite sparkly. Unlike the princess cut, which has sharp edges, the radiant cut has chopped smooth corners. So, we can describe round cut as princess cut with smooth edges. The radiant cut could be rectangular or square-shaped. Since more gem lost during its production process, the radiant cut is pricier than the princess cut.

Less Brilliant Cut Types


The baguette cut diamond is a step-cut diamond similar to emerald, and Asscher cut diamonds. That means you can see the diamond through, and clarity matters a lot. Facet number is very low for baguette-cut diamonds, so they are the least sparkly diamonds. Baguette diamonds are long and rectangular.

What diamond cut really the largest?

Compared to a round brilliant cut diamond, a princess cut diamond has a 10% larger surface area if they have the same carat weight. Also, if you have the same budget, you can buy a bigger carat weight of princess cut since it is cheaper than round brilliant cut. Other than the princess cut, elongated cuts such as marquise, oval, emerald, and pear cut types tend to look bigger on a finger.

Which diamond cut has the most sparkle?

The round brilliant cut diamond type has the shiniest cut type since its facet number allows the light to refracted back as it comes. After the brilliant round cut, marquise, oval, and pear cut diamonds follow sparkly diamond ranking.

What is the most expensive diamond cut?

The round brilliant cut diamond type is the most expensive one since it requires excellent crafting. By nature, a brilliant round cut has around 56 facets, and achieving that is quite pricey. Other most expensive diamond types are oval, marquise, and Asscher cut types.

Which diamond cut looks the smallest?

The Asscher and cushion-cut types are smaller due to their small diameter and length-to-width ratio.

How to Make Your Diamond Look Larger?

Use a halo setting

Halo setting means the center diamond is surrounded by side smaller diamonds. Small diamonds make an illusion of showing your diamond ring is really bigger. Hence, if they are packed side by side closely, side diamonds won’t look so antithetical. Also, the advantage of using a halo setting is it will boost up your diamond’s sparkle because more diamonds will reflect more light. In case you choose a diamond with average brilliance, a halo setting will cover up this absence of brilliance.

Bezel setting

In the bezel setting, a metal frame circulates the metal diamond. If the metal shines enough, it will make an illusion of your diamond is bigger. Hence, a bezel setting helps to protect your ring. But make sure that setting doesn’t get ahead of the diamond. The center of attention must be your diamond.

White gold or platinum band

A metal band of white color will make your diamond look larger since it will help to reflect off light besides diamonds. It will make a mirror effect and the illusion of a larger diamond.

Thin band

A thin band will make the gem look bigger on the finger. Also, a band that becomes slimmer through the center will maximize the illusion of a bigger diamond. An example of a thin band is the pinched shank.


The mounting process involves placing a mirrored plate along with the diamond surrounding. So that diamond will appear to look bigger and shiner. That is quite a cheap method but, if damaged, mounting will make your ring damaged.

Clean your ring regularly.

You should not ignore the care of your ring. Whether you want to maximize your diamond’s sparkle or size, get cleaned your ring regularly by a professional every six months. A dirty diamond will look dull, small, and not shiny at all. But a nicely cleaned diamond will have more sparkle, and bigger. Meanwhile, you can always clean your diamond at home. Soak your ring in a soap-water mixture and brush gently. Then, preferably dry it on air to prevent any possible scratches causing by wiping.

All in all, if you are on a budget for shopping a diamond, and want your diamond to look large, you can choose a princess cut with higher carat weight over a round brilliant cut diamond with lower carat weight. Or the marquise cut type looks bigger due to its length. Try to be open to other elongated diamond cut shapes as well. The largest looking diamonds maybe not as brilliant as the round brilliant cut diamond, which is the most sparkly diamond type. So, a grading report from GIA is not enough, and you should definitely examine your diamond from every angle and under different flashes of lightning.

Comparing 1 carat of diamond prices

IGI Certified 1 Carat Round Brilliant Cut/Shape 14K White Gold Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring 6 Prong (H-I Color, Eye Clean Clarity Center Stones) Price: $2,950.00


1 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 14K White Gold (K, I2, 1 c.t.w) Very Good Cut Price: $1,917.00


For example, say when the price of 1 carat of a round brilliant cut diamond and a princess cut diamond, it is clear that although the princess cut diamond has a larger surface area, it is cheaper. Choosing the princess cut would be a budget-friendly shopping.

Dazzlingrock Collection 1.00 Carat (ctw) 10K Gold Round Diamond Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring Set 1 CT Price: $878.90


1 Carat 14K White Gold Round Diamond Ladies 5 Five Stone Wedding Anniversary Stackable Ring Band Value Collection Price:$570.00


1 Carat Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring (I Color, VS2-SI1 Clarity Center Stones) – Heart Shape


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