What Is Diamond Anniversary?

Anniversaries are very important dates as marriage is both a difficult and enjoyable relationship to maintain. The diamond anniversary, which indicates that the marriage has been going on for many years, has a special meaning. A diamond anniversary is more than a date; it is a commemoration and requires a celebration.

Diamond anniversary, one of the most important wedding anniversaries, refers to the 60th year of marriage. Diamond, this precious gemstone, is the symbol of the endurance of marriage, and it is also the symbol of a couple celebrating 60 years together because it is suitable to praise for a long-termed relationship that symbolizes light, durability, and faithfulness. So, the diamond symbolizes the eternal flame of love, and the diamond anniversary symbolizes that marriage is inconquerable.

The tradition of celebrating the 60th anniversary started and gained popularity, together with Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. However, before this event, it was associated with the 75th anniversary and the 75th anniversary was called the diamond anniversary.

Diamond As A Diamond Anniversary Gift

The 60th of marriage deserves a gift special to commemorate it. The names of anniversaries guide to the choose the right gifts for the spouses to give their life partners. Therefore, it is quite natural that the traditional and common 60th-anniversary gift is a diamond.

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The word “diamond”, which deriving from the Greek word “Adamas”, means that unconquerable and enduring and so, it is the choice of many people in the anniversaries. Diamond can be an integral part of the elegance of women, but on a 60th anniversary, diamond is a gift given as a result of the joint efforts of couples.

Six decades of marriage bring significant memories. It is the better way to celebrate this anniversary is that give an amazing 60th-anniversary gift to your partner, friends, or parents. 

It is not difficult to guess that the gifts, colors, and gemstones associated with anniversaries and also, these items (gifts, colors, gemstones) are all related to diamonds:

  • Gemstone of 60th Anniversary: Diamond
  • Traditional Gift of 60th Anniversary: Diamond
  • Modern Gift of 60th Anniversary: Diamond
  • Flower of 60th Anniversary: You can prepare a bouquet which consists of a different white flower which represents each decade. Also, sixty lavender roses without thorns are suitable for diamond anniversaries.

As you can see, we can say that the most appropriate choice for gifts on diamond anniversaries is diamond jewelry. From rings to pendants, there are beautiful many diamond choices for diamond anniversaries. However, the most special and expected gift is undoubtedly an anniversary ring for a diamond anniversary.

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Anniversary rings have more fancy and intricate styles. An anniversary ring generally does not consist of one diamond stone. So, if you look for an anniversary ring for a diamond anniversary, you should choose a ring that consists of multiple diamonds. 

Also, if your partner wants their jewelry to become prominent, a three-stone ring, a five-stone ring, a channel ring, or a bezel-set diamond anniversary ring is the great choices for your diamond anniversary. If you wish to give a more elaborate anniversary ring, anniversary rings are a good way to give your wife a flashy piece of jewelry.

Three-stone Ring

The three-stone ring is the well-liked type of anniversary ring. Medium stone in a three-stone ring can be typically bigger than the other two stones adjacent to it or all stones can be equal-sized.

These three stones symbolize the times like the pastpresent, and future periods couples spent together. So, each stone corresponds to a different period in your relationship.

These three stones can also signify friendship, love, and loyalty, three characteristics that are essential for a successful relationship. Besides, these stones express the devotion to the partner and these commitments will continue throughout the marriage.

Even though other ring styles such as solitaire or halo are really beautiful appearance, they have not symbolic meaning or have the ability to represent a story like that.

A well-crafted three stone ring has a stunning aesthetics. The three stones have a cohesive look that makes the diamonds on the ring look larger and so, spectacularly shines when it is worn.

They have many design options that you can change whenever you want. You can change the stones and their shapes to create a unique look. Also, if your wife loves to be brave and flashy jewelry, you can customize the ring to stand out on her finger. 

Three-stone rings also can be crafted in petite. So, if you look for a simplistic but charming ring, it is suitable minimalist three-stone rings for your diamond anniversary. 

Three-stone rings are mostly made of round cut diamonds or princess cut diamonds. The reason for this is that these two shapes have symmetrical and well-proportioned. So, setting the stones that have this cut shapes getting easier these become the most known and common shapes.

However, if you choose a shape like oval, heart, marquise, or pear for a center diamond, you should carefully choose side stones to provide a well-matched look. 

Also, it is important to provide that all stones have the same quality. The harmony of the stones is also important in terms of appearance. Choosing the center stone too high quality and other low quality will result in a mismatched appearance.

Five-stone Ring

One of the preferred anniversary rings for the 60th wedding anniversary is of course the five stone ring. As its very name signifies, a five stone diamond ring consists of five stones.

The five-stone ring has five meanings. It symbolizes five features of a perfect relationship: trust, communication, empathy, love, and commitment. Since a five stone ring is a similar look with the half-eternity, the meaning that the eternity ring symbolizes is valid for the five-stone rings.

While five stones can be equal, they are mostly style of graduated size set on a metal band. Therefore, the diamonds on the outermost side of the ring band tend to be smaller and stones in the most central location tend to be larger. So, this medium diamond will be the focal point and come to the forefront.

However, the diamond in question should suit the other diamonds and the general design of the ring. The shape of the other diamonds is expected to be the same as the focus diamond to ensure harmony but if you choose different shapes, this difference will make the ring more unusual and unique.

The eternity ring is the symbol of eternal love and commitment. Although a five stone ring is a half eternity ring, and half eternity ring is different from a full eternity ring in terms of appearance, its conventional meaning is the same as the full eternity ring.

So, five stone anniversary rings have similar to engagement or wedding rings in terms of style. It is one of the foremost rings for a diamond anniversary. Five-stone rings are one of the popular choices for people who aim to admire and attract attention. 

Diamond Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are mostly given as anniversary gifts. Eternity rings, with diamonds featured all around the band, are similar to three-stone rings in terms of having the same meaning as them. The reason for this is that they symbolize timelessness just like the three-stone ring.

Diamond eternity rings, also known as infinity rings, are made of a circle of diamonds. As eternity rings have an endless circle of diamonds, they symbolize never-ending love.

Eternity rings come in many different styles, but they all have common features: diamonds are arranged in the form of half the band or all along with the band. These two different appearances are called half eternity and full eternity rings respectively. Their metal types are made of gold (yellow, white, rose) and platinum metals.  

Generally, there are three common cut shapes like round, princess, and baguette. are used to make diamond eternity rings. Also, it is possible to combine these three cut shapes in the making of the eternity ring.

Round cut eternity rings both are magical and simplistic because it is completely suitable for in every type of occasion. Round cut diamonds have a unique sparkle thanks to their shape of 360-degree.

Princess cut eternity rings a chic appearance although the appearance of their diamonds is square-like. Also, princess diamonds have both a classic and modern look. For this reason, if your partner has a style that blends the traditional with the contemporary, this cut shape, that differentiates a round diamond with a contemporary twist, can be one of the ideal eternity rings for your diamond wedding anniversary.

Baguette-cut shape rings can be purely made of only one shape or they can be made of different shapes. Also, this cut shape ring can be horizontally or vertically created for a more alluring appearance. It can contain round diamonds to give a vintage look to the ring. 

Diamond eternity rings are one of the most common and preferred rings for anniversaries. So, you can buy an eternity ring for a diamond anniversary too.

How to Select A Ring For Diamond Anniversary?

Although diamond rings are often associated with engagement and wedding, they have also preferred jewelry for anniversaries. Besides, they are the most special gifts for anniversaries among other diamond jewelry. 

Anniversary rings are bands mostly covered with diamonds. Many couples choose diamond rings to celebrate their anniversaries. So, diamond rings are the most specific jewelry for diamond anniversaries too; although people mostly prefer engagement rings vintage, anniversary rings have a more modern look than engagement rings.

They have many different properties such as settings, gemstones, so on. Well, what are the stages to choose a diamond anniversary ring?

  1. Match Or Compare Other Wedding Jewelry
  2. Determine Your Precious Metal
  3. Optionally, Involve Your Wife

Firstly, think about whether you will prefer a complimentary ring, which has a similar look with the rings your wife have already, or a contrasting ring, which has a more different look and design than the rings she has already. There is no best diamond anniversary ring for everybody because a diamond anniversary ring should match and complement other jewelry.

This first stage offers you a choice of wearing the anniversary ring on the same finger with engagement and wedding rings. 

Secondly, think about that your wife likes metals and the shape of diamonds. For this, you can take her a showcase of jewelry and you can ask her to comment on the rings.

Finally, you can consider shopping with your partner. You can implicitly learn the likes of your wife by taking her to a jewelry shop. In this kind of situation, you should sound your wife out. Also, you can explicitly tell her that you will give an anniversary ring as a gift for your diamond anniversary.

Which Setting Is The Best for an Anniversary Ring?

If you look for a diamond anniversary ring, you should consider the style of ring setting which your wife loves the most. The most common setting types of anniversary rings are channel, pave, bezel, and prong.

Channel setting is the most classic anniversary ring style. The channel function as a protective barrier to hold gemstones. The channel consists of two pieces which are capable of circling in as many diamonds no matter how many. If you look for a diamond anniversary ring that is durable and looks like a wedding ring, you can choose a diamond anniversary ring in the type of channel setting.

Another setting type is the pave setting. As its very name signifies, small diamonds are firmly paved next to each other and beads are rarely become visible. For this reason, sparkles of diamonds dazzle. If you look for an anniversary ring have full of diamonds and elegant, you should choose a ring with a prong setting.

The third most common setting is the bezel. This setting type consists of a circle and it enables each diamond to encircle with a metal. This type of setting metals make diamonds look bigger than they are because it encircles the diamonds. Also, the bezel setting makes diamonds hold more securely. So, if you look for a gorgeous and also safer anniversary ring, you should choose this type of ring. 

The last setting type is prong. Prong is the most classic setting type and consists of metal claws that hold diamonds by grappling them. It allows to diamonds more sparkle and look more brilliant. If you look for a dazzling ring, you should prong setting.

How To Wear A Diamond Anniversary Ring?

Anniversary rings are magnificent and they symbolize the long years that are passed with a partner. However, you may have a question as to which finger you should wear these rings. Then, which finger is proper to wear an anniversary ring?

To tell the truth, there is no certain answer because there is no hard rule to wear them. Some people wear their anniversary rings with their wedding and engagement rings as follows:

  • Your wedding ring should be closest to your heart, on the bottom of the ring stack
  • Next, your engagement ring should come
  • After the engagement ring, your anniversary ring should come

However, if your wedding and engagement ring makes a match very well together if the anniversary ring does not fit right in this order, or and you do not prefer to wear any items next to them, there are different styles you can wear it as follows:

  • It can be in the place of the engagement ring
  • It can be on the third finger of the right hand
  • It can be on the forefinger of either hand

These styles enable the anniversary ring to come to the forefront without diverting people’s attention away from the beauty of its. Also, your engagement and wedding rings look better and more compatible with each other.

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Weight, Color, and Clarity of Diamond in Anniversary Rings

Similar to engagement rings and other diamond jewelry, the diamonds of anniversary rings can be both small and reasonably priced and quite large, extremely costly, and of course, flawless.

If you plan to buy an eternity ring, an eternity ring, which has the small size of the diamonds, means that you do not need to worry about factors such as quality and size of the diamond.

If you plan to buy an eternity ring, an eternity ring, which has the small size of the diamonds, means that you do not need to worry about factors such as quality and size of the diamond.

Most eternity rings usually consist of 45 separate diamonds that separately come together. So, rings that have multiple small diamonds like eternity rings and other multiple diamond rings are generally categorized by a certain total carat weight that refers to the total weight of all of the separate diamonds, instead of categorizing them one by one depending on their weights.

These rings are generally made of diamonds that have a grade of color ranging from grades of G to I. This means that they are almost colorless. The tone of these diamonds is usually only detected by close check or if it is compared with other higher-grade diamonds. So, eternity rings have nearly flawless color and true choices for a diamond anniversary.

DIAcolourless the stone is. According to GIA diamonds are graded…”

If you look for a high-quality anniversary ring that is also reasonably priced, these nearly colorless diamonds are the great choice for your diamond anniversary as the diamonds of an eternity ring are not so wide. 

However, features like diamond color and clarity become more important if you look for a ring that has wider diamonds. So, the larger the diamonds, the more various factors like color and clarity come to the fore. 

If you want an anniversary ring made of large diamonds and also you want that it looks luxurious, you will have to pay quite a high price for nearly colorless and the highest clarity diamonds.

If you make the best choice for a diamond anniversary, you should choose a ring with a high grade of color and clarity. Nevertheless, you do not have to look for colorless diamonds for this kind of anniversary rings. The reason for this is that, for instance, a wedding ring is nuclear than an anniversary ring. 

Above all, when you choose an anniversary ring, the most important point to be considered is whether your wife will like a specific type of diamond anniversary ring. You are undoubtedly the best person who knows your partner. 

These features like carat weight, color, and clarity only guide you in choosing a ring. You are the one to choose. While doing this, the most important factor is your partner’s tastes and you are the best person to decide whether a particular ring is right for your partner. Namely, your own greatest guide!

Other Diamond Anniversary Gifts

It is usual that to give a diamond ring in the 60th anniversaries. However, of course, there are other diamond options that you can give as a diamond anniversary gift.

These options are diamond necklaces, diamond studs and earrings, and diamond tennis bracelets. If your wife has already a diamond engagement and wedding ring or anniversary ring, other than diamond anniversary rings, diamond jewelry will be a very logical and unusual choice for this special occasion.

Diamond Necklaces

Diamond necklaces are among the most special gifts for anniversaries. If you want to your partner carry your gift on her heart, you should choose a diamond pendant for your diamond anniversary.

While many types of pendants are available, you should give a diamond pendant because it is a timeless choice. Other choices are three-sone diamond drop pendant, heart pendant, and princess cut pendant.  

Three-stone diamond drop pendant consists of three round brilliant-cut diamonds and claws that hold these diamonds. Three diamonds respectively symbolize past, present, and future. So, it can be one of the choices for your wife with whom you spent 60 diamond years.

A diamond heart necklace has a romantic look. It is both pretty and personal and reveals an outline of brilliant round diamonds that make a form of heart. The heart symbol represents lots of things from religious to romantic meanings. As a diamond anniversary gift, it represents love and devotion.

Princess cut is one of the square-cut diamonds. Princess cut pendant has a remarkable brilliant and romantic look. It reveals the spectacular sparkle and similar to the round brilliant in terms of offering shine because of their similar facet positions.

You should give this unique style of necklace your wife, who is a woman of mature years, in your diamond anniversary. As its name signifies, a princess cut pendant will certainly make your wife feel like a princess herself.

Diamond Studs and Earrings

Earrings are the most preferred gifts for diamond anniversaries. You can choose both diamond studs and earrings for your diamond anniversary. There are plenty of options that you can choose from. However, you should infer the expectations and tastes of your wife to predict which one to choose. 

Earrings are suitable pieces for daily use. A pair of diamond or gemstone studs that your wife can wear every day is a very classic choice. However, for a special occasion, you should choose a special earring that is not ordinary.

Antique diamond flower earrings

A diamond anniversary is a milestone anniversary and it requires that the most special earring, not casual. So, you should buy a luxe pair of halo studs, floral studs, wire basket if you look for a modest gift. However, brilliant diamond hoops and stunning drop earrings are flashy pieces for this milestone. 

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

A diamond tennis bracelet is a flexible gold bracelet and consists of one or more range of diamonds. Your wife can wear a diamond tennis bracelet with nearly all outfits also. Besides, it is ideal for special events like weddings, birthdays, and especially anniversaries like the 60th wedding anniversary.

It has setting types like channel, prong, and bezel.

The prong setting usually consists of three or four prongs per diamond. The diamonds were held through prongs and prongs make light to pass possible. 


The channel setting is designed with two sets of thin metal to hold the diamonds on the bracelet and diamonds become very close to each other. Thus, in addition to its striking shine, it gains an elegant and stylish appearance.

Bezel or half bezel setting consists of metal surrounds the diamonds. On the contrary to the full bezel, metal is linked to only two sides of the diamond in the half bezel.

A bezel setting tennis bracelet is one of the essential pieces in any jewelry wardrobe and it is suitable for wearing always with each look. So, if you look for a daily bracelet that your wife wears always and with all attire, you can choose a bezel set diamond tennis bracelet.

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Diamond Anniversary Gift Suggestions for Him

The 60th anniversary of marriage is very special not only for women but also for men, and they deserve a gift that is just as bright and precious as women. Yes, diamonds can be a good gift for your husband.

Of course, you may think that choosing a diamond gift is extremely problematic for them. However, there are a lot of innovative options for the man in your life too. One of the most special gifts for a man on the diamond anniversary is of course diamond cufflinks. 

If your husband likes sparkling objects, you can choose a diamond cufflink for him. A pair of cufflinks you will buy for your husband on the diamond anniversary will make him feel special and add a perfect and stylish look to his suits.

You can also consider the idea of getting him a new wedding ring. 60 years is the so long period. So, it’s not a matter of course that his ring will wear out over time and it can be renewed.

Make your diamond anniversary even more memorable by gifting him this brilliant white gold band with a row of channel-set diamonds. You can choose a white gold or platinum ring with set-channel diamonds.

What Is the Color of the 60th Anniversary?

Did you know that there are certain and official colors associated with each anniversary year? These colors can be used for various things such as gifts, decorations, invitations, lighting, flowers. Also, the color of the anniversary is decisive about even food and drinks, or any party planning you wish.

Then, what is the color of the diamond anniversary? This is not a very difficult question. The color of the diamond anniversary is of course diamond white! 

As diamond is one of the earth’s most durable elements, this feature makes it a stone to symbolize long-lasting love. Similar to diamonds, the 60th-anniversary color is diamond white for a love that shines brightly forever and ever.

However, you may prefer to use your specific anniversary year’s color or all of your anniversary years. Besides, you may use even the color you used before. 

Why Is Diamond So Symbolic?

Diamond is the most popular gemstone in the world despite it is also quite rare. It impressed the people during history. The reason for this is that not only they are rare, but also they are magnificent. 

When we talk about the rarity and purity of diamonds, it is very natural that the diamonds have symbolized more than just a piece of sparkling jewelry throughout history. Diamonds have been seen as a symbol of passion, purity, innocence, loyalty, commitment, faithfulness, and most especially, love affairs. 

In addition to the romantical meaning that they have, diamonds are also spiritual connotations and symbolize purity, perfection, and rarity. It is believed that diamonds allow someone’s mind and body to work together in harmony, make someone healthy, and also clean the negative thoughts in the mind. 

Besides, diamonds are called antidotes that bring love and light back because you can use them when you feel confused. Though diamond crystals do not change the emotions, they magnify your emotions and they function as a mirror to your emotional situation. For this reason, it is crucial to wear diamonds as they enhance the positive energies that you have.

In ancient times, people put a diamond in the water and drink the water every day. In Buddhism, the diamond symbolizes purely insight and for Hindus, the vibrations of diamonds contribute to healing physical suffering, especially for the head and heart.

Throughout the centuries, diamonds have been used for physical, spiritual, and emotional healings. Today, diamonds have been attributed as a love-bearing stone. So, we should not be surprised that diamonds are so symbolic and are used in making engagement and wedding rings.

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