Why Diamond Rings Are Used for Engagement

The use of diamond solitaire rings as engagement rings have become widespread recently. Although diamonds had been used at weddings since the late 1400s, diamond engagement rings were mostly for aristocrats and royal families. Today, almost all engagement rings are preferred among diamond rings. So what do you think is the reason for this?

In the present times, diamond rings have become very popular as engagement rings. This can be attributed to De Beers’ striving to revive the diamond business. The De Beers Company conducted an extensive marketing campaign during the second half of the 20th century. It was also within this campaign that diamond customers focused on the diamond rather than the De Beers name. Another important part of the De Beers’ marketing campaign was that he described the diamond as the culmination of expressing love and presented its form as a solitaire ring.

Again as part of the marketing campaign, N.W. Ayer & Son advertising firm came up with the slogan “A Diamond is Forever”. Decades later, this statement still remains the hallmark of De Beers. The De Beers’ marketing campaign has been one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history. One of the problems De Beers had to solve was how to tell customers how much to spend on a solitaire ring.

One of the marketing partners presented a great idea, “A man who buys a solitaire diamond ring should spend his three months’ salary on this purchase.” In a nutshell, this was the concept to be marketed. These two highly successful marketing measures were enough to spur the diamond market in America, even helping the market flourish even in places that did not have an established tradition of solitaire rings. For many people interested in buying a solitaire ring for someone special to them, it is important to understand the symbolism of the diamond’s background. Diamond can really last forever, and when you give your fiancee a diamond solitaire, it tells you that your relationship and love must last forever.

The Story of Diamond Rings

Although the place, time, people, faces, and clothes have changed in the marriage proposals of our age societies, the only thing that does not change is the diamond ring. The diamond ring is a sign of the value a man gives to his beloved, which reinforces the unity of two hearts who love each other madly. So how did the diamond ring become so popular all over the world and become a symbol of love? I discussed the story of the diamond ring for you. Jewelry, and especially diamonds, have been used by women even in the earliest times of history to express their elegance, vanity, and splendor. The discovery of this special stone dates back to the end of the 19th century. The British were searching for minerals at various points in South Africa, which was their colony at the time, and in these explorations, they discovered diamond mines, which they did not understand that they were very valuable at first, but later considered extremely valuable.

When they took the diamonds extracted from these mines in many parts of the continent with great care to their countries, they realized that the price and value in the market decreased due to the large supply of diamonds in the market. To prevent this decline, the British decided to gather all diamond trading companies under De Beers. With the establishment of De Beers, this institution became the sole owner of the jewelry trade. After this development, De Beers started to direct the trade, and diamond prices increased considerably in a short time. The next step was to create a market where diamonds in the market could be sold at a high price, and the new continent America was literally cut out for the job.

As a result of various researches and surveys that De Beers had commissioned, he figured out how to sell the diamond to the American people. They started by advertising in newspapers, magazines, and radios operating throughout the country. The diamonds were featured in advertisements, and naturally attracted people’s attention. More importantly, they played the country’s familiar faces, beloved faces, and sound and cinema artists in the advertisements. These advertisements had taken such a turn that people everywhere saw celebrities admired by society making a marriage proposal with a diamond ring in order to express their love for the person they loved.

The advertising campaign was fruitful for a short time. In a country that has just come out of a war and its economy has not settled down, people’s purchasing power has declined, but diamond ring sales have doubled. Over time, this reputation of the diamond ring spread from the American continent to the whole world and it became an indispensable frame of every scene that involves love, affection, and marriage. This is how the diamond ring became popular all over the world.

Why Should You Gift Your Loved One a Diamond Ring?

They say that human beings are kneaded with love. There is nothing better than two people loving each other. The legendary love stories have always been told for centuries. Showing this love can be with a small expression, sometimes with sacrifice, sometimes with loyalty, and sometimes with a gift. A diamond ring can be gifted for a few reasons when we consider the love of a man for his life partner.

Marriage Proposal: Nowadays, diamond rings are indispensable for couples who make marriage proposals. You can give a diamond ring to your loved one to show the value you give to him, to make a marriage proposal that he will live, and never forget once in his life.

The Gift of Peace: Not all periods of your life with your partner continue the same. You can break your spouse unknowingly. You can get a little diamond ring as a gift and make peace with it.

Valentine’s Day and Wedding Anniversary: ​​You can buy a diamond ring gift to express that you have not forgotten your spouse on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversary.

Birth Gift: A child is a wonderful gift for happy marriages. To give you such a magnificent gift, you can make your wife happy by buying a diamond ring.

Brief History of Engagement Rings

We can usually tell that someone is married or engaged by the ring on their finger. These rings represent the biggest indicator of the bond between couples. How do you think it spread all over the world? The first wedding rings were found in Ancient Egypt. Only women were wearing the ring back then. Even men started wearing it corresponds to the times of World War II. The circle or ring in Egypt meant eternity. This is how the spouses crowned their eternal love and loyalty to each other.

Rings made of hemp at first. Over time, more valuable materials such as bone, leather, and ivory were used. In other words, the more valuable the ring, the greater the love, the idea spread. There is also the situation of wearing the wedding ring on the finger of the left hand. The reason for this is that a blood vessel to the heart is believed to pass through this finger. This vein is called ‘Vena Amoris’. So the vein of love! It has been proven later that there is no such vein, but it is known that it is.

The situation is very different for Christians. In the past, a ring was worn on 3 middle fingers of brides. These represented the father, son, and holy spirit. According to Chinese philosophy, the thumb represents parents, the index finger represents siblings, the middle finger represents himself, 4th finger represents partner, and the little finger represents children. Unfortunately, the situation is completely different in ancient Rome. The ring was given by the groom to the father of the bride, the men showed that they had bought their wives. This was also a safeguard for the woman and her family against the ending of the marriage. That’s why the wedding ring was actually called a wedding ring.

Inscriptions inside the rings also date back to Ancient Rome. The brides used to have writings such as ‘You are for me’, ‘I love you’ on the rings given by the spouses. You know, this tradition continues even today. In the Middle Ages, the church opposed the wedding ring as it opposed everything. In the early days of Protestantism, they claimed that these rings were a pagan belief. But later they also accepted these rings. The idea of ​​a gold wedding ring was first introduced by Pope Nicolas in the 860s. Thus, the engagement and wedding ring are separated. However, Pope Innocentius III made the definitive distinction regarding the engagement in 1215. The Pope advised the couples to wear a ring for a while after they decided to get married. He also brought the requirement that the ring be added to marriages and the ceremony be held in the church.

The diamonds appeared much later. Archduke Maximillian of Austria gifted his future wife Mary a diamond ring. There were small diamonds in the letter M on the ring. This diamond ring initiated a fashion that they could not prevent among European nobility. Since that day, diamonds are indispensable for marriage and women. Wedding ring culture was quite common in Ottoman and Arab countries. The ring was seen as a symbol of glory and wealth in men and a symbol of beauty in women. Gold embroidery and ornaments with stones were very popular. I guess there is no one who does not remember this ring …

Let’s get to the guys. Men wore wedding rings during World War II. Because the perspective of the men who joined the army during the war changed. They started wearing it to remember and prove their commitment to their wives and lovers they left behind. There were even such situations that men had to donate these rings to the army due to economic difficulties. Here again, the ring refers to the vein of love. Those who do not like to wear rings lately prefer tattoo alternatives in different models. These also look very stylish. No matter how different they may differ, wedding rings are now present in almost every culture. As you can see, couples who love each other make a promise of love no matter what. It doesn’t matter whether you wear a wedding ring or get a tattoo. May your love be eternal. That’s the important thing.

Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Engagement Rings

Rings and wedding bands add sparkle to marriage, promise, and engagement rituals. If you have questions about when to wear these sparkly rings, how to wear them, you will find the answers now! Rings used in different celebrations such as promise, engagement, wedding, birth, and wedding anniversary are categorized as solitaire, wedding ring, five stone, Tria, and the usage characteristics of the rings differ according to the model and relationship status. These differences cause questions such as which ring should be worn when or how to use the rings on the couples’ heads. Let’s examine the topics that are on your mind from solitaire and engagement rings.

Solitaire is a type of ring in which a single precious stone is in the center. Of course, it is not compulsory to use a single stone in these rings, models in different designs can be prepared by adorning with small stones. Solitaire rings are generally preferred for marriage proposals. We can say that the reason for this is popular culture products, movies, songs with solitaire, and advertisements promoting diamonds. Solitaire can be given as a gift on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Diamonds usually stand out in solitaire rings. However, in recent years, special designs using different precious stones such as sapphire, ruby ​​, and pink diamonds are also very popular with brides-to-be. Taste, lifestyle, and budget are among the determining factors in choosing a solitaire ring.

The carat, cut, dullness of the diamond and other precious stones used and the ring model determine the price. You can make the best choice for your future wife’s style and budget by looking at the rings in different designs. As the size of the stone, ie the carat, increases, the price of the ring increases as much. The frame in which the stone is placed is among the elements that determine the model of the ring. There are usually 4 or 6 tabs in the types with thin nails or thick nails. In addition to the settings that determine how the stone will be positioned, the shape of the ring can vary. In addition to the rings that are generally round, there are also square-shaped models. In addition to white, green, red, and pink gold, silver in different settings can also find a place for themselves as the material of wedding rings.

While the ancients did not give up green gold, today white gold and rose gold are also the choices of women with their elegance. Before the proposal, you can predict your taste by paying attention to the color of the jewelry used by your lover and choose accordingly. If you think of the classic ring model for a marriage proposal, solitaires with round rings, crystal cuts, and 4 nails are known as wedding rings. In modern designs, square rings, thick prong mounts, and white gold rings stand out. When choosing rings, you should definitely know your partner’s finger size. Because the ring will be prepared according to this size. It is also important to make a difference in the presentation. You can present the wedding ring placed in velvet padded boxes and your carefully prepared sentences in a romantic atmosphere.

What is a Diamond Engagement Ring?

The ring worn at engagement ceremonies with families, larger groups of relatives and friends is called an engagement ring. Wedding rings are preferred for engagement rings, just like the promise ring. Some couples wear the wedding rings they used in their promise rings again, others buy a new wedding ring for engagement ceremonies. When buying an engagement ring, you can choose between plain sets designed in the form of a couple, or plain wedding rings for men with stones for women. In recent years, specially designed wedding ring models are among the rings that couples with different styles can try.

You should adjust your budget considering that the prices of wedding ring models using diamonds or precious colored stones for women vary according to the carat of the stone. After choosing your engagement rings, it would be nice to write your name and engagement date inside. If you intend to use the same wedding ring when you get married, it may be better to print your date of marriage or just your name. Because when you delete your engagement date and print your wedding date, your ring will be thinner. Since the engagement ceremony takes place before marriage, it is worn on the ring finger of the right hand, just like the promise ring. The rings are usually tied with a red ribbon on the right hands of the couple, and this ribbon is cut by a family elder.

What is the difference between the promise and the engagement ring is one of the most curious topics for the couples. Truth be told, there is no big difference between the two rings. Both rings are usually in the form of wedding rings and are worn on the ring finger of the couple’s right hand during the ceremony. The only difference is that one is worn during the promise ceremony and the other during the engagement ceremony. Although some couples prefer separate rings for both ceremonies, most couples buy a single wedding ring and use this wedding ring for both promise and engagement ceremonies. There are even couples who use the wedding ring in their right hand during the promise and engagement period as a wedding ring by putting them on their left hand after getting married. So if you want, you can buy a single wedding ring and use it at every ceremony.

The ring of promise takes its place on the fingers with the ceremonies held between the couples or in the family after the marriage proposal. The rings, embodying the commitment that couples give to each other, symbolize the first serious step towards marriage. If you are going to wear a ring with your lover, you can choose a silver ring instead of gold so that it is less expensive. You can wear gold wedding rings while performing a promise with your family. In the promise ceremonies either the solitaire ring is worn in the marriage proposal can be given again, or a new solitaire can be used if the couples wish.

If you are thinking of buying a second ring for your future wife, you can choose a different design than the first model to make a difference. For example, if the first ring is diamond solitaire, you can choose an elegant model prepared using sapphire stone for the second ring. Among the issues that are often worried about the couple is the hand on which the promise ring is worn. Since the promise rings are a ring worn before marriage, they are worn on the ring finger of the right hand. You should use the solitaire, which is worn at the ceremony, on the ring finger of your right hand until marriage.

Wedding rings are the rings that couples wear throughout their marriage starting from the wedding or wedding ceremony. These rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand after the wedding. While wedding rings are generally preferred as wedding rings, some brides can use full or five stone instead of wedding rings. Wedding rings can include the date of the wedding, an evil eye bead, a precious stone, an infinity sign, a heart, or even a couple’s heart rhythm or fingerprint. By paying attention to such details, you can crown your big day when you say “Yes” with a special ring.

If you are looking for a special anniversary ring for your spouse, you can gift a solitaire if your wife does not have a solitaire, or a five stone ring if she has one. Five stone or full rings are worn behind the solitaire and combined. The use of Tria rings and seven stones is also complete and is the same as the pentacle ring. Diamond stones are generally used in this type of ring. However, if you have a limited budget, you can also choose a zircon stone ring with silver material. These choices will make the ring come at a more affordable price.

Buying and Wearing Diamond Rings

The solitaire rings given in the marriage proposal should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand. You should take this into account in order not to wear a ring in the wrong hand. The solitaire ring used on the right hand when engaged passes to the ring finger of the left hand with marriage. Regarding the use of solitaire, it is recommended not to use solitaires, which have a higher value than other jewelry, not to be scratched daily. Instead, you can wear your wedding ring on a daily basis, and your solitaire on special occasions or when you want to feel stylish.

Of course, you can use your solitaire every day if you want. However, in such cases, we recommend that you have your ring serviced regularly. If you are thinking about how to wear a wedding ring and solitaire, the answer is as follows: You will wear your wedding ring first and then your solitaire on your finger. If you have a stone wedding ring, it will be very flashy to use in this way. One of the biggest questions on the minds of couples preparing for marriage is who will buy the rings. This is entirely up to you and your future spouse. While it used to be expected by men to buy the rings, this is no longer the case. Nowadays, couples choose their wedding rings together and buy them jointly.

Solitaire is usually bought by a man. This is because these rings are given during the marriage proposal. After all, even if there are exceptions, proposals are usually made by the groom-to-be. Now you have found the answers to your questions about rings such as which ring is worn and when and what is solitaire. Now is the time to take action for marriage preparations!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are jewelry made of precious metals that women and men wear on the fingers of their right hands. Just before the ring used for engagement, the choice of word rings should be made in accordance with the traditions and customs. Diamond rings are generally used when proposing marriage to women. Women wear these diamond rings on their fingers as long as they do not experience any negativity until the end of their lives. You can find many ring models to suit your taste and budget on the online stores, where different types of rings are available as engagement rings. While some people prefer unpretentious products, others like their rings to attract attention in the environments they enter. Therefore, you can easily choose the one that suits your budget from online stores by browsing through different rings. You can get combination products by examining necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are compatible with your ring as well as ring options.

Rings defined as solitaire rings usually have different cuts. These cuts may also vary according to the carat of the stone. Among the rings with more than one stone on a ring, there are Tria and five stone ring models. Especially in solitaires where women are looking for differences, you should definitely browse the internet sites to examine different models and many options. By sorting the prices, you can examine the products suitable for your budget. You can order the product you want through online stores, such as diamond jewelry which has different colors in gold bracelet models, one of the favorite accessories of women. Your orders are sent to you in special boxes and with a warranty certificate. Thus, mutual trust and agreement with its customers are achieved. Another ring that has become fashionable among the diamond stone rings in recent years is the baguette diamond ring. This ring has a larger area and shines more because of its cut. If you want the diamond used in the ring to shine without shrinking, you can enjoy the sparkle in your fingers by choosing this ring type.

In the engagement step, one step away from the marriage, if you are thinking like “Which finger is the engagement ring worn?”, this paragraph will help you. I list the meanings of the promise, engagement, marriage, or solitaire ring carried on the finger as the token of special days for you. With the arrival of summer, the wedding season started. Many people are getting married or are promised or engaged in this intention. For the engagement tradition, which is an important wedding tradition, couples now wear rings to symbolize this and show that they are engaged to people who see from outside. This ring actually symbolizes the unity of the two hearts and the promise they give to each other.

Many young people are indecisive about which finger to wear the engagement ring in this step towards marriage. Traditions say that an engagement ring should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand. If your lover also bought a single stone ring in your engagement ceremony, it should be used here in daily life, first with a single stone ring and then an engagement ring. When this step taken between couples is crowned with marriage, the ring goes from right to left hand. In choosing the engagement ring, the couples should decide together and choose the models that are suitable for their style. In wedding rings, known as engagement rings, couples prefer silver wedding rings instead of gold in order to be away from showing off and symbolize only promise to each other. You can also browse many different diamond ring models from online stores and order the one that suits your style right away.

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