Why Diamond Is More Expensive Than Gold?

The rarity of all metals and gemstones are known today is the main indicator of their value. The higher the rarity of the metal or gemstone, the higher its value. This is also true for diamonds and gold. As their rarity increases, the prices increase accordingly. Since diamonds are less common than gold, that is rarer gemstones. That’s why diamonds are more expensive than gold. In addition to its rarity, the process of extracting the diamond from the earth, which is mining, is also very laborious and difficult, making it more expensive than gold. Every step of extracting the diamond to the ground is very delicate.

How Are Diamonds Valued?

Day by day, diamonds have become quite popular. Diamonds, which found their place in the design and jewelry markets, gained an increasing appeal in the commercial sense. The value of diamonds is determined by the “4C” properties. These 4C characteristics are the cut, clarity, color, and carat of the diamond. If the combination of these 4 features gives high values, the price increases accordingly. Each category is evaluated and classified differently within itself. The variability of the 4C rule also causes variability in the price of the diamond. A one-carat diamond can cost several thousand dollars or even millions of dollars. The desired weight is also a very important factor affecting the diamond price.

In addition to the 4C features, certification is a critical feature that affects the value of the diamond. The fact that the diamond has a certificate proves the authenticity and uniqueness of your jewelry. In addition, it is the most obvious way to understand which diamond is formed in the laboratory and which is underground, that is, which diamond is real and which is not. It is the easiest way to understand the quality grade of your diamond.

Diamond is brilliant. Diamond, one of the most sparkling stones in the world, slows down the light entering it, allowing us to see many lights plays on it. With its reflections on its surface, slowing down the refraction of the light entering it and splitting the color spectrum while reflecting the light entering it, diamond creates a feast of light. Therefore, it shines highly even in the weakest light sources.

Diamond is durable. It is the hardest mineral found in nature. You cannot scratch the diamond with any tool or stone. You can only scratch a diamond with another diamond. On the Mohs scale, the hardness of a diamond is 10, ruby ​​is 9, sapphire is 9, and emerald is 7.5.

Diamond is pure. Diamond is one of the minerals that contain the least amount of inclusions described as nature’s fingerprints. This is often observed in stones such as emerald, sapphire, or ruby. However, diamond contains less of these, making it the most transparent stone compared to other stones. The diamond, which is a symbol of transparency and purity, has been associated with values such as trust and quality, as a symbol of being yourself, unglamorous and open. When we say a person is like a diamond, we actually refer to that person’s transparency and being as he appears.

Diamonds are quite rare. For a diamond weighing one carat, an average of 250 tons of soil must be sifted and processed. The extraction of this precious stone, which requires serious patience, requires both financial power and technological know-how. It is also very difficult to find a well-cut diamond.

How Is Gold Valued?

Besides the use of gold as jewelry, it is also used as currency. In a free-market economy, gold is a currency. This means that its value increases or decreases proportionally to other currencies. Although it is used as a currency, it is not used as a means of payment. It is not used as a means of payment but can be easily converted into cash and spent. Today, gold is used in jewelry, as an investment and production of some devices. Apart from being used as jewelry, there are no common areas of use with diamonds. The area where it is used in production is some electrical components.

Diamond value is usually determined by weight, while gold is determined by purity and carat. The most precious and purest form of gold is the 24-carat state. However, since this state of gold is very soft to be used as jewelry, different metals are added during the production and design phases. While these added metals increase the hardness of your jewelry, it lowers the value of gold and also reduces the price. The value of gold is always determined over 24 carats. The gold and metal ratio is evaluated over 24 carats. For example, if you are buying 16-carat gold jewelry, it means that your jewelry is made of 16 units of pure gold and 8 units of metal.

The factors that determine the value of diamonds are quite different from those that determine the value of gold. The factors that determine the value of gold are mining, investment requirements, and the demand for gold jewelry. In recent years, the price of gold has risen considerably and the value of gold has increased so much that even economists cannot predict.

Which Is the Better Investment?: Gold or Diamond

If you are a person who thinks about the future and is guaranteed, you know that buying gold or diamonds is a profitable investment tool in the long run. You can make huge profits in the long run. It is a very stable method for investors. In fact, it would not be right to restrict it to gold or diamonds only. Minerals and gems purchased for stock or cash will yield the same result.

Other investment methods can be adversely affected by many factors. While other investment methods are negatively affected, gold and diamond are not adversely affected by these sudden fluctuations. Investing in gold or diamonds is a safer way to invest. Therefore, it is preferred by investors quite often.

The most important reason why gold is preferred as an investment tool is that it is inversely proportional to the economic crisis. If there is an economic crisis in a country, it means that the value of gold increases. At the same time, gold has a more fluctuating value than diamonds. This is because gold is also a currency. Its ties to other currencies and its indirect dependence on stock market performance cause this volatility. However, gold is still considered the safest investment tool in the US and is widely preferred.

In addition, diamond has become an investment tool that constantly gains value thanks to the developing technology. The quality of the diamond is also a reflection of its value. Therefore, investing in a diamond with the highest level of all 4C characteristics will be extremely profitable in the long run.

The demand for diamonds has increased considerably today. It is thought that this rapidly increasing demand will continue to increase even more. It means that there will always be a market for diamonds, which are preferred as both jewelry and investment tools.

As with all investment tools, it should be carefully considered before investing in diamond or gold, and all advantages/disadvantages should be thoroughly determined. One must very carefully decide whether to invest in gold or diamonds. At this point, there will be situations where you need to think about the amount of money you already have, the amount of money you need, how long you can ignore the money you have invested, etc. You should keep these in mind when comparing, as the nature of both forms of investment is quite different from each other.

Investing in diamonds or gold also differs in the availability of materials. Investing in a perfect diamond may be a matter of investor preference. You can hold the material directly in your hand, you can have the diamond directly. On the other hand, this is not the case for gold. Unless you use it as jewelry, gold is not under the control of the investor. You know you have as much gold as you invested, but you can’t hold it. In other words, it is not under the control of the investor. Although this is the case, it is much easier to convert gold into cash than diamonds.

Gold is a traded material. But we cannot say the same for diamonds. Diamonds are very valuable materials and they are exactly the same in nature that it is impossible to find diamonds. This is not the case for gold. You can find millions of identically shaped gold jewelry. For this reason, in diamond sales, the value of the diamond varies depending on the buyer or seller, while in gold sales, sales are made at a fixed price.

According to experts, diamonds and gold are neither gems nor investment instruments that can ever be compared with each other. While gold as an investment tool is affected by the supply and demand movements in the stock market, diamond is not affected at all. Like a jewel, the uniqueness of the diamond is quite high, while this is not the case for gold.

These variable factors can provide positive returns as well as negative results. Although it is a low probability, there may be factors that can lower the value of gold. This is also an indication that gold is affected by external factors. On the other hand, this is not a parameter that should be taken into account for diamonds. Because diamonds are considered more of an emotional investment tool and are kept very well. Any diamond that does not lose its shine can be valued in the millions over time.

Both gold and diamond are very important and valuable investment tools from different perspectives because mining both is very valuable and laborious. They also need talented designers, sellers, and traders to create jewelry. Both have their own challenges. Both gold and diamonds can be used as jewelry, as well as in industry and manufacturing.

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