What Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest: Oval Diamonds

Understanding whether oval-shaped diamonds are larger than other shapes is a bit of a complicated matter. It depends on several different variables. Make sure that an oval-shaped diamond will look larger than other diamonds when you put it side by side and compare.

An important point to keep in mind is that oval-shaped diamonds have a more cost-effective and larger-looking appearance, although they are less popular and preferred. If a popular alternative is not your choice, choosing a budget-friendly oval-shaped diamond will make you look richer and satisfy you in terms of size.

It is an undeniable fact that oval shape diamonds give the illusion effect of a bigger look. Although diamonds are sold on the basis of weight and not size, the number of carats and appearance is also very important for wearers. Everyone has a strong tendency to prefer bigger-looking diamonds.

Depending on the cut ratio, most oval-shaped diamonds will be the same size. Diamonds are deliberately shaped into shallower shapes so that they appear bigger and wider.

Oval-shaped diamonds have traditional cuts weighing 1 carat. This shape gives a contemporary, stylish and sophisticated look to every ring, necklace, and earring. It also reflects the light from its inner surfaces. The amount of light it reflects is at the highest level. They are designed for this purpose. Oval-shaped diamonds look bigger and shine more than other popular diamond shapes.

Which Carat Size Is Considered Big?

The appearance of a diamond is an issue that varies from person to person. It does not give the same image to everyone. If it is a diamond ring, your skin color and the shape of your fingers if it is a diamond earring, the color, and length of your hair, and if it is a diamond necklace, the color and model of the outfit you wear are very important and affect the appearance of your diamond. An average size solitaire is a 1-carat diamond. Accordingly, it can be said that a diamond larger than 1 carat is a big diamond.

As the carat size increases, everyone naturally tends to think it is bigger. However, this size of diamond production is not very common. This rarity also supports most people thinking that 2 carats are big. But how a carat is cut and shaped is more important than the size of the carat.

Although it is very tempting to choose a big diamond, the lifestyle of the person who will wear this diamond is also an issue that should be considered when choosing a proper diamond size. Although a big diamond has an aesthetic appearance, it is not a preferred size in daily life.

Which Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest?

When it comes to choosing a diamond, we always tend to choose the bigger one, even if the diamond in question is a solitaire, we always want to buy the one that looks bigger. Size is part of the equation, though not essential. The shape and cut of the diamond also influence how big it looks. For some people, sparkle and shine are important, for some people size matters. If you want to have more reasonably priced but big diamonds, you should pay attention to the perceived size.

Oval Shaped Diamonds

Although round-shaped diamonds are more popular, oval-shaped diamonds are the big-looking diamonds you want. However, when choosing oval-shaped diamonds, you should keep in mind that there are some important points that you have to compromise. Since oval shapes have an elongated appearance, they appear bigger than other diamond shapes. But it is an undeniable fact that they do not have an ideal facet model. The fact that they do not have this ideal model also means that they do not have the perfect shine. If you need to make a choice between sparkle and size and choose the size, then oval-shaped diamonds will be a great alternative for you.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds, a favorite of recent times, has also become a very popular alternative. It has a very modern look. It has a more square shape. It has a greater shine compared to the round cut. Because it is closer to the ideal facet model. Without the need for any illusion, if the diamond is cut big, it will have a big appearance, if it is cut small, it will have a small appearance. An important issue to keep in mind when choosing this type of diamond is that it is prone to breakage due to its square structure.

Which One is Bigger?

Choosing between an oval cut and a princess cut can be quite complicated and difficult, especially when it comes to size. Deciding which one is bigger depends on many different variables. You can make comparisons by putting them next to each other, and you can buy the diamond model that suits you.

The point to note is that the oval cut looks bigger than the princess cut, on the other hand, the princess cut is a more popular alternative. The oval cut is both a more affordable and a bigger-looking diamond. Oval diamonds are the diamond shapes that consists of the most beautiful, biggest, and most budget-friendly shapes you can choose.

How Should The Diamond Size Be Suitable For You According To Your Hand Shape?

If your fingers are short, it is recommended that you do not choose rings with a very big diamond. Because this style of the ring makes both hands and finger length look shorter. It may be a better choice for you to go for medium-sized round and oval diamond rings.

Even if you have long hands with thin fingers, it is recommended to go for small, elegant diamond ring models in order to reflect the beauty of your hands. If your hands are big and your fingers are thick, your choice should be models with big diamonds. In this way, your solitaire diamond ring will have a proportional image of your hands and fingers.

Make Your Ring Look Bigger

While some people prefer fine and elegant diamond models that are far from being show-off, for others it is extremely important to look big, flashy, and glamorous. If you are one of the people in this second group, you can check out a few useful tips to make your diamond look bigger without spending too much money. While you can choose big diamonds during your shopping, there are several methods in which you can show the diamonds you already have bigger.

The cut degree is the first step you should definitely not skip if you want your diamond to look big. Although the carat weight is considered to be the main consideration, carat weight alone is not enough. How well your diamond is cut and many different factors also have a huge impact on the size of the diamond.

The fact that a diamond looks bigger to the eye and is perceived as bigger than it is is directly proportional to the degree of brightness it has. The brighter your diamond, the bigger it is perceived. And having a perfectly bright diamond means that the diamond has a perfect cut. The cut degree and quality are very important factors in the perceived size of the diamond. If a diamond with a good cut looks brighter and bigger than it is, a diamond with a bad cut may also appear smaller than it is.

The amount of mass per carat also affects the size of the diamond. This also depends on the shape. The oval diamond is the shape that appears bigger than it is among all diamond shapes. It is a nice alternative for those who want to have an affordable but big-looking diamond. It appears larger than round-shaped diamonds. At the same time, it does not compromise the traditional look.

Although round diamonds are the most popular and preferred diamonds, they are definitely the shapes you shouldn’t think about with a bigger-looking diamond you want. Because they are quite expensive.

The more important the diamond cut and shape, the less important the color and clarity over the size. Color and clarity are where you need to be flexible. It is possible to have bigger diamonds as long as you are flexible. As it is flexible, your budget will increase and you will have the diamond in the size you want.

The bezel setting of the diamond you want to buy is also an additional option to make it easier to decide on the size. If you have a wide bezel, your diamond will appear smaller, while if you prefer a thin bezel, your diamond will appear bigger than it is. For bigger-looking diamonds, you should always choose a thin, delicate and soft bezel.

Finally, perhaps most importantly, if you want your diamond to appear bigger than it is, make sure you clean it regularly. Always keep it clean and store it clean. Keep in mind that the brighter your diamond, the bigger it will look. Regularly clean the dust, dirt, and oil accumulated on it over time.

If you want to have a bigger diamond, there are factors other than the shape that you should pay attention to. In this direction, it is possible to order diamonds. These include adding a mirrored plate, choosing a white ring, choosing a fine tip, and choosing smaller gemstones to enclose.

The reflection of your diamond jewelry adds depth to your diamond, causing it to appear bigger than it is. Choosing a white ring will have the same effect. Thin ends, that is, the thin bezel will not cover your diamond too much, making it look bigger by creating a contrast. Smaller surrounding gemstones create the same effect.

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