What Diamond Shape Is The Most Expensive?

The more perfectly a raw diamond is cut, the more it turns into a sparkling diamond. The shape, however, depends entirely on personal taste and desire. Round cut diamonds are both the most expensive and the most preferred diamonds. Diamonds are available in different shapes such as marquise, drop, emerald, oval, princess, and heart besides the classic round cut.

When comparing the main variables of diamond quality, you also compare the factors that affect the cost. The shape of a diamond can have a major influence on its price and often this property is not taken into account at all. The shape of the diamond you get depends on how and how big it looks on you. Consequently, it also affects the price per carat. Therefore, the most expensive cut is the round cut. It is also the most popular shape of a diamond.

Anyone who thinks about buying diamonds wants the diamond to shine brightly. The brightest diamond cut is also usually a round cut. 75% of the diamonds offered for a shot in the world are round-cut brilliant diamonds. It is also a very popular cut, although it is expensive, it is not difficult to find. In fact, the popularity of this cut is one of the factors that increase its price.

The round cut includes 58 facets perfected with precise calculations. Its facets allow it to absorb and shine the light perfectly. Therefore, you will have wonderful diamond jewels that shine from everywhere. The main reason why round cut diamonds are more expensive than other cuts is that they cause too much diamond loss during cutting. A large portion of unprocessed is expressed as a loss. It is the most expensive form of a diamond to produce.

The round cut is the most popular cut since the diamond was discovered. In 1919 Marcel Tolkowsky developed the proportions that would form the basis of modern circular cutting. Today, the round cut is the only cut with the most perfect proportions. Three-quarters of all diamonds cut in the world consist of round cuts.

  • The Most Expensive Diamond Shapes: Round, oval, and heart-shaped
  • The Least Expensive Diamond Shapes: Baguette, princess, and radiant

How Does Diamond Shape Affect Its Price?

  • The most expensive diamond shape is the round brilliant cut.

The most expensive cut for diamonds is also the most popular. It is highly demanded. It requires more precise work because it consists of many facets. Too many diamonds that are not worked will be lost. Therefore, what is paid for is not the diamond you received, but the number of diamonds lost while producing the diamond you purchased. The result is a large and very dazzling diamond gem.

  • Fancy cuts can save you money.

You can save 25% by purchasing diamonds in different and fantasy shapes. These different shapes can be oval, pear, marquise, etc. cuts. The reason for this is actually the same as in round cut. While making these cuts, there is very little uncut diamond wasted. It has quite striking and beautiful looks in these shapes. If you have a limited budget, these are the models you will prefer without thinking.

  • Emerald and Asscher cuts can save you even more.

These shapes can be even more affordable than fancy shapes. Because they have stepped cuts. Their designs are quite simple. The less raw diamonds are lost. It requires more precise processing. Ultimately, you have extremely shiny, elegant, and remarkable diamond jewelry.

Diamond Shapes


The emerald cut is among the most popular fantasy cuts. This cut is a variation in the gradual style and gives less sparkle than the round cut. The emerald cut is available in rectangular and square shapes. When choosing such a diamond, it is very important to pay attention to its quality. It is always good to choose a higher quality stone because the low color level and contents are more noticeable in this cut.

Asscher Cut

This beautiful shape is almost equivalent to an emerald cut outside of its square shape. It has the shape of a pavilion cut with rectangular facets. It is the same style in the emerald cut. This shape specifically highlights the clarity of the diamond. So, it is important to pay attention to its clarity. When choosing the color grade for Asscher cut diamond, it should be taken into account that the color can be seen slightly from the corners, while the price of this diamond is affordable.

The Asscher cut was developed by Joseph Asscher in 1902 and became his first patent, the diamond cut. The Asscher Company was commissioned by the royal family in 1908 to cut the world’s largest 3,106-carat Cullinan diamond. In 2001, brothers Edward and Joop Asscher introduced the “royal Asscher cut” with new features. The 74 facets octagonal gradual cut has the feature of drawing eyes towards the center of the stone with its deeper cone and higher crown parts. The original Asscher cut consists of 58 facets and can still be found in antique jewelry stores and auctions.


The princess cut combines the look of the rectangular shape and the radiance of the round cut. The number of facets of the princess cut can range from 49 to 78 but usually has 78 for more intense shine. This is a relatively new cut, but it’s becoming more and more popular thanks to its features that combine modern looks and gorgeous shine.

Princess cut diamond is the most popular cut after round cut diamond. Its brightness and unique cut make it one of the favorites in wedding ring choices. The princess cut diamond has pointed edges and its shape is usually square. When choosing the color grade for a princess cut diamond, it should also be taken into account that the color can be seen slightly from the corners, for example, while a J-color princess cut diamond is affordable. Princess cut diamonds can be varied accordingly.

It is important to decide whether you want rectangular or square. To figure out the size of the princess cut diamond you want, you need to examine the length-width ratio of each diamond on the detailed product detail page. These details will give you an opportunity to understand what the diamond will look like when viewed from above. You can see the length-width ratios of the princess cut diamonds that look beautiful when viewed from below. For those who prefer a square shape, the ratio should be between 1 and 1.05. If you prefer a more rectangular shape, you can look for length-to-width ratios greater than 1.10. For the brightest princess cut diamonds available, you can check out our princess cut diamond collection.


The typical marquise cut looks like a round cut with elongated ends. Legend has it that the name of this cut comes from the title of Marquise de Pompadour because King Luis 15 of France requested a special cut diamond that resembles the smile of the marquise. Consisting of 56 facets, this striking cut is ideal for ring models. The marquise cut makes the diamond look bigger and at the same time gives the perfect shine and sparkle of its round cut.


The cushion-cut has wider facets and rounded corners to increase the shine. Displaying a combination of round and square lines, this unique cut is based on an antique cushion cut. Evoking love and romance, this cut has been popular for more than a century. The cushion cut is available in a variety of shapes ranging from square to rectangular.

Radiant Cut

The Radiant cut is known for its 70 facets and cut corners. This cut combines the elegance of the emerald cut and the shine of the round cut. The Radiant cut is particularly popular with fancy colored diamonds as its shape, proportions, and facet arrangement intensify the color it is. The Radiant cut is ideal for diamond lovers looking for brilliance in square cuts.


The drop cut is a variation of the traditional round cut. Drop-cut diamond has very good proportions and brilliance, it is the ideal cut for pendants or earrings. It can be cut thinner or wider. Drop cut diamond is also known as teardrop due to its single-pointed tip and rounded back. The unique appearance of the drop shape makes a variety of jewelry popular. If you choose a drop shape, the diamond’s length leaves a slight thinning effect on the fingers.


The oval diamond is very similar to the round cut diamond, except that it is elliptical. Its oval cut was developed by Lazare Kaplan in the 1960s. The oval cut diamond gives the appearance of larger size compared to the round diamond of the same weight.

The oval cut has a shine similar to a round cut diamond. Oval cut diamonds are very popular as they stand out for thin and long fingers. To find the oval shape you want, examine the length-to-width ratio on each diamond’s detailed page. This will determine what the diamond will look like when viewed from above. You can see the length-width ratios of oval cut diamonds that look beautiful when viewed from below.

Heart-shaped Cut

The heart-shaped diamond is the most attractive of all the fancy cuts. The basis of the heart cut is based on the round cut. It is very important to find a heart diamond with a beautiful and distinctive outline. The tops of the heart form should be plump and clearly defined, not pointed. Experienced cutting techniques are required to capture the pleasant and obvious heart silhouette.

Radiant Cut

The most characteristic feature of the radiant cut diamond is its rounded corners. This feature makes the radiant cut popular for jewelry. The radiant cut looks equally beautiful in emerald or rounded edge diamonds. Radiant cut diamonds vary in their degree of rectangularity. To find the radian shape you want, examine the length-to-width ratio on the detailed page of each diamond. This will determine what the diamond will look like when viewed from above. You can see the length-width ratios of the radiant cut diamonds that look beautiful when viewed from below.


Trilliant cut diamond is one of the most unusual diamond cuts. It can exhibit a very sharp shine when cut at the correct depth. Triangle diamond is mostly used as a side stone of rings. The facet number of this cut can range from 31 to 44.

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