What Diamond Should I Get: A Guide to Choosing Diamonds

The dream of many women is to carry the diamond of their choice with happiness for life. It is not enough to look at the appearance of the diamond when making a choice. You must remember that you have to go through many stages when choosing from color to cut, clarity to size! Here is some useful information that will help you when choosing a diamond.

The value of the diamond depends on how long it has been in nature. The price is directly proportional to color, clarity, carat, and cut. While diamonds often appear to be colorless, there are certain slight color differences between them. Such that the number of colorless diamonds is very small. If you want a difference, you can also prefer the rare diamonds that are colored as fancy diamonds. Now let’s examine what you need to learn before choosing a diamond.

One of the issues you need to decide when making your choice is the stone variety. “How to choose a diamond?” Before the answer to the question, you need to decide the stone to complete the ring. You can choose from rings prepared with different stones such as diamonds, emeralds, Swarovski, rubies, and sapphires. If you like colored stones, you can use your decision in favor of ruby reflecting the fire of red, sea sapphire or nostalgic green with emerald stone. If your budget is a little more, diamond rings will be a very elegant choice with both elegant and unique looks. The most common diamond models that you will come across when choosing a ring allow you to make a classic choice with models suitable for every budget.

If your fingers are short, I suggest you not to use rings with very large stones. Because such rings make both hands and finger length even shorter. Turning to medium-sized round and oval stone rings may be the right choice for you. Bride candidates with thin fingers and long hands may turn to small, elegant stone models in order to reflect the beauty of their hands. If your hands are big and your fingers are thick, your choice should be big stone models. This way you will have a proportional image of your hands and fingers with the ring.

Selection of Diamond Mounts for Making the Best Choice

Mount is both the form of placing the stone and the ring frame in which the stone is placed. The selection of the diamond mount is very important for the stone you choose to look better. For the rings where the stone is in the foreground and dazzling, you should turn to the products with almost invisible mounts.

You can prefer thick mounts in order to highlight the gold or silver, which is the main item of your ring, and not to keep the stone in the foreground too much. When choosing diamonds, you should take into consideration the number of tabs except that the mounts are thin or thick. It is useful to know that the 6-tab option will best show the stone in the assemblies designed with 2, 4, 6 tabs.

How to Choose Ring and Diamond Colors?

When choosing a ring, the color of the ring you choose should match your taste and the color of the stone. The emerald, ruby ​​and sapphire stones suit better on white gold and silver rings. If you choose diamond as a stone, pink gold, called rose gold, will best reflect the nostalgic atmosphere of the diamond.

For the diamond stone, you can choose the best one from white, yellow, pink gold or silver rings. The diamond will look good on all of them, but you should also remember that the ring color that carries the white color in the best and most elegant way is white again. Diamonds may appear colorless or close to white at first glance but they may have many colors. The color scale of diamonds, which usually have pink, red, yellow and blue colors, starts with the letter “D”, the first letter of the word “diamond”, and extends to the letter Z.

Letter D stands for white diamonds. The whiteness and colors change from D to Z and diamonds with D color are difficult to find. When choosing, you can make easier decisions by comparing rings with different color values. Although it is not as white as the D color diamond, you can prefer H color since the diamond in the H color value will have an average and beautiful color and brightness. A little more affordable I color rings are also preferred by many.

Considerations About Stone Cutting

The cutting of a diamond is very important aesthetically. The reflections and the sparkles of the diamonds vary with different types of diamond cuts. When you decide to cut diamonds, you can turn to models that will highlight your style. If you’re looking for a classic, ring that will fit with a lot of clothes and accessories, you can take a look at the round cut diamond models. This cut reflects light very well. It can also be used comfortably with wedding rings.

Although less radiant, because of its color and elegance, emerald cut diamonds are popular among fancy models. The princess cut is among the most preferred models after emerald and is a newer and more modern cut compared to other cut types. Especially princess cut rings in pale pink and peach tones are very fashionable in recent years.

In addition to daily use, you can choose to use it only on special occasions. Stylish women’s jewelry that they carry on special occasions carries a breeze of their lifestyle. For example, if you like orientalist-style accessories, the marquise cut diamond rings can be the right choice for you. This cut is one of the models showing the biggest diamond.

If you have a more minimal and simple style, you can choose trilliant cut diamond rings if you want to have a simple, elegant posture in both daily life and special occasions. This triangular cut gives a very different glow in the right carats. It stands out as an eye-catching model with its diamond cut quality.

Diamond Clarity Scale

Clarity is another important feature of diamond selection. Clarity is the measure of quality, which expresses the quantity and magnitude of the defects in the interior of the stone. These imperfections in the diamond are natural imperfections that cannot be clearly seen with the naked eye.

In fact, I don’t think it’s right to call them flaws. Because we can say that these spots of diamonds are a kind of traces of nature. Precious stones such as diamonds may take traces of some minerals and different elements in them. This may cause minor staining. The clarity scale in the diamond is in the order of excellence: FL, IF-VVS1, VVS2-VS1, VS2-SI1, SI2-I1, I2, I3.

FL, IF is the highest clarity class in diamonds. It means that there are no stains on the surface or under the diamond. In VVS1, VVS2, the clarity is almost perfect. Almost spotless. If clarity is an important criterion for you, I suggest you choose a diamond with this class. VS1, VS2 emphasize that there are several stains on the diamond that can be seen with a magnifying glass. If you are aiming to get a clean diamond for the most affordable price, you should choose the diamond in this range. SI1, SI2 have stains visible only under a magnifying glass. The diamond appears immaculate with the naked eye. The price is reasonable. I1, I2, I3 have many stains that can be seen with the naked eye and are the most economical diamond type.

Diamond Carat Dimensions

Let us come to the second biggest feature that melts our hearts after the shape of the diamond. So, what is the carat value of the diamond? Carat is a special unit of weight used to indicate the weight of the diamond. The carat is divided into 100 equal points and the value of the diamond emerges. For example, the “0.25 ct” ring we see in certificates indicates a diamond with a quarter carat.

For the ideal diamond size, you should remember that the end-to-end width of the stone in millimeters and the cutting quality of the stone should also be taken into account. How the diamond is cut is important. Because the diamond with a quality cut will reflect the light better, it looks bigger than it is. If you ask, “How many carats of diamonds are good? I recommend you to choose by considering the smallness or size of the finger, the shape of the mount and the budget.

Since carat preference and diamond ring price is directly proportional, choosing different choices can help you get a high carat value diamond at a more affordable price. You can have a fancy diamond ring with a high carat value, keeping the color and clarity in the foreground, which is truly understandable only in skilled hands.

How to Inquiry the Diamond Certificate?

You made your choice and came to the buying stage. The most important point you shouldn’t forget at this stage is to choose certified diamond brands. Getting a diamond ring without a certificate, which is tempting because it is more affordable, can cause you trouble later. The gemstone certificate gives that jewel a global validity. In addition, the jewelry certificate is a document that proves the value of the diamond and makes it easier for any repairs.

There are some things you should know about a diamond certificate. For example, whether the certificate will be valid internationally. If this is important to you, you have to make sure that the ring company you get the diamond provides you with these conditions. The American Institute of Gemology, known for proposing the 4C rule, gives a GIA certificate for the gemstones it examines. Why is that important? If you buy a GIA certified diamond, you can guarantee to sell it without falling below its value anywhere in the world.

In addition, HDR Antwerp is one of the leading organizations offering internationally valid certification. The quality of the diamond will be guaranteed with the HDR certificate to be given by this institution. Other international certification bodies include the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), the International Institute of Gemology (IGI), and the American Society of Gemological Laboratories (AGSL).

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Diamond?

Be sure to pay attention to following when buying diamonds, which are indispensable for the most important moments and symbol of shared happiness:

  • Is there a guarantee or a certificate for the diamond?

The most important and first thing to look for when choosing a diamond is that the diamond that sparkles and decorates your dreams has a certificate or not. There are two kinds of diamond certificates: product certificate and the certificate proving its international validity. Since the international certificate is given per stone, obtaining a certificate separately for each small stone on your jewelry creates a huge cost. If you are interested in a diamond solitaire, you must ask the seller for an internationally valid certificate to purchase the solitaire with its true color and clarity. Carat represents the weight of the diamond. 1 carat corresponds to 0.2 grams, ie 200 milligrams. If the only stone you intend to purchase is larger than 0.30 Ct. (Carat), request this international certificate. The product certificate is sufficient for these small stones. International certification is still not very common in most of the countries where only the major jewelers give it. Also make sure that the product or international certificate you have received is not cardboard, photocopy or printing. The certificate mainly includes the color, clarity, carat weight and cut details of the diamond.

  • Where to buy diamonds?

Diamond should be obtained from reliable brands and places which are experts in their subject and whose main job is diamond. I don’t need to say that well-known jewelry brands around the world are reliable. The limited number of products in the shop window of the shop you have visited for diamonds indicates that it may not be a reliable place for diamonds. Check whether they are more interested in other jewelry or goldwork, as in jewelers. Interior jewelry stores specializing in diamonds usually use a sparkling white light. This is for you to understand the color of the diamond more easily. You can also pay attention to this detail.

  • Diamond has 4 main features that you need to pay attention to

The most important features in the selection of diamonds are called 4C and determine the quality and price of the diamond. 4C is the first letters of Carat Weight, Clarity, Color and Cut in English. I’ve already told you that the carat weighs 0.2 grams. Since the diamond sector mostly sells under 1-carat weight, don’t be surprised if you hear “points” for diamond weight. 1 carat is 100 points, half a carat is 50 points. A half carat is also symbolized as 0.50 Ct. You should not confuse the weight of stone with its size. The diamond carat size will differ due to the mineral density and may be different from the amount of carat used in the determination of other stones. In addition, the price of two different diamonds with the same carat value varies according to the difference of other 4C features.

  • The most precious diamond is colorless

The color ratio of the diamond is determined in alphabetical order by the G.I.A., the Gemological Institute of America. The fact that a diamond is yellow is undesirable. It is preferred to be colorless and relatively white. In alphabetical order, each letter in English letters D through W is used to indicate the color value of the diamond. D, E, and F are colorless and the rarest diamond group, while G, H, I and J represent rare white diamonds. The diamonds between M and Z stand out with their yellow tones, especially W.

  • Clarity and cut are also important!

The carbon stains appearing in the diamond show how valuable it is in terms of clarity. The lack of these stains makes the diamond look more clear, which is why we prefer it. The cutting of a diamond is its most important feature. So much so that even diamond manufacturers can sometimes mislead. Therefore, we should say that those who are just beginning to pay attention to the choice of diamonds should make extra efforts on this feature. There are two most known forms of cutting; emerald and baguette. Baguette cuts reveal a more simple and elegant diamond. Accurate cutting of diamonds, being thin and giving light correctly are among the factors that increase the price. The diamond also has different cuts like heart, drop, round and oval. The most shining and flamboyant cut is round.

  • Is the internet suitable for diamond shopping?

If you are going to shop from a reliable brand, you can also buy diamonds online. E-commerce has brought great competition in the jewelry industry in recent years, and you’ll be able to find much more favorable prices than shoppers. Leading brands apply various campaigns and discounts on online sales. Of course, the most important thing to look out for here is the design of the web page as well as the interpretation of the users on the trustworthy forums and social networking sites. But, as I say, the brand’s reliability is important and internationally recognized brands will provide a secure diamond exchange in general.

Diamond Selection for Your Style

Diamonds are one of the most special items. In this sense, the diamond makes people feel more special. The most important characteristic of diamonds is that they are flashy and harmonious on each person. Just like the solitaire ring, the choice of diamonds, which have many options, should be considered in style. Diamonds can be in the form of rings, pendants or baguette diamonds.

  • Diamond Selection by Hand Size

The shape of the hand is an important point when choosing the diamond. If the finger of the person is thin diamond preference should be made on the ring with larger stones. This applies to all types of rings, such as engagement rings. As a matter of fact, the rings with diamonds with big stones look showier on thin fingers. Fine stone diamonds are not recommended if one’s finger is thick. Diamonds with large stones will provide harmony in these fingers.

  • Short and Thick Fingers

If your finger size is short and slightly thick, our first suggestion is to pay attention to your nail size. Your nail extension will show your hands longer. People with such hands are able to show their long finger lengths by choosing thinner or petite products. Models with an oval, drop-shaped diamond stone in the middle show finger length longer than they are.

  • Long and Thin Fingers

Women with this type of hand should avoid small models. You can choose big stone models, thick structured wedding rings or fancy rings. Another trick to remember is that whatever the structure of your hands, diamond rings with asymmetrical, different designs, geometric shapes and modern style are remarkable because of their mobility. In this way, the ring attracts attention with its structure.

  • Harmony of Ring Frame

The ring frame in which the diamond is placed is very important to achieve the appropriate style. Particularly persons with fine nails should make sure that the ring frame is smaller. The best choice to reflect the style of these people is the diamond types in which the stone stands out. Similar criteria apply to the selection of five-stone rings.

  • Reflection of Color

The color of the diamond also plays an important role in the selection of the diamond that suits the style. It is important to note whether the color point is light or dark. If you are light-skinned, light-colored diamonds can adapt to your style. The color options in the diamond give you the opportunity to reflect on your style.

  • Stone Cut Style

Stones are cut in different ways. For example, if you have a style for simplicity, you can choose a straight cut and shining diamond models.

The Best Marriage Proposal: Choosing Solitaire Diamond Rings

Apart from being the most expensive or the cheapest, the diamond solitaire engagement rings, which are now considered essential for making a marriage proposal, are in fact a valuable asset that symbolizes the emotional aspect of the relationship and love and loyalty. However, it is not an asset in the financial sense of the word. The moment you leave the jeweler, the price you pay decreases to at least half the value. Even if this is a bit uncomfortable, we still feel compelled to buy them for our loved ones. It is a fact that the solitaire is now a psychological necessity, although the marketing genius that persuades that diamonds are the ultimate symbols of love, romance, and marriage all over the world are not known well.

Still, I hear you say I want a diamond ring with a beautiful solitaire diamond. Diamond solitaire rings become a symbol of wealth, power and romance, but they are also an element of being cooler among women. Although we usually try to make decisions only by looking at the size, we should say that there are many details you should know when making your choice. Cut, clarity, color and carat details distinguish solitaire. This is called the 4C rule (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat). In determining the value of the diamond, neither of these features is more effective than the other.

Diamond engagement rings represent eternity and loyalty because of the durability and formation of the diamond that lasted for thousands of years. Diamond, which is a precious stone acquired by a technique used in the processing of raw diamonds, is also a type of cut that enables the raw diamond to be seen in its most brilliant form. Therefore, diamond is preferred in solitaire rings.

The most popular diamond shape is round. More than sixty percent of the diamond rings on the market are round. The round segment is said to shine more because it captures more light. Twenty-five percent of the solitaire rings on the market are princess-cut diamonds, which are more square-like. Princess cuts are also advantageous in terms of production because round cuts will also be more of a loss. Compared to carats, rounded stones are always more expensive. In other words, the average price of 1 carat round cut diamond and the price of 1.5-carat princess cut are close to each other. Since only the princess is close to the cut square, when you put them side by side, the top dimensions of these two diamonds will be the same. Apart from these, you can also find some oval, marquise, and drop cuts.

The color is also a distinctive feature of the solitaire. Colors are expressed in letters on diamonds. Accordingly, letters S to Z are colored, letters N to R are colored white, letters K to M are white, letters G to J are rare-white and the most valuable ones are colorless diamonds F, E, and D, which are less common in nature. The letter order goes from D to Z. While the color D is the most valuable, the value decreases as you move towards Z.

Because diamonds are formed as a mine with years of pressure that lasts for years, there are certain scratches on the diamond. These scratches are too small to be seen with the eye. The most valuable diamond in terms of clarity is named F. It is followed by VVS1 – VVS2 and then comes VS1-VS2. SI1 and SI2 are diamonds where you can get a good color diamond at a reasonable price. In diamonds with clarity levels called I1, I2, and I3, the scratches are a bit more. Solitaire prices all around the world range from $ 100 to $ millions.

Simply summarize all in three items;

1) For most couples, the clarity ratio VS-S1 will be a pleasing choice for a diamond solitaire ring with D, E, F, G, H colors on the color scale.

2) As generally accepted in most parts of the world, the value of the solitaire ring should not be less than 3 times the monthly salary of the buyer.

3) In cases where this rule does not work, what is acceptable is that the solitaire weighs at least 1 carat.

How to Choose a Solitaire for Marriage Proposal?

The marriage proposal is a great indication, proof and first step that couples are now leaving a period behind and entering a new path. Of course, the proposal for marriage is always made by men. Therefore, in order to make a surprise, you must go and buy a solitaire or a different diamond. However, the model which is usually in the dreams of all women is, of course, the model of solitaire. Solitaire rings are more elegant, classic and have been used since the past and are models that have never been outdated. For this reason, they are widely preferred. However, there are a few points to consider when choosing solitaire. If these issues are taken into consideration, the selected model will always be more useful. Keep reading to get information about the engagement ring models that you can give as a gift for a marriage proposal.

There are always issues to consider when choosing solitaire. First of all, solitaire is, of course, the dream of every woman, but visuality should not be taken into consideration when buying solitaire. The choice should be made considering the size of the fingers, the budget, the way it stands, and the like. Of course, every woman wants to wear her solitaire and feel happy. However, it is a fact that multiple diamond models such as five stones and seven stones are more suitable for people with very slim fingers. All facts must be taken into consideration and the product taken must be used for life without regret. Solitaires, which are always beautiful in appearance, are offered to you in different styles and at different price ranges.

When choosing a solitaire, you are first asked how many carats it is. The value of the engagement ring diamond models has differences according to the carat and cut of the stones on them. Therefore, when choosing a solitaire, it is necessary to pay attention to the carat value. The higher the carat, the higher its value. For this reason, when choosing solitaire rings, you can make your choice considering the carat weight.

But if you want to make it more suitable for everyday use and always want to use it in every combination, of course, you don’t have to pay much attention to karate. You need to pay attention to your finger size, simplicity or elegance, size and smallness, and all the similar features. These lifetime ring models are important for your happiness and perhaps for your investment. Before buying any solitaire ring, explore different options in order to find the most suitable ring models. Thus, you will have the chance to buy the best model for you.

Best Diamond Rings That You Can Buy Online

  • AGS Certified 1/2 Carat TW Diamond Three Stone Ring in 10K White Gold (K-L Color, I2-I3 Clarity) (Price: $299.00)

  • IGI Certified 1/3 to 1/2 ct Natural Diamond Solitaire Ring For Women I3-HI Quality 10K & 14K Gold Diamond Ring For Women (Price: $519.99)

  • 1.10 Carat Princess Cut/Shape 14K White Gold Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.60 cwt, I-J Color, Eye Clean Clarity Center Stone (Price: $1,517.00)

  • 2 Carat 14K White Gold Classic Side Stone Prong Set GIA Certified Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring w/a 1 Ct J-K Color SI1-SI2 Clarity Center (Price: $3,180.00)

  • 1.1 CTW Classic Side Stone Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring w/ 0.75 Ct GIA Certified Oval Cut K Color SI1-SI2 Clarity Center (Price: $1,490.00)

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