What Diamond Cut Shines The Most: Round Brilliant Diamond Cut

Shine, sparkle, and brilliance are the best-known and most must-have features of a diamond. This is the feature that distinguishes diamonds from other stones found in nature. While all diamond cuts have a certain degree of shine, brilliant round cuts have the distinction of being the most shining diamond cut.

The beauty of diamonds is hidden in the light they reflect and capture. They shine and sparkle to the extent that they reflect that light. Whether it is the solitaire on your finger, the diamond chain around your neck, or the shimmering spot on your ears, the beauty of diamonds is hidden in those sparkles.

To be able to choose the best diamond, it is important to understand which diamond cut shines the most, why, and how. It is an undeniable fact that all diamonds are of unique structures. While their crystal structures make them shine, they also become brighter thanks to the flat facets cut into their surfaces. They act as a kind of mirror. They capture and reflect bright white light. Although these aspects are small features, they are also very powerful features. They capture light like prisms and divide it into different colors like a rainbow.

When the diamond is cut, the more facets it contains, the more it shines. There are also several diamond cuts that are optimized for customer satisfaction. Customers tend to buy these cuts more.

Which Is the Shiniest Cut of a Diamond?

Shine, sparkle, and brilliance are the best-known and most must-have features of a diamond. This is the feature that distinguishes diamonds from other stones found in nature. While all diamond cuts have a certain degree of shine, brilliant round cuts have the distinction of being the most shining diamond cut.

Understanding why and how diamonds shine affects your choice of diamond cuts. Because diamonds are already crystalline, they shine. In addition, the degree of brightness increases thanks to the cut flat surfaces, ie facets. These surfaces act as mirrors. It creates that shine that allows us to distinguish diamonds from other gemstones. It captures and reflects the light in the environment to create this shine. Their smaller cut surfaces act as mirrors, while their larger cut surfaces reflect light like a rainbow.

The more facets that are cut while the stone is being cut, the more it shines. Therefore, so many small facets are cut to ensure customer satisfaction. The sensational sparkle emitted by the diamond is tried to be optimized in this way.

The modern round brilliant diamond cut is the most shining diamond cut. They are designed to have the most facets. With more facets, they will have the shinest cut. This is the most popular and preferred cut. It consists of 57 or 58 facets. It captures and reflects light better than other diamond cuts. It is cut and designed specifically for this purpose. It exhibits the highest possible degree of shine.

In addition to the modern round brilliant diamond cut, other diamonds that are cut with the most shine feature:

  • Marquise cut
  • Radiant cut
  • Oval cut

The Round Brilliant Cut

Since round cut diamonds have many small facets, they are the best-known diamonds that reflect the light best and are the brightest. If it has a single surface, it will reflect the light like a beam of light, so when it is smaller and has more facets, the situation we call shine is seen. The aesthetic look is achieved.

The purpose of round cut diamonds is to increase the number of facets to the highest possible number. These cuts are circular and act as a mirror. They become invaluable pieces of jewelry in the hands of experienced jewelers. If you want maximum shine, these diamond cuts are definitely the alternatives you should turn to.

Other Diamond Cut Factors Affecting Shinning

Diamond cut is a feature related to the symmetry and dimensions of the stone. It determines the brilliance of the diamond and its ability to refract the light. The higher the quality, refinement, and technicality of the cut, the higher the brilliance, sparkle, and value of the diamond.

Diamond forms and grows in the heart of nature, nature determines its properties but revealing the true sparkle, the ultimate beauty of the stone depends on the skill of an experienced cutting master. Regardless of its size and shape, a well-cut diamond reflects light through it. The precision and fineness of the cut determine the light reflection and refraction rates of the diamond. If a diamond is cut too deep or too flat, then the light is lost from the sides or bottom. Therefore, the brilliance and value of the diamond decrease. The better the cut, the greater the brilliance, sparkle, and shine of the diamond.

The diamond cut is a feature related to the symmetry and dimensions of the stone. The cut of a diamond can also affect its visual size. Two diamonds of the same carat weight may appear in different sizes depending on the depth or shape of their cut. Also, a diamond that is very good in color and clarity can look dull due to a faulty cut.

The quality of the diamond cut and the distribution and placement of these facets on the diamond are other factors affecting the shining degree of the diamond. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has determined a clear policy on this issue. They agreed that if the facets are in insufficient spacing, the shine and beauty of the diamond will decrease. Correct measurement is very important at this point. Facets should be cut at equal intervals. The inside of the diamond should not remain in the dark so that it can reflect the light it captures.

This is why it is important to ask for the cut grade of diamonds when shopping for diamonds. Since it is not possible for a non-professional eye to understand by looking, it is useful to ask. Besides, you can also examine the certificate of the diamond. There is a certain degree that defines the overall cut and shine of the gemstone.

Diamonds with a cut grade of “excellent” or “very good” means the diamonds with the most shine. These diamonds contain no dark area or too little to affect the brightness ratio. In addition, a diamond with a “good” cut has more dark areas than others. Cut quality is one of the most important factors affecting the shine of the diamond. Even if your diamond has a round brilliant cut, it is recommended to pay attention to the quality of the cut. If you want to have a brilliantly shining diamond, you should definitely avoid diamonds with “medium” or “weak” cut degrees.

The light entering from one surface of the diamond cut in correct proportions reflects from the other surface and spreads from the upper part of the diamond by scattering. If the cut of the diamond is very deep, it menas that the light escapes from the bottom part of the diamond. On the other hand, if the cut of the diamond is not deep enough, it means it also causes the light to escape from the lower part, causing the diamond not to glow enough. A well-cut diamond consists of facets at right angles that best reflect its brilliance.

As important as the technique is in cutting, another interesting element is the shape of the diamond. Although it varies according to personal tastes, the most preferred cut is round.

Increasing the Shine of Your Diamond

Displaying your shining diamond is of course your most natural right and desire. In order to show the brightness of your diamond at the highest level, it is beneficial to be in a very bright environment. Framed diamonds reduce the brilliance of the diamond as the frame covers the diamond surface. The jewels that you can see the most shine are solitaire diamonds.

There are other ways to add more sparkle and shine to your already existing diamonds. You can enrich your diamond by wearing other diamond jewelry. If these additions are small diamonds, they capture and reflect the light in the environment more and add more sparkle to you.

In addition, you can create an illusion effect that will increase the brightness by using your diamond with your white gold jewelry. Because this kind of gold acts as metal, that is, it works with a mirror mechanism. It reflects the light and the more brightness your eye sees.

If you want to get the brightest diamond jewelry and draw all the attention to the environment you are in, start by choosing a perfect quality diamond cut. Buy it in a white metal frame. And wear it with your other small diamond jewelry. You will be able to get the image you want in this way.

Diamond-Like Substances

  • Moissanite: It is the most similar material to diamond. It was found in a thousands-year-old meteor crater in America in 1893 and is located only there. It is the rarest mine in the world as it is located in only one crater and was named after the French Scientist Moissan who found this crater. In 1998, an American jewelry company that produced moissanite, which stands out with its resemblance to a diamond, with advanced technology, revived this forgotten and very rare mine. Today, it is considered the most difficult precious stone to be distinguished from diamonds. Although moissanite is way more affordable than the real diamond, there are also fake jewels who sell it as diamonds due to the similarity.
  • Zircon: Although it is easy to distinguish with diamond, it is also quite worthless. It can be easily distinguished by the inability of the diamond to provide the sparkle it has and the dullness of its color. Until 10 years ago, zircon was mounted on gold and sold and those who could not distinguish could easily be defrauded. However, nowadays, in the market where everyone is well-informed, zircon is usually mounted on silver and bijouterie jewelry.

  • Synthetic Diamond: Today’s technological developments have brought stones that resemble diamonds and cannot be distinguished in a laboratory environment. These are not very common in today’s world, however, prices are very similar. Synthetic diamond-producing laboratories have recently produced the healthiest and most diamond-like products in this field. In order to distinguish them, it is necessary to pay attention to the name of the laboratory written on the belt. It is an invention that can change the face of the diamond industry in the next 10 years, although it should be ignored because it is not yet common today.

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